How Airplane Interiors Are Designed | Big Business

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Maximizing limited space is one of the biggest challenges when designing airplane interiors. We went behind the scenes with a product manager and engineer to see how the Delta’s 777 aircraft was redesigned.
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How Airplane Interiors Are Designed | Big Business
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Will Jacobs
Will Jacobs - 2 timer siden
They really like "Karens" for these fake corporate jobs...
🌎 - 4 timer siden
Challenge? How about you stop trying to pack em in like sardines, put in less seats...
Izzy Maly
Izzy Maly - 8 timer siden
The seats were thoroughly tested to withstand an accident????? What????
Regular Guy
Regular Guy - 9 timer siden
So now the Sardines... my bad the “passengers” are going to have more space between them.
TheMrpalid - 7 dager siden
Where’d all the legroom go?
Alfonso Garcia
Alfonso Garcia - 8 dager siden
non of these is new, is been used in a first class buses in another countries!!
R.I.P RBG - 10 dager siden
All the diarrhea stains cleaned up by crew members, and vomit bags. Now Corona. Ugggghh. I can’t fly anymore.
xScitobor 123
xScitobor 123 - 11 dager siden
3:10 why is joker in their software?
WYATT here
WYATT here - 11 dager siden
Damn thanks Ashley
Maximilian Hilpert
Maximilian Hilpert - 12 dager siden
So essentially they removed wires that the end user will never notice. Changed the material on a seat thats been the same shape for thirty plus years and improved the ergonomics on an item one person in a row might feel the difference off. The airline industry has to be one of the most stagnant industries when it comes to innovation and its no suprise then why it took three and a half years to bring their 777s up to this standard.
I am a little surprised they didn’t move the screen into a more ergonomic position. Given that it’s “wireless” it didn’t need to be mounted on the back of the seat. Bringing the touch screen closer to the user would not only have improved the viewing experiences but gotten rid of the need to have a remote control. At the end of the day the changes they have made seem minuscule on the impact on the user experience. Shouldn’t the seat material be fire retardant to begin with? The blue material they use isn’t unique to the 777 either they are common place in newer regional delta aircrafts. I also think its a hard sell to say that the overheard compartments are groundbreaking. The customer only uses it twice during the flight once when closing it and once when opening the cubby at the end of the flight where the electronic assist has no impact. Plus the cubby is meant for a whole row so maybe 1/3 of passengers will ever experience the difference.
Elizabeth Jeffrey
Elizabeth Jeffrey - 12 dager siden
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his indeed a God sent. now i don't need to be working 9-5 ....
Alex Chi heh
Alex Chi heh - 13 dager siden
Bruh they spent millions for some amazing tech and other really cool stuff but like, could they not afford 10$ a seat to allow the TVs to have a wider angle? Like it’s good and all but the tv’s are painful to use when you’re even just a little bit reclined :|
A Google User
A Google User - 16 dager siden
What a kick in the nuts--all that effort to design a new interior, and then COVID dictates the retirement of all the aircraft. Sorry guys!
country side
country side - 17 dager siden
What about the fat ppl
Kostas Fanourakis
Kostas Fanourakis - 17 dager siden
Ashley she's a Babe ...I wanna have her in my life
TheKiman2 - 17 dager siden
Remember when 34" legroom in economy was the standard and the passengers weren't forced to shame seat recliners?
Magloire_ The_King
Magloire_ The_King - 18 dager siden
Corona : *lol*
Manuel Valenti
Manuel Valenti - 18 dager siden
And they still cant get a cup holder on the tray...
robo931 - 19 dager siden
I would like to marry Ashley.
Abraham Flores
Abraham Flores - 19 dager siden
I don’t care about comfort, give me a guarantee that if a plane goes down it has a parachute of safety mechanism that can save it
Markus Andreasson
Markus Andreasson - 20 dager siden
id be awesome at designing seats
Eden - 20 dager siden
This is a ad. No problem with ads but they should write what it is.
Zayne Arnett
Zayne Arnett - 21 dag siden
Sara Jay really fell off
Joe - 21 dag siden
Production: This is brilliant!
Engineers: Here is what we can actually do.
Finance: hahaha no, slash it in half and I will consider it XD
Thant Zaw Win
Thant Zaw Win - 21 dag siden
So these are the people who's responsible for SHITTY & CRAMPED designs! For both Business & economy. Especially ECONOMY! Those bastards!
privateplatiboi plati
privateplatiboi plati - 21 dag siden
Why is this in my recommend
Terence Jay
Terence Jay - 23 dager siden
Interiors, like the exterior, also need to be made as light as possible, for fuel efficiency. Every kilo counts, that why they charge you for having overweight luggage. Essentially, a plane is a lightweight aluminium tube, with wings that barely hold the lights on the end. That's why it's completely impossible for one flying at 450mph hitting a building, such as, I don't know, a steel and concrete skyscraper, and disappear completely inside.
HYPERION_GFX - 23 dager siden
Im watching this while sitting in economy
josh c
josh c - 23 dager siden
0:03 it's a game of inches...
👍 yes it
Biggils - 23 dager siden
I remember when the headset cords were made of rubber tubes like straws so the sound could travel through it, the same same science of a string and two tin cans.
copingcarot138 - 24 dager siden
Let’s be real all they care about is getting as much money as possible out of the customer
edward peders
edward peders - 24 dager siden
Great I still have my own backrest in economy.
Butt what’s up with the common seatrest? Must I feel the reverberations when the person next to me cuts a slice of cheese!
PapiMan809 - 24 dager siden
So in conclusion all of the work for nothing 😳🤦🏽‍♂️
Causally Thinking
Causally Thinking - 25 dager siden
I always wondered how did they put them seats in airplanes
Blu - 25 dager siden
How about design the arm rest in the middle seats to have a divider, so that both people on the left and right can rest their arms, and the center person can as well, without them touching each other. A simple fiber glass would do the trick. It's a simple design that will make everyone more comfortable.
Funeral enthusiast
Funeral enthusiast - 25 dager siden
they spend like 1 minute on the economy class seats. Lmao us poors still get garbage.
butsik finkel
butsik finkel - 26 dager siden
Oh yes she wants those extra inches.
Charlie McGovern
Charlie McGovern - 26 dager siden
Yet a single car seat is still comfier
Will - 26 dager siden
She should be at home taking care of the kids.
Bobby Vee
Bobby Vee - 26 dager siden
Delta is the primary reason I became a Private Pilot. Their aircraft are junk, and their "Stewardesses" are the worst in the industry!
Will Jacobs
Will Jacobs - 2 timer siden
American has the worst flight attendants...