Lawyer Tactics That White House Press Can Learn From

President Trump's coronavirus task force press briefings are known for his tense interactions with reporters. The president often responds to questions from the White House press corps with deflection and diversion. We asked Kent Zimmermann, a legal analyst and former attorney, to reveal courtroom tactics that lawyers would use in similar situations. One approach is treating the president as a so-called "hostile witness." Once a witness is designated as hostile by a judge in a courtroom setting, the attorney is permitted to ask "leading questions," which can steer a witness toward necessary answers.
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Lawyer Tactics That White House Press Can Learn From
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jorge alberto ospna
jorge alberto ospna - 4 dager siden
how to respond to fake news??? with facts and truth.. Trump 2020
Daniel Sargent
Daniel Sargent - 7 dager siden
Avel Vel
Avel Vel - 8 dager siden
No , we know the reporters are just puppets, and Trump will debate Gramp Biden.hahahah
Shawn Gunnison
Shawn Gunnison - 12 dager siden
I wonder why Trump is tense and "hostile" to reporters... Could it have anything to do with the coverage in the press being proven overwhelmingly negative (google "92% negative press") since before he took office, or the constant background of literal demonstrably fake articles (does anyone remember "fine people", the press being enemy of the people even when he EXPLICITLY said fake news is the enemy of the people, Covington kids, Shinzo Abe fish feeding, to name just a tiny few?), or maybe because of reporters that exist only to lob "gotcha questions", or maybe press collusion with the Clinton campaign demonstrating yet again that the media has a hate boner for him and will go out of there way to help Democrat candidates (remember when the CNN anchorman literally says on air "We've done everything we can to help Hillary", or when they blurred out interviewees shirts if they had pro-Trump messages?), or could it be many in the press that indulged in blatant conspiracy theories (I remember when CNN hosted that guy that explicitly said Trump was a Russian asset for decades.... without proof)?
I dunno. We'll probably never be able to get to the bottom of why Trump holds the press in low regard. I mean, the press has gone out of their way to give him the benefit of the doubt, and absolutely played by the rules every step of the way!!!!!
That's my sarcasm allotment for the month.
Lord N
Lord N - 14 dager siden
Reporters be like: But i have to ask the questions Democrats are telling me 😕
Aditya Pal
Aditya Pal - 15 dager siden
This was really insightful and knowledgable video , waiting for more videos like these !
Alexa Ales
Alexa Ales - 17 dager siden
i always wonder when he or his croonies deflect (especially KellyAnn Comway) why journalists at the press conferences and on tv don't say 'that wasn't my question, please answer the question!'. At the WH press conference if he does not answer the question the next journalist in line should ask exactely the same question, over and over again until he realizes that we will not let this go and that he has to answer for his actions.
Melanie Y.
Melanie Y. - 18 dager siden
That... I never realized that Mike Pence was in all those clips until pointed out, the coward literally hides behind Trump.
Allen Clinton
Allen Clinton - 21 dag siden
Maybe stop hiring morons for your press corp.
Equestrian Girl
Equestrian Girl - 26 dager siden
I I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this but trump is not a great president.i hope he is not president again he’s so rude! Like come on who would support someone who literally TOLD PEOPLE TO ENJECT LICIL INTO THEMSELVES! LIKE COME IN DUDE DID YOU EVEN GO TO COLLEGE?
mike2008alberta - 27 dager siden
THIS IS HOW REPORTING U S E TO BE DONE .. this is what a real reporter back in the day would of done .. these tactics he speaks of is how any legitimate reporter should be asking questions ... the reporters today have no backbone and give up way to easy ...
1silvervespa - 27 dager siden
This Moron Needs To GO !
Maureen Mccann
Maureen Mccann - Måned siden
I just subscribed and this is my 3rd video and I’m bowing out!! The last 2 videos are political Bullshit!!! Goodbye!!
Anna May Labrador
Anna May Labrador - Måned siden
6:25 Trump low-key hates the Asian reporter, when they're talking about American matters.
julian zhou
julian zhou - Måned siden
Tony Colon
Tony Colon - Måned siden
What he should do is accept any questions from any reporter via email then repeat the question at the podium and give us a response. End of story .
Tony Colon
Tony Colon - Måned siden
These Journalist are not Attorneys and this commentator should Not be giving this advice to journalist. Ask a question and report it as you heard it. There is nothing in this video that is going to help a journalist get a different answer from a hostile question . They are Not attorneys nor are they in a courtroom!!!
Terance Healy
Terance Healy - Måned siden
1.) Would you be able to indicate that you have never represented any person or company and that as a result you have a mandate to maintain non-disclosure which excuses any action pursuant to the fraud provisions of Rule 1.6 ?
2.) It is not a courtroom, RULES are different in courtrooms. The President is not a lawyer obligated to adhere to RULES which have often been improperly enacted and are unconstitutional where issues are capable of repetition while evading any review. There is NO Review for Constitutionality of the Lawyers MANDATE of Confidentiality. ADDITIONALLY RULES ARE ENFORCED IN CONFIDENTIAL HEARINGS BEFORE ORGANIZATIONS WHICH REFUSE TO REVIEW THE RULES PUBLICLY.
3.) THE NEWS MEDIA IS NOT ASKING QUESTIONS AND SEEKING TO FIND INFORMATION. They are attempting through the use of compound questions to get a short answer in hopes of a gotcha moment. When reporters are incorrectly indicating the President is lying every time and using other (unchecked) media stories to substantiate their stories, IT"S NOT JOURNALISM. ITS DECEPTIVE CALCULATED DISINFORMATION.
