Sneaky Ways Flower-Delivery Services Get Your Money

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You've probably turned to flower delivery sites when you've needed a go-to gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or the holidays. And chances are you've ended up with way more items in your cart at checkout than you expected. As you order flowers for your loved ones, don't forget to make sure you know where your flowers are coming from and who is getting paid for them.
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Sneaky Ways Flower-Delivery Services Get Your Money
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Alexei Sozinov
Alexei Sozinov - 2 måneder siden
Flower delivery in boxes seems to be a new reality.
LadyOrion2012 - 4 måneder siden
I'd rather get plants that last year round or longer from hubby who picked it out himself from a garden nursery. He's given me some beauties over the years.
moyera agarwal
moyera agarwal - 6 måneder siden
Instead of gifting bouquets, a better option would be to gift a flowering plant!
1) They last way longer and will make the person think about you everyday, when they water the flower.
2) Packaging of flowers uses plastic ribbons, tags and plastic wraps, all equaling a huge amount of plastic waste gathered.
3) Potted plants with flowers add to the asthetic beauty of your house, not to mention, their odour is just wonderful.
4) Your house now has more fresh oxygen.
5) You are now spending more than 1/8th than what you spent purchasing that huge bouquet.
6) If you want to gift a fancy bouquet, instead, import a fancy plant sampling.
Think about it.
Kelly Watkins
Kelly Watkins - 6 måneder siden
Stop cutting flowers. It releases the pollen when you do that. Send a live plant
AnvilMAn603 - 6 måneder siden
ive delivered flowers, the florist i worked for imported all their flowers from south america
mishal321gaming - 6 måneder siden
ok but what happens when you buy it from amazon
Aneta - 6 måneder siden
I ordered some for my father when he was in the hospital and they were really ugly quality. Some of the bigger leaves were bruised and had holes in them and I had to pick off a bunch of brown leaves of the flower stems. I called to complain but they wanted a picture and I didn’t think to take one because I had to fix it quickly and run. I’ve never ordered from this place again! 😒😤👎🏻
Cali White
Cali White - 6 måneder siden
I dont like flowers 😐
シュガー - 6 måneder siden
Bruh imagine having someone to give shit to
Family Broich
Family Broich - 6 måneder siden
The reason why I buy them at Trader Joe’s over my local florist is cost. The florist wants $40 for a $10 bouquet of the same flowers. I don’t need a vase and all that Jazz all the time 😬🤷‍♀️
Realistic Man
Realistic Man - 7 måneder siden
just don't buy stupid flowers. They are going to fade anyway
The Desi Vegan
The Desi Vegan - 7 måneder siden
They have never gotten my money.
January Colnick
January Colnick - 7 måneder siden
"Everyone love flowers"
Well... DUH! But I don't like dead flowers or fresh-picked flowers.
I prefer to see alive flowers while they're are minding their own business.
It's just weird to see humans give dead plants to show "love". Ever consider useful gifts like umbrella, backpack or money?
Stephen Diaz
Stephen Diaz - 7 måneder siden
Lmao the only captions option is for Portuguese...
Joey Baseball
Joey Baseball - 7 måneder siden
Just grow the flowers yourself.
Jason Dichter
Jason Dichter - 7 måneder siden
The flowers I get from the grocery store are gorgeous, affordable, and make my wife happy. Why would I spend 4 times as much for the same reaction?
Shelvin Moraa
Shelvin Moraa - 7 måneder siden
I dont like flowers.....
lostinthelookingglas - 7 måneder siden
It's better and nicer to buy someone flowers in a pot. That way they can have the flowers forever.
Gotta go
Gotta go - 7 måneder siden
$100 is a lot of money to spend on a plant you can't smoke...
Gotta go
Gotta go - 7 måneder siden
which is why if you must order flowers, order directly from a local florist and not a website. If your order is for someone out of town, call a florist local to that area. You will get more bang for your buck & the florist will thank you.
OR - even better - Buy a f*cking orchid.
