The Rise And Fall Of J.Crew

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At the height of its success, J.Crew and its sister company Madewell were operating in over 100 countries and had over 500 stores. Seen on celebrities, politicians, and working professionals around the world, J.Crew was considered at the top of the retail food chain. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the company filed for bankruptcy. However, the brand faced a lot of challenges before the pandemic ever came to be. This is the rise and fall of J.Crew.
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The Rise And Fall Of J.Crew
Runtime: 07:30


Francis Lee
Francis Lee - 8 dager siden
Private equity ruins all companies
Jamie Lancaster
Jamie Lancaster - 13 dager siden
From the 1985 to the early 90’s my entire wardrobe was J.Crew!
Jonni0608 - 18 dager siden
Fast fashion. I have a pair of H&M pants that I continue to wear to work 10 years later.
Tracy Ragland
Tracy Ragland - 21 dag siden
People keep saying Zara is fast fashion but I don’t think so They were a little pricey for good quality I just have problems finding my size
manga tween
manga tween - Måned siden
I find it amusing that none of the 'Most valuable U.S. Brands in 2013' (at 0:21) are relevant anymore.
Victoria A
Victoria A - Måned siden
I never bought the regular J. Crew due prices, but the Mercantile has been my favorite brand for years. I love the preppy and simple aesthetic. I've bought a lot online with slashed prices during COVID. If mercantile is gone in the future, I'll have to go up the price scale to another brand with a similar aesthetic. I don't want to wear trendy or fast fashion H&M /Zara.
갤러그 - Måned siden
If I become an administrator, I will bring back the crew, the most American style.
갤러그 - Måned siden
You fools, who say they like crews that have become like gaps or bananas, so Americans are looking for old crews.
Beck S.
Beck S. - Måned siden
They use to be prep but they miss stepped and went into debt.
Debra Johnson
Debra Johnson - Måned siden
I work for J Crew and one of the reasons they aren't doing well is bad management. The CEOs have run it to the ground. I've been there 6 years and have had 5 CEOs. Each one changes the whole way the company runs. They waste millions of dollars buying equipment, changing procedures, moving merchandise to other stores and then having to move them back. In Virginia we are using auto bagging to ship out merchandise which is all we do now. The larger items are done by people. The merchandise is not as good and right now we don't have enough work for people to get 40 hours. Stores are closing and we just got another new CEO. They can't keep workers.
morgan glenn
morgan glenn - Måned siden
Love how all the dying brands are blaming the pandemic like no you where struggling before the pandemic.
M L - Måned siden
The end of J Crew can be directly attributed to the rise of Jenna Lyons. She took the brand in directions that alienated long-time and loyal customers and set it on a trajectory that it would never recover from. She wanted them to be a luxury brand rather than what they were, a classics brand. Ultimately it cost her her job but the damage was done. Now with the economic impact of the pandemic they will be lucky to survive at all.
Girlgo Budget
Girlgo Budget - Måned siden
Let me know when it dies so I can buy work clothes.
Eric Hill
Eric Hill - Måned siden
I only shopped JCrew at the end of the season when they had reasonable sales. They were too expensive otherwise.
Melissa Jetzt
Melissa Jetzt - Måned siden
I WISH I could buy good quality clothes. It's so hard to find nowadays because price no longer correlates to quality.
the fall could probably be summed up with overpriced prep shit for white kids who think mayo is too spicy
Abc xyz
Abc xyz - Måned siden
I was a big fan of J.Crew in middle school, when Gossip Girl was on tv. Preppy chic was in style. But that isn't the case anymore, and J. Crew comes across as stuffy and dated, pre-2010s. The mens section especially is filled with boring t shirts, button ups and this time of year I'm sure there are those nantucket chino shorts in faded red, yellow, blue and khaki with whale patterns on them that bratty men wear trying to appear richer than they are. It basically is like what I thought of Banana Republic then. Bland and not very stylish. Now we are so much more adventurous and fun with fashion, and J.Crew has no place in the new stylesphere of millenials and gen z. People will still buy their stuff, but it won't be the tastemakers.
anutaka101 - Måned siden
They also never change thier style. They’ve had the same wool skirt for years. But then tell you, you have 30 days to return because we change inventory every 30 days... wrong
anutaka101 - Måned siden
J crew was not / is not affordable!!! And for the shit quality they started selling, I had to say no thanks!
