The Real Reasons Coronavirus Hits Some Communities Harder Than Others

The Bronx has fewer people than Manhattan but almost double the amount of COVID-19 cases and deaths. We dive into the economic, societal, and healthcare landscapes of the two New York City boroughs to understand why COVID-19 is two times deadlier in the Bronx.
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The Real Reasons Coronavirus Hits Some Communities Harder Than Others
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Faris Abdurrahman
Faris Abdurrahman - 6 dager siden
The brinx needs islam
eXpress URSELf
eXpress URSELf - 19 dager siden
Bronx ppl thought covid19 is a hoax that's why they don't wash their hands
DEVENDER KUMAR - Måned siden
How black people get from this more then white people Covid is racist
Gulag my comrade
Gulag my comrade - Måned siden
……………when you live in Brooklyn
singh r p
singh r p - Måned siden
This is a stunning although Asian mix up 14% percent of the population their percentage in depth is only 7%.
You should document this why it is happening.
I think this will make interesting finding.
Is it ethnicity, race, colour or purely habits out of a long cultural legacy.
singh r p
singh r p - Måned siden
Plese read mix as makes and depth as death in previous post.
thomabb - Måned siden
There were a lot of people in the Bronx who were admitted to the hospital as a suspect case, and while they were waiting for their test they were put in a room with a confirmed case. A lot of those didn't have covid initially but caught it while they were in the hospital. From there it was a race to get the government subsidy by putting patients on ventilators as quickly as possible.
M - 2 måneder siden
Those in poverty or lower income areas are harder hit.
Yu Kay
Yu Kay - 2 måneder siden
well... poor ppl can't wash their hand??
didn't know dat :)
jermain burnett
jermain burnett - 3 måneder siden
Station island make up 80% whites
Joshua Tang
Joshua Tang - 3 måneder siden
Just think about it put who make more money generally eat more healthier and people who make less money eat less healthier
Alex Plays
Alex Plays - 3 måneder siden
Coronavirus is spreading
Mohammed Shakeel
Mohammed Shakeel - 3 måneder siden
Mohammad Shakeel
Hank Clingingsmith
Hank Clingingsmith - 3 måneder siden
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones - 3 måneder siden
It's almost like every city listed is currently run by Democrats and has been for many years. Hence high taxes, fewer businesses, and poverty. Time to get out of those big cities folks!
KnowledgeApplied - 3 måneder siden
You can't even get proper masks for citizens, for crying out loud. What do you expect to happen among crowded cities, both in the US and abroad?... Health and recovery?... Or a 2nd wave on the horizon + more of a pandemic tidal wave that may closely follow and spread it far and wide, again?...
KnowledgeApplied - 3 måneder siden
Having enough N95 & N99 masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and good health to go around (e.g. non-gmo food, less pharmaceuticals, more access to affordable health care and healthy food, purified water, etc.) isnt exactly a top priority of the government, for starters. Let's start there, shall we?...
arcangelkrlos - 3 måneder siden
Like in my country, the funny thing is... This was a rich people disease but is the poor who bear the consequences. Let me explain.
During Carnivals, many people with estable income, working in big corporations, politicians and rich people, went to vacations to USA, Europe, etc. They came back infected. The first cases started in a rich district in the city, where embassies, politicians and white collar workers live. Of course, also this district is a hotspot for new buildings and who work to build those new real state projects? People that live in poor districts.
When you see the distribution of cases in my country, this theory is so unquestionable yet nobody address it.
The first thing they should have done is to lockdown that District entirely, besides cancelling Carnivals and not allowing people that went out, in again without being quarantined.
Why they, the government didn't do it? Because it would meant to attack themselves, their income, their businesses, their way of life. They just preferred the virus to spread further and make the entire population to bear the consequences of them going to vacation to Italy, Spain or US.
The cherry on top of that? Now rich families with connection to politicians create businesses out of nowhere to win State Contracts to sell Medical supplies, alcohol, sanitizers, PPE, even the construction of modular hospitals! The country has taken billions in debts and all that is lost in corruption.
This is a universal tale in many Latinamerican countries.
Ivrish con-Abarth
Ivrish con-Abarth - 3 måneder siden
Business Insider, is it? Same MSM outfit that flags videos for ideological reasons? Nothing but yet another propaganda outlet, disguised as honorable publication. And not that I care for a side or another, but the same publication seem to have something against Tesla especially. I wonder what that´s about... I thought publications exist to publish, not to censor; maybe I have to check the dictionary.
Sybrand Strawoud
Sybrand Strawoud - 3 måneder siden
Vitamin D! People (especially people of color) have vitamin D defficiency which hampers the immune system. Especially people of color should keep an eye on their vitamin D level because they produce less vitamin D from the sun.
Shrinivas Sudhir
Shrinivas Sudhir - 3 måneder siden
Thumbs down for every video with a click bait-y title
thetrainguy1 - 3 måneder siden
I really hope people in the Bronx are able to get out after this. I don't want to live in this country anymore.
thomabb - Måned siden
I'll buy you a one way ticket. Send us a post card. Bye.
Marcelino Rodriguez
Marcelino Rodriguez - 3 måneder siden
I’m from the Bronx, and this don’t shock me I only go out to work and shop for food every week. I still see ppl hanging out in front of the buildings
Picklewiickle. - 3 måneder siden
Because we have neanderthal DNA and black people dont.
