How Illegal Items Are Found And Destroyed At JFK Airport

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At NYC's John F. Kennedy Airport, 1,000 bags an hour are checked for narcotics and illicit food. Customs and Border Patrol officials are tasked with stopping these goods from entering the United States.
How Emirates Makes 225,000 In-Flight Meals A Day
What It's Like On The Longest Flight In The World On Singapore Airlines
What Happened To Donald Trump’s $365 Million Airline?
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How Illegal Items Are Found And Destroyed At JFK Airport
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Atok Grunge
Atok Grunge - 44 minutter siden
some countries starving no food.... America: lets trow food destroy the food.. ish ish ish
Raymond - 45 minutter siden
Can't the food that's being seized be repurposed and be given to the needy/homeless? Just my honest opinion though.
Drayden Burgan
Drayden Burgan - Time siden
Quick - 2 timer siden
Why not donate the good food
kevin montero
kevin montero - 3 timer siden
I know that sometimes she and her friends just sit there to eat some mangos
kevin montero
kevin montero - 3 timer siden
Pretty sweet the guy with the Shepard
samuel rouw
samuel rouw - 3 timer siden
Spike is the cutest dog in the world
Colin Hauser
Colin Hauser - 5 timer siden
High risk individuals
Ravindra S 919
Ravindra S 919 - 11 timer siden
I remember that my family and I were coming back to the US from Trinidad, we bought fast food and snacks to eat at home (all cooked) and I was worried US Customs would want to confiscate it. I was deadass ready to eat everything in front of those agents
Steven Wood
Steven Wood - 15 timer siden
People are so stupid man you think they would know this shit already stop making it hard for these people smh
Kato - 15 timer siden
Waste of food
Jacob Coughlin
Jacob Coughlin - 18 timer siden
For people talking about the food do you think goes on in restaurants everywhere? That waist in the airport is pretty insignificant if you ask me
Aarsh Jaiswal
Aarsh Jaiswal - 18 timer siden
No one gonna talk bout how they wasting food🤬
Yo Go
Yo Go - 20 timer siden
Wasting good foods
Aniket Shinde
Aniket Shinde - 21 time siden
So much wastage bof food.
lexxy Rich
lexxy Rich - 22 timer siden
Hey biscuit and ginger, let the bugs and food in...keep out covid
Janet Martinez
Janet Martinez - 23 timer siden
please mr. jfk feed me the forbidden salad
Shriman Unnkrishnan
Shriman Unnkrishnan - Dag siden
Ayo can I get my dog back
Hello Hello
Hello Hello - Dag siden
This channel teaches more than I learn a in a week
But why do we need to know this
Aux - Dag siden
My grandma went through jfk and brought 5 gratin fruits and didn’t get caught
NONYA Business
NONYA Business - Dag siden
Sure "protect the country" from a some mere fruits. Loooool.
Grease Monkey
Grease Monkey - Dag siden
I wounder how many karens they have to deal with every day😳
pungochem - Dag siden
Why is it always shit from Asia?
lucky taptap
lucky taptap - Dag siden
Horse meat sausages cool
PremPlayzGames - Dag siden
Just walk and dont go to the air port
sand blaster1
sand blaster1 - Dag siden
I love the us I just don't like the people living in it they really tryna make this place a better enviorment
CatLady - Dag siden
I would hide the food up my butt and retrieve it afterwards.
Jo Veteran
Jo Veteran - Dag siden
Ginger looks like she does some of the confiscating herself..
TheLoneWolf - Time siden
Lol quit fat shaming
Bud Gates
Bud Gates - Dag siden
The food at the grocery store always looks great? Damn wish I lived where he does grocery stores near me have all kinds if fucked up fruit veggies and meat.
Cyn Nightingale
Cyn Nightingale - Dag siden
Terminal 4 makes you never want to travel EVER again! It is so agitating even for people without food.
jacky peng
jacky peng - Dag siden
why you gonna waste food ? its food we all need it by doing this your wasting food
Chantal Malbrook Marengo
Narrator: 40000 passengers fly everyday
Me. Well not anymore!
Sheldon Gayle
Sheldon Gayle - Dag siden
That’s the best airport it and Canada airport ever time I go New York it’s so dope
YDK Baby
YDK Baby - Dag siden
Damn Genger cute can I get her number?
kingteto54 yexon
kingteto54 yexon - Dag siden
Poor people👁👄👁
Ambrosio Flores
Ambrosio Flores - Dag siden
Learned something new today.
