How The World's Largest Cruise Ship Makes 30,000 Meals Every Day

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Every week, Royal Caribbean has a $1 million shopping budget to feed its hungry passengers onboard Symphony of the Seas. To cook up every snack, meal, and dessert, the culinary team works 24/7 in compact kitchens on a moving ship.
What It Takes To Be A Cruise Ship Performer
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How The World's Largest Cruise Ship Makes 30,000 Meals Every Day
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MJ - 17 timer siden
all that waste, disgusting really.
LxvendxrLxlac - Dag siden
Omg I was on that ship lol
The Lorax
The Lorax - Dag siden
Looking at the thumbnails.
Me: You gonna eat that?
Queen Blossom
Queen Blossom - Dag siden
oh, so that's why I have food to eat a 3AM in the morning~
20the20 - 2 dager siden
i hate this NPR style commentary. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard
silvan Sarella
silvan Sarella - 2 dager siden
When Will i get chance to eat ?🤔😋
geny camargo
geny camargo - 2 dager siden
Antes da pandemia que se instalou em todo o Mundo? Hoje, 2020, onde estão todos esses trabalhadores? É desesperador .
A Bhatt
A Bhatt - 2 dager siden
This idiot narrator in the video keeps showing All Number.......
tripjet999 - 3 dager siden
"Hey, everyone, it's CORONAVIRUS TIME!"
Vadudu Plays poop
Vadudu Plays poop - 3 dager siden
Who else wants gordon to come here
izromi tea
izromi tea - 3 dager siden
Madison Gallant
Madison Gallant - 3 dager siden
Ouuu I’m going on this cruise September 2021!!
Elroy Rodrigues
Elroy Rodrigues - 3 dager siden
Any Goan out there
Sameer Yousif
Sameer Yousif - 5 dager siden
did u notice what she said? these people contract only lasts 4 months.... wonder what happens after that? because if you work more than 40hrs a week for 16 weeks u automatically qualify for a full time job benefits and that's what these ship cruise try to avoid
emptyskullify - 6 dager siden
Cruise ship food and stomach bug seems to go hand in hand 😂
mikeymike1001 - 6 dager siden
It seems everyone in the 'kitchens' are called Chefs, where in reality the great majority are actually 'cooks'
circusmonkey28 - 6 dager siden
Jeez! Sometimes I say I wanna be a chef. Then I hear that they have 10-12 hr work days...standing!
...Dang :'(
Pepw Mabaho
Pepw Mabaho - 6 dager siden
Proud to see a lot of Filipinos there.
Hime -Kenzaki
Hime -Kenzaki - 6 dager siden
I’ve been on a curies before the food was good
Alejandro Delgado
Alejandro Delgado - 6 dager siden
Never gone on cruise have mad respect for these people now. At first I was thinking this looks easy but no. And I’m complaining about working a 6-7 hour cashier shift and getting told I’m missing cash
Centennial4 - 5 dager siden
These get paid 5.25 USD per hour because it’s registered in Bahamas or some other Caribbean country where the min wage is low. 12 hour shift every day for 4 months earning 5.25 per hour. Shit is ridiculous.
Ethan NO
Ethan NO - 7 dager siden
They deserve huge respect.
Capital Diversify
Capital Diversify - 7 dager siden
consumerism at its finest
Xander X
Xander X - 7 dager siden
I hate cruise ships
Tortman18 - 7 dager siden
How the worlds largest cruise ship gets dismantled 30,000 pieces every day.
JaybuzzinTV - 7 dager siden
We don’t even have enough food to be making so much of it smh
stefani castillo
stefani castillo - 7 dager siden
enjoyed the video want to know about tips to save money drink prices on carnival cruises take a look at Megarno Cruise Saver Magician (do a google search)? my colleague uses it interesting
murt kand
murt kand - 7 dager siden
and then corona happened. this chefs lost their jobs and ships are standing in junkyar waiting to be scrapped in turkey & bangladesh
Michael Strickland
Michael Strickland - 8 dager siden
Got it... food from buckets. I'm not a goat. F cruises. Disgusting.
P S - 8 dager siden
All the food is unhealthy. No thanks.
