So Expensive Season 4 Marathon

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From real truffles to Champagne, camel milk to Japanese swords, we traveled around the world to find the hidden stories behind many luxury products.
Episodes featured:
Real Truffles- 00:22
Kolinsky Sable Brushes- 06:30
Modern Art- 13:10
Oysters- 19:31
Real Champagne- 24:11
Anti-Aging Products- 31:27
Full-Spectrum CBD Oil- 37:02
Gold- 43:44
Japanese Swords- 50:18
Palm Oil- 55:54
Camel Milk- 1:03:15
Avocados- 1:08:42
Apple Products- 1:17:19
Air Travel- 1:25:02
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So Expensive Season 4 Marathon
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Runtime: 1:32:07


Business Insider
Business Insider - 5 måneder siden
Episodes Featured:
Truffles - 00:35
Kolinsky Sable Brushes - 06:41
Modern Art - 13:22

Oysters - 19:40
Real Champagne - 24:23
Anti-Aging Products - 31:38
Full Spectrum CBD Oil - 37:12
Gold - 43:56
Japanese Swords - 50:29
Palm Oil - 56:05
Camel Milk - 1:03:27
Avocados - 1:08:53
Apple Products - 1:17:33
Air Travel - 1:25:08
STFU FFS - 19 dager siden
What on earth is ah-GWA-kah-te? In Spanish, its pronounced ah-wah-KAH-te.
Beeker - 26 dager siden
No such thing as climate change bro. Unless you have to say that to get more likes?
Aissatu Sila Pereira
Aissatu Sila Pereira - 27 dager siden
DarkReaperOfficial - Måned siden
Feedtheflamesgy - Måned siden
Ray c viikl iokokokokkokkoookkoo
Royalte Luis
Royalte Luis - 2 timer siden
I think modern art is pretty stupid . I mean I could just cover some babies in paint and let them play on a white canvas . Then I could sell it for 100000 dollars . Smh
Mizai - Dag siden
2:32 mycelium
KuuBluhKahn - Dag siden
Imagine looking at a turd taped on a canvas and paying 9 million for it....i got a Cleveland steamer brewing for the next modern art piece as we speak
Nicole Bearrow
Nicole Bearrow - 2 dager siden
I use Olay
Fluffy Beast
Fluffy Beast - 3 dager siden
Modern and contemporary art is pretty stupid tbh
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson - 4 dager siden
These numbers are soooooo far off it’s insane that the narrator didn’t find those numbers ridiculous
Every single person that works in the paintbrush factory would have to produce 7,610 brushes a piece for 7 days a week to make those type of numbers
It really bugs me how haphazardly people, especially young people say million these days like a million of anything isn’t an overwhelming amount to begin with but I hear people constantly saying that word about all these dumb things like it’s nothing because it makes them look ignorant
That would mean that every worker that makes the brushes would have to make nearly 6 brushes every minute of the day 7 days a week 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
Does this sound doable to anyone with an IQ score that’s at least the same number as their shoe size?
All nine people would have to make 1 brush every 10 sec 24/7-365
That is almost one brush for every single second of each day for one whole year
Debra Clark
Debra Clark - 4 dager siden
One of my most favorite interesting shows
rine303 - 5 dager siden
Oisters are nasty
Dena Ramirez
Dena Ramirez - 5 dager siden
so long story short everything is expensive because humans are destroying the planet
toh ping Tiang
toh ping Tiang - 7 dager siden
So what if he die before 49 years? You can say those swords are works of art. Unlike those modern art. We may be in deep crap if palm oil is becoming expensive. Camels live in dry climate. DRY. And people keep accepting the crap apple give them. I didn't know motorola also make smart phones.
Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor - 7 dager siden
A 50 ml bottle in the us is like 10-15 bucks
ToxicWasteGirl - 8 dager siden
She licked the brush-
henry bourdon
henry bourdon - 8 dager siden
Modern art is dumb and i know i can make a mess on a white canvas like these people. rich people are so smart making money but also it seems easy to make them part with it with this childish labor of love so to speak.
