School Closures Could Cost The US $50 Billion

Closing all US schools for one month would erase $50 billion from the economy, according to new analysis led by a professor of epidemiology at NYU. One of the authors of this report speaks on the economic and social implications of these closures, including school meals and parents' ability to work.
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School Closures Could Cost The US $50 Billion
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Business Insider
Business Insider - 6 måneder siden
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Bobby - 6 måneder siden
Business Insider 2020(G) “Respect and dignity.” Furthermore:
Majik - Måned siden
Best thing ever. Schools are not as valuable as one thinks its a place where your filled full of untruths. Its mass programming.
marc andre almario
marc andre almario - 2 måneder siden
Yes , open schools. Let them spread it. Money is important
Chad Smith
Chad Smith - 2 måneder siden
Well now we know why they want schools open so bad. Not for the kids for the money! Sickening display of government greed at the cost of children's life's. America is not the place for citizens anymore. Our lives have a value only when we make them money!
Haqim Al-Arabia
Haqim Al-Arabia - 4 måneder siden
blacks see education as a type of persecution by the white man, they really shouldn't be going to school
Robot Man
Robot Man - 4 måneder siden
Glad LAUSD is getting hit for their bullshit to teachers
noah - 5 måneder siden
5-17 Year olds: *I see this as an absolute win!*
Bill Moyer
Bill Moyer - 5 måneder siden
perhaps you could take 60 seconds to explain your numbers Mr. Professor
Janell Meads
Janell Meads - 5 måneder siden
If you can't feed your children you were already a neglectful parent birthing someone you can't take care of! Government should kill you
Elite Adrian
Elite Adrian - 5 måneder siden
are they closing school in Salem orange?
Big J
Big J - 5 måneder siden
We don’t learn anything at school anyways
Jayden Bell
Jayden Bell - 6 måneder siden
Australia: Can't lose $50 Billion if you don't close schools
RadRich - 6 måneder siden
If this was the case, then billions of dollars would be lost each time school goes on break (Thanksgiving week, Christmas and New Year's break, Spring break, and Summer break.) Never once have I heard money was lost by closing school during these times.
L.A. Lacey
L.A. Lacey - 6 måneder siden
At least the kids aren't being shot
Caden Klug
Caden Klug - 6 måneder siden
Maybe this will make the government think differently about schools and actually make us learn from them.
babygirlrhi - 6 måneder siden
My school district has E-learning. It was originally used for snow days.
Manuel Escobedo
Manuel Escobedo - 6 måneder siden
China should pay for all this closures.
Micheal Thatcher
Micheal Thatcher - 6 måneder siden
0:30, see! I told you! Epstein didn’t kill himself.
DarkCalibur - 6 måneder siden
DampishSteam - 6 måneder siden
Idk about you guys but I love staying home from school
hej då
hej då - 6 måneder siden
Lol, I am a high school student and I have always wanted a distance school until I finally got it now. Lol please open the real school, it's kinda boring and hard to keep track of time and what to do with no teacher to tell you what to do. We follow the schedule and they will have a live presentation then you will be faced with 10000000000000 quetsion to answer in less than an hour.
madelyn grace
madelyn grace - 6 måneder siden
i live in alberta and my school is cancelled for the rest of the year lmaooo
KswitchQrow - 6 måneder siden
I mean we’re our national debt it’s already in the trillions....I don’t see the problem with this
acrodriguez34 - 6 måneder siden
The BENEFIT is that young, pliable minds will get a break from their indoctrination/propaganda camps. THAT'S like a Visa commercial: PRICELESS!
Elizabeth Ara
Elizabeth Ara - 6 måneder siden
Why did the video show black people when talking about lower income individuals?
penandpaper - 6 måneder siden
He says that parents would have to leave work to be at home with their kids. So in that case do these parents also leave work to be at home in May through August when the school year is over?
¥oshi Xo
¥oshi Xo - 6 måneder siden
The vaccine will be the death of humanity.. WAKE UP PEOPLE
David Brown
David Brown - 6 måneder siden
I dunno how not going to school can cost schools money.
David Adewale
David Adewale - 6 måneder siden
My highschool is on the thumbnail
dvxAznxvb - 6 måneder siden
Potential costs of lack of education is just simply too far reaching than what money can quantify
A J R - 6 måneder siden
Things getting worse 😭😭
SHY SHY - 6 måneder siden
I finally got my revenge on the school system
EuroraBorealis - 6 måneder siden
He explained this well from an immunological, epidemiological perspective but his explanation lacked his theory on how he assessed the figures he has. I didn't see figures on the cost per person, averages based on institutions where the cost of schooling is already paid through til the end of the academic year, those who are still being paid while working from home vs those who were forced to quit, where in those numbers are factoring in people and students with disabilities, etc.
Stories told like this are not quite adding to the true information wave that we need, they are really close in territory to fear mongering. Plus, in science and in economics, we need more than 1 study. This video could have been so much more.
Vinny Cola
Vinny Cola - 6 måneder siden
$50 billion? That ain't much to the government
MrDom133 - 6 måneder siden
How would they lose money if they don’t have to fund public schools, and pay for lunches/tuition?
kathurtado13 - Måned siden
@Bleach co. correction PUBLIC EDUCATION is a glorified babysitting industry.
Bleach co.
Bleach co. - 6 måneder siden
MrDom133 they’ll actually still have to pay teachers and tuition will still be paid if the school year continues at home :) but $51 million is petty cash for governments; they really only want us working to make them money even despite the health risks. This just shows that school is really only glorified babysitting:/
yooser naime
yooser naime - 6 måneder siden
Send the bill to China...they caused the problem.
MIA Chan
MIA Chan - 6 måneder siden
This guy is genius, the teacher, staff and other employee don't get paid when the school is closed temporarily.
MIA Chan
MIA Chan - 6 måneder siden
@Devon Teacher in my country is getting paid full monthly salary as long as they don't take a brake by them self. If the closure/brakes from the government/school doesn't matter for how long, they still get paid full.
Devon - 6 måneder siden
My entire school district is at home but we have assignments everyday Monday through Friday online and all our teachers are working from home like Google classroom assignments but the teachers are still getting payed but for only 3 hours what their calling their office hours at home for us to talk to them or contact them so their still getting payed just for less time our assignments also count as our attendance if you do them if you dont your absent for the class.
Lean Mean Green Bean Machine
Lean Mean Green Bean Machine - 6 måneder siden
Joshua Epstein didn’t kill himself
Atrain - 6 måneder siden
Considering public schools have really become extremely low quality in the U.S., this shutdown is probably good for the kids.
Angel S
Angel S - 6 måneder siden
Atrain your county probably has a lower budget.
Sebastian Martinez
Sebastian Martinez - 6 måneder siden
Everyone losing money right now