How Tear Gas Went From A Weapon Of War To A $3 Billion Industry

The use of tear gas during the recent protests surrounding police misconduct in the United States has reignited the debate about the legality of its use on large assemblies. Classified as a "less-lethal weapon," tear gas has become a weapon of choice for law enforcement officers ever since it first emerged during World War I. Today, the less-lethal weapons industry generates billions of dollars each year, and tear gas products reportedly comprise about 25 percent of the entire industry. Although tear gas is illegal in the context of warfare, it remains legal for use by law enforcement for riot control purposes. The legality of its use has been debated for nearly a century. While the debate continues, tear gas continues to be used on protests in the United States and around the world.
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How Tear Gas Went From A Weapon Of War To A $3 Billion Industry
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Andrew Morrow
Andrew Morrow - 4 dager siden
Tear gas is not that bad, especially outdoors.
Ivo Purwanto
Ivo Purwanto - 4 dager siden
Other country on earth doing crack down on protesters murican be like "impose sanctions"
Murican crack down his own protestors "bring more tear gas and secret police"
Leo KWAN - 5 dager siden
Not just in US, Hong Kong police did use over thousands of tear gas during anti-extradition protects since 2019. Even worst, some of those tear gas was overdue and suppose to be disposed.
EA10 BTW - 8 dager siden
Peacful protestes ya mhmhm 🤨
Deus Coromat
Deus Coromat - 11 dager siden
Business insider really is out here demonizing non-lethals. They're actually a miracle that has saved many lives. Which is their literal design by the way.

Someone is trying to win political brownie points;)

And this moron from the ACLU is actually using a slippery slope as his entire argument. Man! They're really scraping the bottom of the barrel for those points.
Awesome Pinewood
Awesome Pinewood - 14 dager siden
Every Hong Kong citizen watching this video: We've seen more.
Damian Andrade
Damian Andrade - 14 dager siden
The police do warn protesters before throwing tear gas
samrat Singh
samrat Singh - 18 dager siden
I think if they don't use tear gas it would cause danger for president in front of white house
TacticalBlue66 - 16 dager siden
i always wonder, do they want the police to shoot them for "protesting?" Like, it is banned in war because your trying to kill others in war, so making it so everyone cannot see then killing them is really wrong.
Marty Shannon
Marty Shannon - 18 dager siden
If you have a preexisting medical condition. Avoid riots. That means yo dumb ass better stay peaceful. I'm Military and Retired. I can handle it or I run into the wind.
Daniel Swarovski
Daniel Swarovski - 20 dager siden
So America not only commits war crimes internationally but also against its citizens ? Astounding. Also would be really curious to know the shareholders of these 3 companies
mardis mardias
mardis mardias - 19 dager siden
You idiot. You can't commit war crimes against your citizens, if you're not fighting a war against your citizens. And many other nations use teargas
Carson Reed
Carson Reed - 24 dager siden
“Peaceful protests” as they destroy businesses and burn cars
Alessandro Longeri
Alessandro Longeri - 25 dager siden
I agree, it needs to be stopped, it simply won't stop violent criminals. Bullets have historically been more effective at terrorist-control
DELTROS - 25 dager siden
Well its not the case in china
Luis Mendoza
Luis Mendoza - 26 dager siden
Use it more to stop the Looting, use far more than that
Tam E
Tam E - 27 dager siden
May be the lady shared room with an Indian
Nico Stahl
Nico Stahl - Måned siden
Why are you talking about how the police are handling it the best way for the protestors instead of how the violent protesters are handling it
Deezy D8
Deezy D8 - Måned siden
“Non violent” protest hahahaha hahahaha guess throwing bricks at cops and ransacking stores to get a fresh pair of Nikes is non-violent
Kilo - Måned siden
hong kong police bad amirite
Joey Vigil
Joey Vigil - Måned siden
Yah, let the "peaceful" protesters burn down the city.
Resilienxe - Måned siden
I think the more reasonable the protestors/ reason they are protesting the less lethal weapons. But if they are just being plain crazy and violent then you should tear gas them
julian zhou
julian zhou - Måned siden
Hm, is it just me or do I... Hear... Oh no, GET THE MILK
Jorge ARGUELLO - Måned siden
these retrards keep callng the examples as "protests"yet theyre all it stupid to use these during a respritory disease outbreak?yes.but it is also stupid to be in a big group during such events.
t-bone007 - Måned siden
Tear gas should be legal because again it only affects in the short term as well as a little bit perplexed by the notion of “it affects people with pre-existing conditions” because it’s really on them for putting them in a spot where they would be hit by some thing that could endanger them. That’s like explaining to a albino person that if you go out in the sunlight you very well will be burned by the sun.
Guillermo Salas Rubina
Guillermo Salas Rubina - Måned siden
You should look at the chilean protests
David Carcamo
David Carcamo - Måned siden
They are so peaceful they are throwing bottle of gifts at them, joe thoughtful of them
Kapil Dev Tiwari
Kapil Dev Tiwari - Måned siden
Make another Video of "How protest has become Business".
Spacemonkeymojo - Måned siden
Protesters and rioters should start throwing molotov cocktails or make pipe bombs or car bombs.
Levin Tiga
Levin Tiga - Måned siden
Why tf blaming police? Blame the senators and the president for giving orders for that
George Patton
George Patton - Måned siden
Disturbing and shocking? It is just tear gas?
Speeed Freee
Speeed Freee - Måned siden
These police are just asking for a civil war imagine what will happen if A protester brings a gun i mean they have used explosives or flash bangs
Alto 981
Alto 981 - Måned siden
Nah they don't dare to!
YETI JUST ATE A DOG but its actually alive
“Peaceful protests”
Pop Acorn
Pop Acorn - Måned siden
What about what happen in waco
Roberto Evora
Roberto Evora - Måned siden
just don't go outside idiots
Joey - Måned siden
HKers: we’ve been seeing this kind of things for a year 😐
Critical Thinker
Critical Thinker - Måned siden
Freely use of chemical weapon?
Stefano Roca
Stefano Roca - Måned siden
I wish they could make it more painful against these “peaceful protestors”
Samuli Myllyniemi
Samuli Myllyniemi - Måned siden
Peaceful protests?? Have you even seen what the protestors have done
Platoqp - Måned siden
Tear gas has very much been used at peaceful clusters of protestors
wanna noot123
wanna noot123 - Måned siden
Here they use rubber bullets at peaceful protester
E P Ramos
E P Ramos - Måned siden
"It's better to have and not need and need and not have."
Donald Trump
Donald Trump - Måned siden
0.20 that guys is an absolute idiot who the fcks brings there dog to a protest