How Toilet Paper Companies Dealt With The 845% Demand Spike | Big Business

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A run on toilet paper left shelves empty across the US. But why did this happen? Turns out, it wasn't just hoarders' fault. Sure, panic buying was part of it. But coupled with a division between commercial and consumer manufacturing of toilet paper, rolls were cleared from retail stores. We spoke with a consumer behavior expert to unpack what caused the panic buying. Then we learned how two toilet-paper manufacturers kept up with demand.
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How Toilet Paper Companies Dealt With The 845% Demand Spike | Big Business
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iAngeL - Dag siden
Idiots idiots everywhere 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Zanzibar Slimm
Zanzibar Slimm - Dag siden
We're gonna end up with 3 Sea Shells one day 🐚🐚🐚
Morale Law
Morale Law - 2 dager siden
Toilet paper Ceo: we're in the money, we're in the money, we're in the money and its...
hillbilly Yo
hillbilly Yo - 3 dager siden
Salma Mfaddel
Salma Mfaddel - 3 dager siden
Change to bidets everyone!
Sam Sadhu
Sam Sadhu - 3 dager siden
Daz Aragami
Daz Aragami - 3 dager siden
I wipe my ass with soap and water then finish with toilet paper. What if I run out? Big deal.
Kaela Wefers
Kaela Wefers - 4 dager siden
Haven’t seen that sand paper since school
Josh DeYoung
Josh DeYoung - 4 dager siden
Use a bidet, you peasants.
Alex E
Alex E - 4 dager siden
Ik every other country looking at the US like we’re idiots rn
Lorenzo Potrich
Lorenzo Potrich - 4 dager siden
People can BE SO STUPID!
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson - 4 dager siden
Hoarders are idiots. Absolutely! We hate them. Toilet paper, paper towels, scrubbing bubbles, alcohol, crystal light, rice, ant traps, etc. what is next?
Lain Lain
Lain Lain - 4 dager siden
Me: *laughs while cleaning my stuff with water and soap
victorolguin - 4 dager siden
Only the stupid people fell for this
Patsy Fox
Patsy Fox - 4 dager siden
Many American only eat sleep & 💩 they can't touch their own food what they Eat on the other end they are very. Smart washing the ass is cleaner
Allen Victor Garrido
Allen Victor Garrido - 4 dager siden
Why not use water and soap, it is more cleaner not just down there but also good to the environment, since paper is made out of trees.
Operation Dabardos
Operation Dabardos - 4 dager siden
We use water
Danica - 4 dager siden
Hmm.. water and soap...
Jaya Kalyani
Jaya Kalyani - 4 dager siden
I use a bidet, toilet paper ain't efficient enough to clean your 🍑
James Bond
James Bond - 5 dager siden
stupid ! use water lor!
its britneybyotch
its britneybyotch - 5 dager siden
I hope toilet paper can really work like hand sanitizer tho 'kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses, kills influenza, H1N1, SARS, and CORONAVIRUS, anti-virus'
fergal farrelly
fergal farrelly - 5 dager siden
The masses are stupid. I can wipe my ass with a rag and a bucket of water.
Grimmie Kazuma
Grimmie Kazuma - 5 dager siden
Just wash your butt using hand with water.
Pundlik - 5 dager siden
Oh really
Cheer & Travel Tube
Cheer & Travel Tube - 5 dager siden
Use bidet and it'll save you a lot of toilet paper
Isaac Flash
Isaac Flash - 5 dager siden
I would like to apologize in behalf of my mom she went to 3 different costco’s to but two big bags at each store so 6 big bags of TP for my bunghole and my family only use 2 big bags in the last 6 months
Alex Stepanchuk
Alex Stepanchuk - 5 dager siden
I still don't get how ppl went for toilet paper 🤣 when covid hit. Just tells me how stupid ppl are. Dry foods should have been what ppl went for
Lily Wohl
Lily Wohl - 6 dager siden
I got so lucky and impulsively bought a huge box of toilet paper from amazon before the pandemic hit, still going strong 😁
POC Skellington
POC Skellington - 6 dager siden
Who said they were able to keep up?
Vamsee Krishna
Vamsee Krishna - 6 dager siden
In India we use water guns to clean. i tried toilet paper once in europe , it was disgusting. i didn’t get used to it even after 10 days.
eswe - 6 dager siden
Use water bidet.. dirty ass country
thesars101 - 6 dager siden
The guy in the dorm said he wants to automate hes taking jobs from his workers to pay for robots. 👎
sMart MouF x
sMart MouF x - 6 dager siden
Imagine people feeling superior because they don't use toilet paper! 🤔
nicholas schroeder
nicholas schroeder - 6 dager siden
I think we have 400 🧻 Before everyone starts shitting on me, we have a a 91 year old who's barely continent.
Aidan Walker
Aidan Walker - 7 dager siden
In late April I moved from northern Maryland (~1-2 hrs from DC) to rural North Dakota (2 hrs to the nearest large store). It was so crazy seeing the difference. In Maryland I hadn't seen a paper product on the shelves in months. In North Dakota, the shelves were and have remained almost fully stocked. It was so interesting seeing how distribution was also playing a roll in toilet paper shortages.
For the record, the only thing the grocery store here has run out of is pancake mix - every time I go that shelf is empty!
Kaiser Anonymous
Kaiser Anonymous - 5 dager siden
North Dakota is a great state if you don't mind the winters (Minnesota resident here).
gojitmal1978 - 7 dager siden
Thank God I have running water in the same area... What was the big deal?
BelowAverageLuke - 7 dager siden
To this day I have not been able to purchase Lysol wipes at a reasonable price.
I'm literally forking up $8.99 for one unit of wipes!
I remember when it used to be 3 for $6.
urgi99 - 7 dager siden
Now we need an identical video but about the weed consumption during quarantine
JOHN ALESSI - 7 dager siden
Aint no body watch this!
Wendi Winata
Wendi Winata - 8 dager siden
until this day, I still don't see any correlation between pandemic and toilet paper. So what if you have to stay at home during pandemic. how many time do you take a sh*t a day ? 10 times ???