Sneaky Ways Movie Theaters Get You To Spend More Money

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Between ticket prices and concessions, movie theaters are expensive. But movie theater chains like AMC and Regal only keep around 50% of the revenue from ticket sales each year. But theaters are able to keep over 80% of concessions revenue as profit. So most theaters are designed to get you to spend money on food. And it works, AMC reports that more than 71% of attendees spend money on concessions.
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Sneaky Ways Movie Theaters Get You To Spend More Money
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Aditya Khot
Aditya Khot - Time siden
"Eat before you go"
J J - 5 timer siden
Rock Fish
Rock Fish - 9 timer siden
The last time i went to a movie i bught a popcorn an on the way out i got free popcorn as i left.....
Exauce Mayunga
Exauce Mayunga - 13 timer siden
Ahh movie theaters, I remember when we used to go there back in the days😌
Joe Da Show
Joe Da Show - 18 timer siden
"No outside food" .... Ok sure
John Galt
John Galt - 22 timer siden
Just another reason not to go
Who’s laughing now, huh AMC?
Erick N
Erick N - Dag siden
Back In the day we use to go to the movie theater, now with Rona out here in this streets; I ain't taking a chance🤷‍♂️🤣
G Medrano
G Medrano - Dag siden
Lmao I remember when my girl brought elotes and Mac and cheese.... this was when we’d go ATLEAST twice a week... Most of the time they wouldn’t tell us anything haha
Mugshot Marley
Mugshot Marley - Dag siden
Just take your own stuff in a bag they aren’t aloud to search you
Chris N
Chris N - 2 dager siden
I sneak in edibles
Jameson Thomas
Jameson Thomas - 2 dager siden
My AMC theater used to be the one at Disney World, and they let you bring your own food! Special theater rules I guess. I would frequently walk in with Blaze Pizza... or a hamburger... or carrots in a bag. Whatever I felt
Orange Juice
Orange Juice - 2 dager siden
There is a dollar tree right near my local theatre and everything there costs $1.25 so I just buy all I can for like 5 dollars and sneak it in and they never notice
Lucas Osuagwu
Lucas Osuagwu - 2 dager siden
“So what can you do to save money”
Me: “Get them ziplocks ready boys!”
Jean Pérez
Jean Pérez - 2 dager siden
Before Pandemic: Man, I hate spending so much money on the movie theater.
During The Pandemic: GO BACK!
oran sapir
oran sapir - 3 dager siden
Just me or my mom always buys the biggest popcorn asks for like extra boxes and just splits it
MikeyonPC - 3 dager siden
Nothing against the theaters, host is trying to get people to hate them, but the people who are really making people waste time are the film studios, boring movies except for the 2% I actually go see, and i LOVE going to the movies, but there just isn't enough good art being created
The_Derpy_Dragon - 3 dager siden
Frielle EGelle
Frielle EGelle - 3 dager siden
me who goes to a specific kind of Bay for movies : (0-0)
Schwegway dope boy
Schwegway dope boy - 3 dager siden
This guy actually paid for everything 😂
RIVC - 3 dager siden
Lmao where I lived they don't check bags or anything because I don't live in usa
monica v
monica v - 3 dager siden
it’s not about people sneaking the food in, it’s about them not being good enough to pick up after themselves. a good about 70% of people who have worked in the movie theater industry understand the prices are high. all they ask is you pick up after yourself instead of leaving a 5 course meal and adding more trash to pick up for the employees.
splurke - 3 dager siden
That’s why I don’t get finessed, I only go to movies when it’s five dollars on Tuesdays and I never buy food because a movies only two hours, I know that instead of paying $30 for greasy buttery popcorn and candy they will only fill me up for a small while I save the $30 and go get me a fillet from a steakhouse after and it will cost the same
Roberto Reyes
Roberto Reyes - 4 dager siden
I “invested” in a surround sound after my daughter was born last year in September. My wife and I were huge movie goers, and were sad that hobby was now gone. Little did we know that the home would be most peoples way of enjoying movies in 2020 and possibly into 2021.
Jayson Brady lol
Jayson Brady lol - 4 dager siden
It’s a good thing I haven’t gone in years I can watch it all online.
Manasi l
Manasi l - 4 dager siden
If the employees don't get a raise or bonus with every person they catch sneaking in snacks, why do they even care? Just let us save money and you save your time, best for both!
Owen - 4 dager siden
The dollar tree knows what its doing by always being beside a movie theater
Mikel Sopelana Durango
Mikel Sopelana Durango - 4 dager siden
Jokes on you, where I live it’s illegal for theaters and cinemas to not allow you to bring your own food.
