Maye Musk On Raising Successful Children And Leveling Up Her Own Career

Supermodel Maye Musk's new book, "A Woman Makes A Plan," details how she found her way as a mother, businesswoman, and model. Musk, the mother of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, says the way she raised her children was very similar to the way she was raised. She always worked as a mother and she let her children see that and be a part of it. She encouraged them to follow their passions and to help people. Musk says that ageism in media and other industries is primarily a problem for women. She says women are neglected as they get older, which is not the case for men. She believes women should make up half of all CEOs and presidents and thinks it would make for a kinder and gentler world.
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Maye Musk On Raising Successful Children And Leveling Up Her Own Career
Runtime: 09:05


Old School Rider
Old School Rider - 2 dager siden
Maye the force be with you... plaid mode fashion - you rock Maye, thank you for all you add to our life
Money Talk
Money Talk - 19 dager siden
They didn’t start from the bottom . This is not the American dream .
Claudia Vargas
Claudia Vargas - Måned siden
This situation is typical in the American country. Their is many educational platform to teach about self sufficience. I've quit many jobs because of employment abuse.
drew4021 - Måned siden
amazing woman! to have gone through hardships the way she did as a single mom and kept her kids safe -truly a role model. you can see where it comes from with Elon, Kimball and Tuska -all dedicating their careers to the betterment of humanity.
Peace & Love
Peace & Love - Måned siden
This womans beautiful, respectful, and outgoing open mind allowed Elon to spread his wings of imagination and become who he is today ❤
B B - Måned siden
I needed her in my family...
Josie Hodgson
Josie Hodgson - Måned siden
I love her so much.😂🔥
Dana May
Dana May - Måned siden
i did 1 thing wrong and was punished overly severly. / mom
Saveursound4now - Måned siden
What an awesome lady!
Bleu Berry
Bleu Berry - 2 måneder siden
Damn she looks like an android
BeKind2All And be Love
BeKind2All And be Love - 2 måneder siden
Love this woman 👍😍👑
sb9017 - Måned siden
Right she fought for herself and children. She struggled a lot. But she raised children who actually have accomplished a lot.
Madina Vadache
Madina Vadache - 2 måneder siden
Super family : the difference Musks vs Kardashians
no -gracias
no -gracias - 2 måneder siden
Didn’t she live Elon to pursue her career in Canada?
Ruj Saraf
Ruj Saraf - 2 måneder siden
janis panizza
janis panizza - 2 måneder siden
About the ad - to YouTube, please stop only the leftist ads. ACLU is funded by Soros, like most of MSM, and many politicians. Biden is a front for the same old people we got rid of.
Gardian Angel
Gardian Angel - 3 måneder siden
I lover her
Joel Magee
Joel Magee - 3 måneder siden
Yoooo this lady looks like the mother of otis in Sex Ed
James Parker
James Parker - 3 måneder siden
Super mom who raises super kids what a role model
David Monrreal
David Monrreal - 3 måneder siden
I wonder how things will turn out when the one child policy is enforced...
Valerie He
Valerie He - 3 måneder siden
The host makes me feel quite unwelcomed .... and so sticking to her scripted questions... feel bad for Maye
Diarmuid Phelan
Diarmuid Phelan - 3 måneder siden
Amazing lady, exceeds the character of a lot of young women today. She worked hard and life hasn’t stopped her from doing the right thing. She’s an inspiration:)
Sherri Vonch
Sherri Vonch - 3 måneder siden
Blimey she's brave.
山本言 - 3 måneder siden
I think every feminist should learn from Male Musk but not to try be an idiotic male
Mn B
Mn B - 3 måneder siden
You can see where Elon gets the sort of optimistic dreamer, do anything type of outlook from.
WEBSPY - 3 måneder siden
i am less interested in elon now that i know maye, talk about sophisticated.
Anna Vasylioglo
Anna Vasylioglo - 3 måneder siden
dont kniw her in person hehehe but seems so nice person
Jills Mcfarland
Jills Mcfarland - 4 måneder siden
Breed from technocracy,where is your twin ?
rex t
rex t - 4 måneder siden
Wonder, does she still give advice to Elon?
Mn B
Mn B - 3 måneder siden
Just by raising him you can see him through her . He looks up to the sky in the same way she does. See it in the eyes. Natural optimism.
foxopossum - 4 måneder siden
It’s amazing to me that she has felt defeated so many times. That is a common thread among successful people who are still humble. Struggle and defeat but finding a way to keep going. P.S. she’s a true beauty
Erika Comstock
Erika Comstock - 4 måneder siden
Very interesting,for sure I'm gonna research her book.I love how she said women should support women.
Santosh P
Santosh P - 4 måneder siden
She look like she drives cybertruck
I Love Tesla’s
I Love Tesla’s - 3 måneder siden
Santosh P Probably will in the Future.
V K - 4 måneder siden
She raised her kid in a very unconventional way. And Elon is an example of raising kids in the way they need to be!
Limitless Goddess
Limitless Goddess - 4 måneder siden
I SO AGREE with your comment! This is how much I agree hahaa
Moe S. D
Moe S. D - 4 måneder siden
I like what you said, at the end of the show(, women should support women and men should support women as well in order to have 50% of the jobs. My question is who is going to support men!!!!!!!!!! :)
Ya Be
Ya Be - Måned siden
There are still women that support men, I do.
Nazeha Candio
Nazeha Candio - 6 måneder siden
What a lovable honest lady.
Sherri Vonch
Sherri Vonch - 6 måneder siden
Love this.
Julia Walker
Julia Walker - 6 måneder siden
Closet androgynes
Glad Glad La Poderosa
Glad Glad La Poderosa - 6 måneder siden
I want her book 📚She is captivating! So much knowledge and wisdom
Kobus G
Kobus G - 6 måneder siden
Rather feature Mr Musk Snr; he seriously interesting and at the same time a bit controversial, i.e. a fun rogue (sort of like a Hemingway, but way better; or maybe a Crocodile Dundee in a suit and business environment). Elon is much more like his dad than his mom -wildly entrepreneurial, unashamedly boast about hangovers etc, likes pretty girls and has a sense of humour.
rachybaby72 - 6 måneder siden
A "bit" controversial is the understatement of the year...
Jesse - 6 måneder siden
Class act
ThE RaGiNg GaM3R
ThE RaGiNg GaM3R - 6 måneder siden
She looks like she’s in charge of the hunger games lmao