How Restaurants Make 800,000 Meals (And Counting) For Frontline Workers | Big Business

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Nonprofits Frontline Foods and Off Their Plate are paying local restaurants across the country to make meals for frontline workers fighting COVID-19. So far, the programs have made and delivered 800,000 meals. We spoke with two restaurants, Golden Diner and Blackbarn, about the costly and difficult process of keeping their restaurants open.
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How Restaurants Make 800,000 Meals (And Counting) For Frontline Workers | Big Business
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OsKBLaZe - 4 dager siden
Amazing stories about amazing people. Faith in humanity restored and 🙏🏽❤
Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad - 26 dager siden
You can Mock me, belittle me, discriminate me, exclude me, but you can never defeat me. I'm stronger than you because I can survive alone and you can't
Jimmy C
Jimmy C - Måned siden
God bless cooks 👨🏻‍🍳
Kaeden Wilder
Kaeden Wilder - Måned siden
Bullshit I bet they keep most of his money!!!
Ismi Hafsari
Ismi Hafsari - Måned siden
My mum have to cut down 30 percent of her workers due to the pandemics, and thanks to orders picking up because we are opening offices and schools (to some degree), she is able to rehire some of them.
Crestfire - Måned siden
We need more working people like this. We don't need celebrities. Look at how irrelevant they are during this pandemic. Doctors, food workers, delivery men, pharmacists, firefighters are the ones we desperately need right now.
Linda Erwin22
Linda Erwin22 - Måned siden
No heroes there...they cover up and aid each other in crimes against the American people..they arent worth shit
Linda Erwin22
Linda Erwin22 - Måned siden
Dont feed them shit...front line workers are corrupt honest with Americans..e.r.'s are empty...tell the truth
Bangle Wei
Bangle Wei - Måned siden
looks good
Nacho CheeZ
Nacho CheeZ - Måned siden
What about the single used plastic and stuff?
Limon Cellos
Limon Cellos - Måned siden
My workplace did that for a week and then found out the organization was a scam! Not only did my workplace lose money but all the hard work we put into it was not paid period. Pandemic is always the perfect time for fake charities to pop up and believe me they are pocketing the donations.
Chris - Måned siden
Blackbarn gets $20 per plate and has constand catering and could only afford 4 workers? Either the owner is cheap as hell or their rent is crazy expensive
juntingiee - Måned siden
well the reporter said the place is big at 4:11 so im guessing the rent is crazy expensive
Jon Repp
Jon Repp - Måned siden
Accepting donations used to keep businesses afloat, while donating the food to those fully capable of helping themselves is crap. There are millions of people out of work and starving, while homelessness continues to skyrocket. Perhaps the food produced could go to those who truly need it!!
Edward V
Edward V - Måned siden
When some US people are not bz rioting and looting, they continue to work hard with whatever they got, survive, unite and help the frontline workers who are fighting against the virus. Meanwhile, their leaders are burning bridges with other countries. In a nutshell, there are still good and hardworking people in the US amongst the many and even leaders who are just worsening the situation in the US.
00Cipher - Måned siden
1:07 is no one gonna talk bout the way he looks at her?
Mark Meripa
Mark Meripa - Måned siden
Probably didn't agree her wife giving away his car savings
Monkeh Face
Monkeh Face - Måned siden
He is looking at her b
Kyrie - Måned siden
Wow it really looks good.
Malone Mantooth
Malone Mantooth - Måned siden
Frontline workers battling a political virus........smdh
Parwarsha Mirza
Parwarsha Mirza - Måned siden
thats really cool.
E Randco
E Randco - Måned siden
Hate to tell you but the mask being worn is one step above worthless. Restaurant owners should have at least properly rated masks that fit correctly to prevent spread. While masks required by the states are substandard you need better for food service.
Mohsin Rehman
Mohsin Rehman - Måned siden
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Joey Chitwood
Joey Chitwood - 2 måneder siden
I want to order food from Black Barn and have it shipped to me in GA!!!
Anime Tiddies
Anime Tiddies - 2 måneder siden
Nice to see people working together to support frontline workers in hospitals
Dave Otuwa
Dave Otuwa - 2 måneder siden
Since this is the modern era, I would take Uber as a replacement for the nanny if and only if I accumulate at least 10 grand in my bank account. I'M TOO OLD FOR THE NANNY.
Watch Dog
Watch Dog - 2 måneder siden
Business Insider verspreidt , via FB, irritante en misleidende reclame in de Hotmail. Trap er niet in!
lmfao i know many care workers and they mention that only a handful of staff per hospital are working in ICU and everyone else is doing their regular jobs. lmfao people acting like they're soldiers at war. at least in London
DARTH REAPERZ - 3 måneder siden
10$ per plate sounds cheap especially considering the transport is not even provided, 9 million $$ total raised?? Only 800,000 meals provided!, I could feed a whole state for several days with that kind of money, I wonder where,when and how these donations are processed.
Michael Williams Jr
Michael Williams Jr - 3 måneder siden
Carmel Capricorn
Carmel Capricorn - 3 måneder siden
Taking care of business. 🍱📊📝
imelda domingo
imelda domingo - 3 måneder siden
Just wow!
Anstun Rebelo
Anstun Rebelo - 3 måneder siden
Awesome Work Guys.... I wish This kind of Humanity was every corner of the earth....❤👍
MC CG - 3 måneder siden
20$ per meal ? Wtf
Dulcelina Cabral
Dulcelina Cabral - 3 måneder siden
Hopefully they can adapt after all this is over, and start a catering company for the small business who only did sit down, or take out foods.
The catering can help with additional revenue, plus they already bought supplies to cook for hundreds of people.
The Hospitals doctors and nurses can buy the lunch for the day from these restaurants.
Just a thought.
Crazy Driver
Crazy Driver - 3 måneder siden
So where are the governments who are meant to protect & provide for there public.
Vaustin - 3 måneder siden
Not all government have enough budget to give foods to this workers and that's the saddest thing
HIT029 - 3 måneder siden
seriously what was to dislike here. these are soldiers saving lives
hollowknight - 3 måneder siden
NOburn has dislike bots to even it out so the algorythm can brand wether they recommend it or not
Johnny 5103
Johnny 5103 - 3 måneder siden
Gurpreet wan to taste. My shawarma
Daniel 123
Daniel 123 - 3 måneder siden
While the world is in a hard times people like this keep us going. Thank u
itsukibøii - 3 måneder siden
Dude, those meals looks better than mine.
Shramik H
Shramik H - Måned siden
20 dollars worth of nice?
TWO OTAKU A - 3 måneder siden
now this is humanity at its peak
Dasol UwU
Dasol UwU - 3 måneder siden
1:06 My guy belike what kind of sht are you spouting