How The Ford GT Was Aerodynamically Designed | The Car Design Show

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The Ford GT has a storied history from its Le Mans victory over Ferrari in 1966 to its return 50 years later to win again. But the Ford GT is more than a well-engineered car. It's a purpose-built race car with an exterior design to maximize its aerodynamic performance on any race track.
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How The Ford GT Was Aerodynamically Designed | The Car Design Show
Runtime: 04:36


X Wu
X Wu - 6 dager siden
Wait till you have to pay someone thousands to wash it
Elizabeth Jeffrey
Elizabeth Jeffrey - 11 dager siden
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his indeed a God sent. now i don't need to be working 9-5 ....
Jovhanny Feliciano
Jovhanny Feliciano - 14 dager siden
Actually the 2017 Ford GT is a 3rd generation vehicle since it all started with the GT40 in the 60's and then it's first revival of the 2nd gen vehicle in 2005.
Britz Jerez
Britz Jerez - Måned siden
Ken miles and shelby😕
chiranth s
chiranth s - Måned siden
Its a wonder how this is both powerful and beautiful!
Digby Saunders
Digby Saunders - Måned siden
The tear drop idea is blatantly stolen from mclaren
funkyleah - 10 dager siden
Fundamental aerodynamic improvements shouldnt be considered stealing if its the only way. The teardrop shape is how airplane wings redirect the air in a smooth manner with minimum drag.
Seasaw - Måned siden
Should of had a v8
meep 1478
meep 1478 - Måned siden
2nd gen- eXcUsE mE?!
Casson Dennison
Casson Dennison - Måned siden
Genos The demonic cyborg
Genos The demonic cyborg - Måned siden
ITS THE THIRD GENERATION the first generation was im the 1960s the second was in 2005 and the third was in 2016(this is off the release date the first generation i dont onow the exact year)
AJAY VISHNU - Måned siden
Plz do more videos like this! Really cool
sameer pahwa
sameer pahwa - Måned siden
The thumbnail looks like the car in cars 3 which defeated mcqueen
Cesar Abraham
Cesar Abraham - Måned siden
There is No Car in the Planet that has the most aerodynamic design, other than the Ford GT
Lee - Måned siden
who is todd and what is he willing to do
Atham Soofi
Atham Soofi - Måned siden
Whatever other than raptor 150..all rubbish from forf
taung_child - Måned siden
The car's interior is cheap though.
campkira - Måned siden
not mass produce car and don't get lux...
This was one beautiful forf gt
Ijlal Haider
Ijlal Haider - Måned siden
Ian Bos
Ian Bos - Måned siden
Isn't this the 3rd gen?
And this gt
A C - Måned siden
Made in Markham :)
The Blyatman
The Blyatman - Måned siden
This is the most beautiful car ever made imo
KEC Yumm!
KEC Yumm! - Måned siden
Are you vegetarian? And You drive an electric car? Sound the same.
hansdietrich83 - Måned siden
The narrator is talking so much nonsense
Jishnu - Måned siden
But the car is still caped in 348 kmph
Justin Luong
Justin Luong - Måned siden
If Speed Racer was real, he'll be pimping this car into the Mach 5
ola kede
ola kede - Måned siden

Kimi Rules
Kimi Rules - Måned siden
Too heavy and too big
Francisco Gomez
Francisco Gomez - Måned siden
Lol on the animation why are the brake calipers moving😭😂
Alex Ross
Alex Ross - Måned siden
"ith thorta complecths"
Turn Racing
Turn Racing - 2 måneder siden
Cool vid
Denilson Jimenez graham
Denilson Jimenez graham - 2 måneder siden
Ford congratulacion this car is so beatifull and Wonderfull
Orange - 2 måneder siden
What a beautiful car :')
RamSLade On Blitz
RamSLade On Blitz - 2 måneder siden
CSR 2 be like
Luis Torreón
Luis Torreón - 2 måneder siden
My new favorite car. The red one is perfect.
Llamazing - 2 måneder siden
I would love it, but the ford logo makes it look bad
campkira - Måned siden
for average human... yeah.. but fan... they willing to pay 3 time the retail...
FADED '03 - 2 måneder siden
Most powerful car the company ever built? Wdym? The gt500 has 760hp, this has 645hp but the one is 660hp? Still not the most powerful.
Justus Kuroyuki
Justus Kuroyuki - Måned siden
Its the P/W ratio
Albert Jackson
Albert Jackson - 2 måneder siden
At the price of The Ford GT, I want a V-12 engine, not a crappy sounding V-6.
Trey Cooper
Trey Cooper - 2 måneder siden
TheMatrix Gaming
TheMatrix Gaming - 2 måneder siden
*3rd generation* not second
Bernard Ibrahim
Bernard Ibrahim - 2 måneder siden
And then, comes Mansory
B. M.
B. M. - 2 måneder siden
Nicely done aerodynamics-wise but Ford could have used a much better engine.