11 Fashion Brands Helping Fight The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused a global shortage of important products like personal protective equipment and hand sanitizer for healthcare workers. The fashion industry has been using its resources to help combat the pandemic. From using workshops to produce face masks to making donations towards relief efforts, here's how brands like Chanel and Canada Goose are helping alleviate the shortages.
How To Make And Wear DIY Face Masks, According To Experts
What Post-Quarantine Plans Look Like Around The World
How Influencers Are Adapting To Social Distancing
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11 Fashion Brands Helping Fight The COVID-19 Pandemic
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Moh vs Ammani
Moh vs Ammani - 22 dager siden
Best vids ever
The three musketeers and friends ofori
Safety comes first ⛑️🥼😷6️⃣
Watch Dog
Watch Dog - 2 måneder siden
Business Insider verspreidt , via FB, irritante en misleidende reclame in de Hotmail. Trap er niet in!
Billdo Baggins
Billdo Baggins - 3 måneder siden
👉 N95 masks only stop particles 0.3 microns or larger, Not c-19 which is 0.1 microns. 👈
🧐 Put up thousands of sattelites, millions of 5g ground cell towers, stay in your house out of the sun, obey and do what the authorities tell you, your governments will be fine... Your freedoms are a different story 🤔
👉 If you don't go to your computer repair-man for health advice then why do you listen to Bill Gates about medical vaccines? 🤔
👉 When WHO says Heat(56C°) affects The Coronavirus (Patent# US2006257852)
...Is anyone listening?
👉 https://www.who.int/csr/sars/survival_2003_05_04/en/
🧐 Problem: CoronaVirus
Reaction: Global freakout
🖖 Solution: Cold Arrest Procedure...✌️
Are you still reacting... Or solving?
🤔🤙🤫 Search youtube for 👉 'Cold Arrest Procedure'... I quadripple triple double dog dare you 😜
P.S. BluntPhrazez . Coming
Aura Alexandra
Aura Alexandra - 3 måneder siden
SoftNoize - 3 måneder siden
3:40 Actually UK is the worst hit European country
Sweetheart Okay
Sweetheart Okay - 3 måneder siden
*That‘s what we call making money outta an emergency situation*
_what a help_ 😂😂😂
ND - 2 måneder siden
@Syifa Nurfathia Free, people just want something to complain about.
Syifa Nurfathia
Syifa Nurfathia - 3 måneder siden
Genuinely asking, don't they made those for free? Or did they sell it??
paddypunchaero - 3 måneder siden
Where is Louis Vuitton??
Random Akbar
Random Akbar - 3 måneder siden
helping? I think the better word for this is "surviving" no shame in that at all, most of the business has been doing this since the outbreak.
9latinum Studioz
9latinum Studioz - 3 måneder siden
i kneww It 🤦 Fvk Cucci 🤢
M Del Valle
M Del Valle - 3 måneder siden
...AND trying to stay relevant
Alexandra Puiu
Alexandra Puiu - 3 måneder siden
all hail corporate
Robert Gardner
Robert Gardner - 3 måneder siden
Now this is the type of content I like to see
Unknown Caller
Unknown Caller - 3 måneder siden
Helping? More like cashing on in the opportunity of this new demanding market.
Sammy Bouzaglo
Sammy Bouzaglo - 3 måneder siden
Imagine people reselling these designer ppe for a high price once this coronavirus pandemic is done
Fatmir Salihu
Fatmir Salihu - 3 måneder siden
They help but they make them $$$ because it is designer
Hate-Chan - 3 måneder siden
This is what human unity can do, we are all at war with threat and everyone is doing their part. Love all of you, and I’m proud of every single one of you.
Sparkling Glitter
Sparkling Glitter - 3 måneder siden
a - 3 måneder siden
good that large companies are helping
Mohamed Salman
Mohamed Salman - 3 måneder siden
Now compare this to the douche baggery of someone like Elon Musk who insists to open Tesla's factory even at the peak of the Covid19 pandemic...
One wins public and employee loyalty...
The other lost both.
saikat bag
saikat bag - 3 måneder siden
Good job 👍
المخلص فقط JESUS
المخلص فقط JESUS - 3 måneder siden
OOF ! - 3 måneder siden
Omg! ..... This video made me cry ! .... This proves that humans are amazing! ❤
Edgar Morales De León
Edgar Morales De León - 3 måneder siden
Survival and adaptation...
Carmen Rosado
Carmen Rosado - 3 måneder siden
They’re profiting from making this products. That is not helping...
