6 Times Trump Contradicted Public Officials About The Coronavirus Pandemic

It took months for President Trump to address the country with an honest response to the coronavirus. A look at how he downplayed the number of testing kits, the virus’s death rate, and the timeline of a possible vaccine, even as other government officials would contradict him in public.
How To Prep For A Quarantine According To The Head Of The NYC Preppers Network
What It's Like To Travel During The Coronavirus Outbreak
School Closures Could Cost The US $50 Billion
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6 Times Trump Contradicted Public Officials About The Coronavirus Pandemic
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Business Insider
Business Insider - 6 måneder siden
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Caillou Trump
Caillou Trump - 5 måneder siden
Business Insider shut up!!! You don’t care about anyone but yourself. Quit trying to better your party at this time with that stupid political agenda!!!
Hasain Mohamed
Hasain Mohamed - 6 måneder siden
من فظلك اشديحجي ترامب
Marian Murphy
Marian Murphy - 6 måneder siden
So called business insider you're a stupid ignoramus. You're taking everything out of context. Go listen to the whole thing
Marian Murphy
Marian Murphy - 6 måneder siden
@RationalPragmatist Me also. I've unsubscribed. We could also report it
antiantiderivative - 6 måneder siden
RationalPragmatist LMAO just admit you can’t handle the truth, more honest than just yelling at everything that doesn’t fit your worldview.
Rick Lee
Rick Lee - 2 dager siden
what a clown 🤣🤣🤣
S Meyer
S Meyer - 3 dager siden
Sound is OFF and screen is FROZEN. You no longer need a background in journalism in order to become a reporter today. You simply need to know how to lie. In order to become a reporter for cnn you need to know how to lie, cheat, steal and be a complete A**HOLE. In other words be an ex-politician or even a current one would do very well as a reporter. Lord willing, and biden should lose, cnn will have a host of A**HOLES to chose from.
CHOPPERGIRL's AIRWAR - 9 dager siden
Liberals and democrats downplayed and dismissed the threat of Fox News.
Now we're realizing 10 years later how d@mn foolish that was, and how d@mn dangerous Fox News as a right wing propaganda organ was against gullible, friendless, politically naive, impoverished, radically nationalistic/patriotic, and stup1d people. We now have to swim in an ocean of these brainwashed fools and tools.
I still don't think people realize, how dangerous Fox News as a fake news organization is spewing out a constant barrage of half truths and outright fantastic right wing lies. Every year, they grow more sophisticated, more religiously cultist, more radicalized, more virulently nationalistic, and threatened.
You're going to find in the long run, Fox News turned out to be more dangerous to ignore than Coronavirus.
Crabby Hayes
Crabby Hayes - 14 dager siden
Sometimes being the guy in the room with the most information, and the most current information, your actions may appear inconsistent, while they are really just the response to an evolving situation. I applaud a leader who is willing to take criticism for such actions, instead of steadfastly defending earlier decisions. This behavior is what is known as pragmatic.
J C 4Life Research
J C 4Life Research - Måned siden
NOBODY - Måned siden
the fact that i got a ad before this video saying "is this media fair to trump" is saying something
Nick.j Fury
Nick.j Fury - Måned siden
World health Organization: Time line by 2 different doctors. The WHO needs to be held accountable https://youtu.be/fxhZ2Z-Y4ls
Reference books from past Corona Virus: https://youtu.be/LOHtpFATzlI
Who is Director General Tedros? A politician not a Doctor? With very close ties to China. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/03/breaking-who-director-general-tedros-adhanom-ghebreyesus-was-reportedly-ranking-member-of-terrorist-organization-and-china-puppet/
How China influenced this.
Pisces Niccv
Pisces Niccv - 2 måneder siden
Americans your president 😂😂
Limpet 7R
Limpet 7R - 2 måneder siden
You can tell when this prick is lying or talking complete horseshit. His lips move.
kl harrell
kl harrell - 3 måneder siden
Surrounded by liars with their own agendas
Woomy God
Woomy God - 3 måneder siden
Does he even know what he doing?
Sharl Yates
Sharl Yates - 3 måneder siden
Flu shot for 2019-2020 has a 0.50% fatality rate (it’s printed on the insert included with the vaccine) covid19 has a 0.26% fatality rate, so guess what, Trump was right the whole time....
Pisces Niccv
Pisces Niccv - 2 måneder siden
That's why alot of kids are being born with all types of sickness 🤦🏽‍♂️
Just Saying
Just Saying - 4 måneder siden
This should have WAY more views
leroy cabage
leroy cabage - 4 måneder siden
This vid is bogus. There aren't any time stamps. It's edited from different times. Stop putting lies out there
Diego Alfredo
Diego Alfredo - 4 måneder siden
the average boomer here being represented by the president over here.
