How NYPD Horseshoes Are Made

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Three ferriers make and maintain horseshoes for the NYPD's mounted unit. Each horseshoe has to be custom fitted to each hoof. The blacksmiths go through years of training to learn how to make shoes for the horses that patrol the city.
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How NYPD Horseshoes Are Made
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Aero - 19 dager siden
The horses are housed in a way more luxurious and nicer building than the reporter and most of us will ever live in.
CHANG QING - Måned siden
Hi, it is a very useful video, I learned a lot from it, thank you!
I have a few social media channels in China and I’m collecting these professional and educational videos about horses from the Internet. Would you mind if I translate your videos to Chinese and upload it on Chinese social media to teach people beyond the sea who love horses how to take care of horses in a better way?
I need to keep my channel running so if you didn’t notice this message in 3 days, I will upload the translated video on my channels. But don’t worry, when you see this and you disagree with it, feel free to message me back or email me ( I will delete it as soon as possible.
Hope you are all right at this time, and no matter what decision you make, I still learned a lot from your video and thank you!
Ray Finkle
Ray Finkle - Måned siden
Your spine would be mangled after 30 years of doing this job.
bdunk650 - Måned siden
Waste of tax dollars
VioletHorseLover ᴖᴥᴖ
VioletHorseLover ᴖᴥᴖ - 2 måneder siden
me looks at thumbnail : IS HE PUTTING A HOT HORSESHOE ON A HORSE
but hes actually just looking how to make it
Shay - 4 måneder siden
That boobs.... Omg
Richie - 4 måneder siden
Hot rod bent to saddle-up!
norah ulsh
norah ulsh - 4 måneder siden
Peanut butter😠 only the real ones will know..
Barry Jerry
Barry Jerry - 4 måneder siden
Ye no shit abby
Furqan - 4 måneder siden
So basically the way every other horse shoe is made. Okay thanks for the info
GravityGamerXCII™ - 4 måneder siden
Yo that reporter is an idiot, “horses can’t walk into a store and buy shoes because they are horses”
John - 4 måneder siden
Keep paying your TAXES!! And they will keep wasting it. Bet that blacksmith pays $$ I am going to guess over $175-250k
RedGuard - 4 måneder siden
This narrator is cringe as hell
TigerGotThis - 4 måneder siden
Watch peta come here and say horses feel pain when getting their shoe on.
That's disgusting
Arch Dornan
Arch Dornan - 4 måneder siden
Kaidens art tutorials and gaming how?
Yejoon Lee
Yejoon Lee - 4 måneder siden
Why not just use patrol car? This seems like a waste of taxpayers money
Arch Dornan
Arch Dornan - 4 måneder siden
Yejoon Lee this is cheaper then a patrol car you donut
MountainGoaat - 4 måneder siden
This is kinda primitive. Metal horse shoes against asphalt are *terrible* for the horse's ankles. I really hope the NYPD invests more focus into horse welfare and moves to alternatives that absorb shock better on hard terrain.
big Chungus
big Chungus - 5 måneder siden
So this is tax dollars are spent on. Just get them bikes and let them patrol
Aaa Aaa
Aaa Aaa - 5 måneder siden
cartoon craver Its not the same lol, a horse is able to scare humans more for example , you stole something and you get caught by a police on a horse , and they start galloping at you etc. It would be more effective than riding bikes, also horses can also go on some roads bikes and wheels cant go : )
3B 31
3B 31 - 5 måneder siden
NYPD Counter Terrorism horse
Bryan Chong
Bryan Chong - 5 måneder siden
Sergeant peanut butter?
Patricia Ponce
Patricia Ponce - 5 måneder siden
"Your a good dad" lmfaooo she wanted him
Trashy Gamer
Trashy Gamer - 5 måneder siden
She kinda sound like Meg from Family Guy
Stephen Clayton
Stephen Clayton - 5 måneder siden
If I end up in New York I will on the lookout NYPD hores and I used to horse riding myself and might pet wone .
Owen Martell
Owen Martell - 5 måneder siden
At 0:32 they block the horses you know what
jubeifyGuy guy
jubeifyGuy guy - 5 måneder siden
Wow he retained his Irish accent.
Chuy Mora
Chuy Mora - 5 måneder siden
Nice kicks... I'm shure they feel great when the horse walks over u in a riot
Khalid Kadim
Khalid Kadim - 5 måneder siden
Doesnt burn them 🤔🤔😣
La Poubelle
La Poubelle - 5 måneder siden
the shoes are attached to the hoof wall. it's like attaching them to the ends of your fingernails (the part that isn't attached to your skin at all), there are no nerves there so they don't feel anything.
Erika Storlie
Erika Storlie - 5 måneder siden
this job sounds asome
aspo pulvera
aspo pulvera - 5 måneder siden
0:27 feeling disturbed
Grueling Conch
Grueling Conch - 5 måneder siden
I don’t think you guys understand that just because you see horses in New York doesn’t mean their everywhere else.
Tyler Park
Tyler Park - 5 måneder siden
Change the title to “how pigs ride horses”
Sosa Montana
Sosa Montana - 5 måneder siden
Who's here watching this 2:30am and doesn't own a horse ..
Colin Nugent
Colin Nugent - 5 måneder siden
So there made the same way normal horse shoes are made 😂
Bilal El Eter
Bilal El Eter - 5 måneder siden
You're alright BOAH
Jay Black
Jay Black - 5 måneder siden
"I'm in the NYPD."
"Oh cool, what do you do."
Evolutiongat - 5 måneder siden
Cat O Mattic 5000
Cat O Mattic 5000 - 5 måneder siden
Jay Black it’s actually called a farrier
R1CKSH4W - 5 måneder siden
Jay Black “RAD”
Eddie McFadden
Eddie McFadden - 6 måneder siden
So much are they paid
anthony pucci
anthony pucci - 6 måneder siden
Cloud Ninetysix
Cloud Ninetysix - 6 måneder siden
do horses feel pain .... while putting up the shoe??
Cloud Ninetysix
Cloud Ninetysix - 6 måneder siden
@Chas Malloy thanks for this information!!!
Chas Malloy
Chas Malloy - 6 måneder siden
Cloud Ninetysix no think of it as a huge toenail. It’s exactly like trimming your own toenails
Horus Hyperion
Horus Hyperion - 6 måneder siden
1:59 on god i thought that horse got gold teeth
Cat Craft
Cat Craft - 5 måneder siden
HERPY DERPEDY - 6 måneder siden
What the horse tell the terrorist...