How The Navy’s Largest Hospital Ship Can Help With The Coronavirus Crisis

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As the coronavirus spreads across the country, governments are trying to find ways to assist local hospitals. This is why Defense Secretary Mark Esper ordered the Navy to plan on deploying two of its hospital ships to highly affected areas. One of those hospital ships is the USNS Comfort, which was deployed last year on humanitarian missions.

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How The Navy’s Largest Hospital Ship Can Help With The Coronavirus Crisis
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Business Insider
Business Insider - 5 måneder siden
See photos of USNS Comfort arriving in New York here:
Sam VW
Sam VW - 4 måneder siden
Eugene Rivera
Eugene Rivera - 24 dager siden
It’s used for human trafficking victims.
Dalton Frazier
Dalton Frazier - Måned siden
Me and my dad visited this ship recently in Norfolk
Рен Ак
Рен Ак - Måned siden
Trump, you are great for saving children from pedophiles and punishing them
Sukumar kundu
Sukumar kundu - 2 måneder siden
Brilliant thanks for this video 🏆
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Pedro Podray
Pedro Podray - 2 måneder siden
THE SHIPS WERE USED TO RESCURE 35000 CHILDREN FROM TUNNELS. US special forces conducted the raid THE MEDIA IS COVERING IT UP AS TGEY ARE PART OF IT. GOOGLE children rescued from tunnels, it's no joke. PLEASE spread the news.
I have an rms olympic Profile picture
Tiger Ghouls productions
Tiger Ghouls productions - 4 måneder siden
Fun Fact: Britannic Hospital Ship During Hard Times
Fun Fact: USNS Hospital ship during Hard times
RD4590 - 4 måneder siden
Now it's merely a propaganda tool for White House.
Sam VW
Sam VW - 4 måneder siden
sylvester - 4 måneder siden
Noah's Biblical flood was worse and he had only one ship. 0:10
Donald Gorth
Donald Gorth - 5 måneder siden
Sleepy joe saw this ship and thought we were being invaded by the SWISS...
Coherent Order
Coherent Order - 5 måneder siden
USNS Mercy looks like the Arcadia from Resident Evil.
Donald Trump 2020
Donald Trump 2020 - 5 måneder siden now has infected sailors
dyanswill - 5 måneder siden
Wake up people. These 2 ships represent the Freemasonic TEMPLAR pillars Jachin and Boaz . Just like on 911 when the twin towers went down, this time all of America is the sacrifice. They are telling you everything between these towers will be subject to destruction. This is your chance to get out, its coming down......they warned you....This is one big giant blackmagic ritual that you are consenting to if you believe the lies. 19 is a spell also, its all about symbolism , its hegelian dialectic. The masks are black magic sucking your prana and lowering your immune system even more, its vampires vs humans now. These demons dont care about your health America is the innocent blood of the lamb sacrifice to bring in their anti christ in Israel. This is why America has been coddled and allowed to stay innocent while we bomb every country on the planet.
Alternate Analysis
Alternate Analysis - 24 dager siden
Those so-called elites aren't human, that's for sure.
Not Me
Not Me - 5 måneder siden
Won’t the ship turn as you make a precise cut in a surgery thogh
Mantis Sitnam
Mantis Sitnam - 5 måneder siden
Velocity Quick
Velocity Quick - 5 måneder siden
Listen at the start there is something wrong 😂
Not Me
Not Me - 5 måneder siden
I know I thought I was the only one who realised, not coming from America
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez - 5 måneder siden
Since coronavirus is a HOAX why are these ships here?
Bram Hocks
Bram Hocks - 5 måneder siden
0:03 it looks like japan is invading every country in asia
Phatboy 9000
Phatboy 9000 - 5 måneder siden
Bro who put a giant shoe box on the front of this ship?
Qingeaton - 5 måneder siden
God bless the people who staff this ship.
Paulina Gurevich
Paulina Gurevich - 5 måneder siden
the one thing a hospital ship cant cure is sea sickness
Hugo Funke
Hugo Funke - 5 måneder siden
I like how the ship screams: no no don't bomb us we're just the biggest hospital ship in the navy
Daniel Davidson
Daniel Davidson - 5 måneder siden
If Americans weren't so xenophobic and racist they'd have many more doctors to help them!
food4u4 - 5 måneder siden
I live in Norfolk in England. And the way you pronounce Norfolk hurts every fiber of my being. Its Nor-Fuk.
hillbilly hills
hillbilly hills - 5 måneder siden
It reminds me of the ships they had for prisoners and quarantine patients...they were the worse and 11k people died on just one ship
Thundertrain2930 - 5 måneder siden
One of the trains almost got a train running through it
Jay Deelzer
Jay Deelzer - 5 måneder siden
a train conducter ran his train off track to try in a attempt to hit the shipp. He made it 250yrds away from the actual ship, conducter told fbi he doesn't believe the ship is here for what "there" saying it is here for.. trippy af.
therealindian soldier
therealindian soldier - 5 måneder siden
Check how indian railway converted trains to hospitals....
I'm Deb
I'm Deb - 5 måneder siden
But if someone who has a wound and covid as well then wouldn't that harm the staff on board and everyone else?
lee - 5 måneder siden
a patient who has a wound/ different condition would probably be treated with covid patients. they would probably just receive supplemental care for the underlying condition as well
mr fam
mr fam - 5 måneder siden
This is the worst idea, it's recycled air, use your brain
Truly Blessed
Truly Blessed - 5 måneder siden
If it's really 33k people effected by CORONA..wouldnt we see that many outraged families on t.v. instead of 1 or 2 people JUST talking about it?
Taz1451 - 5 måneder siden
Why do Americans insist on decimating the English language? "NOR FOLKKK ". Wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing if some of you disappeared
bollingercrownroyal - 5 måneder siden
@ 1:03 koodos to the canadian dentist working in that clip. Happy to see our countries working together!
Peach Tree Flock
Peach Tree Flock - 5 måneder siden
How can it help?

Business insider: ItS a FlOaTiNg HoSpItAl
The Spectosphere
The Spectosphere - 5 måneder siden
President Reagan’s mission to help poverty stricken countries with these medical ships turns out to be our own saving grace. I didn’t vote for him but now I wish I had.
Dead Planet
Dead Planet - 5 måneder siden
There's no real video footage of people slamming hospitals because of COVID 19.
This is bs ....what is the ship really for?
B Will
B Will - 5 måneder siden
Comment #3
Dead Planet
Dead Planet - 5 måneder siden
@lee The ship is for the 150,000 indictments and children that's getting rescued from SRA Child rape abuse, child trafficking, ...which is all over New York City and surrounding areas.
lee - 5 måneder siden
it makes sense that the ship is in NY, which has the most covid cases in the us. and think, if the ship was nefarious, do you honestly think they’re paint it white and red and create fanfare?
lee - 5 måneder siden
no one is going to the ER for non-covid reason because of fear of getting the virus, and some hospitals are closing off ER unless it’s for real emergencies, and some states stopped visitations, that’s why some hospitals are empty outside. mild covid patients are isolated at home and serious cases are sent to the ICU. the ship is to provide safe care for patients who don’t have the virus, so that they don’t contract it at the hospital.
Svpreme._.Daniel - 5 måneder siden
69,000 nice