How To Prep For A Quarantine According To The Head Of The NYC Preppers Network

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Jason Charles is a New York City firefighter and the lead organizer of the New York City Preppers Network. He and others like him spend time preparing for natural disasters, pandemics, and other emergencies. The three main areas of prepping are food and supplies, safety, and entertainment. Here's what you need to know to get ready for a self-quarantine.
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How To Prep For A Quarantine According To The Head Of The NYC Preppers Network
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Business Insider
Business Insider - 6 måneder siden
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Maria Reyes
Maria Reyes - 4 måneder siden
Maria Reyes
Maria Reyes - 4 måneder siden
Chaz Nonya
Chaz Nonya - 5 måneder siden
By the way, you are part of the problem. The stores are restocking the shelves and this will be over by mid April. Stop buying all the dang toilet paper.
Jennifer Haller
Jennifer Haller - 6 måneder siden
DJS Squibbs
DJS Squibbs - 2 dager siden
'not like humans' lol another great video with great tips.
LEGIT Brigade
LEGIT Brigade - 25 dager siden
I didn't even know that I was prepping until it was called prepping. I started planting small fruit bearing trees, tomatoes, peppers, and some vegetables here and there since my husband and I got our place some 12 years ago. I grew up in a large extended family home surrounded with Yes! Fruit trees, and my Aunts and grandmother planting herbs and some vegetables. Just thinking I should also do it. When the lock-downs began in March, we didn't leave our house. We didn't go to the store, and do race with other shoppers, and risk getting sick. What we did was purchase those $75 chain-link fences of 5 X 50 feet to surround the property. Since my husband and I are on reduced work hours, and the kids at home, we put it up ourselves. "For we don't know what goes in the minds of panicking neighbors seeing us gardening and raising our stuff". We replaced outdoor lighting for solar powered ones. That the house is lighted in and out at night. We don't rely solely on the garden but having 35 to 40 percent of what we eat coming from the land, is of tremendous help! Less worry and stress for us. What concerns us now is that we still have 4 or 5 years with our home amortizations. We got our second car last year. We're gonna have to give up one of the 2 cars if things get any tighter.
Cathy Olney
Cathy Olney - Måned siden
he had NO IDEA
Rose Elin
Rose Elin - 2 måneder siden
Come Sept. this pastor says something else that could really happen.
IL ZAPATERO - 2 måneder siden
hola soy argentino me gusta la informacion que comparte no se podria tradusir lo que dice grasias y mis respeto
Lainer Martin
Lainer Martin - 3 måneder siden
Jason lost his channel by transferring it via advice from Google in June of this year. He wants to get the word out that he is here:
Lee Misiak
Lee Misiak - 3 måneder siden
In nyc u can’t prepared........ur already dead
ShawnieBeans - 3 måneder siden
The Angry Prepper posted a few days worth of walking LIVE in the protest here in NY. You should definitely check it out. !!
Warlan Tactical
Warlan Tactical - 3 måneder siden
Ok for water storage . Go get reverse osmosis under your kitchen sink . It will save you a ton of money . And space
Warlan Tactical
Warlan Tactical - 3 måneder siden
God's Warriors
God's Warriors - 4 måneder siden
When do we make our stand? When does the children of God stop running and make their stand in this world? When will we learn to dress ourselves in the armour of God and allow Him to help us in this war? It is the Spirit of God, The Father and Son that will see us through these coming days. Jesus is with us, in Spirit and we must learn that Spirit.
From the heart the mouth speaks. So we see what God spoke upon the mount, the Ten Commandments. He also wrote that word and then made His word flesh. John 1:1-5.

So we see that Jesus, The Son of God is The Ten Commandments and by obeying Deut. 6:8-9 we find The Father places us in His Son.

Then we see the heart of Jesus, The Son of God and find the Sermon on the Mount and we are to apply His word to the Word of The Father. So we have The Ten Commandments and The Sermon on the Mount giving us the law and testimony that will allow us to fight evil. Both Father and Son spoke from the heart and upon a mount.

As we go through the Bible we are told what we are to "keep" as in the prophets we are told to keep the Commandments and forsake not the law of your mother. So just a little study, seeking wisdom from God, and acting upon our faith we can arm our people to survive the coming days.

So 'works' can save us. We can be here for the win if we heed to the wisdom of our God. Bind and put all you love in The Word from the mouth of The Father and The Son. His children know His voice.

