6 Months Of The Coronavirus Pandemic In The US - In 6 Minutes

Within the first 6 months of 2020, new information about the COVID-19 coronavirus has transformed everyday life in the United States. The government has shifted to recommending face masks in public, ramped up testing, and struggled with re-opening. Nevertheless, the number of cases is rising, with the United States hitting upwards of 60,000 new cases in a single day in July, according to Johns Hopkins data pulled July 8. Dr. Anthony Fauci has called the pandemic his "worst nightmare," saying, "it isn't over yet."
Risk Ranking Of Everyday Activities For COVID-19, According To An Infectious-Disease Expert
The Real Reasons Coronavirus Hits Some Communities Harder Than Others
What Happens After You Call 911 For The Coronavirus
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6 Months Of The Coronavirus Pandemic In The US - In 6 Minutes
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Abhijeet G
Abhijeet G - 4 dager siden
When USA saves the world but only in movies😂😂
Avel Vel
Avel Vel - 7 dager siden
Trump 2020!
Avel Vel
Avel Vel - 7 dager siden
It’s an scam,
Elizabeth Jeffrey
Elizabeth Jeffrey - 11 dager siden
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his indeed a God sent. now i don't need to be working 9-5 ......
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This is absolute stinks!
TheGo Gaming
TheGo Gaming - 15 dager siden
Coronavirus but yet shows protests. Fix your title.
Jafet Hdz
Jafet Hdz - 17 dager siden
“By April it will go away” Incompetent “President” Donald Trump
lumyti fan 101
lumyti fan 101 - 18 dager siden
We doom
Shy Xpretion
Shy Xpretion - 18 dager siden
Start of corona Trump: it’s just a various everything is under control. 6 months later Trump: It’s China’s fault.
august smith
august smith - 23 dager siden
Thank you BLM for spreading the virus
Ethan - 18 dager siden
oh sure BLM is *toooottallly* the reason trump supporters don't wear masks during rallies
Don Thursby
Don Thursby - 24 dager siden
Wrong! It's been 6 months of the fake news pushing a fake pandemic. Good lord people, wake the f* up!!!!! There is no pandemic! Not this time.
arif zamir
arif zamir - 25 dager siden
humans just can't fight Allah's power with rifles
Centauri A
Centauri A - 26 dager siden
Yeah, why didn't we suspend international travel back in January if the government knew there was a virus going around? Oh right, I know why. Just imagine if this were to be the Ebola virus instead of COVID-19.
Cybersorcerer - 26 dager siden
Imagine watching American news as free entertainment
Corin Gutteridge
Corin Gutteridge - 26 dager siden
I love how this actually 6:00 long
Simon Joe Smith
Simon Joe Smith - 26 dager siden
Can this be more biased? Other leaders knew better? The WHO has? wtf BI you gon cry again in November
ReakeFit - 29 dager siden
0:39 little did he know..
How can a whole country gamble the development of a virus???
TopHatRat - Måned siden
The protests were "peaceful" huh?
Roger Nguyen
Roger Nguyen - Måned siden
Oh my god... 😂😂😂...Open your eyes
Trump doesn't care about 170,000+ deaths
The USA is chaired by an incompetent fool
Next USA election Please remove This Liar
😷😷😷😷 Shame On Trump 😷😷😷😷
Dr Youtube
Dr Youtube - Måned siden
I am a Doctor and (recent) YouTuber https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7LAp1hm-_8
Government policy changes but I stick with the facts and evidence base as below: wear a mask to reduce chances of transmission and spread. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)31142-9/fulltext#%20
This is a systematic review (highest evidence strength), involving 25697 patients. "Face mask use could result in a large reduction in risk of infection (n=2647; aOR 0·15, 95% CI 0·07 to 0·34)." The lower the OR (odds ratio) the more effecacious.
https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejmc2007800 Here is oral fluid droplets generated from mask wearers versus non-mask wearers
Barry Mak
Barry Mak - Måned siden
COVID-19 is a test of the governance of a Country . Where is Trump leading US ?
China has almost recovered from the virus ( check videos from Gweilo 60 or Wandering around for detail )
Fact check on news you see on CNN or Fox ......
Ciborium - Måned siden
You lost all credibility by using foreign-born "comedians" as your "experts". Proof of foreign influence on our political systems. #CancelBusinessInsider #DeportSamanthaBee
Samuel Kissinger
Samuel Kissinger - Måned siden
Well 2020 is the most overwhelming year of my life
Austin Bateman
Austin Bateman - Måned siden
When everybody is freak about about 5 million cases in the U.S yet there is over 330 million people in the U.S.
