Inside Dubai’s VIP Private Terminal For The Superrich

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From Dubai Airshow 2019, presented by Airbus
Jetex offers fully bespoke aviation for the super rich. Inside the terminal, customers can enjoy a games room, sleep pods, and a private piano player.
For more information, visit:
What First, Business, And Economy Classes Are Like On Emirates
Inside Emirates’ Newest And Most Luxurious First-Class Suite
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Inside Dubai’s VIP Private Terminal For The Superrich
Runtime: 06:09


angela tobing
angela tobing - 16 timer siden
More of food selection you say ? Lol
Oliwia Mackiewicz
Oliwia Mackiewicz - Dag siden
POV: You're poor so the closest ting to luxury is watching this video
M7 - Dag siden
grandma got some skills in ping pong 1:32
Tuntun Khan
Tuntun Khan - 2 dager siden
Only stupids spends time there
Marcy Moore
Marcy Moore - 3 dager siden
Wow, pretty cool!
SoupiSmol - 4 dager siden
this is completely absurd fr lmao
SoupiSmol - 4 dager siden
...some people cant eat
Biggundunho - 4 dager siden
I bet is smells like lube, botox, and baby powder in there.
Shelby Castoe
Shelby Castoe - 4 dager siden
How do I get her job
飞龙在天 - 5 dager siden
*for enemies of the proletariat
Caleb Varghese
Caleb Varghese - 6 dager siden
Honestly for 11k $ you should be getting much more!
DARK_APEXXX ! - 8 dager siden
General Kenobi
오세륜 - 8 dager siden
This is for rich people only hahaha
Sxrptz Frags
Sxrptz Frags - 8 dager siden
I would of had to taken the Bugatti for a spin
Gentle Man
Gentle Man - 9 dager siden
Both airbort have so many beoble.
Gentle Man
Gentle Man - 9 dager siden
I prefer to see her feet soles instead of her dirty shoes.
Boss Caiga
Boss Caiga - 10 dager siden
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Max Zaslove
Max Zaslove - 10 dager siden
Biggest argument for weath redistribution
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf - 14 dager siden
I think Cristiano Ronaldo has the Bugatti Chiron 🔥
Eric Wong
Eric Wong - 14 dager siden
Best jobs in the world
1. Athlete
2. Actor
3. Business Insider who travels the world.
coliniscolin - 14 dager siden
funny ur allowed there because youre a woman
marshallzaid - 15 dager siden
She is telling people to come earlier to watch a movie, yeah only for around $30,000 that movie must star a dead actor in it straight from the grave.
I Am An Alien.
I Am An Alien. - 15 dager siden
Ganesh Mantri
Ganesh Mantri - 16 dager siden
Fordeen dousand airplen daily from the airboard Habibi 🍺
Ganesh Mantri
Ganesh Mantri - 16 dager siden
Fordeen dousand airplen daily from the airboard Habibi 🍺
Kapil Dev Tiwari
Kapil Dev Tiwari - 16 dager siden
This is Nonsense.
Marie Kuelbs
Marie Kuelbs - 16 dager siden
Pretty good quality service I wouldn’t mind using and traveling if I had and was willing to use the money needed to afford this
Jenn & Colten
Jenn & Colten - 16 dager siden
worst interior design ever
Akash - 17 dager siden
Dubai is all about money, a tourist who goes there will get fooled into thinking life is very beautiful.
But in reality, if you were to dive into understanding what creates this illusion you will witness the most sickening, toxic, and cruel working culture starting from the mass exploitation of migrant workers to what not.
Personally seen both the sides, believe me, you don't want to peek behind the curtains
Seriously Doe
Seriously Doe - 15 dager siden
Everyone knows, no one cares.
Vamsi Datta
Vamsi Datta - 17 dager siden
This is way too VIP
Ekjyot Singh
Ekjyot Singh - 18 dager siden
Ameer logon ke tante
Sátvik Keshtwal
Sátvik Keshtwal - 18 dager siden
Oh wow! I'm poor
Saver G
Saver G - 19 dager siden
It is SO DISGUSTINGLY SAD how SO many people starve while those people waste money on nothing. If a $1 a day can save lives. It is sickening that those people are too selfish to spare it while spending so much on material nothing to compensate for whatever they are missing thus need all this excessiveness to feel good about themselves.
Daniel Ortega
Daniel Ortega - 19 dager siden
She's creepy in the thumbnail
Belle No
Belle No - 20 dager siden
You know it's fancy when everything is beyond means. Pointless.
vamshi gundamraj
vamshi gundamraj - 20 dager siden
Can we slip some toiletries in our bags, like we do at Hamiltons?