Grace Kim
Grace Kim - 8 dager siden
*Smart dog hunts out really hard to find truffles*
* my cat cant even find one piece of treat I put right infront of her*
Adrian Foca
Adrian Foca - 8 dager siden
That is art 😂?
Sleeping Dragons
Sleeping Dragons - 9 dager siden
I've found most of these high priced items are just a ruse to play off of the low intelligence and high egos of the rich
Katanya Chambers
Katanya Chambers - 10 dager siden
Oysters in my country are soooo cheap. They’re literally street food and cost like 100 jmd, that’s less than a US dollar
Adam Bradley
Adam Bradley - 10 dager siden
Whoa up there mate!! Armed night patrols of avocado plantations in New Zealand?!?!
Our police arent even armed!! Unless its farmer who is out for a walk after dark with his bunny buster, its very unlikely someone would be protecting anything with a gun legally in New Zealand.
unbroken1010 - 11 dager siden
I find it hilarious everybody complaining about Modern Art has no problem paying $1,500 for a cell phone by Apple and a ridiculous amount of money for weed because they think it's better let's talk about how many people complaining about Modern Art are online every Thursday by newest quote Supreme shirt which is usually just a stolen image. You're all bigger slaves than you think
Ofon - 11 dager siden
3:20 Looks like Waldo got sick of people finding him in countless children's books, so he made a career out of finding truffles!
Shell Beechey
Shell Beechey - 12 dager siden
I couldn't drink camel salt isn't healthy 🤢🤮
grottles grotto
grottles grotto - 12 dager siden
the crew that works on this must be so happy to get to try these luxury goods
Jay Arr
Jay Arr - 13 dager siden
Modern art is money laundering
KojiMakesVODS - 13 dager siden
One day I was sick of being poor so I bought a canvas. I sold that canvas for a loan of 1,000,000,000 dollars 💵 Remember kids, money isn’t everything!!
Raju Miah
Raju Miah - 13 dager siden
No one cares if these billionaires make more money, I say let climate change destroy all these businesses. I want to be a billionaire
FoldLeft - 14 dager siden
I used a mac for 4 months while I was forced to for the programming bootcamp I attended, they refused to support Linux even though I wouldn't need any support. I sold it right away after I left so I could use Linux again, boy am I glad they hold their price so well.
Soumya shamnad
Soumya shamnad - 14 dager siden
Mawkish - 16 dager siden
the people trying to justify the art have such punchable faces
its britneybyotch
its britneybyotch - 16 dager siden
I am not the only one who cringed at the modern art part right? ;-;
nuno bartolo
nuno bartolo - 16 dager siden
So they don’t farm them for artificial scarcity
Marcos Ramos
Marcos Ramos - 16 dager siden
Yeah I get the influence Rothko had
But I personally think he’s overrated. Don’t care for it at all. I like Kandinsky better.
R Metal
R Metal - 16 dager siden
Some modern art triggers me i mean they look ridiculously GROTESQUE.
John Jereb
John Jereb - 17 dager siden
I am of the opinion that western civilization,is the most manipulated,brainwashed,and lied to civilization in the history of mankind...and its all thanks to marketing...but what do I know............
Mikey P.
Mikey P. - 17 dager siden
Maple tree leaves are edible... but they're so common that no one would pay for them. That's why their not for sale. If truffles grew plentifully everywhere, no one would bother with them.
PrinceIcyWolf Alpha
PrinceIcyWolf Alpha - 17 dager siden
eee Apologizes but they put the brush in their mouth? ee
Double O7
Double O7 - 17 dager siden
Why so much commercials 😑
Tawfik Ahmed
Tawfik Ahmed - 17 dager siden
Imagine getting a hand job from one of those brush makers😂
Carlos Merino
Carlos Merino - 18 dager siden
You cant look at the price of a Printing if im buy it Better look good
Sean Buller
Sean Buller - 18 dager siden
global warming is a FARCE and a HOAX!!!! this has been common knowledge for MANY years