I'm not a virgin whoever says that is lying
well it is quite pricey but when i feel good about myself i will buy the large pop corn ( it's 5 euros )
Cosmic Freeze
Cosmic Freeze - 5 dager siden
Ah the heavenly taste of popcorn 🍿🤤
peach - 5 dager siden
ok but why did this make me wanna buy popcorn at the theatres
Jesse Pinkman
Jesse Pinkman - 5 dager siden
I sneaked two pizzas inside a hoodie into the cinema
Ashly R
Ashly R - 5 dager siden
In the UK you are allowed to take your own snacks in.
mary jane’s baby
mary jane’s baby - 5 dager siden
I’ll bring my own snacks to the theater down to the popcorn seasoning.🤣
YRJ Keenwa
YRJ Keenwa - 6 dager siden
Like you’re there 2 hours averagely so if u can’t go that long w out eating something bro, just bring pocket snacks
YRJ Keenwa
YRJ Keenwa - 6 dager siden
Tickets are already enough
Ammar Hafeez
Ammar Hafeez - 6 dager siden
Im not sure if Costcos in the states have these, but here they sell a 2 movie admission, 2 medium popcorn, and 2 medium drinks for 32 dollars. Me and my girlfriend stock up on em and just use those. At 16 dollars a person is significantly better and cheaper, plus we both get our own popcorn and drinks. That's always a cost-effective way of going to the theatre and not sacrificing popcorn or drinks.
Aiden Jarrett
Aiden Jarrett - 7 dager siden
All we should really be buying is popcorn we can sneak the rest in
D. L.
D. L. - 6 dager siden
That's literally all I do. Get a large popcorn cause I know I can get a refill to take home. Anything else I want, just bring it with me.
Shamma Allaabi
Shamma Allaabi - 7 dager siden
In the us it nine dollars a ticket wich is 33 dirhams in my country but the cinema ticket in my country is 50 whyyyyy
YSN_Rick - 7 dager siden
Who’s mom use to smuggle in candy
Brandon Vong
Brandon Vong - 7 dager siden
they've managed to teach me the scams of a movie theater but also make me wanna go to the movies now
Ozamataz Buckshank
Ozamataz Buckshank - 7 dager siden
Uuuum so you are saying a movie theater is a business??🤔
ken mercredi
ken mercredi - 7 dager siden
lol sneak snacks
Joshua Bailey
Joshua Bailey - 8 dager siden
Am I the only one that's been sneaking in dollar tree candy from the jump?
Loony Bee playz
Loony Bee playz - 8 dager siden
The last time I went to a movie theater I spent like 50 dollars💀
Tonycia •
Tonycia • - 8 dager siden
Oh heck nawww
Jorge Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez - 8 dager siden
I work at a cinemark theater we sell a small pizza hut with 4 pizzas for $10 lol
Jack Che
Jack Che - 8 dager siden
Hong Kong theatre have the best popcorn ever. Trust me I know
William Waite
William Waite - 9 dager siden
I thought it was a pretty well known fact that movie theaters don't profit that much from ticket sales and rather make their money from concessions.
Amanda Alves
Amanda Alves - 9 dager siden
I buy popcorn from local family own popcorn business.
May love Prevail
May love Prevail - 9 dager siden
An ad for netflix, Amazon Prime ?
Sam Coll
Sam Coll - 9 dager siden
Jokes on them my sense of smell is almost nonexistent.
C T - 9 dager siden
Ngl, movie popcorn is better for one reason:

Not as much unpopped popcorn at the bottom
Also, if you don’t sneak in food you haven’t lived, I once snuck in 2 boxes of sour patch watermelon, 1 box of milk duds, and 2 bottles of coke.
Tejaan Show
Tejaan Show - 9 dager siden
Never give up
Stfunoah - 10 dager siden
9 dollars for a ticket is cheap 17$ here
Tiffany Capili
Tiffany Capili - 10 dager siden
Sooo true popcorn is more expensive in cinema than is the grocery.
ysf_ar - 10 dager siden
And in the UK fill up your back packs full of pound land snacks were going Cineworld
Edit: and no one cares if you do that here :)
Maddy Lee
Maddy Lee - 10 dager siden
I still sneak in my Mc Donalds. I ain't gonna pay $13 for a hotdog.
Raul Gomez
Raul Gomez - 10 dager siden
Covid 19 Has Entered the Chat
thelazywhitedog - 11 dager siden
in the philippines, you can bring your own food. However, you can't bring smelly food that may disturb the audience. So, you can bring fast food food in a cinema.
OG2K - 11 dager siden
You just made me want to make microwave popcorn
CampioneDi17 - 11 dager siden
? But Regal does let us sneak it in?
SirestebaNZ YT
SirestebaNZ YT - 11 dager siden
Haha checkmate, i don' buy anything!
Gabriela Gonzalez-orbegoso
Gabriela Gonzalez-orbegoso - 12 dager siden
Ngl, after a while that popcorn started making my stomach hurt, along with my mom
We just started bringing 1-2 microwaveable popcorn bags to the movies and only bought drinks
Leanne Adams
Leanne Adams - 12 dager siden
Nothing is affordable anymore! Or ever ! lol !!! What was the first movie you saw and the year ? Please let me know !
