Can The US Actually Be Put On A Nationwide Lockdown?

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As the coronavirus pandemic forces US states and cities to take action, Americans are wondering if the government will implement a national lockdown. California and New York have already enacted strict lockdown measures, affecting 59 million people. Other US cities are following suite. Although President Trump said he doesn't anticipate a lockdown, it may become necessary as the death count rises.
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Can The US Actually Be Put On A Nationwide Lockdown?
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abcdefg - Måned siden
*No need close border. No need lockdown.* _Only they who are weak with underlying sickness to self- isolate for own safety._ What's crucial to know about Covid-19 is not even its infectivity or incubation period but _how susceptible a normal person is to it, and how badly its symptoms are compared to the normal flu._ The medical fear factor seems to be the *"cytokine storm"* to people whose immunity are low and have underlying chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases, leading to _pulmonary embolism in the lungs and inability to breathe._ Actual case studies showed that ventilation is not the primary answer but to _treat the embolism and oxygen uptake. Hodroxychloroquine and even parecetamol are attested to overcome this deadly part of the socalled pandemic_ and have _reduced greatly the actual contribution of Covid-19 to death rates of other already diseased patients_ and were thus classified as Covid deaths. Infectivity leading to herd immunity is actually good. So, the virus spread or mutation by themselves are not fearful as long as the average person's immunity is good against it. Vaccination is the hyped solution. But vaccination is no good when a person's immunity is already compromised. The vital thing now is HOW TO RAISE THE IMMUNITY of each person against Covid-19 and any virus? Once we know the actual percentage of infected persons coming down with a cytokine storm and would experience the inability to breathe and dying from it, then we know the proper measures to take in the situation. Some scientists put the figure below 2% of the overall infected. This figure doesnt justify any drastic lockdown, but _social distancing, and especially self-isolation of people themselves who are most susceptible with underlying conditions_ , which is about 10-15% of the infected. This is the ultimate measure. The wellcare system is to focus on this last group of potential patients to reduce Covid-complication deaths to zero. If we can do this, we have basically contained this new virus that may never go away like the common cold. Why?
The other issue to tackle is to be open minded enough to really check the possibility that the "human lab" that created this virus is actually the _human body whose cell's DNA is damaged by 5G waves, causing the cell to detoxify and excrete exosomes that are hystologically exactly like Sars-Cov2._
MFD - 2 måneder siden
Title :
Everyone : Lol no.
Covid 19 : Yay !
the Clayton show
the Clayton show - 2 måneder siden
Hell no can you say greed and f lives
Lily 06
Lily 06 - 4 måneder siden
Cats can contract corona virus PLEASE DO RESEARCH IF YOU ARE WORRIED
red button
red button - 4 måneder siden
Interesting fact : in singapore the people who got angry because of social distancing measures. alot of them looks european/american
Walter Duranty
Walter Duranty - 4 måneder siden
"COVID-19 Tyranny and the Purpose of Government" 13 May 2020
The difference between an American and a moonbat comes down to how
they view the purpose of government. An American believes that
government exists to secure our individual rights, as per the country’s
founding documents. A moonbat believes that government is there to be
our mommy and daddy so that we never have to grow up.
This is also the difference between patriots like Shelley Luther and Karl
Manke on one side and the authoritarian apparatchiks who dominate the
media on the other.
Matt Christiansen makes some excellent points along these lines:
Avaraxx Black
Avaraxx Black - 4 måneder siden
1:42 These people have lost their minds. She looks happy about the idea.
jenic87 - 4 måneder siden
It’s unconstitutional and it’s a huge overreach over government. Our people are losing their businesses while crony capitalist corporations see a surge in loans. Grassroots companies are being choked to death. The governors are being met with protests. We do not stand for tyranny. Those who give up their freedom for security deserve neither
Rojit Plays
Rojit Plays - 4 måneder siden
Big Josh
Big Josh - 4 måneder siden
Literally almost every country in the world is issuing lockdowns like India and Italy for example. The US is the only one not doing that. I think Mexico and South America will one very soon. And the stay at home orders in some states aint shit. That is exactly why we surpassed China and Italy in COVID deaths. The US government need to open their eyes and issue a nationawide quarantine.
Anam Mazhar
Anam Mazhar - 4 måneder siden
This is what Dallas looks like
Brooke1994 - 4 måneder siden
Extroverts are bitching that we’re stuck in our own homes, but as an introvert this quarantine is heaven to me. Plus I know how to keep myself busy without people. I’m reading, watching tv and learning languages, Japanese and Spanish. I don’t know about you, but I’m keeping a positive mindset.
asif khan
asif khan - 4 måneder siden
corona virus is just a bullshit nothing else its planned drama u can see in Simpson's cartoon
Thiaguu420 - 4 måneder siden
it was cat appocalipse
PBH Productions
PBH Productions - 4 måneder siden
When you don't know how to spell nor use proper grammar, but you want to put peoples lives at risk.
Platin - 5 måneder siden
does anyone agree with me that the only smart people in america are scientists and doctors?
like how can the people over there be that dumb?
Lachlan Smith
Lachlan Smith - 5 måneder siden
Hello, we are in Australia! Our movement has been restricted to no more than 2 people together for over 3 weeks! Fines are $1600 AUD or 6 months imprisonment
Ethan Sancti
Ethan Sancti - 5 måneder siden
Not possible. The person in the white house is more concerned on how he would get re-elected and that involves siding with morons.