J. Alberto Leal
J. Alberto Leal - Måned siden
Más bien deberían enseñar como responder a una hostil prensa.
A. Rosa
A. Rosa - Måned siden
First for all he’s smarter than them. So you get a lawyer to school journalists. I guess journalism is dead. Why don’t you get a real journalist like Ted Koppel and the like to help these saps. I remember back in the 80s and early 90s real journalist interviewing dictators like Ayatollah all the time and the interviews were classy, informative and riveting. The problem is that these so called journalists ask stupid high school level questions. If they left their political agendas behind and instead went in there to get answers and clarifications.
Tony Colon
Tony Colon - Måned siden
I’m sure they have better things to do , like planning for their High School GED reunion or something.
Prakash Rawat
Prakash Rawat - Måned siden
Before Trump, I was not even aware that it was legal for a president to refuse questions relating to the country.
luispiros - Måned siden
Being a reporter seems like a hard job.
Jonathan Pasch
Jonathan Pasch - 2 måneder siden
TRUMP 2020!!🇺🇸👋😃
Satish Singhal
Satish Singhal - 2 måneder siden
First of all, I respect the freedom of press, without which there is no democracy. Certainly quality of questions and questioning strategy can be improved. That is after-all, role of a judge in the courtroom. Judge would either sustain an objection or deny it based on the quality of the question. But, there is no judge present in presidential press conference. Still, press has the same responsibility of asking high quality question as a lawyer in the courtroom does. Second issue is , that just the way a lawyer would engage a witness to answer their question, press has the same responsibility to engage a president. One reporter asked, "American people are scared, what do you wish to say to them"? That is not a question that would engage a person. There is no foundation for the question. Judge would not allow attorney to ask questions that have no foundation. The correct way to ask question would have been: "data shows that poor Americans are getting infected at higher rates, in inner congested cities, despite governmental help, they are having difficult time to make ends meet. They may be scared about their families health, and subsistence. What plans and messages do you have to allay their fears." I am 100% sure that if Trump berated the reporter after such question, where clear foundation has been laid, he will be considered certified lunatic even by his ardent supporters. Now I come to the areas where American press needs to improve vastly. White house press conferences are not a place to just show up. Every reporter must do their homework, in data collection, and then with best quality of writing, decide what exact phrases to use to ask questions, and also make sure that question is so specific, that there is no wiggle room in answer. That has been made harder by the fact, that in general, the quality of writing by political press in America is sub standard. Business press has the high quality writing in America. I am not even sure, that if question asked, is not part of larger investigative, or policy matter story, that reporter is seeking, then how can it help such query, their ultimate goal of writing the story?
Moshe Sebbag
Moshe Sebbag - 2 måneder siden
Trump 2020
Mad titan
Mad titan - 2 måneder siden
These are not questions, these are press reporters critiquing the poor man
Emmanuel A
Emmanuel A - 2 måneder siden
But people that make videos like these are all trump haters
Rob Love
Rob Love - 2 måneder siden
The lefts "facts" are fictitious lies stirred up by the dRat mental enslaving party and the lamestream media corrupt criminal coup. You people on the Left are all sociopaths and suffer deliriously Trump Derangement Syndrome #funfacts
Bananaman180 - 2 måneder siden
In an interview he was asked what his priorities if he were to be re elected would be. As you can guessed he told the reporter to stfu
Rob Love
Rob Love - 2 måneder siden
More fake news
misssophisicated - 2 måneder siden
I have to use these tactics w/my son's father..he's a gemini just like trump and he talks in bs just like trump and deflects like a muthafr..once I learned the game it made my life so much easier..also helped w/dealing w/idiots @ work..
El Lorenzo
El Lorenzo - 2 måneder siden
Now i can see why he is scoring so many extravagant and luxury buildings and finally make his way into president position. He is really forceful, energy, and full authority, he is the one who forcefully make impossible things to possible, even if it takes time. This is opposite of logical person who bring something into boring and depression mood
Yolanda Ishaka
Yolanda Ishaka - 3 måneder siden
Very easy to say from the outside
Viper - 3 måneder siden
OOF this is so cringeworthy why can’t he just answer instead of attacking them how is this mature, professional behavior?
James Jack
James Jack - 3 måneder siden
This is what daydreaming looks like guys i would have done this i would have done that then go there do it by yourself you're a grown up man so stop your fantasy right here.
James Jack
James Jack - 3 måneder siden
Trump=business growth regardless of his narrative you must agree hes good for business unless you believe joe biden like this youtube channel then there will be no business to talk about.
2285 Jaffer ahamed
2285 Jaffer ahamed - 3 måneder siden
Does he know anything.
Flauwed X
Flauwed X - 3 måneder siden
So that’s what it is we’re just going to bash the great white hope at every turn gosh leave trump alone he didn’t do nothing wrong
Messi 11
Messi 11 - 3 måneder siden
Why don’t the journalist know this hahahahaha
Zelbo Daniel
Zelbo Daniel - 3 måneder siden
trumps answers are basically "Where's your dad? Mom's in the kitchen"
AJ Kumwaa
AJ Kumwaa - 3 måneder siden
I quite disagree to some of these contributions. They won't work anyway. This is a man who brushes any question, regardless how reasonable or how intimidating your question is. He's tough
AJ Kumwaa
AJ Kumwaa - 3 måneder siden
This is not a court where a judge can protest 'order' for some civilised dialogue. He's just difficult at this point. These suggestions won't work.