How Coronavirus Is Changing Marine Corps Boot Camp

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The COVID-19 crisis is changing the way future United States Marines are trained at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, SC. According to anonymous defense officials who spoke to the Washington Post, between 20 to 50 positive cases have been confirmed at the Depot.
According to a Recruit Depot spokesperson, some of the cases were discovered in the recruit population. Beginning March 30, the Recruit Depot suspended the shipping of new recruits to Parris Island. When shipping resumes, new recruits will be held in a 14-day "staging" period before they begin processing ahead of training. These recruits will be medically screened multiple times per day. Due to the crisis, physical distancing measures are being implemented in dining facilities and "squad bays" where recruits sleep
However, training will continue for recruits already in Parris Island, with physical distancing measures being implemented at the discretion of the drill instructors. Although graduations will continue to occur, visitors are prohibited from attending. Upon graduation, new Marines will continue to ship out to the training that occurs on other bases after they leave Parris Island.
How COVID-19 Is Changing US Army Boot Camp
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How Coronavirus Is Changing Marine Corps Boot Camp
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DA MAN WITH A PLAN - Dag siden
Its kind of concerning that they say the instructors use discretion. Marines are not known to be intelligent. Trust me. I was in the Marines.
jose abreu
jose abreu - 14 dager siden
I was in Kilo Company graduated April 3th 2020. Our company was the first one to be affected by covid 19, it was the first one without a family day, our motto run was empty no families and our graduation no families came and we didn’t get our 10 days leave.
Royal - 19 dager siden
I had to go thru boot camp with the changes from the virus which sucked a lot.
Valerie Карреон
Valerie Карреон - 25 dager siden
The racks are spaced apart, yet they have to quarantine for two weeks prior...
Laura Sykes
Laura Sykes - 25 dager siden
No type of training will defeat the corona virus it’s the modern day war we can defeat it by staying home social distancing and wearing mask sorry the old days are gone
Blue_Artist Bri
Blue_Artist Bri - Måned siden
It’s crazy how this virus is affecting everyone. I can’t even see my boyfriend graduate from boot camp and he’s not allowed to come back home for 10 days since he lives in New York. It sucks but non the less I know he wanted this and I’m so proud of him.
MrLikerman64 - Måned siden
Me watching this 30 minutes before hopping on a shuttle going to Boot 👁👄👁
Fire Tops
Fire Tops - Måned siden
Great Video. United States Marine Corps Recruit Training, commonly known as "boot camp", is a 13-week program of initial training that each recruit must successfully complete in order to serve in the United States Marine Corps. All enlisted individuals entering the Marine Corps, regardless of eventual active or reserve duty status, will undergo recruit training at one of the two Marine Corps Recruit Depots.
Dawn Quade
Dawn Quade - Måned siden
The private:I DO NOT KNOW SIR!
I Have The World's Smallest Dick But
During the martial arts part I thought they all had lemons in their mouth but then I realized those were mouthguards lol
Spa Splash
Spa Splash - 2 måneder siden
Swim qual seems the most dangerous and sleeping
IZ Kyle Morales
IZ Kyle Morales - 2 måneder siden
Just got out last month. Got there March 9th and was considered "dirty Alpha" lmao it was fun. Marching in 2 ranks was weird but we were the last Company that didn't have any positive covid cases. It sucked that we didn't have pugle stick 2, initial drill, and final drill tho. Family day and Graduation was depressing but hey, we can't complain. Always for the Corps.
Babos123 Qwe
Babos123 Qwe - 2 måneder siden
Can you do Canadian army please
Christian Garcia
Christian Garcia - 2 måneder siden
I ship off on July 13th 2020
John Mcauley
John Mcauley - 3 måneder siden
Can someone please tell me what this coronavirus is
man on the robloxian street
man on the robloxian street - 3 måneder siden
Mark Hanna
Mark Hanna - 3 måneder siden
My sister who's at Paris island right now contracted the virus. she recovered quickly and will be returning home in July.
