6 Creative Strategies To Deal With Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt forces millions of Americans to put off major life milestones like buying a home or having a child. Refinancing your loans only works if you have a great credit score and steady income. We put together six things you can do to deal with your debt and move on with life, including crowdfunding, joining a service organization, and voting for candidates for plans for student debt.
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6 Creative Strategies To Deal With Student Loan Debt
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Muhammad Mikrojul Umaru
Muhammad Mikrojul Umaru - Måned siden
I am shaking by having a debt about $300 for business campus program . Cant relate
Robot Man
Robot Man - 4 måneder siden
Tip 7: stop your own existence
Stephen Hudderson
Stephen Hudderson - Måned siden
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Spencer - 4 måneder siden
yeah nah im not gonna fall for the student loan trap
Stephen Hudderson
Stephen Hudderson - Måned siden
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Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon Cooper - 5 måneder siden
Another creative strategy: WIN THE LOTTERY!
Reynaldo Angga
Reynaldo Angga - 5 måneder siden
Step 1: should have gone with Bernie Sanders
Blackdiamond - 6 måneder siden
I’m debating to go to college or not I’m not in debt at all but I’m in my late 20”s and don’t know what to do with my life at this point but seeing so many people
Struggling with student debt and not getting pay enough to pay and interest keeps going I don’t want nothing to do with the medical field with makes it harder for me to decide .
Scooty789 - 6 måneder siden
you see, I don't live in the United States
Ibra Klay
Ibra Klay - 6 måneder siden
*Dont take the debt* Sue you're parents who gave birth to u and couldn't pay for you're education
Kelley Zornes
Kelley Zornes - 6 måneder siden
$200 a month? Really? That's child's play at this point
Alexander terry
Alexander terry - 6 måneder siden
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Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez - 6 måneder siden
*America, God bless you if it's good to you*
*America please take my hand*
*Can you help me underst-*
Shar Fred
Shar Fred - 6 måneder siden
Correction - Trump’s proposal is to forgive undergraduate debt in 15 years, and graduate debt in 30 years. So, yea it’s barely helpful.
Blue Jedi
Blue Jedi - 6 måneder siden
I highly suggest to people, in a vast majority of cases, 2 years of community college first. Very, very cheap to free in many cases.
Elizabeth T
Elizabeth T - 6 måneder siden
Im 17 and a senior in the U.S. The university I want to go to is 50k more than another university that I got accepted to. But, I don’t think I would be happy at the cheaper university because I don’t see myself there personally. Any advice on which college to chose? (I am undecided in my major)
BaSr - 6 måneder siden
whatashitty video
David Massawa
David Massawa - 6 måneder siden
1. Fake your death
2. Go to Cuba (that's the only option)
Dog Mom of 4
Dog Mom of 4 - 6 måneder siden
or just find a sugar daddy
Deborah Oyebade
Deborah Oyebade - 6 måneder siden
Go to college in europe
Ethan Martinez
Ethan Martinez - 6 måneder siden
Jim looks depressed in the thumbnail
Humza Jamal
Humza Jamal - 6 måneder siden
Vote for Bernie you idiots!
MrDjugashvili - 6 måneder siden
Study in Europe or in Latin counties. Or just study online and get some certificates. Nowadays only real knowledge matters
Herb - 6 måneder siden
VOTE BERNIE SANDERS 2020, Biden will keep you slave of the system while Bernie will erase your debt ..... Break the system ! It is your only chance to have a good life !!
Dhruv Rachakonda
Dhruv Rachakonda - 6 måneder siden
Choose a good major, not music or 12 century English poetry. If you want zero student loans, join the military and you get free college (there are exceptions)
Subham Panda
Subham Panda - 6 måneder siden
Matthew Thomason
Matthew Thomason - 6 måneder siden
Feel bad for Americans when I graduate from my university studying law I will only be in £27,000 in debt
DaPopoloinParadise - 6 måneder siden
As someone who works in a hospital, I’m baffled at all these people who simply proclaim folks just shouldn’t go to college. I’m pretty sure the doctors and nurses that you trust with your lives have been to college and beyond. Pretty much everybody in STEM and other important roles have to be educated beyond high school in order to do their jobs effectively.
Vasamard - 6 måneder siden
#7: Vote for Bernie Sanders
Nussel - 6 måneder siden
Laughs in German
Patrick Mittel
Patrick Mittel - 6 måneder siden
Janet Right
Janet Right - 6 måneder siden
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E W - 6 måneder siden
Dave. Ramsey. Look him up.
Bernietoons - 6 måneder siden
Know your enemies and your friends ❤️✊❤️
marilu0007 gfdfgdfg
marilu0007 gfdfgdfg - 6 måneder siden
1. Move to a country where education is free and never accumulate any debt.
2. Vote for Bernie Sanders.
Sam Nassiri
Sam Nassiri - 6 måneder siden
*laughs in literally every other developed country*
Emanon - 6 måneder siden
*laughs in I get 40 percent off the debt if I graduate in time so it's free money to invest in stocks*
John Qoubach
John Qoubach - 6 måneder siden
Ahhhh, America. A land where waitress make more money than degree holders
Alec G
Alec G - 6 måneder siden
I can’t wait until May where rates will be super cheap for loans! Cheapest in our history!
thomas barnes
thomas barnes - 6 måneder siden
The > symbol used in the video means greater than and not less than as you said in the video. However, what you verbally stated and what was written was correct either way considering 50% of college grads have savings greater and less than $1000.
Aydan Metsch
Aydan Metsch - 6 måneder siden
Creative Strategy #1: Vote for Bernie
Manav Mishra
Manav Mishra - 6 måneder siden
Crowd Funding can solve humankind's biggest problems