How Anthony Fauci Became The Nation's Top Disease Expert

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Dr. Anthony Fauci is one of the most influential figures in the nation when it comes to the coronavirus. As a member of the administration’s coronavirus task force, he often speaks at White House press briefings and has become a trusted expert on the virus. He also advises the president and vice president. His role as a top adviser for the government on health concerns has spanned six presidents.
5 Times Trump Praised Dr. Fauci Before Retweeting That He Should Be Fired
Why South Korea's Coronavirus Curve Looks So Different From The Rest Of The World
Why The US Navy Ship Hospital Wasn’t Meant For Coronavirus Patients
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How Anthony Fauci Became The Nation's Top Disease Expert
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Immortal Burdens
Immortal Burdens - 16 dager siden
being evil is the only requirement for that job
Allen Clinton
Allen Clinton - 20 dager siden
Fauci is owned by george soros.
Black Juice
Black Juice - 22 dager siden
I have no support for either Democrats or Republicans. I put all trust into my creator and turn off all media and the hopes of being informed by it. I ask this to any "Q" out there, if covid is all a "hoax" then why plan to use the military to issue the vaccine?
Why sign the secure 5g and beyond act of 2020 on March 23 2020.?
Most Americans don't understand the science behind 5g technology but the president hasn't addressed non of the concerns of it from the science community. Too distracted by a "hoax"?
It would be awesome to finally have a president who finally acts for the people and not of their own self interest....
So we're saving the children right? Sounds awesome if that was really the case but I ask you to think of this...
What if instead of them really saving the children they're just waiting to get all 5g towers in place. If you're average American understood the science behind 5G technology/60hz, instead of marching to save the children they would be rioting against 5g Towers all over the earth.
I'll give you a hint it has more to do with oxygen atoms and less to do with microwaves hence. " I can't breathe " lol they're so wicked it's funny.
Gotta be one with the creator to have this kind of sense of humor, don't mind me.
All of Hollywood and the wealthy fleeing and you think it's cause Donald Trump's draining the swap in regards to them being the swmp? Lol 😆😅😂😭
Went down a 🐇 hole a "Q" and died like an Ostrich. ....
Don't be so quick to be definitive all the time.

Ok that's all for now.
Equitable Apple
Equitable Apple - Måned siden
He’s so respected nobody knew who he was til he started making errors and Fear Mongering 6 months ago
Jim Jones
Jim Jones - Måned siden
He does not talk about the 3.7 million he gave to the Wuhan lad THIS GUY IS A FRAUD, First he lies to us about face mask WHAT kind of dr lies to the public and puts the public s lives in danger
40thStangGT - Måned siden
This Doctor gave China the recipe to China to continue their biological research on Covid when the U.S. told him to shut it down here
Mr. Cyber
Mr. Cyber - Måned siden
He met Hillary Clinton
Cho C
Cho C - Måned siden
Somehow we're 7+ months into this Pandemic, and all these qualified YouTube commenters think Dr. Fauci is the complete opposite of what President Bush, President Obama, President Clinton, has said about this man. Yet no one in the comments hasn't criticize ONCE about the people that still uses Dr. Fauci as an advisor has made incompetent mistakes and outright lies.
Who exactly is using Dr. Fauci.. if he's such a bad guy, what does that say about President Trump and all the people that still have him around?
MrGillymac - Måned siden
He is a dirtbag
Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm - Måned siden
Hmmm....sent millions to Wuhan lab to circumvent US bio weapon technology to hostile state actors.
DEPLORABLE 961 - Måned siden
They know how to treat it 'cover-19', they created it. they are preventing all of us from getting normal meds so they can try to force vaccinations also.
S Jamison
S Jamison - Måned siden
He didn't. He's a complete fraud and he's squeezing onto his 15 minutes of fame
Black Juice
Black Juice - Måned siden
Evil at work:😈
Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Malinda Gates, W.H.O Organization, Mark Zuckerberg, High Members of the US Government, False Narrative Through Media,
Real-world deaths VS Fictitious.