Amanda Moratis
Amanda Moratis - 20 dager siden
Why does it seem super tacky? Maybe it’s the tacky Perspex, ugly car, the sleep pods they have at virgin active gyms and the Easy jet orange... emirates lounge in the normal terminal is much nicer and you fast track most lines anyway.
Cesar Marquez
Cesar Marquez - 21 dag siden
Remember your not rich your company pays u to do this and people want it so consider this BE GRATEFUL U OLD KAREN and plus its free 99 for u
Cesar Marquez
Cesar Marquez - 21 dag siden
"When special guest such as celebrity get there face on a capuchin" and yet your company is paying for u to stay there and your really think ur a celebrity with us grandmas curtain
Denise - 21 dag siden
I'd feel so uncomfortable. I'm fine with downloading a couple of episodes on my phone and wait on the train platform until my journey starts.
Ayesha Gull
Ayesha Gull - 21 dag siden
Gold Bugatti
Greed Isgood
Greed Isgood - 21 dag siden
Accidentally fall asleep on the sofa
12 Hours later....
“That’s 132.000$ sir”
Ali Qazilbash
Ali Qazilbash - 22 dager siden
😐 aint no longer news to me
ben taka
ben taka - 22 dager siden
11k can't even drink or smoke weed bruh i rather go to Las Vegas and pay 11k a night in a real hotel where i can drink and blaze for real
shuen rong
shuen rong - 22 dager siden
First impression wow what a super fancy piano ,super big tv the rest look chic but ordinary except food and bed
Blaze6432 - 22 dager siden
and Here I am bragging about the one time I made it into Alaska Airlines First Class Lounge.
kama - 22 dager siden
I really cannot understand why people need this ,why all this money on this stupid unnecessary luxurious life
This money can feed thousand of Hungary kids and families around world.
Tinf0il - 22 dager siden
i need to get a rich wife lol 😂😂😂😂😂
The Neophyte Journal
The Neophyte Journal - 22 dager siden
ah! the many joys of being Super broke watching the Super Rich on youtube
ISuckTiggos - 23 dager siden
More proof of economic inequality, this isn’t exciting to see its sad
Strizk - 24 dager siden
This is how everybody thinks people in Dubai live..
Ningduanguangliu R. panmei
Ningduanguangliu R. panmei - 24 dager siden
The meeting room is the best.
Jason G. Clauß
Jason G. Clauß - 24 dager siden
2:30 I've heard of eating the rich. Never drinking them.
Arka Biswas
Arka Biswas - 24 dager siden
Back in my teenages, such opulence would look so attractive. Now I find it utterly stupid.
Hana Diab
Hana Diab - 25 dager siden
I literally choked on my spit when she said 12k resolution lol
NovemberRain - 25 dager siden
The metronap
Jasmine Surreal
Jasmine Surreal - 26 dager siden
It reminds me of Easyjet, the orange colour. Not sure that's an association they'd particularly like but still. The spaciousness is great, and obviously the tech they have, but the colour scheme doesn't say wealth and luxury. It says Easyjet.
BTW am hooked on these videos, I like the presenter, her reactions to things, her with the face cappuccino was hilarious.
Tushar K
Tushar K - 26 dager siden
While the rich live a lavish lifestyle. The poor cannot even afford two proper meals and a roof over there heads.
Not hating over rich people but, I am just telling the truth.
Glam 250
Glam 250 - 26 dager siden
wardrobe and the host. not good
John W
John W - 26 dager siden
Going to start putting 12k before my name and charging 1 mil for appearances. Guarantee that tv looks like a 4K
I Sexually Identify As A Tetrahedron
Imagine drinking yourself
rxseqvartz - 27 dager siden
I live in Abu Dhabi and I have a lot of family members living in Dubai but I’ll never ever visit this place it’s so boring wtf? + I haven’t heard any one I know went there too. Lol such a waste of time and money.
