The Rise And Fall Of Harley-Davidson

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Harley-Davidson is the most well-known American motorcycle brand in the world, but that status may be preventing the company’s future growth. Its core customers helped the company reach new heights, but Harley is facing challenges reaching new customers. And without new riders, the company might slowly erode.
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The Rise And Fall Of Harley-Davidson
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Hugh Jorgan
Hugh Jorgan - 11 timer siden
Harley-Davidson stopped making bikes for bikers in they make bikes for the shareholders.
They're going to overprice themselves out of existence.
Hugh Jorgan
Hugh Jorgan - 11 timer siden
Cue the Harley haters in the comments in 3...2...1
Mr Stratau
Mr Stratau - Dag siden
Small & electric, drive another nail in..
Blown - Dag siden
Instant respect? No, just no.
Kluh Nagoh
Kluh Nagoh - Dag siden
Harleys start at 10,000. That's the problem
Charles - 2 dager siden
The marketing of HD motorcycles is the real story. It's as though Casio figured out a way to get people (in droves) to pay $5000 for their $50 watches. You know, cool badass iconic beeping Casios. Not only that, but HD figured out how to sell the image to women wanting to access their bad side. It's been an incredible marketing story that will be studied for ages: How to sell a ton of junk for stupid prices to lots of people over decades. It's remarkable if you think about it.
Luke Ott
Luke Ott - 2 dager siden
I see lots of joking making fun of Harley for being fast. What is a a fast motorcycle if Harley isn't?
Biggles Wingman
Biggles Wingman - 2 dager siden
I worked for a Harley magazine here in the UK in the '90's. Now don't get me wrong I love Harleys (at least until the Evo finished production, can't quite get my head around the latest offerings) but the biggest joke at the magazine was when we were given a 'new bike' to test ride. Same engine, same frame, same spec but different paint job and different handlebars, carrying a toe-curlingly cringe-able name like 'Night Bastard' or 'Highway Stud'. What on earth could you find to write about that when the differences were basically what you'd do in your own garage with a set of hex keys. That said I do remember the local HD 'boutique' where owners would turn up frequently by car (I kid you not) wearing everything HD, from bandanas to leather chaps (this is England for chrissakes, there is no frikkin dust), belt buckles and waist coats and on one memorable occasion that left me almost weeping, hearing some chinless wonder booking his bike in to the service bay have the mirrors changed on his soft tail monstrosity to an Arlen Ness set.
Basically that HD have been complacently riding the crest of a wave comprising the 50+ age group that suddenly found themselves with a disposable income once the kids had left home. They're getting too old to ride now and HD has smugly ignored all the warning signs by remaining focused on that ageing and now rapidly shrinking group.
John Collins
John Collins - 2 dager siden
No worries if HD goes under. Polaris will step in, buy the rights to the brand and start making Harleys. As long as the badging on the tank says Harley Davidson it’s a Harley. Right? Just ask current Indian owners! LMFAO...........
Subu Laji
Subu Laji - 2 dager siden
"Harleys are fast".
You must be a snail or tortoise to say that
Suppie X
Suppie X - 3 dager siden
Just go watch fortnine's video in Harley Davidson, this is pretty bad
Bro Spec
Bro Spec - 3 dager siden
They make great boat anchors .
Guilherme Fraga
Guilherme Fraga - 3 dager siden
I enjoy riding my Harley... Well, thats it.
Tundra - 3 dager siden
Trump: *puts tariff on steel*
Also Trump: "make them in America HD!"
asad kamran
asad kamran - 4 dager siden
Over rated over price unreliable akready buy it for 10 ks and if u wna upgrade pay em extra wtf ??????
Bill of Rights
Bill of Rights - 4 dager siden
*TRUMP 2020*
TheBabyDerp - 4 dager siden
20 year old here. on my 8th motorcycle. first one i got brand new. Harley. love every second of it!
Ahmad Suleman
Ahmad Suleman - 5 dager siden
1:42 RIP
Brian connor
Brian connor - 6 dager siden
Bikers: Hey Harley can you give us some more options? We love the older engines but maybe some newer style bikes with newer engines?