( Bet you didn't witness your loved one drop to the floor and pass away due to respiratory failure. Just in case you did though, I bet they had recently visited a medical facility 🤔)
If the air outside was truly as vile as they say, would you need someone to force you to stay in the house ? 🤷
Anxiety/Covid symptoms, Improper Usage of Ventilators, Vaccination Depopulation, Vaccine/ microbiotics, Vaccine/Mark of the beast

China (CCP) Attack on Muslims, European Government World Control, Frances Constant Meddling in Africa, Tanzania President and Covid Results.....
And you called him a conspiracy theorist 🤭

You're welcome 🤯
Looking fortruth
Looking fortruth - Måned siden
bellefish20 - 2 måneder siden
Fauci committed an act of Treason.
G Hays
G Hays - 2 måneder siden
Until we get research that isn't influenced by Big Pharma funds (bribes) we will never get accurate data. The U.S. health care system is a catastrophe you can't have "for profit" medicine. This makes our Hospitals run like a corporate machine with profit as the priority over helping people. Get the Corporations out of our medical system and ban lobby funding by Pharma Corporations which influences politicians to be dishonest and prioritize profits for Big Pharma over the benefits of health. It's a corruption profit scheme that is a conflict of interest.
V Arias
V Arias - 2 måneder siden
Yeah ! Because he stated we would have a pandemic in 2014 ! Look it up ! All, lab created influenza virus, in the labs of Gates ! Look it up. He’s a Fuchi Ca Ca. Fraud. 💕🦉I am L. A.🇺🇸. I am a Visitor
DEPLORABLE 961 - 3 måneder siden
Hitler's spirit is ALIVE and well in this world and it's inside the so-called "D.r." Foulchit, and I do mean, 'FOUL'.
brian richmond
brian richmond - 3 måneder siden
Know thine enemy
S. P.
S. P. - 3 måneder siden
Well looks like I’m smarter than an expert! and I call BS On everything AND I think Fauci wants everyone to get covid because he wants people to go door to door without changing clothes for each house or test and THAT goes against everything they’ve been stating..... unless it’s fake! So Fauci wants to infect the world or it’s fake - which is it?
Grady Whitman
Grady Whitman - 3 måneder siden
This guy is a beady eyed little sewer rat who has a history of promoting hysteria and profiting from it:
Zika virus 2016:
Ebola Virus 2014:
Swine Flu 2009:
Bird Flu 2007:
Fauci gets money from big pharma vaccine patents:
The US Government is fighting to own patent rights for the Covid-19 vaccine:
At best, this all seems like a very broken system that creates a serious conflict of interest.
slapper22 - 3 måneder siden
Because he has all the vaccines
The Law
The Law - 4 måneder siden
Translation: How Dr. Fauci became the media's new darling.
Agenda 21.
Account ____
Account ____ - 4 måneder siden
He ripped off other people's research, that's how. Dr. Markovitz is willing to testify against Fauci in front of congress.
Bella Driver
Bella Driver - 4 måneder siden
He is being on drugs for a long time. I thought he was 80’s.
Marsili ILI
Marsili ILI - 4 måneder siden
pffffff ahahahahahah "respected" :D :D :D :D
Karllie Carter
Karllie Carter - 4 måneder siden
Dr Fauci is a fraud
No id
No id - 4 måneder siden
Hes a fraud
Bam Fam
Bam Fam - 4 måneder siden
Hydroxychloroquine is the cure but Fauci doesn't want people to know. Hydroxychloroquine I'd a cheap drug but yet very strong vs Covid-19. He said the Resvr drug is the cure but it's expensive and Less strong vs Covid-19
Bam Fam
Bam Fam - 4 måneder siden
He said in 2017 a new Pandemic was coming!🤔 also him & China are business partners. Wuhan Lab.👍
Covid-19 : Bio-weapon!
Sean Fagan
Sean Fagan - 4 måneder siden
On his knees is how he got there
Gmmonica godsgotthis
Gmmonica godsgotthis - 4 måneder siden
Someone needs to pay him a visit while on his runs and have a talk with this old warlocks along with Bill Gates and his wife.
