Supercar Designer Dissects The Design Of The Acura NSX

The Acura NSX is the company’s most notable car, which left little room for error when developing the second generation of the vehicle. Dave Marek, the executive creative director for Acura, worked on the original, and most recent, design of the supercar. He shared the process and insights that went into recreating the iconic car for modern times.
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Supercar Designer Dissects The Design Of The Acura NSX
Runtime: 07:13


WONtothaG - 5 dager siden
Looks awful. It has no resemblance with the NA1 or NA2 design.
keiming227 - Måned siden
Honda's (Audi) R8
:o - Måned siden
Too bad the car came out at the wrong time though. I remember back in 2009-2013 high-tech cars like the GT-R were all the hype and Nissan GT-R's were selling like crazy, but now those types of cars are declining nowadays since the trend is shifting back towards driver involvement.
random guy
random guy - Måned siden
I like his wrist watch
ColinF - Måned siden
Edelwen - Måned siden
learnt more in how to design and draw car than in car design tutorial
Anurag Singh
Anurag Singh - 2 måneder siden
What watch is that?
AverageSuscriber17 - 3 måneder siden
I’d love to see a video like this with the Acura designers to talk about the differences between the 2019 type S concept and the 2021 tlx type S and why some of the changes were made.
Gman TwoThree
Gman TwoThree - 3 måneder siden
The 1st gen when it came out was an instant classic. This one is... meh.
R. Arad
R. Arad - 3 måneder siden
@BusinessInsider We need more designer videos!!
Kc Jay
Kc Jay - 3 måneder siden
It was a lady who designed the body right?
J Hsieh
J Hsieh - 3 måneder siden
Thought Michelle Christensen did the styling
Raf Raf
Raf Raf - 3 måneder siden
The old nsx still looks far better than the new one
WHITE LION - 4 måneder siden
Dave Marek is amazing. He explains things so well and makes it enjoyable. I never thought much of the new NSX but after watching this I like it now. Too bad I want electric so I pre-ordered the tri-motor Tesla CyberTruck...
Jay K
Jay K - 4 måneder siden
I think the c8 corvettes are sold out
JRM HD - 4 måneder siden
tHAts A jEStEr thEY StoLE iT
Juan de la Cosa
Juan de la Cosa - 4 måneder siden
The original looks italian, the second one korean.
ASHIK K. - 4 måneder siden
I saw it in black af
Amir Muhammad
Amir Muhammad - 4 måneder siden
I was thinking about how the NSX was designed, suddenly it's published one day ago. What a time
T Vo
T Vo - 4 måneder siden
Great job designing a beautiful car, that no one is buying
hatedumb - 4 måneder siden
I was gonna buy Ice-Cream today.
Now I'm gonna skimp the Ice-Cream and straight up buy this car.
This is advertising done right
hatedumb - 4 måneder siden
When his stick figure is still a better portrayal of a person than improvised comic artist that feel entitled to get paid big money on Patreon.
Fizzul F
Fizzul F - 4 måneder siden
"..too american"- Keiichi Tsuchiya, drift king
Project.D Films
Project.D Films - 4 måneder siden
PapaDalbec - 4 måneder siden
How do I flag this video for misinformation?
Meow Milev
Meow Milev - 4 måneder siden
The new design look and feel cheap! Only an idiot would buy it! He should be ashamed of himself!
Spacemonkeymojo - 4 måneder siden
It would be funny if he started out drawing the Audi logo thinking "I want an Audi".
Alex Cantu
Alex Cantu - 4 måneder siden
That car looks dope af
Platypus Paws
Platypus Paws - 4 måneder siden
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Schrödinger Cat
Schrödinger Cat - 4 måneder siden
Why doesn't the moon fall .? Watch this
tubesurfer23 - 4 måneder siden
Probably the ugliest 2-door car that cost over 100k being made today.
Nico Montinola
Nico Montinola - 4 måneder siden
I like the original better. It was lower, lighter and more agile. I would've just put a V-10 twin turbo with huge rims and tires, no satellite navigation BS sheet like that.
dany villon
dany villon - 4 måneder siden
I love my 2nd Gen NSX!
Don’t whoosh me
Don’t whoosh me - Måned siden
Dee - 4 måneder siden
Elon's design team forgot some sketches for their cybertruck
s2k kyle
s2k kyle - 4 måneder siden
HSV-10 was so much cooler. The new NSX is nice but not HSV nice
Alex - 4 måneder siden
$160,000.00 for a Honda.
Khoa Do
Khoa Do - Måned siden
Still a much better value than the i8.
I OFFER YOU THIS - 3 måneder siden
meanwhile ford trucks can cost over 100k....
Marc mcclure
Marc mcclure - 4 måneder siden
Mid Engine Hybrid Super Car. Plus the Reliability of a Honda. Not a bad price!
Carbon567 - 4 måneder siden
Its a Honda you pillock
Traffic Cone
Traffic Cone - 4 måneder siden
In some countries, it's called the Honda NSX, and in some countries, it's called the Acura NSX, get some research done before comment things you dense potato
bryan _____
bryan _____ - 4 måneder siden
this is a good car in gta
bryan _____
bryan _____ - 4 måneder siden
oh the gta car
sealobo - 4 måneder siden
Say what you want, the car ain’t selling.
Justus Kuroyuki
Justus Kuroyuki - Måned siden
It doesnt have to. Its a halo car to make other lesser models sell more