Jim Watts
Jim Watts - 8 dager siden
Ooooffff not anymore they don't
Cedric Chiu
Cedric Chiu - 8 dager siden
Looks like pretty hard work........ Its sad to think most of these people probably lost their job due to COVID, and probably no cruise till 2022....
thehALomolov2 - 8 dager siden
How the worlds largest cruise ship spreads covid via 30,000 meals daily.
Odd Tsunami
Odd Tsunami - 8 dager siden
Think of how much shit being excreted from that ship ans where do they go.. 💩💩💩
WhoPutTheMilkInTheCabinet - 8 dager siden
Gordon Ramsay is impressed
Arin Adams
Arin Adams - 9 dager siden
This is like a sport, but its in the kitchen and your fans are the people who eat your food.
Susan - 9 dager siden
Oneday in the near future I am hoping to do Navy cooking!
So this video provided me with some insight into ship and bulk cooking.
These people deserve more credit for all their resilience, patience, passion and culinary artistic skills.
Vagenstein - 9 dager siden
They do not even make one meal a day now lol
Cruises are boring. Id never go on another after buying my condo in Cabo.
Nice to see these over priced floating toilets get shut down from COVID lol
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo - 9 dager siden
Nba bubble: “I took it personal”
Levi Quintero
Levi Quintero - 9 dager siden
Ive only ever been on one cruise ship, the enchantment of the seas of Royal Carribean, not their most amazing ship, but still fun. I remember vividly eating 15 ice cream cones over 5 days.
Skinny Kid
Skinny Kid - 9 dager siden
And I mean the food is excellent I went on a cruise and I started eating way more food than I did before
Saphwan Syed
Saphwan Syed - 9 dager siden
Charlotte - 9 dager siden
Not today. Covid killed this industry.
Alex Gamboa
Alex Gamboa - 9 dager siden
I always ignored & passed this video then finally clicked it with no regrets whatsoever lol
Tejaan Music
Tejaan Music - 9 dager siden
Never give up
Bran van
Bran van - 10 dager siden
Not anymore
Carlie Denise
Carlie Denise - 10 dager siden

Pete - 10 dager siden
October 2020. Why this ship makes ZERO meals a day.
stan188 - 10 dager siden
all laid off
Havidz CakWe
Havidz CakWe - 10 dager siden
hi ship captain , this video should be included to your in ship entertainment services
ige MotoVlog
ige MotoVlog - 10 dager siden
i saw many filipinos in kitchen
Robert S550stang
Robert S550stang - 10 dager siden
Being a Chef for a cruise liner must be a stressful job , hope the pay is good
DopeClouds - 10 dager siden
How to catch corona
ewan lonergan
ewan lonergan - 10 dager siden
The ship does not rock the way you may think
Stockinger Jhon
Stockinger Jhon - 11 dager siden
I wish luffy existed😆
Qtri Nity
Qtri Nity - 11 dager siden
RIP Cruise - Corona 2019
Suhas Ravindra
Suhas Ravindra - 11 dager siden
If someone blabs money can't buy happiness show them this video
NYC Loner
NYC Loner - 11 dager siden
I wonder what Bill Burr would think about this video.
Kez - 11 dager siden
The reason the chef's have to stay on 24 hours a day is because one fat guy always wants a rack of ribs at 2am to feed his face.
Manny Manuel
Manny Manuel - 11 dager siden
Inventory is no joke.
Joseph Guerassio
Joseph Guerassio - 11 dager siden
Just casually mentioning 12 hours a day for 4 months with no days off. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.
Gerarudo - 11 dager siden
Khalil Bayyan
Khalil Bayyan - 11 dager siden
So awesome I’d like to try this!
Clarissa Rogers
Clarissa Rogers - 11 dager siden
I never realized how hard these people work and that they do it all day long. We should be so grateful for these talented people you take their time to serve us!😁
Hi Fellow Humans • 50 years ago
*ok this might be weird, but i need y’all to dislike my comment*
Julissa Gomez
Julissa Gomez - 11 dager siden
Wow interesting, the behind scenes while we just just enjoy our meals... My respects, amazing job.
Muhammad Faraz Akram
Muhammad Faraz Akram - 11 dager siden
Sanji is that you?
Hector Hawthorn
Hector Hawthorn - 11 dager siden
Go covid
Vital Glory
Vital Glory - 11 dager siden
Who else is hungry while watching this?