Karan Bhela
Karan Bhela - 7 måneder siden
People: everyone loves flowers
Depressed people like me: great now these pretty flowers have to die to make me happy.
I’m feeling worse now
A.N - 6 måneder siden
Karan Bhela shut up, attention seeker
Katherine Z
Katherine Z - 7 måneder siden
Every Convenient service is expensive
mohammad zohorul
mohammad zohorul - 7 måneder siden
Just grow your own flowers.
EDKH - 7 måneder siden
Chad dont buy no flowers
mrbear1302 - 7 måneder siden
You can usually get large bouquets of flowers at a farmer's market for about $10 - $15.
mrbear1302 - 7 måneder siden
I ordered from Bouqs and it took a month for the flowers to actually get to my family member (non holiday time of year) and it still cost $60.00!!!!
Janiece Chan
Janiece Chan - 7 måneder siden
*looks over at floral delivery flowers
C Brown
C Brown - 7 måneder siden
So just buy directly from local shops? Ok, easy.
G G - 7 måneder siden
So overpriced geez
Sâm Nguyễn Thị
Sâm Nguyễn Thị - 7 måneder siden
Subtitle please
ADVENTURE Xperience - 7 måneder siden
A day late asshole...❤️🤪
Lin Lovecraft
Lin Lovecraft - 7 måneder siden
My mom works for harry and David. They were purchased by 1800 flowers and it became a shit show. This big companies just kill everything.
Anonymous Koala
Anonymous Koala - 7 måneder siden
Hmmm. I wonder how much money Mr. Beast paid.
Joel Hall
Joel Hall - 7 måneder siden
You're missing the obvious: that florists tend to lose money on Valentine's Day.
crashweaverda - 7 måneder siden
xxnike629xx - 7 måneder siden
I find it ridiculous that certain holidays have certain expectations in terms of buying certain products/services. It's just a sneaky way for these companies (not just flowers) to sell us stuff that we'll throw away the next day or maybe keep for a few weeks (like flowers) and then throw away.
This is especially true for cards, which are severely overpriced.
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas - 7 måneder siden
Anyone here after watching Mr. Beast's 100000 roses video? 😂
Joe Joey
Joe Joey - 7 måneder siden
I did a cargo flight full of flowers from Nairobi , Kenya . The flowers cost pennies
Joe Joey
Joe Joey - 7 måneder siden
Lechiffresix six you’d be shocked if you see the tiny nation of Qatar and how much to global warming they alone contribute
Lechiffresix six
Lechiffresix six - 7 måneder siden
@Joe Joey nope its not though lol! really its not, it doesn't make sense that one continent would consume 50% of the resources of the planet including those that aren't even a necessity . the burden of global warming isn't shared equally.
Joe Joey
Joe Joey - 7 måneder siden
Lechiffresix six our consumption in general as a species. It’s not one thing that if we eliminated it would stop climate change
Lechiffresix six
Lechiffresix six - 7 måneder siden
@Joe Joey i figure those weren't yours, but hen we don't need flowers in winter anyway. this whole business is directly tied to globl warming
Joe Joey
Joe Joey - 7 måneder siden
Lechiffresix six they aren’t mine , I’m just doing my job lol . But I imagine it’s hard to grow roses in winter in the US
HorizontalEagle - 7 måneder siden
The title is about sneaky ways in spending. Why are you talking about the business model.
Guess Who
Guess Who - 7 måneder siden
Who’s in their right mind spending 100 bucks on something that get thrown away in 3 days smh
eric colin
eric colin - 6 måneder siden
@Kelly Watkins not true, not quite sure what kind of men you have dated, but mines was pure and out of love.
Kelly Watkins
Kelly Watkins - 6 måneder siden
Guilty men....
Jerardi Garcia
Jerardi Garcia - 7 måneder siden
Well maybe you should throw them away after 2 weeks not 3 days smh
eric colin
eric colin - 7 måneder siden
@Angel S love makes you do stupid decisions.
Angel S
Angel S - 7 måneder siden
eric colin 😂