Matt Brown
Matt Brown - 5 måneder siden
Goverbment can't take rights or give them away. The Constitution is the law of the land. Judging by these comments. Most of these people haven't read any of it or hate it or don't care about it. Rights come from God not government.
Mac Tex flex capacitor
Mac Tex flex capacitor - 5 måneder siden
I am not from the USA.Can anyone please, please, please tell me when will the American lockdown end and if it's still ongoing. O brother I'm really struggling. We are also under lockdown and my business can't make any, any money right now. I am eating less and doing anything I can to save money. The date on my phone was a gift. A little bit freaking out today😔
1aizil Fazizi
1aizil Fazizi - 5 måneder siden
American rip😊
abukamoon - 5 måneder siden
It wouldn't look too good for our politicians. It is something that they would regret.
Mike Veis
Mike Veis - 5 måneder siden
This is possible. It happened during the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu pandemic. It also happened during the Black Death in Europe from 1347-1353.
Anthony Shostack
Anthony Shostack - 5 måneder siden
At 2:57 she basically said animals can't get the virus,but China said the virus came from a bat, and CNN said a tiger got the cov19
Anthony Shostack
Anthony Shostack - 5 måneder siden
Detroit Rock City here, here on lock down for 4 week, I bought 2 more guns and bunch of bullets, guns are flying off the shelves in the USA! We carry guns so people are to scare to robbed u!
scott miller
scott miller - Måned siden
Yep I have my 4. A 30/30 Glock 9. Shot gun with buck shot and 45 with hollow points those shatter bone. And shread. Tissue and organs when going in
ricon Dy
ricon Dy - 5 måneder siden
if the US didn't Lockdown all busy states like new york, chicago, las vegas, maiami, washington etc. the case could be rise up to 1M.. in the whole US state.. if they didnt act as early as possible.. the virus is not moving, its the people instead.. so control the movement of your citizen..
X Calibus Gaming
X Calibus Gaming - 5 måneder siden
_A wise man once said_
*"US is just a bunch of companies pretending to be a nation"*
*_And companies care about profits not lives_*
Rojit Plays
Rojit Plays - 4 måneder siden
jennifer wolk
jennifer wolk - 4 måneder siden
Wow I’ve never heard anything so true
Dr_ Negative
Dr_ Negative - 4 måneder siden
Who's the wise man?
The Executer
The Executer - 5 måneder siden
Deep fact
Cornell Waters
Cornell Waters - 5 måneder siden
😷 Thank You!
Batty Rash
Batty Rash - 5 måneder siden
It will not work in America. The reason being is that America are uptight about laws that limit their freedoms, this sounds like they are decent people but in reality it just means that they cant be selfish anymore. America is a country that refuses to be controlled but needs to be controlled.
ben cowie
ben cowie - 5 måneder siden
China managed it. The usa is tiny compared to them.
Free As A Butterfly
Free As A Butterfly - 5 måneder siden
We are not China
Chelsea Jennings
Chelsea Jennings - 5 måneder siden
American's won't have it! That takes away their rights! The US is flattening the curve already without it! States are taking care of it! Sure, there are careless people out there doing stupid shit, but shame on them! The rest of us #StayHome and we will fight for those who can't fight! We will be OK!
Asad Abbas
Asad Abbas - 5 måneder siden
I wan too play game with you
Ravi Kamble
Ravi Kamble - 5 måneder siden
Corona virus ek big buisness es link me news dekhiy
Cheeze - 5 måneder siden
Lol nope It's not possible even if we put martial law our martial law is different from that of other countries it's called *Habeas Corpus* you can look into to this
This is basically what the Cold War was fought for you remember that right
It would be unconstitutional & no laws shall be made that conflict with our bill of rights
Because this is not China, this is not communist Russia, hell were not in 1930s nazi Germany this is America
Tracy S
Tracy S - 5 måneder siden
No - it is not constitutional. We can't toss our rights out and become a police state for a virus that kills less people than diabetes. Nope.
Drew Taks
Drew Taks - 5 måneder siden
Good Luck trying to get the Blacks in the USA to stay inside.
Arjun TMG
Arjun TMG - 5 måneder siden
They will eventually “lockdown” the country, but by that time millions more Americans will be infected by the virus 🦠.. it will be too late. We could have done it long time ago and save many lives, Our gov always act late.
haxuan shah
haxuan shah - 5 måneder siden
May i know the situations on your country?? Is it leading to better or is it getting worse?
Matt Sentner
Matt Sentner - 5 måneder siden
Two reasons this is not practical. The US Constitution and the rights of the people to free (1st amendment). Second not enough police to handle the matter and any attempts to do so will lead to civil unrest which will be 1000% worse then the virus itself.
Ryan Nata
Ryan Nata - 5 måneder siden
Haha no one is above God, take it now world, learn to behave...
sujay ss
sujay ss - 5 måneder siden
As big as US? Lol, look at india
Alan Poquette
Alan Poquette - 5 måneder siden
If citizens would rise up and come together there would be no need for a totalitarian governing body. citizens don't wage war and create deadly pathogens for war and conrol governments do! then they rely on the poor to fight their wars and work to pay for these deadly programs. history will always be doomed to repeat itself, so long as so many are always controlled by so few. rise up and demand better or your life and freedoms will progressively disappear. This message goes for the world. Enough is enough! God help us all.
Chris Collins
Chris Collins - 5 måneder siden
Agenda 21 being enacted
Ger 13 NunYah
Ger 13 NunYah - 5 måneder siden
It’s like a Lite version of The Walking Dead and all of us are infected already 🙃