STEVE P - 3 måneder siden
I live in CT, I noticed the wealthier areas were hit harder and more often.
jermain burnett
jermain burnett - 3 måneder siden
Compared Nassau country is
Wealthy state in New York state
jermain burnett
jermain burnett - 3 måneder siden
The Bronx is the lowest income county’s in new York state
Pasta Chocolate
Pasta Chocolate - 2 måneder siden
When she goes off about obesity and like poor exercise. You don't need a gym to get exercise.She makes it sound like you do! No. You can go outside and run or walk for a couple hours. Put on some music & go! Even put on a work out DVD in your home to follow like workout with no gym equipment. There are a ton of youtube videos too! I just think some people are too lazy to exercise.
Yu Kay
Yu Kay - 2 måneder siden
well... poor ppl can't wash their hand?? didn't know dat :)
CRISTIAN ION - 3 måneder siden
george mendez
george mendez - 3 måneder siden
If you live in the Bronx and have covid19 then make sure to infect people living in Manhattan, that's what i'm going to do if i catch this virus.... we should all prosper equally OR suffer equally
george mendez
george mendez - 3 måneder siden
if you live in the Bronx, you also don't have to pay taxes.... No representation = No Taxes, therefor tax evasion is LEGAL!.... KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!
Cakeisgood - 3 måneder siden
I don’t want to be rude but why just not move away? Why not leave New York City and go somewhere else that is cheaper? Why not save up to move entirely and go somewhere else?
Lesley - 3 måneder siden
Because it isn’t that easy to just get up and move? You’re lucky you don’t know the struggles. Not everyone can just get up and move.
joe fran
joe fran - 3 måneder siden
Poor hygiene habits!
Rafick Bdaro
Rafick Bdaro - 3 måneder siden
I thought we in Queens were the worst hit borough i guess we have been unseated. Pray for the Bronx truly!
Julie - 3 måneder siden
But is this really due to ethnicity? Everything they pointed out seems to be due to income. Ethnicity and income are related sure but I'm sure rich people of all ethnicities do better. That's not really new.
DeadTroperSociety - 3 måneder siden
New York who has Democrat officials has the highest number of infected and deaths in the entire country. And you still blame Trump and deify Cuomo. Cuomo sent covid patients back to nursing homes! How stupid can you get?
dj Curiosity
dj Curiosity - 3 måneder siden
New York polluted ozone recipe for death certificate..
Ankit S
Ankit S - 3 måneder siden
This is a very precise analysis of the reason contributing to more death numbers from the NY state. The wealth income gap and importance to hygiene + access to clean living are some of factors. Moreover, reasons like education of general population in these two areas and awareness pertaining to sane and better living standards is definitely higher in Manhattan as Bronx. The dietary consumption of excessive sugary or salty products is also one of the prime factors contributing to rising numbers.
It is a a very sad story to learn that this is the true depiction of USA, not the wealthy and opulent scenes what they show in movies just to allure public. So, the bottomline is the wealth gap keeps increasing with rising inflation, the rich becomes richer and poor becomes continues to become poorer.
Kurt Cobain Ministries
Kurt Cobain Ministries - 3 måneder siden
God gave me a prophetic dream last night. I know what is going to happen. You can read the dream on my channel under the discussion tab.
Rodney Mark Estrella
Rodney Mark Estrella - 3 måneder siden
But cost of living in bronx are much cheaper right?
soxpuff - 3 måneder siden
No, not really. Developers have been taking notice and purchasing neighborhoods. Recall how she mentioned all those highways, sanitation, departments and whole sale distribution centers? In the last 11 years developers have tried making the South Bronx the new "hippie brooklyn" to the point of which there are signs with their new name for the neighborhood: "SoBro". Right next to those industrial distribution centers, auto body shops, and public housing, they're building their "tall, high rise residences" they stick out like sore thumbs. It's but a step in their agenda to gentrify a neighborhood to raise property value w/o really serving the lower income residence in the borough who has been there for generations. Then their landlords see these new buildings and start raising rents on tenants whom already don't have disposable income and probably are not in a work environment where they can negotiate a raise in wages. As a Bronx resident, during Corona and NY Pause, food prices have increased in a borough where many have lost their jobs or are essential workers. The 2 churches near my home used to have a few seniors in line on food pantry days once a week. Now the lines are around the corner as early as 6 AM everyday of people of every age, gender, color, and with their families. I've seen posts online from friends who live in Manhattan saying they've noticed they haven't heard sirens from EMTs anymore or less of them as early as late April. The entire month of March, April, and May sounded like 9/11 all day, all night. It's the end of May and only now can I say that.
Kennita Pombar
Kennita Pombar - 3 måneder siden
Contingency theory
Contingency theory - 3 måneder siden
It's basically the wealthy vs the poor
AP AP - Måned siden
They don't listen ,don't follow rules, tell them to socially distance and they're still having block parties hanging out all night.
P P - 2 måneder siden
Yu Kay
Yu Kay - 2 måneder siden
well... poor ppl can't wash their hand?? didn't know dat :)
Picklewiickle. - 3 måneder siden
Because we have neanderthal DNA and black people dont. that is why. This has nothing to do with anything other than that