Leo Matkovsky
Leo Matkovsky - 2 måneder siden
Othieno Burton Oh really, has he said "I love big Pharma" or are you just making more shit up?
Othieno Burton
Othieno Burton - 2 måneder siden
Leo Matkovsky he loves big pharma also so enjoy being first Inline for his vaccine
Leo Matkovsky
Leo Matkovsky - 2 måneder siden
He's fighting to protect American lives, even for ignoramuses like you.
scottc5476 - 4 måneder siden
He is a disease expert because he invented this diseases .
Faduma Abdullahi
Faduma Abdullahi - 4 måneder siden
These comments tho...I don't even.
Man what happened to the fun conspiracy theories? Like the Bermuda Triangle was created by the Illuminati to hide the truth! Explains why so many ships "mysteriously" disappeared
I mean not like they can hide that truth now it's 2020 n 4 Pirates of the Caribbean movies have proven beyond shadow of a doubt that triangle be scary. Facts.
What I'm trying to say is it's weird when life has become stranger than fiction. Also like seriously where did those ships all go?! 😳
Jeremy H.
Jeremy H. - 4 måneder siden
No one should trust this troll.
The anti-mad hatter
The anti-mad hatter - 4 måneder siden
I don’t like or agree with this little man 🤨
Rene Guerra
Rene Guerra - 4 måneder siden
MultiPipiripi77 - 4 måneder siden
And.....this is last job he ever had and we will see how he will and . I can see him at the prison sitting in someone’s lap.
MultiPipiripi77 - 4 måneder siden
Last job and prison time ,and make sure to remember this conversation..why 🇷🇺?we are peaceful people. Love you 😘.
Ashley Marissa Rae
Ashley Marissa Rae - 4 måneder siden
MultiPipiripi77 Really russian bot? Where are your facts? Awww keep dreaming. Meanwhile he is saving millons people and getting awards! Stay madd
Dr. Dave Doc
Dr. Dave Doc - 4 måneder siden
That little punk doesn't work 20 hours a day. Anyone knows that's B'S 😂
Dr. Dave Doc
Dr. Dave Doc - 4 måneder siden
Fauchi will soon be in deep SH-- for this covid 19 deal that he was involved in spreading it around the world
Wonderful world
Wonderful world - 7 timer siden
@DEPLORABLE 961 He did the same with HIV. First get your investments lined up then start selling the cure. "The love of money is the root of all evil."
DEPLORABLE 961 - Måned siden
@E Weid It came from the so-called “dr. ”Foulshit” and his cohorts, the Gates Foundation members.
E Weid
E Weid - Måned siden
..and PEOPLE SHOULD get to the ROOT of how it got here and where it came from. It's like blaming your doctor for getting GONNARHEA. really??! Blame your boyfriend.!! Stop blaming other people or government!!! *Go to the ROOT of the virus upheaval....WHERE DID IT COME FROM!!!*
E Weid
E Weid - Måned siden
@DEPLORABLE 961 ..I know. Imagine telling someone they NEED and MUST take A DRUG inside their body because that is the right way. (?)(!!!)... And if you REFUSE you are NOT welcomed into any educational institution. And you are NOT accepted into the work places. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE EYES ARE CLOSED TO THIS SOCIAL ACCEPTING BLACKMAIL. OUR ELDERLY WAS A PETRI-DISH the last few years . And THEY BECAME FAMOUSE SINCE JAN 2020 TILL NOW. Lots of them gone forever - no one demonstrating on that. THE SURVIVERS WILL BE ANOTHER DISH AS Will THE BABIES AND LITTLE SCHOOL KIDS. EDUCATION AND WORK IS VITAL TO EXISTENCE IN NORTH AMERICA. SO WE ALL GET BULLIED. WE NEED TO FIRE SOME OF THE POS INCHARGE. Evil controlling freaks made up of PSYCHOPATH$.
DEPLORABLE 961 - Måned siden
They know how to treat it 'cover-19', they created it. they are preventing all of us from getting normal meds so they can try to force vaccinations also.