How Volkswagen Plans To Outsell Tesla

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Although Tesla reigns as king of the EV market thanks to its Model 3, Volkswagen has a plan in place to outsell them in the next few years. The automaker has set its sights on becoming a major name in the EV game, investing $37 billion in its electric car program. Between its production plans, new lineup of plug-in vehicles, and $2 billion marketing plan for emissions free cars, this car giant could easily be on its way to outselling Elon Musk.
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How Volkswagen Plans To Outsell Tesla
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These Guys Make A Ton Of Money
Hahahahaha look at all the Tesla fan boys disliking
kona_moon - 4 timer siden
Release ID.BUZZ, then it will be considered.
Jason Dickman
Jason Dickman - Dag siden
Vw blow up though, Tesla won’t..
Shocking warranty on them.
“Expect a little more “
seraph 2244
seraph 2244 - 4 dager siden
WV is a family company that fired the best CEO auto industry ever had before Elon.. Family companies are slow to move and to adapt in general due to their lack of openness. Plus you cannot compare the costs that WV have just to exist Tesla is all benefits when they will start having less demand they just lower the price over and over until competition is chocked. The world have changed its time to face it.
Luis S.
Luis S. - 6 dager siden
Tesla will be the "Ford" for electric cars, the one that started all
Jonathon K
Jonathon K - 7 dager siden
There was a rumor that Tesla may plan to stop selling cars by that time and instead focus on their fully autonomous robotaxi. They would still produce cars, trucks etc., but the focus would not be on mass producing to sell to consumers. Tesla has a plan.
arnik akash
arnik akash - 8 dager siden
Question where you going to charge these Elon can just say only Tesla can charge on there network this decade has already been completed and the winner is Tesla
Angel Matos
Angel Matos - 11 dager siden
Against the fastest moving CEO in history? Nope
Hot choco Yum yum
Hot choco Yum yum - 13 dager siden
Me: (sees thumbnail)
Also Me: “Yay! Volkswagen is beating Volkswagen!”
Reacher - 13 dager siden
Epic Fail!!!!! LOL I was going to ignore this vid thinking that it was a child attempt at analysis. Then I saw it was from Business Insider?!?!?! So I decided to let you know. EPIC FAIL!!! I do really like that goofy bus though!
indoctus41 - 17 dager siden
As with ICE cars, there is room for more than one company. Some will prefer VW, others Tesla. What might impact Tesla is the glamour of the company might dull a bit. Right now it's cool to own one. In a few years reality might set in and others might be seen as cool as well, or worse, cooler.
As well, Elon might get bored with Tesla and feel like his accomplishment has been reached, to change the auto industry into taking EV's seriously.
So far, Tesla has built an impressive proprietary charging network which was the principle reason I headed for an M3. Their safety specs are very high as well. I also like the fact a lot of effort was put into protecting the battery, where SuperChargers do a better job of that than plugging into CHAdeMO or CCS, at least for a Tesla.
Ben Mason
Ben Mason - 18 dager siden
Live in the UK.
Rather Buy A Tesla.
Aryan Thacker
Aryan Thacker - 22 dager siden
isnt it ironic that the hippies who fight against climate change have a signature vehicle made by a company that cheated emmisions testing? I found that very funny
JS Stallone
JS Stallone - 22 dager siden
It's "folks wagen" at least pronounce name properly
Cup Worshippers
Cup Worshippers - 22 dager siden
Why is business insider obsessed with defeating Tesla
Wi vieuw
Wi vieuw - 24 dager siden
If I had the money. I would definitely bought a Teasla
Eter Wael
Eter Wael - 25 dager siden
If Tesla sold only 350k cars in 2019 worldwide, how on earth they plan to use the full potential of their new Giga factories?? Take Europe: Giga Berlin is not giong to sell 500.000cars/year at the current price tag. I agree with you, if they dont cut their prices, VW wil dominate (at least in Europe). I understand they have the best software, but once in EU we are forced into EV, first thing we'll look at is affordability, not software.
