How COVID-19 Is Changing US Army Boot Camp

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The COVID-19 crisis is changing the way future Army soldiers are trained at the Fort Benning military base near Columbus, Ga. As of March 29, six confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been connected to Fort Benning. According to the Army, the patients were not part of training operations. Due to the crisis, some aspects of training that involve physical contact have been suspended, and physical distancing is being applied to exercises that will continue to occur. New medical screenings have been incorporated into the reception of the hundreds of soldiers that arrive every week to begin their training. All visitors are prohibited from attending graduation ceremonies, and recent graduates are being held at Fort Benning for the immediate future instead of being shipped to their new units.
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How COVID-19 Is Changing US Army Boot Camp
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Watchman Graves
Watchman Graves - 6 timer siden
They'll be the first forced to take the mark of the beast. In the Marines we had to take the vaccines. Without even being told. Luciferrace vaccine surely will be given to them and 5G will interact. They'll program them to shoot civilians and to forcibly remove the people who refuse the mark from thier homes into fema camps.
The Brickstormer
The Brickstormer - 5 dager siden
silver night
silver night - 7 dager siden
Wow guess it's easier than when I went to basic which wasn't that long ago
Warrior92 - 7 dager siden
I thought PVTs couldn't get the virus unless the DS says they could?
Chandan Kumar
Chandan Kumar - 7 dager siden
3SKULLS - 8 dager siden
Basic training is the cure for Covid-19.
eric dietz
eric dietz - 8 dager siden
Man, people have already been getting a lot fatter, and now you throw covid into the mix. Mind you people are going to have to train themselves on their own a lot. Running on your own, just get all that damn cardio. Get out your bike. Keep up the good work boys and girls! We don't want anyone to just come and take our lands from us. Because many nations would love to.
Mr LEGO Lover
Mr LEGO Lover - 9 dager siden
6 whole cases?!!?
Out of 69,000!
Cherry - 17 dager siden
Honestly I would prefer to have them take a test for covid 19 before submitting themselves to boot camp
Tyler Truesdale
Tyler Truesdale - 18 dager siden
I’m currently in Isolation at FLW. I was in week 7.
S Mac
S Mac - 21 dag siden
I see a lot of fire guard, cq, and police calls in their futures...
Green Tea
Green Tea - 22 dager siden
Finished OSUT at Fort Leonardwood a few months ago just as they were implementing all this stuff
We still got all of our training, but we had to wear masks during like, 80% of it
We wore our promasks on transport to avoid breathing in eachothers gross germs lmao
Vincent Luther
Vincent Luther - 27 dager siden
No one in the US Army goes to boot camp it’s called basic trainings. They Can’t even get the title right lol
Sticky Moantain
Sticky Moantain - 28 dager siden
Still not worse then Hell’s Kitchen
John Leber
John Leber - Måned siden
50 of my basic training company at Ft. Dix got pneumonia including me
Spent one week I'm hospital but I wasn't recycle and finished.That was in Mid sixties due to cold weather. This is Much worse. This is the world wide frigging plague.
God help us all.
Saint Savage Prod.
Saint Savage Prod. - Måned siden
When I went to basic at Fort Jackson in February family day and graduation was still the same but in my 2nd or 3rd week our company commander told us our family wasn’t allowed on base for family day but we could see them for 90 minutes on graduation but then 3 weeks later they weren’t allowed on base at all, so I haven’t seen my family since I left for meps almost 7 months ago
Chris Gucwa
Chris Gucwa - Måned siden
you well get your men Sick
Christopher V. Bellido
Christopher V. Bellido - Måned siden
Lmfao that’s horseshit, my buddy got Covid 2 weeks in because they started throwing people who had it but no longer show symptoms back into training.
li tian
li tian - Måned siden
Not Boot Camp, it is Basic Training. Thank you!
Orrin Lees
Orrin Lees - Måned siden
I think the Army are going to war against China for everything that happen to the country for the last two years
not famous krisi90
not famous krisi90 - Måned siden
Nice number of recruits arriving tho
car central
car central - Måned siden
I’m leaving august 17th to for lennord Wood. Does anyone know how the quarantine works for the 2 weeks. Do you get your phone during it. Or do they just keep you in a room alone in the barracks or a hotel.
Kody Glacier
Kody Glacier - Måned siden
Damn after graduating you can’t leave
Ethan Seifried
Ethan Seifried - Måned siden
I’m in BCT right now and we have MANY positive cases, this video is so old... this is not how it is here.
lee donghwan
lee donghwan - Måned siden
do you do urine drug test at receptiion or basic or at meps before you hed out to training center
RafaelS156 - Måned siden
0:07 how this dude black and white at the same time?!
Robert Sawallesh
Robert Sawallesh - Måned siden
Help make this Veterans' Hospital more safe at this dangerous intersection: Go to
David Smith
David Smith - Måned siden
I was in basic from dec 2019-june2020. There was 197 cases of the virus on base😂
House On Oakely
House On Oakely - Måned siden
You’re setting us up to die!! wtf!!
Patrick Mahomes ll
Patrick Mahomes ll - Måned siden
I'm hoping in 6 years things are back to normal because that's when I'm joining
Matthew Carrier
Matthew Carrier - Måned siden
I can’t wait till election is over so everything goes back to normal
Tony Bologna
Tony Bologna - Måned siden
Business insider knows dick about the military.
youngbreezy60 - Måned siden
When you randomly see your brother at .26😂
Tam Mat
Tam Mat - Måned siden
My brother went into the navy during coronavirus, all I know is he had to stay in quarantine for a while
Tyler Wood
Tyler Wood - Måned siden
Hey I go there soon. It’s osut not basic training btw
I I - Måned siden
cool thing about it is, I can kept my camel bag
karsen williams
karsen williams - Måned siden
my brother was supposed to come home 3 months ago but bc of covid he’s not coming home until christmas this year so it’ll be a year since i’ve seen him
Audrey Haig
Audrey Haig - Måned siden
protect us by making drill sergeants wear masks !!!!
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf - Måned siden
Let privates teach Boot camp at this point, but don't you correct them if they do something wrong!!! Newly american soldiers have weakend the army. They lack discipline. Lack respect that was tought when I came in. Then when they are "pushed to get promoted" we have weak leaders and it goes downhill from there. I am witness to this. The typical "high speed" is about as frequent as seeing a unicorn.
Maucaz alv
Maucaz alv - Måned siden
In this case the training with long range guns will be intensifies I guess...
So ar least that can mean more snipers
(I THINK, I don't know of people already specialize in an unit in this camps)
Glitched Avocado
Glitched Avocado - Måned siden
Bruh, why are there a ton of floating heads?