❄️Snowy❄️ - 27 dager siden
1:06 Coldplay - Paradise 😊
Joe Breakwell
Joe Breakwell - 28 dager siden
Silem Esa
Silem Esa - 29 dager siden
😂seriously is this what people spend their money on..and a 'high want'.Theres no nature..nothing...I don't understand...give me some trees..and rainforest Iam happy😉✌️
Silem Esa
Silem Esa - 29 dager siden
😂so generic 💁 people and materialistic high maintenance drive 🤦😂💁
Michael Gian Carnevale
Michael Gian Carnevale - 29 dager siden
For 11k an hour u can cut a line and play ping pong lmao
Juan Franco
Juan Franco - 29 dager siden
So much glass 😂 maybe that’s why it’s 11,000 an hour
Atul Raj8061
Atul Raj8061 - Måned siden
Drinking your face🤢🤢🤢🤢
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - Måned siden
Imagine playing Celtic v Rangers in the 1mil TV
Sumbal Ejaz
Sumbal Ejaz - Måned siden
quite lame shit for the price
Paal Muruganantham
Paal Muruganantham - Måned siden
Okay 👌
Eric P
Eric P - Måned siden
11,000$? What a waste of money lol
Sana Oll
Sana Oll - 24 dager siden
Its not a waste for the rich.
Mady - Måned siden
u pay for nothing
petar petrovic
petar petrovic - Måned siden
Dubai sells shi*** for rich ppl ... Idk who is total idiot to give 11k for this stupid service .
TFN Watch
TFN Watch - Måned siden
1 million dollar 12k screen is the biggest waste of money ever. They pretty much don't even make films in that high res. So, all the movies you'll watch will only be at 4k anyway, and that's at max. And the res is so high, that you can't even tell the difference between that and 4k. You would need to be within a few feet of the screen to be able to tell the difference in pixels. And if you did, you couldn't see the whole screen, because the screen was so big.
Chai Ying
Chai Ying - Måned siden
𝙶𝚘 𝚝𝚘 𝚊 𝚜𝚞𝚙𝚎𝚛 𝚛𝚒𝚌𝚑 𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚌𝚎 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚠𝚎𝚊𝚛𝚜 𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚐𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚖𝚊'𝚜 𝚌𝚞𝚛𝚝𝚊𝚒𝚗𝚜. 😒
Madhav Pola
Madhav Pola - Måned siden
Of all the things, she likes coffee with her face on?? WTH!!
Omeke Joy
Omeke Joy - Måned siden
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Ahmad Khan
Ahmad Khan - Måned siden
The wealthiest country in the world
Ahmad Khan
Ahmad Khan - Måned siden
Why you don’t go to Qatar.
Emily Loehr
Emily Loehr - Måned siden
You should do your episode you just completed with the invisible ink in the airport and cleaning practices. I guarantee you, the “first class” accommodations are just as dirty. It’s all in how the people perceive it.
Jazmine Mantilla
Jazmine Mantilla - Måned siden
Can we turn this into a private lounge instead? Or a private club? That would make sense.
Omeke Joy
Omeke Joy - Måned siden
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uwu - Måned siden
when u really want to stay there, but then you realize the only way possible is if you earn $150,000 a year, and STILL have to save for a couple of years
T Peterson
T Peterson - Måned siden
wealth inequality is insane right now
K u m i K a m i i
K u m i K a m i i - Måned siden
She’s invited to one of the richest countries vip’s terminals..and she shows up in that?
Anthony Quintana
Anthony Quintana - Måned siden
Been there, it was so so
Amora - Måned siden
I would be satisfied to be the piano player, I mean, LOOK AT THAT PIANO
Shay - Måned siden
Better make sure that white girl playing the piano is there by her own free will ☠️🇺🇸🙏👐🙌
Aaron's Vlog Tube
Aaron's Vlog Tube - Måned siden
Well worth the price instead of paying for a hilton ‘suite’ and being driving in a bloody bmw in LA
Benjamín Fanndal Sturluson
Imagine you’re playing fifa and you rage so much that you yeet a controller at the million dollar screen
HueningIsShowki’s Child
HueningIsShowki’s Child - Måned siden
It’s not even that good for 11,000 dollars...
Murtaza Badshah
Murtaza Badshah - Måned siden
Imagine learning to play piano for years in hopes to become famous but only to end up playing elevator music for the rich lmao
I've said it before and I'll say it again: EAT THE RIIIIIIIIIIICH
kate Jazz
kate Jazz - Måned siden
Menos é mais?
Vimal V
Vimal V - Måned siden
instead of spending on these luxuries, can't they rich people just go to the premium lounge at airports and donate the rest to poor people
Raymond Chenon
Raymond Chenon - Måned siden
For that price, you can buy a first class flight, benefit from their premium lounge and still pocket the difference.
Raymond Chenon
Raymond Chenon - Måned siden
For that price, you can buy a first class flight, benefit from their premium lounge and still pocket the difference.
Isaac Flash
Isaac Flash - Måned siden
I would be in luxury if I get a seat with a plug before my flight