BETTERWORLD SGT0589 - 4 måneder siden
They should keep each new negative tested recruits and their respective Drill Instructors, As isolated together during the training period as possible. Sometimes it would not be easy with them interacting also with Civilians that provide support on the base.
Julio Gonzalez
Julio Gonzalez - 4 måneder siden
Boot camp must be a cake walk now lol
MooSlice - 4 måneder siden
"Were taking it seriously" Proceeds to stab tire with gun
aurxv - 4 måneder siden
So to join marines or military do I need to get a diploma or no please reply back someone
john john
john john - 4 måneder siden
This is the sorriest lot of recruits I've ever seen....they truly are a fustercluck
john john
john john - 4 måneder siden
Grossly unmotivated....pathetic...recruits and NCOs alike...unfit to serve...recycle the whole lot of them
DylPykle64 - 4 måneder siden
I just graduated last friday from san diego we came straight to mct monday
Michael's Corner
Michael's Corner - 4 måneder siden
Night before I swear into the us army national guard, honestly, wish my ass luck, not sure what the army DIs will have us do differently, fairly excited to see how it unfolds though.
Jack - 4 måneder siden
Im gonna go talk to a marine recruiter on Sunday and im not shure if i want to on sunday or just wait till this covid-19 is over
Jennifer McCuistion
Jennifer McCuistion - 2 måneder siden
Wait til it's over is my opinion. This stupid virus is really affecting things negativity.
Anxg_el x
Anxg_el x - 4 måneder siden
2:09 stranger things 😂
Mr McFlurry
Mr McFlurry - 4 måneder siden
Anyone here shipping out June 1st?
Cornell Waters
Cornell Waters - 4 måneder siden
☣️ Thank You!
Anthony Kartavenko
Anthony Kartavenko - 4 måneder siden
What if I told you guys that the corona virus is not real, dont get me wrong.. it is a virus, but the common flu... They are using the Corona virus as the distraction for 5g towers which are the real problems that are causing death, No wonder they put the 5g towers first in china to make no difference in the death statistics but they have already been cought.. just fo the research, also go watch Geoshifter about the corona virus hoax of 2020. Highly Recomend
Matthew Quach
Matthew Quach - 4 måneder siden
2:19 the licc for those who understand
Dan T
Dan T - 4 måneder siden
700th comment
Lukas Mangio
Lukas Mangio - 4 måneder siden
Damn it’d heartbreaking asf to skip family day and get on a bus straight to SOI. Day dreaming about graduation and going home for Christmas was the only hope pulling me through that shit hole.
RTX_NBA - 4 måneder siden
Nothing crazy gonna happen. The only change they made is that they increase bootcamp duration from 13 weeks to 15 weeks to make sure people are not sick before sending them to pt together. Of course keeping distance and wash your hands is important and thats a personal responsibilities everyone gotta take. Damn the news for exaggerating so much on the virus smh
Marcos Pintor
Marcos Pintor - 4 måneder siden
The lick
Pumpish Pie
Pumpish Pie - 4 måneder siden
i graduated w hotel company 2020. we didnt have a 10 day leave and our families couldnt come to our graduation. we also graduated in cammies and there were no chaplain.
Pumpish Pie
Pumpish Pie - 4 måneder siden
we were all unmotivated ever since we got the news and it was the week before the crucible
John Marston
John Marston - 4 måneder siden
Trainers talking to recruits before they get shipped off: Dying is gay
adam meyer
adam meyer - Måned siden
News flash, the entire U.S. naval force has been found deceased without explanation. Reports say the Marine Corps has released info to recruits that quote "dying is gay". Also in today's news, the average American weight has dropped significantly following the passing away of U.S. naval service members
Saki Dog
Saki Dog - 4 måneder siden
2 weeks BEFORE receiving week GET SCREWEd
LdoggPlays - 5 måneder siden
Someone’s about to get someone to the ground and he be like social disting
Colt Hallquist
Colt Hallquist - 5 måneder siden
Keep practicing and for everyone that’s served in a branch thanks for serving it really shows
p - 5 måneder siden
Next year,Marine Corp will conduct training through zoom.