Harley-davidson: Ight I got y'all you ready for this? ElEcTrIc BiKe

Bikers: 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Tim Barnett
Tim Barnett - 6 dager siden
Do you now know names of owners of Harley Davidson? Harley will never close! If they do, someone or group will buy whole Harley corporation to continue Harley tradition! Just like Indian! Harley cost more an delivers less technology than competitors, an not focusing on needs around the world like making a usable/affordable bike for Asia/India!
Carsten Weiland
Carsten Weiland - 6 dager siden
Harley is not about riding experience, they are all about design, often about bad design like big rear tires making cornering / leaning in worse, the anti biker's bike in my view.
AntiKzGaming - 7 dager siden
Fast 😂😂
phantomfire 83
phantomfire 83 - 7 dager siden
I saved up 13k to buy a bike and had my sights set on a Harley, brand new or second hand. I test rode a few different models but when I rode the Vulcan S I was blow away how a €8000 bike blew the more expensive Harley’s away and I’ve not regretted choosing the Kawasaki. It’s not giving me any trouble and I still had 5k to spend on gear. Harley Will be a thing of the past if they don’t start building bikes that will sell I.E street bikes, sports bikes and adventure bikes. If they also built small cruisers like Honda did with the Original Rebel 250 and priced it to sell they’d sell large numbers outside of the state’s. But unfortunately Harley are run by none bikers that haven’t a clue, they’re heads are shoved so far up they’re own asses and think Big bikes are the way forward. They’ll be gone bust by 2022
Carl Schelin
Carl Schelin - 8 dager siden
You guys are so much fun. Cruisers are for cruising. Taking in the sights, bar hopping, going slow and steady. Touring. Sport bikes are for fun. Hooning around the curves. Racing at the track. Dual sport for dirt and road riding. Still fun but mainly for hitting the dirt. Sport touring are touring bikes for the sportier crowd. Still cruising but having fun in the mountains and curvy roads. Personally the two Harleys I owned hurt my back. When I switched, after 30 years of riding, to a sport bike, it was significantly more comfortable TO ME. My latest is a 2002 Hayabusa I use for touring. 135,000 miles and other than two, I’ve visited every state and province in the US and Canada. Tons of fun. Ride safe!
Art Warmanen
Art Warmanen - 8 dager siden
67 years old. Bought my last Harley Davidson in 83. Still riding it today.
Neil Murrell
Neil Murrell - 2 dager siden
Hi Art I could never be described as a Harley enthusiast but got bucket fulls of respect for people like you. Wishing you many more years of enjoyment mate. 👍
EuropeOn2Wheels - 8 dager siden
69 here. Bought my last one Jul '06. Filled w/gas yesterday 300 miles shy of 130,000. Will be riding when I'm gone.
G Philip C
G Philip C - 9 dager siden
Freakonomicly speakin'...Harley Riders are Post WW2 Boomers who are getting up there...that floods the market with used bikes, many with low milage and still looking good. In the US...MC's are toys and status symbols. We still like our comfortable sedans, SUVs, and PUT's.
DOOMS DAY - 9 dager siden
No way in hell should a bike ever cost 30,000 can get a new pick-up truck for that cost and it has easily over twice the amount of steel and aluminum, wiring, rubber and so on and so on.....I like Harley but they are just over priced
BreadGaming - 9 dager siden
Pick one
Darkertime2 - 10 dager siden
This chick just say Harley is fast? Lolllol
Rochan Sanga
Rochan Sanga - 10 dager siden
Harleys are big, loud and WHAT???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mike B
Mike B - 10 dager siden
Typical Harley Rider = Someone that thinks the motorycycle they ride earns them respect.
Or girls.
What has killed them (IMO) is trying to build a new market with younger people with cheaply made, cheap appearing small bikes. No innovation or styling breakthrough, just smaller and cheaper but still looked like mini-hogs.
Matt Davies
Matt Davies - 10 dager siden
I own 3 harleys I love harley with all my heart but we need to tap into another market, all these old loud leather wearing retards wont be around forever. I like the direction your going into the electric way full torque.. but what 30 yr old wants a full dressed bagger with a price tag of 50k? Wake up harley before I own antiques...😘😘😘😘
Andrew Dobbin
Andrew Dobbin - 11 dager siden
One problem with harleys plan.... The core customers are over 60. They should have focused on the younger generation and built up Buell motorcycles instead of harley.
dann hun
dann hun - 12 dager siden
Awesome Chinese Motorcycles!!!!
They make the best.
Bob Slate
Bob Slate - 14 dager siden
When Harley was doing well back in the 1990s their dealers were a bunch of jerks. The owners of Harleys think they bought an investment so they want more money which aint happening. Harley basically building v-twin bikes that don't give you the dependability of other bike makers. They have done a lot to hurt their situation. They can forget mellinials unless their getting free Harleys the Burnie Sanders program.
Marty Sykes
Marty Sykes - 14 dager siden
Geez, all of these negative comments. My softail custom runs like a top and it’s gorgeous. As far as speed? They are plenty fast enough to get you killed. Respect and common sense, two qualities that are in short supply, command what it takes to own and appreciate a Harley.
Alex Fro
Alex Fro - 15 dager siden
John LEON - 16 dager siden
The greatest Motorcycle in the world? Harley manufactures 270 thousand machines a year. Honda produce 16 Million motorcycles a year. Yeah right...
demvaril - 17 dager siden
Just bought a Sport Glide - best bike I have ever ridden!
Mark P
Mark P - 17 dager siden
Used to believe this until i realized how great they are.
Ever wonder how someone whose never been on one tries to tell us the company is dead?