Joanthony Almestica
Joanthony Almestica - 2 dager siden
Im pretty sure they just want me to unload all my fuckin electronics and take my sandals off to check out my sick gear
Posertid 34
Posertid 34 - 2 dager siden
The way the polices talk with his dog
E P Ramos
E P Ramos - 2 dager siden
My great uncle, back in the early 90s brought back a fruit from Asia/Philippines called Calamansi from Canada. It was confiscated.
Since then, every time he travels and comes back to the US. He is always inspected.
general._.muffins - 2 dager siden
I just wanna pet the dog
Nevermore 728
Nevermore 728 - 2 dager siden
The fact that they go into such detail on why food is destroyed, but tons of people are like “nnn, why waste food”
Raruru - 2 dager siden
Such a waste of food
Pendar Gandhewa
Pendar Gandhewa - 2 dager siden
Poor mangos
Rebeka Proctor
Rebeka Proctor - 2 dager siden
I once bought a subway sandwich in an airport
Then the dog went sniff sniff
Then the cop went “come with me”
Then me and my mom went “ok”
Then the lady at the place we go to went “u can’t bring that, it carries diseases”
Then me and my mom went on the plane
and then we were at Brazil
That’s where we were going
Edit: we also got to pet the doggo, it was hella cuuute (it was a beagle ❤️ 🥰)
Andrew King
Andrew King - 2 dager siden
We know you are a big fan of food, don’t worry
Woop! _
Woop! _ - 2 dager siden
if someone tried to take my food id be like” its okay ill just eat it now”
Baleed Ali
Baleed Ali - 3 dager siden
My wife is from Mexico
Greg Grigorovich
Greg Grigorovich - 3 dager siden
First of all the location ofnthe drugs beings destroyed is kept a secret for not the reasons u think n the "destroying" process is done by a very few handnpicked individuals again not for the reasons u think lol i mean need i say more or do any of u have actual common sense? Im sorry but that question mark was necessary for obvious reasons.
Guile Cole
Guile Cole - 3 dager siden
THEY TOOK MY CHEESE!! Said an unknown French guy
Resi Resi
Resi Resi - 3 dager siden
DJappleblush - 3 dager siden
I'm probs an idiot for saying this, but what a waste on those foods. 😭😭😭 Unless they're spoiled or something...?
Nevermore 728
Nevermore 728 - 2 dager siden
It’s in case of diseases or poisons or any number of things that could taint the food.
Nameer Nk
Nameer Nk - 3 dager siden
Food....are you serious....🤣seriosly you are notbthe best country in the world...🤣
Owen Mofokeng
Owen Mofokeng - 3 dager siden
Underneath that there's a mean smoothie
David Tagliaferri
David Tagliaferri - 3 dager siden
The past tense of grind is ground, unless you are refering to dancing.
DiceyyyTV - 3 dager siden
Noo please my Apple is there 🥺
Victor Villar
Victor Villar - 3 dager siden
7:06 i can see that
Mush Mush
Mush Mush - 3 dager siden
See what
Mic Spaffy Millard
Mic Spaffy Millard - 3 dager siden
Who flys with all those vegetables
No Name
No Name - 3 dager siden
0:17 I’ve been standing exactly where the camera person is standing before, wtf
vidal fernandez
vidal fernandez - 3 dager siden
Terrible knowing that this food can feed thousands of poor folks that go day by day looking for a simple sandwhich
NONYA Business
NONYA Business - Dag siden
@Karol Exactly!!!!!
Karol - Dag siden
@Nikita Dikaya it would carry drugs necessarily because....? A big chunk of these are just family taking food from their native country to a family member
Nikita Dikaya
Nikita Dikaya - Dag siden
@Karol if they aren’t spoiled theyre drugged lol...
Karol - Dag siden
@Nikita Dikaya uhm no, they dont allow it in cause of potential things like that but it doesnt mean they ARE actually spoiled
Nikita Dikaya
Nikita Dikaya - Dag siden
Yea but those are filled with larvae, insects, drugs, spoiled shit.. all that we don’t want in our stomach and i’m sure poor people don’t want it either
Dakota Coggins
Dakota Coggins - 3 dager siden
Everyone is so scared of carbs
You can rob a bank with a banna
Penarick379 P
Penarick379 P - 3 dager siden
Heck with jfk blacklist all air ports there are power hungry
SPLATS - 3 dager siden
Anyone that travels with fruits, vegetables or meat (excluding mangos and dates) is suspicious
Joe Rod
Joe Rod - 3 dager siden
Animal cruelty let the dogs have a family where they play and are loved not used.
Nevermore 728
Nevermore 728 - 2 dager siden
The dogs have lives outside of work. It’s the same as guard dog, police dog, therapy dog, or service dog for people with disabilities like blindness.