Cinnabonчик Стефуния
In my local shopping mall there are like 10 floors. On floor 0 there is a grocery store and here you can buy a Snickers for around 15 hryvnas(Ukrainian currency). On floor 7 or 8(I don’t remember) there is a cinema where you can buy a Snickers for around 30 hryvnas.👌
Zack Snyder
Zack Snyder - 12 dager siden
That is what happens when you have a monopoly. This is the same tactic as used in Theaters, amusement parks, and sports games
IrritationPersonified - 12 dager siden
This actually makes me want to buy food in a movie theatre. I mean - if that's the majority of their income - not buying food while going on a movie that you're most likely about to enjoy is a bit like torrenting a video game and not actually buying it even if you like it. And mind you - I'm saying that as a person that is trying to save money on everything and that visits movie theathres pretty much only on mandatory school trips.
Poter - 12 dager siden
Feng - 12 dager siden
my friend and I made it a habit to stop by the asian market before going to the movies
TøasterAJ - 12 dager siden
Before the quarantine my family hustled VIP passes too a nice theater so we didn’t have too pay for tickets 😂 and when we went we would always stop at cvs and buy the best cheap candy sometimes other things. Then we put the stuff in the bottom of my dads backpack and when we where there we bought the large popcorn combo with a large soda for my dad and everyone else would get free water cups! The only thing we bought was the 15 dollar large popcorn and soda combo for are family most of the which was not too bad because we always eat it all and sometimes get refills for free 😂. For all 4 of us (most of the time) we only pay 15 dollars! So basically we beat the system! I really miss those days! 😓😭
Superby - 13 dager siden
so this is what it feels like to be stinky rich

In my country you can get food in theatre but just dont bring full meals
Godbdsm ,
Godbdsm , - 13 dager siden
I don’t like popcorn I normally get a Mountain Dew, or a Pepsi , and for food I like to get Maltesers
Anime. Computer
Anime. Computer - 13 dager siden
I saw 👀 evangelion 👀
Sherry Brown
Sherry Brown - 14 dager siden
I see why popcorn and snacks are so high at movie theaters.
Andres Hernandez
Andres Hernandez - 14 dager siden
I'm from the future majority of Movie theaters still closed because of Covid19 none open near me at least in upland California! :(
KingJake2511 - 14 dager siden
Solution: just buy popcorn and a bottle of water.
Micha M
Micha M - 15 dager siden
i thought i'll learn something, but aren't these thing obious? :D
Bill Chen
Bill Chen - 16 dager siden
Why would you ever buy fast food in movie theater lmao🤣 If u really need fast food you can just literally go to the plaza after you finished the movie and those literally are cheaper and higher quality tho 🤣🤣
Aiden Shubert
Aiden Shubert - 16 dager siden
That's why I go to the dollar store and buy candy beforehand and sneak it in because I'm not an absolute moron.
Donna Joseph-Barford
Donna Joseph-Barford - 17 dager siden
Best thing I did was stop going to the movies in 2009. Movies turned into movies made for the global not America and sucked. Plus I save a ton of money.
Agus Pratama
Agus Pratama - 17 dager siden
Or just broke
You only had money to buy tickets
The lamb Sauce
The lamb Sauce - 18 dager siden
Just use the ole prison wallet
Ayden Serrano
Ayden Serrano - 18 dager siden
Omg the dudes enthusiasm while reading the script is really annoying cause he’s literally putting excitement into every little thing and trying way to hard
XxKevGodxX - 18 dager siden
Me: *buys popcorn*
My mom: *Sneeck*
Mohammed Abu jayyab
Mohammed Abu jayyab - 18 dager siden
I am still going to sneak in snacks to theatres. I dont care
Jack Barnett
Jack Barnett - 18 dager siden
Lmao, I wonder how much Studio Movie Grill then.
William Girard
William Girard - 18 dager siden
I dont like his voice
Steven Martinez
Steven Martinez - 19 dager siden
I mean u ain't gonna find a screen that big so why not
Leo - 19 dager siden
I haven't been to the movies since 2001
Chloe Wu
Chloe Wu - 19 dager siden
Let’s just admit we have all snuck food into the movie theater
Todd Ament
Todd Ament - 19 dager siden
If the prices were cheaper you wouldn't sit in air-conditioned comfort.
Isaiah Ford
Isaiah Ford - 20 dager siden
Dollar general
Waqar Bhatti
Waqar Bhatti - 20 dager siden
who pays
Ryan Nelson
Ryan Nelson - 20 dager siden
Not gonna lie. I do buy popcorn and drinks. The cost vs the amount of pleasure it brings it's worth it. 😍
Your BFF
Your BFF - 21 dag siden
Anyone can say tips to sneak snacks into theatres😅✌
Evan Boggs
Evan Boggs - 21 dag siden
Dis is why I sneak stuff in
Arlo Cordell
Arlo Cordell - 21 dag siden
because is very delicious and fresh and good
Dianne Young
Dianne Young - 21 dag siden
I can remember my grandma or my mom bringing there huge purse full of pickles, soda, candy.. oh those were the good days!
Arlo Cordell
Arlo Cordell - 21 dag siden
I felt like like I could befriend anyone do anything and do a fantasic job
A X - 22 dager siden
Mexico ones are better