How To Stay Safe At Work During The COVID-19 Outbreak

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread, more and more cities are escalating their tactics to keep the virus at bay, asking people to socially distance and, in some cases, to shelter in place. But some are not so lucky to have the ability to work from home. Dr. Eric Cioe-Pena, an emergency physician and the director of global health for Northwell Health, gave us some tips for staying safe at work.
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How To Stay Safe At Work During The COVID-19 Outbreak
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Business Insider
Business Insider - 6 måneder siden
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Bobby - 6 måneder siden
Business Insider 2020(G) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore:
Mike D
Mike D - Måned siden
I been working for months during pandemic in person nothing happened and I been fine. I was even around people I never met at work and I never got sick for being around them. I always have mask on just to be cautious.
ThermoSignal - Måned siden
We provide fully automated, contact free temperature screening systems. We can help you screen your customers safely as they enter your facility. You can see the system in action on our channel.
Katie Miller
Katie Miller - Måned siden
at my salon we have been taking all precautions and measuring the temperatures of all of our clients coming in, we recently upgraded our temperature scanner with a automated system from so we don’t have to have someone dedicated scanning temperatures, it’s saving us a lot of time.
Naresh Ganatra
Naresh Ganatra - 2 måneder siden
Respect for all those working out there - Thanks. Krish (using my dad's account)
Victoria Clark
Victoria Clark - 2 måneder siden
This video really helped with my anxiety about the virus thanks
Defund the BBC
Defund the BBC - 3 måneder siden
Stay safe. Social distancing but rioting in London's compleatly fine. Infact the authorities will stand by and say nothing? But shame on you if you want to picnic on a beach. .
Sandeep sandeep
Sandeep sandeep - 3 måneder siden
Charith Laksahan
Charith Laksahan - 3 måneder siden
Makiba Uboke
Makiba Uboke - 3 måneder siden
Working class Americans need to boycott nationally in order to get at least an $18 an hour mininum wage. There is no excuse not too....that is their bargaining power.
jay_615 - 4 måneder siden
Nah too lazy
jack bauer
jack bauer - 4 måneder siden
The idiots in government have now informed us that we can go back to work,and car share as long as windows are open! How do you maintain a 2m distance,unless it's a bus you drive? If opening windows makes it safe, then why have innocent people been harangued and fined by the constabulary, for walking on empty beaches and woodland,where there is no need for an open window , as the whole damned sky IS the open window??
Truth is people are expendable at the alter of Mammon! Those that can sit at home on a laptop,will do so, while the unfortunate many, will perish,as they will be required to "come to work or face the sack", by bosses, who will sit at home on the laptop!
REVOLUTION is the order of the day. Things have to change, people say we are sleepwalking into a world where our civil liberties will be non existent! I say, it's already too late!and we did so with eyes wide open. We moronically accede to all stipulations ,without even so much as a whimper .
How you may ask ? by downloading " Covid" tracking apps, going cashless, contactless payments, banking online, virtual GP appointments, etc etc.We have given up all say and control over every aspect of our daily lives. Yes I know it's "progress", but at what cost? and why ? well,for fear of repercussions to our personal and professional lives.
Technology is wonderful, but the problem is governance and application of the tech. Nukes with Trump's thumb on the button would make me sweat kilos,Jimmy Carter....not even a droplet!
Little do we know that in time,neither will exist.They are like a drowning man,who is concerned that his shirt will shrink in the sea water!
Doknowfreespeech.blogspot.comn't say you were not warned!
shashank saran
shashank saran - 4 måneder siden
7 Golden Rules to be safe at workplace
Keep urself safe
kluc88 - 4 måneder siden
I've been using this to sanitise my mobile phone and credit card everytime i come home from somewhere. Works well -
Official Torment
Official Torment - 4 måneder siden
What if I'm a cook and I'm just behind the grill the whole time I'm a real germaphobe and I smoke so I'm just kinda nervous but I wear gloves n a mask at work but I'm really in my own space
Official Torment
Official Torment - 4 måneder siden
But I ain't sick but the people that walk in I freak out sometimes I wish I was bubble boy at work
M M - 4 måneder siden
This is so stupid the government should shut down completely for 2weeks the virus would go away faster
Ezequiel Tarallo
Ezequiel Tarallo - 5 måneder siden
Covid-19 is Thanos' snap.
The question that remains unclear, though, is...

Who is Thanos then?
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment - 4 måneder siden
The president
Amy Hartis
Amy Hartis - 5 måneder siden
I work in Florida at subway. As a single mom putting a son through college and need to work. And have a elderly mom at home. So Im SUPER DILIGENT to the point my hands are cracked. PLEASE TIP YOUR SERVICE INDUSTRY WORKERS! We are putting ourselves at risk to feed and serve you. A smile and thank you goes a long way! Stay safe!!
Shark - 5 måneder siden
Waiting to get a job at 18 very soon what am i gonna do with my life its gonna be harder to work
Joshua Clark
Joshua Clark - 4 måneder siden
Get a high demand job like in a warehouse
Shark - 5 måneder siden
Someone give me tips on what to do lol
Marco Chan
Marco Chan - 5 måneder siden
I'm in a co-op program and don't know if I should do it this summer. Im currently 19 turning 20 in June and I live in Canada. What do you guys think I should do?
Vincent B
Vincent B - 5 måneder siden
Elbow bumps are NOT safe. You cough there! Fkn idiots bru.