D D - 26 dager siden
Model 3 is still pretty good in the market, but I'm sure about the future success of tesla in the future. Tesla model S has already been passed by the Porsche Taycan. Let's see if tesla can keep up, they may get even better because of competition 👍
Sulav Bhandari
Sulav Bhandari - Måned siden
Elon always finds a way.. I believe in that guy..
Seybertooth - 17 dager siden
Perhaps he will even make cars where the panels fit and the paint doesn't fall off one day!
Shivam Gupta
Shivam Gupta - Måned siden
6:16 hottie alert.
Kradisasht - 12 dager siden
MEGA TECH BODY - Måned siden
I have an idea: make a more prettier car. Most electric car has this gimmick of being "from the future" and the vast majority looks compact and ugly. Tesla cars looks like a nowadays car and it's fast, comfortable and long range batteries.
Rich Leed
Rich Leed - Måned siden
What’s VW’s plan? Lie to the public again?
Julian Pawlowski
Julian Pawlowski - Måned siden
Matrix-LED dynamic headlights? Nope. Dynamic chassis control? Nope. Head-up display? Nope. Just three examples of innovations that happened in the car industry many years ago and still, not available on any Tesla anytime soon. Automatic driving on level 4 or 5 is not going to happen anytime soon so everything that supports manual and semi-automatic driving is extremely important. And of course all this is software powered as well, it is a combination of sw and hardware. Just some things you simply can’t fix or improve just by software. This seems to be a learning that Tesla hasn’t swallowed fully as of today. Putting more hardware in a car that is supposed to support for fully automatic driving when it is still 5+ years away while missing the hardware that would actually support and improve the driving experience and safety is not really clever as for the majority of customers worldwide, they are not digital natives and don’t care about software gimmicks and time-to-time top acceleration speeds as much as others do. It will be very interesting to see what the mass market actually wants, including premium market.
Chen Leu
Chen Leu - Måned siden
Batteries harm the environment more.
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel - Måned siden
I'll let BI employees buy it first while I will stick my Tesla.
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel - Måned siden
Where would I even get one, like in 2025. Range has to greater than Tesla to even consider it, plus a expansive charger network across US.
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel - Måned siden
Okay but what is the status of Volkswagen charger network?
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel - Måned siden
What is Volkswagen doing in terms of autonomous driving for retail customers?
Louis - Måned siden
Tesla is not just EVs though. Solar, batteries etc.
james P
james P - Måned siden
Nazis still trying to dominate the world... Only with there crappy cars.
דניאל קלנד
דניאל קלנד - Måned siden
Firstly first volkscrapen needs to think how to fix the dsg 7 dry clutch
CCC HO FF - Måned siden
Software is everything in the EV game. At least for now it is.
Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez - Måned siden
Those are some great looking VW ev cars!!! I’d be more then glad to buy one !
John Volt
John Volt - Måned siden
At 1:00, why is Tesla not on the chart for EV program investment? If this is about VW vs. Tesla it seems that comparison is relevant. With three factories currently under construction Tesla is investing about $15B as we speak, not to mention other investment into R&D to further improve all aspects of their business. It does not say but it does appear that the numbers in the chart include VW's planned spending not just what is currently in progress. My guess is that all totaled, over a similar time frame, Tesla are far out spending VW.
hellraiser - Måned siden
In norway if you buy a Tesla is kinda boring because of every 5 cars on the road 3 are Tesla literally
tipsssYT - Måned siden
like Apple vs Samsung
Joe Tan
Joe Tan - Måned siden
VW cant even sell their gasoline cars in the USA. What are they talking about? Their gasoline cars are crap.
Kaktus - Måned siden
But in the EU the streets are full of them.
Christopher Garcia
Christopher Garcia - Måned siden
Volkswagen is just cute. They won’t outsell Tesla in anything automotive...maybe for a little due to the construction of Tesla’s factories
Dinosaur Boi
Dinosaur Boi - Måned siden
Kresimir Vidovic
Kresimir Vidovic - Måned siden
The one thing that tesla have is charching station nobody else has them and if tesla make that other electrict cars not to charg on them can be so powerful move.
OfCourseItsHarry - Måned siden