LP - 4 måneder siden
Just so you are aware, the Democrats actually politicized this virus.
•Trump was called a xenophobe for implementing travel bans.
•WHO said it wasnt neccessary to impose a travel ban from China.
•WHO praised China when they were lying about the impact it was really having, thus letting everyone in the world think it wasn't that serious.
•New York Mayor actually downplayed this virus by A LOT!
Its not all just one sided here.
Kabyam Talukdar
Kabyam Talukdar - 4 måneder siden
Trump’s Third Law: For every statement there’s an equal and opposite statement, and they’re both wrong.
Eric Chapman
Eric Chapman - 5 måneder siden
`Wake Up America 1 person in every 22 that has contracted this disease is now deceased. BBC NEWS The US has nearly 635,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases and over 28,000 deaths.
chris feleciano
chris feleciano - 5 måneder siden
And most that love him are just as STUPID!!!!!!!! sad
Clever Sim
Clever Sim - 5 måneder siden
What if this is the start of the end times?!
Plüsch Keks
Plüsch Keks - 5 måneder siden
The fact that this guy ruled your country for 4 years now and you guys still exist is...impressive.
יהושע - 5 måneder siden
He doesn’t “rule” our country. I don’t know where you live, but here in America we are a constitutional republic.
The JakeVegas
The JakeVegas - 5 måneder siden
Yeah maybe you should show longer clips, it paints a different picture. Stop being biased.
Nguyen Khoi
Nguyen Khoi - 5 måneder siden
Here your democracy
Lillian - 5 måneder siden
In the P.O.T.U.S' defense- it could STILL one day disappear.. it's called a vaccine.
Knissi Amaris Israel
Knissi Amaris Israel - 5 måneder siden
Why are there empty hospitals where media reporting there's an overflow of patients and dead Bodies? Media lie to us.
clarence palmjj
clarence palmjj - 5 måneder siden
- 01
Janice Wyatt
Janice Wyatt - 5 måneder siden
Edit this to add dates to ALL the clips. Only then will it be credible.
harry Henderson
harry Henderson - 5 måneder siden
BrokenSignal3210 - 5 måneder siden
He's always Mr Positive about this! But what everyone needs is hopeful realism.
Brian Waweru
Brian Waweru - 5 måneder siden
😂😂😂 the guy is really a genius.
Caillou Trump
Caillou Trump - 5 måneder siden
Why are y’all going after trump. Trump is trying to his best and y’all are on a political agenda to go after him. Y’all don’t care about anything but trying to better your party.
8-Bit Girl
8-Bit Girl - 5 måneder siden
The president doesn't know shit about the virus. Hes not a doctor or a scientist and he predicts that it will disappear. He is in charge of our country, he is in denial for thinking that they are ahead of schedule but he isn't. He's slacking off as a president.
Ron Villejo
Ron Villejo - 5 måneder siden
Trump (March 17th): "This is a pandemic. I've felt it was a pandemic, long before it was called a pandemic."
butterfly 14
butterfly 14 - 5 måneder siden
Joey Bobby
Joey Bobby - 5 måneder siden
I wish I could take the cornavirus for everyone I wouldn’t mind dying but
Potatoskull - 5 måneder siden
Joey my friend, although death for humanity is a truly noble death, I do not wish this for you. Joey, after all those cold winters snuggling up to you next to the campfire, I couldn't stand to see you bear this cross alone. Damnit Joey Bobby if you take one for the team I'll stand in and help you carry this burden. Together, we just might have a chance against every coronavirus case in the world. I love you Joey Bobby.
mikeiswhite3 - 5 måneder siden
He has been nothing but entertainment during this whole time. And the people who still trust him. Oh man if this event doesn’t open your eyes, nothing will.
roddy PROF.E.T.
roddy PROF.E.T. - 5 måneder siden
He’s clearly just a scapegoat for the WHO
VS - 5 måneder siden
I'm sure the victims and their families feel differently
zjackson54able - 5 måneder siden
Why are there so many thumbs down votes?
roddy PROF.E.T.
roddy PROF.E.T. - 5 måneder siden
Because this video is implying trump single handedly pushed this narrative. Truth is this is what every public official was parroting for two months straight. “Don’t worry it’s just the flue we’ve got it under control“
J lim
J lim - 5 måneder siden
What a tool! The American people should be ashamed of themselves for electing this incompetent, racist, lying SOB!
Evan Serrano
Evan Serrano - 5 måneder siden
I just think it's funny cause he is always bitching bout #fakeNews...!
shirshak - 5 måneder siden
free entertainment brought to you by American government :P
Mike Schiavoni
Mike Schiavoni - 5 måneder siden
2 trillion is not free.