Cam Williams
Cam Williams - 5 måneder siden
I wish I could stay home and work 😔
happy face
happy face - 2 måneder siden
Yea i gotta work and i really dont wanna get my family sick. Im doing everything i can to sanitize and clean
Vincent B
Vincent B - 5 måneder siden
Me too
nour tarek
nour tarek - 5 måneder siden
Him: wash hands for 20 seconds
Me: A B C D E F G...
nour tarek
nour tarek - 5 måneder siden
I am from Egypt and we randomly do this thing unconsciously when we see someone you know ya just give a slight raise of eyebrows as a welcome. [ Usually if you canot shake thier hands or not in close proximity].
MrMisterMan - 5 måneder siden
Sad to think this is how we have to live now
nour tarek
nour tarek - 5 måneder siden
Me intrevort: This is normal for me...
Joey Bobby
Joey Bobby - 5 måneder siden
Man I would take the virus for everyone if i could I wouldn’t mind dying
nour tarek
nour tarek - 5 måneder siden
If you stay at home you kinda just saved a life.
Ben Lorentz
Ben Lorentz - 5 måneder siden
I work for a corporate owned Auto Shop. We're one of the 18 essential services we will remain open even in a lockdown. They did cut our hours back though.
Let Love Fly Free
Let Love Fly Free - 5 måneder siden
I work at Amazon in Illinois, but I live 17min away from it in St. Louis. I'm a order picker so when you order something on our site I'll pick it up and get it ready to be shipped out, so it's kinda hard for us as most of you get to stay home and be safe and sound and since you cannot go out and shop because of this, you go online and shop which is very convenient, but we have to come to work to help you all get your masks, sanitizers, tissues and pet foods so you don't have to. There is a few cases in Illinois that some have gotten it even at another Amazon facility to that's 14min away from ours hopefully it doesn't spread to us if it did they will have to shut it down and you guys won't get the help you need.
Mathew Padron
Mathew Padron - 5 måneder siden
Hey there I am going to start working in Amazon warehouse in April 6th since I got laid off my job I needed some quick income to pay for my bills. I just had a quick question do they give you gloves and mask or should do we have to provide those items. I'm just saying this because I'm going to work in one of the most infectious areas in California right now.
Transgender GORL
Transgender GORL - 5 måneder siden
I’m a disability provider for at home patients so I don’t have a choice to leave my home or I don’t make those hours.
John davidson
John davidson - 5 måneder siden
As There is no medicine or vaccine for #coronavirus (COVID)-19 yet in the country so Its my humble request to everyone to stay home with every precautions. As there are Lots of Herbs in Ayurveda to Boost Immunity like Amla,Giloy,Tulsi etc. I Used to drink red juice that can make of beetroot,pomegranates,apple,& and you can add red grapes for taste if you r not diabetic. I drink every morning and evening for boost immunity. If you cannot find these items at your place then you can have immune booster,giloy,tulsi capsules from online portal #planetayurveda that have so many Heath Benefits & boost your immunity naturally
#stayhome #staysafe
Dark Silver
Dark Silver - 5 måneder siden
prostitution is probably the worst working place atm lol.
Dee Fukov
Dee Fukov - 5 måneder siden
Bumping elbows? isnt that where we are told to cough into? How about a nod of the head thats good enough right?
Daisy - 5 måneder siden
Dee Fukov exactly
Allan Turton
Allan Turton - 5 måneder siden
Informative video, thank you!
the randomizer
the randomizer - 5 måneder siden
Everyone in the world:quarantine/lockdown/social distancing
Singapore:schools are opened,no social distancing
Good job Singapore
V M - 5 måneder siden
My silly question is if 20sec soap washing kills virus , what is the difficulty for science in killing virus inside body.
Let Love Fly Free
Let Love Fly Free - 5 måneder siden
Drink Alcohol or hand sanitizer....Bleach?
62maybiesjr - 5 måneder siden
You can't touch elbows from six feet apart, and why would you need to? Lust? Elbow fetish? Just say "Six-foot rule, buddy", and scoot back. That should be the mantra across America right now.
Steve D'Amico
Steve D'Amico - 5 måneder siden
Here's a helpful tip! If you're standing close enough to smell a person's farts you're way too close!
KonigsTigger1 - 6 måneder siden
I'm say this, if you don't have to be outside please STAY HOME. I work for park service and I still have to work during this, yes I take care of parks. It's crazy because everyone who works in the offices in the company(HR, Management, Payroll, Retirement Services, etc) all get to telecommute while my coworkers and myself have to work around the public and public spaces. We're not given any type of face masks, just gloves. And I still see too many crowds of people going through the parks, or groups of kids playing on playground equipment. Basically people are acting like a virus isn't spreading. People are still not taking this serious enough. So please, for my safety, my coworkers' safety, and your safety please stay home if you can.
Ceas ThaGIANT - 6 måneder siden
I work for a storage facility...... literally everyone still feels the need to come in and check in their items which is fine but when it shouldn’t have to involve the employees. It’s completely unfair and a slap in the face of the employees because we’re in this just like everyone else, I literally watch people get offended when you tell them to cover their mouths when sneezing or just giving basic 6ft personal space when speaking ..... my bad I just went off on a “Kanye” rant.... pardon me fam, just wash your hands and be nice to each other at this time . Oh yea ...... keep distance lol
Egie Asemota
Egie Asemota - 6 måneder siden
Sadly, we health care and transport workers or those with COSTCO memberships still have to go outside.