Alias HSW
Alias HSW - Måned siden
I had never paid full price for their stuff.
MrManny - Måned siden
The company failed to develop brand loyalty. Selling too expensive when brand is not perceived as high end then flip flopping to low end is what killed it. A customer who is currently buying this affordable and well designed/made clothing dont want to pay more than they needed to. Neither do they want to pay a lower price for cheapen clothing. That's the Jcrew problem. CEOs think its rocket science that they are failing out of nowhere. But the writing was on the wall.
Candice W.
Candice W. - Måned siden
I worked there in the 2002-2004. Back then, the quality of the products warranted the price. Today, not so much. Bring back the quality and make the pieces worth investing in, again.
Chlo With the flow
Chlo With the flow - Måned siden
How do u edit these vids
Amanda H
Amanda H - Måned siden
The clothes are over priced for what they are. You are mostly paying for a label! I remember a roommate buying a $30 plain T shirt in 2010. It's ridiculous!
Harry Huang
Harry Huang - Måned siden
Can we please just go back to the 80s aesthetic already, baggy, oversized and vibrant ass colors not to mention everything just looked way more structured and aesthetic.
C A B - Måned siden
Like Liz Claiborne clothing, the best went the way of cheaply made clothing. My friends and I look for the original quality Liz at Goodwill outlets. You’d be surprised the classic great clothes we find. Nothing like quality!
Avigail - Måned siden
J.Crew was great until.
Outsourcing CHINA. ...
other areas. A lot of Fitting issues. .... lost jena Lyons..
Rose Kahn
Rose Kahn - Måned siden
Probably gonna have a similar video about Anthropologie real soon.
Psych911 - Måned siden
Comparing the old JCrew catalogs to the new ones really shows how the national psyche has changed. The models in modern catalogs are always frowning with aggressive poses or in many cases sad-looking
Radha Das
Radha Das - Måned siden
Greed Greed Greed
YesYesYoureRight - Måned siden
4:20 As granny used to say (often) "any fool can spend money". !
Blanko Blanko
Blanko Blanko - 2 måneder siden
they Just sCREW
Don Vu
Don Vu - 2 måneder siden
Jenna Lyons and Mickey Drexler were trying way too hard to get the high fashion credibility. It went way too expensive and trendy and forgot who the loyal customer base was
anime dreams
anime dreams - 2 måneder siden
Do the rise and fall of Aldo
maggyxchuu - 2 måneder siden
This video was so insightful
adg80 - 2 måneder siden
Their quality went drastically downhill after 2005 or so, most noticeably in the fabrics and cashmere.
Atlantis4056 - 2 måneder siden
Jcrew ‘s quality has declined and prices are up. That’s their problem.
Penelopedinkledong S
Penelopedinkledong S - 2 måneder siden
I remember seeing my first J Crew catalog, in 1987. Never heard of it before. That was when I lived in Minnesota. Moved to CA in 1993, went to work for a super-wealthy family in San Francisco in 1995. One of their friends was Mickey Drexler. He took over J Crew and turned it into a powerhouse; got into a squabble and resigned, and the company went downhill quickly after that. It lost it's way.
I still dream about my favorite padded canvas jacket that friends begged to borrow, and an amazing quality orange plaid shirt I gave away to a friend and instantly regretted. Via con dios, J Crew.
You were once amazing...
Alexandra Sun
Alexandra Sun - 2 måneder siden
The ugly colours of their clothes should have stayed in children’s crayon box 😜
mascara1888 - 2 måneder siden
I used to spend hundreds a month on clothes at the mall in my 20's. I would never have been caught dead at a thrift store. Now post recession, I've found thrift stores that literally sell higher brand name clothes WITH THE TAGS STILL ON for 50 cents or $1. I literally bought a mid luxury brand leather shirt with the tags still on for 50 cents! Now that I've experienced that, I can't pay the prices I used to pay ever again. The recession was good for something!