Nick Jenette
Nick Jenette - 3 dager siden
well... they let my granola bars thru today so🤷🏽‍♂️
Datoc - 3 dager siden
Thinking about the airport jungle juice 😫
Sir Gerald
Sir Gerald - 3 dager siden
This is overkill
FireWolf_8667 - 3 dager siden
Wait so since when was food illegal? ~_~
Jenn H.
Jenn H. - 3 dager siden
News flash its not for your safety. None of it is.
Caleb Reddy
Caleb Reddy - 3 dager siden
So my beagle can be a food. Decker
David - 3 dager siden
It’s me david
David - 3 dager siden
SUPERWOLF123 - 4 dager siden
The dawali looked so good man 😢😢😢
Ruy Thalles
Ruy Thalles - 4 dager siden
6:12 In a sarcastic way.. and a better way to say that... This is the Room where the magic happens
iiPeachy_sky - 4 dager siden
I love how the agriculture specialist’s name is ginger, it’s so funny + cute 😊
Vinay - 4 dager siden
Foodies dream job.
JaY LoL 99
JaY LoL 99 - 4 dager siden
I guess you can bring chocolates into the US without any troubles🤣
some girl
some girl - 4 dager siden
I have different opinions about the food.I dont like the fact that they "destroy" it because people paid for it and there are tons of people that cant afford food in the usa(and globaly)
Nathan - 4 dager siden
So.. the coke sniffing dog’s favourite toy is a dildo?
Shamyl Hussain
Shamyl Hussain - 4 dager siden
Just give them to poor people
BRAWL DOCKTOR - 4 dager siden
What a waste
uMe & The Doctor
uMe & The Doctor - 4 dager siden
Looks like there using an absurd amount of water
Razor Games
Razor Games - 4 dager siden
That vegan teacher : 👁💧👄💧👁
ColdHartCam - 4 dager siden
Im gonna spray my bag with lettuce smelling perfume and waste my flight time just to be a asshole
alyaaa - 4 dager siden
I miss life without covid
Just Me
Just Me - 4 dager siden
5:12 the shoes rip
Anthony Gutierrez
Anthony Gutierrez - 4 dager siden
Bruh my dad literally just came back from Colombia today and brought like 5 pounds of food 😂
Halla Rahman
Halla Rahman - 4 dager siden
She just threw away grapeleaves? What's wrong with grape leaves????
Monsieur Boris
Monsieur Boris - 4 dager siden
Its not the airports fault the foods wasted. Its the peoples fault they bring it to the airport in the first time
ernlrb - 4 dager siden
They destroyed my bean burrito once
YUM GUSTA - 4 dager siden
It is a lot of food. Which can be fed to the needy. Why give people food when muffin monster machine can eat all of it.
Raphael C.
Raphael C. - 4 dager siden
who would've thought that little biscuit here is such a snitch.
kmj2000 - 4 dager siden
What makes a person a "high-risk individual"?
Rg lazytaro
Rg lazytaro - 4 dager siden
In other words her job is waste food
Waudicas Aeternum
Waudicas Aeternum - 5 dager siden
...bc nothing’s like destroying tons of food simply bc it isn’t from the USA... N yet people starve at other places n even IN the USA bc they don’t have any food!!! INSANITY!!!
Waudicas Aeternum
Waudicas Aeternum - 2 dager siden
What dangers?!, do you know that if a passenger from Europe carries food with them that is produced in Europe, then that food is firstly more nutritional than US produced such, secondly it’s healthier bc of lesser pesticides n poisons being used in the production. Tell me this... why is it such a danger to import those few foods, when it’s perfectly okay to import huge containers full of it where you actually have LESS control of any ‘dangers’ than in the case with a passenger carrying a few items of food?
Nevermore 728
Nevermore 728 - 2 dager siden
It’s not like the food was coming into be given to poor people. It’s destroyed because of the possible dangers. These dangers are unlikely, yes, but any of them could reek havoc in those unlikely scenario.
Victor Labrador
Victor Labrador - 5 dager siden
I know she ate some of that food
MYSTERIOUS VIDEO - 5 dager siden
Why not food.. These system destroy food when else coain ganja are stored and sell out
LearnToStrafe - 5 dager siden
Entire video: The reason why we throw the food away is because it could be a threat to our crops. We ensure that these foods don’t make it out of the airport.
Mush Mush
Mush Mush - 3 dager siden
Ikr these people smh
Michael Jackson si copiii
Michael Jackson si copiii - 5 dager siden
Freeze criminal!!!
Help! He's got an orange!
Tyne Side
Tyne Side - 5 dager siden
Watching this I always worry about sharp needles being in the suitcases, “careful guys”
Mr.Birdie - 5 dager siden
So that’s what happened to my grandmas coconut