Alessandro - 3 måneder siden
Most of them are actually donating products to hospitals, at least here in italy and france
knox ' c try
knox ' c try - 3 måneder siden
"Helping"?!?!? Most likely capitalizing on this Plandemic.
Alessandro - 3 måneder siden
Most of them are donating it all to hospitals and governments
saikat bag
saikat bag - 3 måneder siden
Still they are doing something
Robert John Thomas
Robert John Thomas - 3 måneder siden
The fashion industry is a cancer to the fabric of society. They throw a few crumbs at the peasants and like good sheep everyone celebrates there 'bravery' and 'goodwill'.
Before you comment... do your research on there labor practices, pollution, social and health impacts that they have on our society.
EverythingWonderful - 3 måneder siden
I know, it touches me that they’re doing that, but a part of me also knows that they’re most likely only doing it for good reputation
Jazz-axy - 3 måneder siden
It just rubs me a certain way seeing all these gaint brands who didn't give a rats ass about the less fortunate suddenly pumping masks out like air
Memories - 3 måneder siden
Good point
1N73RC3P7OR - 3 måneder siden
A business channel that doesn't know the name of companies? The name of LVMH is "Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton". Yes, in that order.
Also- the worst-hit country in Europe is Russia, not Italy. Sloppy research. Even if they meant the worst-hit in the EU, that would be Spain, not Italy. Even if we go so far as to imagine that they meant "worst-hit economically" that would still not be Italy, it would be Greece.
They should proof-read their own scripts.
1N73RC3P7OR - 3 måneder siden
@DAD TALK Look at this guy. Trying to argue and when he realises he's wrong, instead of admiring it he just uses ad hominem and switches topics. Since you are obviously one of their paid supporters maybe you can relay them the message that they need to start doing basic research before making videos.
DAD TALK - 3 måneder siden
1N73RC3P7OR haha you’ve got issues my man. There are def some bigger things to be worrying about then misspelling a company name. Maybe it should be fashion insider instead. I’d say it’s pretty rational to state that just because someone goes into a partnership with someone they don’t need to know Everything about their company even down to a spelling.
1N73RC3P7OR - 3 måneder siden
@DAD TALK Nice try, but they obviously were not. They wrote the name, and they did it wrong. They clearly wrote "Louis Vuitton - Moët Hennessy" instead of "Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton". The ticker is "LVMH", not the company's full name.
DAD TALK - 3 måneder siden
Umm.... I’m pretty sure they were referring to the company vía it’s stock ticker. That’s as business as you can get bud
Alessandro - 3 måneder siden
Yeah, this channel is not known for careful research, just throwing some info out there
Diana - 3 måneder siden
Citizen 1
Citizen 1 - 3 måneder siden
Are people swimming in sanitizer?! Plus I just got another pack of masks in. It's not that difficult or expensive to get.
ELITE DUDE - 3 måneder siden
But some people can’t like in uk or Italy
GamerRob112 Quack
GamerRob112 Quack - 3 måneder siden
Watch the cure just came after all those mask they made ;-;
honeybdream - 3 måneder siden
Well this won’t be the last global virus ❗️🦠
Casey Burns Investing
Casey Burns Investing - 3 måneder siden
Real businesses don’t die they save and pivot.
ali - 3 måneder siden
pretty slick business strategy, u don't lose anything, u just change the game plan.
30 WeiZong Ng
30 WeiZong Ng - 3 måneder siden
Why is Gordon Ramsay not helping
Art and Craft Queen
Art and Craft Queen - 3 måneder siden
He is still looking for the lamb sauce
Melisa Jonus
Melisa Jonus - 3 måneder siden
When your too cheap to afford any....
foozhan af
foozhan af - 3 måneder siden
Olive The scientist
Olive The scientist - 3 måneder siden
What about the waste that it will create is it biodegradable
Alessandro - 3 måneder siden
Absolutely not. All medical waste is not and should not be biodegradable. It's meant to be incinerated after use to destroy pathogens
ELITE DUDE - 3 måneder siden
VAAN_DEX - 3 måneder siden
💕👍🥳Good job everyone!
TheNizoubizou - 3 måneder siden
Don’t assume that these are our favorite brands.
Miriam Meenattoor
Miriam Meenattoor - 3 måneder siden
Ah,finally,goodness in the world....
ELITE DUDE - 3 måneder siden
Citizen 1 it’s still helping isn’t it
Citizen 1
Citizen 1 - 3 måneder siden
It's cheap advertising.