Zidane Zaid
Zidane Zaid - 11 dager siden
zILoTuS - 11 dager siden
Sanji would cook all this by himself x)
Adrian Lubis
Adrian Lubis - 12 dager siden
U just didnt know the black story of Cruise employe
Arian Barton
Arian Barton - 12 dager siden
I wonder how they're doing during this time
Neyreyan - 12 dager siden
Video published before covid, now the ship makes 0 meals every day
BasicXavier - 12 dager siden
How The World's Largest Cruise Ship Makes 30,000 People *Sick* Every Day During *The Pandemic*
M. Asefi 86
M. Asefi 86 - 12 dager siden
Who’s eating 8 meals a day?
James Espinal Brown
James Espinal Brown - 12 dager siden
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Jeremy Good
Jeremy Good - 12 dager siden
I have been searching for the right broker to help me trade wisely thank you all for this opportunity I pray you all be successful.Amen!
luke ben
luke ben - 12 dager siden
Thank you so much I really appreciate
Christopher Hobb
Christopher Hobb - 12 dager siden
She's good at changing people's financial life
Christopher Hobb
Christopher Hobb - 12 dager siden
+1(657) 2 5 6-4 3 3 9
Christopher Hobb
Christopher Hobb - 12 dager siden
@luke ben yeah contact her on WhatsApp below👇
Mikoy - 12 dager siden
12 hour shifts for 4 months without a single day off? man that's brutal.
tony ruval
tony ruval - 12 dager siden
Breathing and talking all over my food! Oh my!
Daniel Tapia
Daniel Tapia - 12 dager siden
to those who say its cheap labor, I worked on a ship and made 60k in 4 months.. its not that bad
Daniel Tapia
Daniel Tapia - 12 dager siden
Now I work at a casino in Las Vegas, I have 6 restaurants under me with 25 employees. A bit smaller scale, but still...
blueberry smasher
blueberry smasher - 12 dager siden
10-hour workdays. These Carnival corporate executives are really overworking these low-wage immigrants from developing nations.
blueberry smasher
blueberry smasher - 12 dager siden
A floating Costco full of food
360Hyp3rDunk - 12 dager siden
Hunter Flagg
Hunter Flagg - 12 dager siden
Uhhhhhhh that guy isn't wearing a mask. Not cool my dude.
Tausif Jahangir
Tausif Jahangir - 12 dager siden
I thought this was the Titanic and they are all just acting for us.
Christopher Tjandra
Christopher Tjandra - 12 dager siden
Amazing... I've been in virgo star Cruse when i was young, it was amazing. Loved it!
Joel Matos
Joel Matos - 13 dager siden
Overworked staff, being paid low wages...
Cruise Industry is all about exploitation, massive pollution, leave little for local economy , etc...
Joel Matos
Joel Matos - 11 dager siden
@Elan Pritchett Nope. Ex F&B Manager at a cruise company. Toxic environment to work...
Elan Pritchett
Elan Pritchett - 11 dager siden
JB - 13 dager siden
Broccoli cheddar soup. You animals. It’s Stilton or don’t bother!
Nerdify - 13 dager siden
This is a logistic nightmare
BigBIKE PH - 13 dager siden
This video is awesome, i love this video
Terrence Dikai
Terrence Dikai - 13 dager siden

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No Name
No Name - 13 dager siden
Diamond Clinton
Diamond Clinton - 13 dager siden
For some reason I keep thinking there's gonna be one family that won't get food
Buccarado - 13 dager siden
this looks so freaking cool someone please take me here thx :))))))))
Justin Talioaga
Justin Talioaga - 13 dager siden
Admit it. You’re here because YouTube recommended it
Nicole Cortez
Nicole Cortez - 13 dager siden
I'm hungry now
Bubble O Bill
Bubble O Bill - 13 dager siden
They also do it all for a pittance. Everyone you’ve seen in this production would be out of a job at the moment.
Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone - 13 dager siden
damn. i couldn’t afford lunch today
Princes Munela
Princes Munela - 13 dager siden
Oliver Allen
Oliver Allen - 13 dager siden
I wonder the the neckerchief's mean? Some are red or blue, or none at all.
Neil Patrick Cruz
Neil Patrick Cruz - 11 dager siden
Blue neckerchief commis 1 or is chef de partie. None is sous chef or executive sous