How A Couple Saved $50,000 In Emergency Funds

One couple was able to throw a baby shower during the pandemic because they saved enough for a full year of expenses.
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How A Couple Saved $50,000 In Emergency Funds
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money bags
money bags - 11 timer siden
Stop calling it the "New normal"! If we were able to get through the 1918 Spanish Flu, we can crush china virus. Don't be sheep people
Elizabeth Jeffrey
Elizabeth Jeffrey - 12 dager siden
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his indeed a God sent. now i don't need to be working 9-5 ....
Eduardo Salgado
Eduardo Salgado - 27 dager siden
Made 50k last month lol
miss jill
miss jill - 28 dager siden
This is a stupid thing to advertise
Saitama blz
Saitama blz - Måned siden
subtitles pls guys
robert hingston
robert hingston - Måned siden
It’s good to be frugal
Don B
Don B - Måned siden
no car payments and living in an apt yet they spend over $4000/month, I'm sure they'd have more cash put away if they watch were their money is going.
A Bb
A Bb - Måned siden
Smart couple
Isaac Annan Jr
Isaac Annan Jr - Måned siden
Dave Ramsey approves 👍🏿
Curious Bunny
Curious Bunny - Måned siden
Republicans still think that’s what every family should be able to do. That’s why Republicans are quickly becoming the party favored by the lowest income earners in the US where the Dems are representing the largest companies and earners (Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Hollywood, Music Industry, gaming industry is bending over, every MSM network save for Fox. Even Fox is garbage).
Ronty Tyron
Ronty Tyron - 2 måneder siden
This people are well off, they even have money to buy a car, I don't even have a bicycle.
Ronty Tyron
Ronty Tyron - 2 måneder siden
I don't have money in the first place, that's real emergency, what advice can you give me?
てぇーぉねr - Måned siden
How old r u first of all that’s the most important n do u have any debts or student loans n such n such u also need to consider if u have a stable enough job to provide for ur self n/or ur family
nakedshadows - 2 måneder siden
wadautalkina beet
wadautalkina beet - 2 måneder siden
Why would you have a baby knowing it could possibly be born with those gums 😂😂😂😂😂😂 0:19
wadautalkina beet
wadautalkina beet - 2 måneder siden
Selling meth on the side boiiiiiiiii
lee macdonald
lee macdonald - 2 måneder siden
Move back in with the parents, don't drive, don't go on holidays, no pubs or restaurants, keep the old phone and ware inexpensive clothes.
These people are geniuses, I can save $60,000 a year if i do this.
Basically have no life or material iteams and your good.
bruhger - 2 måneder siden
student debt is one of the most scariest thing in life.
Santiago Bron
Santiago Bron - 2 måneder siden
She didn’t spend it on weaves
I’m impressed
Pericles Moulis
Pericles Moulis - 2 måneder siden
Take another look at your website. We must take down AdBlockers? Are you poor?
Hotep Yakub Enword Jogger
Hotep Yakub Enword Jogger - 2 måneder siden
matt carnes
matt carnes - 2 måneder siden
This is what every republican thinks the average citizen can do yet a big company worth billions doesnt make money for a few weeks and it turns into a bailout beggar since it spent all its money on high level bonuses and stock buy backs
Curious Bunny
Curious Bunny - Måned siden
Republicans still think that’s what every family should be able to do. That’s why Republicans are quickly becoming the party favored by the lowest income earners in the US where the Dems are representing the largest companies and earners (Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Hollywood, Music Industry, every MSM network save for Fox. Even Fox is garbage).
Martin-Rasmus Kass
Martin-Rasmus Kass - 2 måneder siden
They both would need to have set aside just 100$/w to do it, witch doesn't seem that much tbh especially if they say they are intentionally saving and living frugaly. As a couple you can also save a lot on housing and other utilities
Daltonier - 2 måneder siden
What a dumb video.
Em1L - 2 måneder siden
At 1:35, you can see the pain in his face, when she says "would i like to be in a different appartment, yes". This is clearly a guy, who wishes to provide the best possible to his family.
Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez - 2 måneder siden
Lovely couple! Wish you many years of a happy marriage.
Thank you Business Insider for these videos.
That couple represents the minority in American middle class. Every one else is flat broke due to poor financial literacy.
Ske3pro - 2 måneder siden
The woman remind me of Chandler's ex-gf - Janice from Friends
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel - 2 måneder siden
This channel is kindof a joke
U Haul
U Haul - 2 måneder siden
Monthlay expenses x 12 = Savangs Account?
Toyoter Previa or 4 Runna pre owned certified < 100,000 miles
D Carvalho
D Carvalho - 2 måneder siden
So individuals are expected to keep 1 years expenses saved, but companies can't survive a downturn for 1 month. Meanwhile the USA treasury keeps interest rates at a level below inflation actively harming those who save, and pumping money into risky investors that cannot keep their own finances stable.
If every American did this the US economy would collapse.
This is simple corporate propaganda pushing the blame from those who have the power to control the situation to those who cannot.
Chiken Hills
Chiken Hills - 2 måneder siden
JackyVivid - 2 måneder siden
50,000$ thats around 37,50,000 in Indian Rupees. I make 12,000 INR per month. It will take me roughly 25 years to earn that money.
ramyashastri - Måned siden
Still would recommend you save some of the money every month on mutual funds or sip and since you are young... you will find in your 40s that your initial savings have compounded to a very nice retirement egg.
El Gran Toro
El Gran Toro - 2 måneder siden
I set aside $200 a week I don't make much like, 500-600 a week on like a 30-35H workweek, thing is I dont spend much either my monthly expenses are $500 including rent that excludes gas, food, etc. But still easy enough to set that 200 weekly aside, let's say I give myself 3 decades of saving it without investing in anything which I really wouldn't reccomend due to inflation, thats $312k assuming I'm in the 25-30 range can I retire on $300k? Maybe, maybe not, but that won't really matter, because its essentially just an emergency fund, I'm also not big on home owning, which has its pros and its cons, just gotta be smart with what you spend on, and obviously hope life throws you some luck
Frank Escobar
Frank Escobar - 16 dager siden
Where u invest?
80sgirlwhamduran - Måned siden
Why wouldn't you want to invest any money due to inflation? That's the reason to invest. Even if it's sitting in a 1% online savings account, that's not going to keep up with inflation. That $300,000 could turn into $500,000-$750,000, with compound interest and maybe a 7% growth over time. Only keep your 6 months plus emergency fund in the online savings, and invest the rest.
Shivithere - 2 måneder siden
The man looks completely annoyed when she speaks
jesse shadrack
jesse shadrack - 2 måneder siden
Frugal living is good for a bettetr future
Tom S
Tom S - 2 måneder siden
The United States is a dystopia
Joe Cramp
Joe Cramp - 2 måneder siden
There's people living frugally with jobs who can barely afford to live paycheck to paycheck. It depends on your job, income, family support... Videos like this are always naive
ben criswell
ben criswell - 2 måneder siden
can you do a vid on air fores boot camp
YoshiPeach Mario
YoshiPeach Mario - 2 måneder siden
Cybersecurity Engineer > Counsellor. Let's not kid ourselves. All the big money is coming from the former. Without an IT salary, they won't have money to save.
Tommy Cox
Tommy Cox - 2 måneder siden
Say goodbye to that fund and welcome to debt once that kid is born 😂
IILMTII - 2 måneder siden
50k is nothing in san francisco.