And remember those Ten Commandments was spoken, written, and make flesh. So Jesus is the law that was hung on the cross and the law written upon the heart and our example of the Trinity. We pray the Spirit of our God go with us all. Let's get busy, pray for workers and let's win this battle. We can allow our faith to work for us and all those we would have left behind. Armour up, and pray always. God gave you His Word as a gift, don't just ignore it, use it and learn to 'walk' in His Word. Teach your children the law of their mother (Constitution) and Father (Ten Commandments). Teach them to walk in the Spirit.
cludolph83 - 4 måneder siden
Reason 9001 how I know I’m not rascist before I watched this I liked this dude
Red Bless
Red Bless - 4 måneder siden
Mr. Jason Charles, thank you...
Seb Kent
Seb Kent - 4 måneder siden
This fella has his head screwed on
Brown Queen
Brown Queen - 4 måneder siden
You prepare yourself to fast and/or eat once per day.
Adrian Haries
Adrian Haries - 4 måneder siden
He's right we should prepare when a tornado Hurricane earthquakes strike we will be ready
Adrian Haries
Adrian Haries - 4 måneder siden
Draw a face on wall and talk to it lol
Mark Collins
Mark Collins - 4 måneder siden
pretty much agreed with everything you said. the lock down was very hapazerd in my area, and it showed what we did worked compaired to other places in the world. I think New Zealand was the best. However this was not 1918. we had the internet tv, radio, mobile phones, and people have twitter zoom and goodness knows what else yet they say they felt isolated. You also had food dilveries if you could afford them. Yet for some reason the people are all complaining about it being so hard on them.
Freestyle Faith
Freestyle Faith - 4 måneder siden
3 meals a day is not necessary, especially if your sitting around on quarantine. Maybe 3 snacks, but not 3 meals.
Layah Jhene
Layah Jhene - 4 måneder siden
A snack is a meal 🤷🏽‍♀️ stop eating so much. One meal maybe two is all you need and skip a few days fasting
Tay16st North Philly
Tay16st North Philly - 4 måneder siden
Maria Reyes
Maria Reyes - 4 måneder siden
Yoga has demons, DON'T do that crap, read the BIBLE, DO STUFF AROUND THE HOUSE LOVE U IN THE LORD
KKTowne - 4 måneder siden
Quarantine works....but it is for sick people, not healthy people. Lockdown is a term used in prison, prisoners are told where they can go, where they can work, who they can associate with, when to go out and what needs are essential for them. Their choices are removed because they are criminals. I have committed no crime. I demand my rights and freedom be restored. I am not selfish. People die, it is a part of life. The government is cooking the books, almost all deaths are being attributed to the CCP virus. Do some digging. Tyrants have taken our lives and you people are happy and willing. Public school has worked just as they planned for it to work
ABHAY - 4 måneder siden
Peep the noodle stash?
aulii11 - 4 måneder siden
Good stuff - thanks!
Mizrahim Sephardi
Mizrahim Sephardi - 4 måneder siden
Some might say" Give me FREEDOM or Covid-19 (Death)
John Taylor
John Taylor - 4 måneder siden
Run right out there. No one will stop you!!
Dinah Harvey
Dinah Harvey - 4 måneder siden
From being born in Selma Alabama raised in Brooklyn NY. I can always remember my dad saying you have to know how to keep a dollar in your pocket. More so you have to know about survival. That's when he'll go into is stories of being in the army, to exposure to riots in Birmingham Alabama and migrating to the streets of New York City. I served 27 years with NYPD/School Safety. I was present for all state of emergencies. I applaud this firefighter for being a prepper because this is a part of life. You must always be ready.
Starr Williams
Starr Williams - 4 måneder siden
Dinah Harvey
Dinah Harvey - 4 måneder siden
Thanks be to God I and my family are still standing. Prayer and faith is what I'm living by. Strength, courage and wisdom to all, stay and be blessed
Carmel Capricorn
Carmel Capricorn - 4 måneder siden
I am glad 2 see the update 📆on this 📬 It's 2 know u are prepare and still is. Stay safe.🗽🌆🚖🚦.
Patrick Carroll
Patrick Carroll - 4 måneder siden
This guy is a prepper? 2 weeks? Seriously, that's child's play.
浜本由惟 - 4 måneder siden
As a prep you buy food you do not like, so can be sure you only eat it when you are really hungry and it has to give your body all it needs.
Valerieann Rumpf
Valerieann Rumpf - 4 måneder siden
If you have enough space for a small garden , stock up on food plants that can be grown in containers such as tomatoes, peppers, ect.
spirit - 5 måneder siden
Smart. I should of been prepping better. Fertile soil and seed is top of my list on things to buy.
King Creative Media
King Creative Media - 5 måneder siden
If the power goes out, how will you charge your phone? Watch TV? Call or txt people on a network with no power?
Prepping is actually preparing for the worst, no food, no power, no gas, no netflix, no mobiles, no internet, nothing - just survive - now what?
jazz belly
jazz belly - 5 måneder siden
Solar. Read books. Knitting. Canning. Gardening. Practice shooting with whatever. Exercising. There ya go.
topside2 - 5 måneder siden
Every prepper on Earth is SOOOOOOO excited right now! They finally get to crack open one of those MRE’s they’ve been holding on to for the past 7 years!
John Taylor
John Taylor - 4 måneder siden
Does it hurt to be that stupid? Are you whining because you know you have nothing for this at all?
Sandra - 5 måneder siden
dudes resource closet looks like hoarders. bet his whole plan is organized as much...
CRypt0 CaVeMaN
CRypt0 CaVeMaN - 5 måneder siden
stack guns not food USA USA USA
Nalla Dlanor Gomez
Nalla Dlanor Gomez - 5 måneder siden
everybody :all this preffer are crazy lmao
preffer : who's crazy now!!!?
everyone : help us 😢😢😢
Brian smeth
Brian smeth - 5 måneder siden
....he was right after all .good job man
Felicia Follum
Felicia Follum - 5 måneder siden
Aww we just got our home gym set up in January! Debated between a membership and home...made the right choice.