Everything We Know About Kim Jong Un

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Kim Jong Un has been the supreme leader of North Korea since December 2011. Despite how secretive North Korea is, the leader's life isn’t a complete mystery. From spending much of his childhood in Switzerland, to his admiration for former NBA player Dennis Rodman-here’s everything we know about Kim’s life and family
Editor's note: Donald Trump is a sitting US president, not an acting US president. Insider regrets the error.
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Everything We Know About Kim Jong Un
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N - 16 timer siden
Narcissists are kindred spirits - Jasmin & peter
Anushka Goyal
Anushka Goyal - 20 timer siden
What’s with n Korea and Switzerland?😂
Charles Cunningham
Charles Cunningham - 23 timer siden
Is it just me or does he look that one kid from up.
꧁blueberry꧂ - Dag siden
1: He’s bad
2: He’s bad
3: He’s bad
4: He’s bad
5: He’s bad
6: He’s bad
7: He’s bad
8: He’s bad
9: He’s bad
10: He’s bad
Oh wait, did I mention that he’s bad?
Poleglyph is Seann
Poleglyph is Seann - Dag siden
Me:to think a cute kid like that grows to a evil dictator😲
WindBlade ツ
WindBlade ツ - Dag siden
I wonder if he is a dictator or just some puppet to the government
M O - 2 dager siden
Fun fact: He is the only fat guy in North korea
Realistic Person
Realistic Person - 2 dager siden
One thing doesn't change, his cute look.
ste prof
ste prof - 2 dager siden
America is scared of North Korea clearly
Salty Basics
Salty Basics - 3 dager siden
Imagine being the only fat kid in your country
White H0rse
White H0rse - 3 dager siden
We all know he goes to McDonalds
Ker Sen Samrach
Ker Sen Samrach - 3 dager siden
Smar Aki
Smar Aki - 4 dager siden
Imagine being his bully in school.
Trung 46
Trung 46 - 4 dager siden
Kim wore Nike and stripes adidas!?,that's lowkey cool ngl
only1 okelio
only1 okelio - 4 dager siden
"Here's what we know about kim jong un"

He's a psychopath
Hazem Abdul Sukkur
Hazem Abdul Sukkur - 4 dager siden
00:09 Maybe he hates public like me [because I am scared to be assassinated]
broken trust
broken trust - 5 dager siden
Why does he looks like a raw uncooked dumpling?
Nitsuj Allertse
Nitsuj Allertse - 5 dager siden
oh kim and my mom has the same born dte my mom is 1980
TheInterAttax - 7 dager siden
TheInterAttax - 7 dager siden
Keem Joong Ong.
eric dietz
eric dietz - 7 dager siden
Communist monarchy/dictatorship. hard to understand how it even happened.
Jhai Bleomo
Jhai Bleomo - 8 dager siden
my wish is that we going to the north korea but when i saw this im shocked so i dont want to go to north korea now :(
Jhai Bleomo
Jhai Bleomo - 8 dager siden
poor people ;(
Món ngon Việt - Hàn
Món ngon Việt - Hàn - 8 dager siden
Nice video
Chocolate Perfume
Chocolate Perfume - 8 dager siden
His sister looks like a real badass tbh
Carol Nelmida Dalag
Carol Nelmida Dalag - 8 dager siden
Let’s dance at Kim Jong Un’s funeral 😂
Orange - 8 dager siden
Hopefully the U.S will take over the nuclear weapons, but they should tell Kim jong un to give freedom to his citizens so that it will be easier to rebuild the economy.
Sheldon J. Plankton
Sheldon J. Plankton - 8 dager siden
Ri sol ju? Her parents last words to her when kim jong un bought her.
Midasnetwork Theofficialkingmidas
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James W
James W - 9 dager siden
5:59 I mean tbf, travel in and out of the country is so heavily regulated it really wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if they genuinely didn’t have any confirmed cases despite bordering China
Chung Kyung
Chung Kyung - 9 dager siden
I just hope that one day after his dearth a new leader will be chosen. Not from the family blood but from the citizens, because he grew up in luxury he never knew how it felt like to be poor or to starve. So I think that he never cares for he's fellow citizens because he wasn't in their shoes.
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un - 9 dager siden
You have to have more knowledge about me
Ananda A
Ananda A - 10 dager siden
2:57 nope, Ri sol ju was a singer in an electronic band, she was a cheerleader when she studied in China and she is from a beehive class family
Caleb Donahue
Caleb Donahue - 10 dager siden
Kim Jong Un was Born
January 8 1984 in Pyongyang North Korea He was the Youngest Brother He went To Kim Il Sung University From 2002 To 2007 He is Married to Ri Sol Ju the got married in 2009
Sho KITAMURA [09N09]
Sho KITAMURA [09N09] - 11 dager siden
the real war should be on twitter.
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un - 11 dager siden
Sleepy - 12 dager siden
Bro trump really wants to fight Korea lol Korea will destroy us
Den Mann
Den Mann - 12 dager siden
One thing for shure
He’s been a fatso all his life
Aisha Yakub
Aisha Yakub - 12 dager siden
although I Don't support trump ATLEAST he takes care of his people ,im starting to feel gratefull;/
Aniket Murthy
Aniket Murthy - 12 dager siden
Oi. How do you know so much about me.
Orange Sock
Orange Sock - 12 dager siden
If he was Japanese he should’ve become a sumo wrestler!