How Waste Is Dealt With On The World's Largest Cruise Ship

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The 6,600 passengers on board the world's largest cruise ship produce a lot of trash. We went inside the secret, crew-only deck of Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas to see how crews process millions of pounds of water, food, and dry waste each year.
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How Waste Is Dealt With On The World's Largest Cruise Ship
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Mizai - 6 timer siden
they should have dumped the food in the ocean
T1MS 팀스
T1MS 팀스 - 21 time siden
Pilipino represent
C u r s e d D o g g o
C u r s e d D o g g o - Dag siden
I'd like to think the staff eat the trash and leftovers 😁💯
Jan Hill
Jan Hill - Dag siden
Why cant th food waste go into th ocean?? It wouldnt b wasted!!
Robbin Coronado
Robbin Coronado - Dag siden
I’d be using bottle water LOL
DiedOfDeath - Dag siden
no wonder why they dont waste anything, theyre led by a filipino
Arcadiez - 2 dager siden
"Food cant be recycled" hello biofuel? Ffs even McDonald's use their cooking as a biofuel for the transport trucks in Sweden.
Gamer_ Nick
Gamer_ Nick - 4 dager siden
boses palang pinoy na pinoy
Michael G
Michael G - 5 dager siden
before 2016 that's what is floating on the Ocean.
IamAcat Studios
IamAcat Studios - 8 dager siden
deck 2 is also the medical bay, and i think gangway aswell
chillsavvy - 8 dager siden
hmmm why dont us do something like make 3 DIFFRENT FRICKING garbage cans for paper plastic and food
App ll
App ll - 9 dager siden
That food looked nice
Ryan Dsouza
Ryan Dsouza - 11 dager siden
Pili-pino 😹
Lad Boii
Lad Boii - 11 dager siden
Yoooooo when i was little, my ass would get whooped if i didnt finish my food. till now my plate are always clean.
I am Thomas Delta 7T
I am Thomas Delta 7T - 12 dager siden
So my mom said never waste food.
Also my mom: food can be waste when we go eat outside
Me:....No wonder I have mental challenge and I was told I'm crazy...
Masiha Fathima
Masiha Fathima - 12 dager siden
Very good effort. It's never too late to start something which is very imp to care for the ecosystem. And aquatic ecosystem is huge when compare to terristrial. Please think about it. 🙏
Kylie Burgos
Kylie Burgos - 14 dager siden
Yup Alex is filipino
Joshua bards. Google. Com Joshua
Giving a like coz Filipino
The Chan Chan Man
The Chan Chan Man - 15 dager siden
"so we have two incinerators, 1 and 2" very efficient.
Julio Guerra
Julio Guerra - 15 dager siden
It's funny how they talk like they are always following regulations lmao. These muthafuckaz are crooked
Charles V Alkan
Charles V Alkan - 16 dager siden
Answer: back on the plate.
Richard - 16 dager siden
Off topic, but I like his chain necklace @4:43
Cesar Romero
Cesar Romero - 16 dager siden
USS ships still dumping shit though.
Henry Atencio
Henry Atencio - 17 dager siden
2:17 that's a massive compactor
Chris Manns
Chris Manns - 17 dager siden
I'm hearing haley's voice.
jolo malonzo
jolo malonzo - 17 dager siden
wow so nice to see a Filipino, leading such an amazing things❤
Dicapriodiamond - 17 dager siden
Food can be dumped into the water and so can fecies... the sea animals would love it lol... unless its some fucked up shit then naaah
Quan-Oh- Re
Quan-Oh- Re - 18 dager siden
Wow! A cruise company that actually cares!
Josip Ricov
Josip Ricov - 19 dager siden
Finally! It was painful to watch cruse ships dumping huge amounts of waste and polluting the oceans and seas.
Tugboatpb - 19 dager siden
Cruise ships are horrible for all parties involved apart from the companies that run them
Reader - 19 dager siden
Idk use the trash as fuel😂
Lilia Chan
Lilia Chan - 19 dager siden
This is the reason why I will never go on a cruise again, unless is my own boat. I did it once and will never do it again. The sanitation process is low at best. They dock, people disembark and they only have three to four hours of cleaning time before the next group of travelers go on board. To sanitize the boat they would need a thousand people to do it efficiently, yet they only have around 50 people doing the work. Not again for me.
Douglas Loiola
Douglas Loiola - 20 dager siden
"wHy ThEy DoNt sEnd tO yEmEn"
Kev kev
Kev kev - 20 dager siden
Cant we send the waste food to Africa...people shouldnt die of hunger in the world
cadena06 - 20 dager siden
I have always wanted to know who makes the fine and where does the money go.
theking8356 - 20 dager siden
4:48 wait what? almost safe to drink?
Future Billionaire
Future Billionaire - 20 dager siden
I will buy my own ship!
everyone - 20 dager siden
Ok but invite me
Mostafa Miroune
Mostafa Miroune - 20 dager siden
Just throw organic waste to hungry fishes
SpiderTasks - 20 dager siden
it was literally midnight and I was sitting at the dinner table with my family and while we were talking about Titanic, my mom asked "where do cruise ships throw away all the trash and poop?"
Carter Untch
Carter Untch - 20 dager siden
“ this is maned 54 hours a day”
Me- “what is gods name do you mean