Sleeping Tablet1
Sleeping Tablet1 - Måned siden
That's because the virus is just getting started in the US. 170 000 deaths in 6 months. Complete failure by the tRump administration.
Christos Panopoulos
Christos Panopoulos - Måned siden
Nobody talks about the moron people, who were making houmor and happenings to throw out the virus.....😡
Nobody talks about the paid reporters, who were saying ...there is no danger of such magnitude 👽
Rocco - Måned siden
What a shitty 6 months
Erin Nichols
Erin Nichols - Måned siden
I never subscribed to this channel app especially because they are reporting falsely on Covid. Claiming to be science based.
Molino Eric
Molino Eric - Måned siden
go to a BLM protest, wont get infected. go to a bar, you get infected.
JR Williams
JR Williams - Måned siden
What I find befitting about the incessant bedlam in Portland is that the criminal opportunist were still engendering rank anarchy after the feds, who by the way the city police were sad to see withdrawn, left the metro area and the violence and arson increased commensurately with the subtraction of the bolstering federal force. Isn’t it too ironic that the fanatics or the far left constituents of the democrats, spearheaded by Portland’s vacillating mayor, were furious over the federal presence and now the once rioter I mean protester Portland mayor is demanding the protesting, the ubiquitous arson, and dogged violence must desist and the protesters clear the streets at night. Sorry Dems President Trump isn’t perfect, but you can’t and will not dump the cov-19 at his feet, despite its lethality being slightly higher than the flu each year on average. And dems of the far left, look no further than the closest mirror or reflective surface if you want to see the cause for the failure of education in 95% of our nation’s largest cities. The same cities mind you that are plagued and riddled by an ever rising murder rate have been controlled by democrats for decades! So if you want to blame the president for anything blame him for a revitalized economy and national pride that has put an end to all our ostensible allies letting us foot the bill.
TECH THE WORLD - Måned siden
Nicholas Mendonca
Nicholas Mendonca - Måned siden
Trump has done nothing to keep people safe and knows nothing about anything
The Liamster
The Liamster - Måned siden
This video is a month old and is already outdated.
LurasXCV - Måned siden
Lmao watching USA fail to handle this pandemic really shows how incompetent their govt is and also dumb people there
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - Måned siden
Taliyah Thomas
Taliyah Thomas - Måned siden
After trump said stop the testing the cases went all the way up!!!!
Yall noice that🤔
Mr Da Vinci
Mr Da Vinci - Måned siden
You can't trust these numbers!
James Moreau
James Moreau - Måned siden
You Right, Guys!!! TRUMP'S latest Job Approval Poll Numbers- Negative 18 Reuters. Negative 18 ABC News. Negative 17 Politico. Negative 24 Quinnipiac. Negative 15 Gallup. Negative 18 USA TODAY. Negative 17 Investors' Business Daily. Negative 14 NBC News. Negative 14 The Wall Street Journal. I'll never doubt the Numbers..
Harsh Jain
Harsh Jain - Måned siden
All that black lives matter joke has resulted into infection spread and severe depletion of economy.
Fed govt. should ban all idiots, rioting saying black lives matter, from any aid or subsidies.
Jcewazhere - Måned siden
So not only are you against the first amendment but you also can't read studies. There have been several proving that not only did the protests not spread the virus but because people like you stayed home the virus ended up spreading less. From Modern Healthcare: "There is little evidence that the protests that erupted after George Floyd's death caused a significant increase in U.S. coronavirus infections, according to public health experts. If the protests had driven an explosion in cases, experts say, the jumps would have started to become apparent within two weeks - and perhaps as early as five days. But that didn't happen in many cities with the largest protests, including New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Washington, D.C." NBER: "BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTESTS, SOCIAL DISTANCING, AND COVID-19" - we find no evidence that urban protests reignited COVID-19 case growth during the more than three weeks following protest onset. We conclude that predictions of broad negative public health consequences of Black Lives Matter protests were far too narrowly conceived. Colorado Sun: Black Lives Matter protests may have slowed overall spread of coronavirus in Denver and other cities, new study finds.
Just someone Else
Just someone Else - Måned siden
0:25 ooooh that joke did not age well like AT ALLLLLL