The Rise And Fall Of Subway

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With thousands of store closures in the last three years and petitions against Subway from its franchise owners, the fast-food chain with the most locations globally seems to be on the rocks. We unpack what's going on and where Subway's headed from here.
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The Rise And Fall Of Subway
Runtime: 08:45


Rock Fish
Rock Fish - 10 timer siden
Subway the only one i go to for ever
AREKING -[[-{ S A C R E D - S Y N E R G Y }-]]-
Bro what Macdonald 2.2million ?
Philip - 10 timer siden
this sounds oddly similar to the fall of blockbuster.
sean hantz
sean hantz - 11 timer siden
Anyone else remember Blimpie?
Kalene - 18 timer siden
What about an actual full sandwich they are skimpy!!!
zombie - 23 timer siden
Jared was eating tooo fresh.
FlipperLachy - Dag siden
Me in Canada loving subway
TheLastHabanero - Dag siden
TBH I ate subway yesterday and it tastes the same as it did 5 years ago :/
GunnarGunz - Dag siden
Subways my favorite place to eat please don’t close ☹️
Besaid Knight
Besaid Knight - Dag siden
Half the Menu in my local Subway (Arizona) are blacked out and unavailable...
John Enright
John Enright - Dag siden
I live in rural New Hampshire and we actually have a subway here, you would think it would be busy due to no McDonalds, Burger King and the rest, it is the ONLY chain fast food place in town they are always out of everything! It's a running joke when people get together and laugh at the sandwiches you didn't buy because of it! One time they were out of bread!!! Why not call it a day at that point hahahahahahh!!!!!
Alexandria Marcoux
Alexandria Marcoux - Dag siden
I’ll tell you what happened they stopped serving pastrami that’s what happened
Carlos Mares
Carlos Mares - Dag siden
Subway ain't got no drive thru that's why it's failing
Leah Leah
Leah Leah - 2 dager siden
We have been to the same Subway quiet a few times and our orders were always wrong. Do you want pepper and salt? Only salt please, employee didn’t listen... pepper and salt was added... food thrown out! only 2 days ago I asked for a chicken and bacon ranch toasted panini, sorry we don’t do panini’s anymore..I asked for a 6” white ordered chicken and bacon ranch but No bacon... Rockingham Beach Western Australia, you have driven us away, at least Warnbro and Kwinana staff listen and are awesome.. Subway, train your franchisees better, so their staff treat your customers the way they want to be treated also. Happy customers and staff creates profit, grumpy employees mean loss of profit and customers...
DON HARRIS - 2 dager siden
Easy, they got rid of the $5 foot long.
TheMrWillje - 2 dager siden
"what happened?"
Gee, I wonder what...
Dr Very Strange
Dr Very Strange - 2 dager siden
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis - 2 dager siden
Easy: I can eat local or even a chain like firehouse where the food is better and most importantly, cheaper. Aesthetics and marketing gimmicks don’t mean shit when your product sucks, or at the very least is inferior to your competitors in quality, price, or in many cases both.
Daniel Villalobos
Daniel Villalobos - 2 dager siden
Why does every subway smell the same
bonnie johnson
bonnie johnson - 2 dager siden
one becomes a debt slave for the giant corporation franchises....i liked the individual moms and pops Greek Hamburger stands in the 1960s etc.....corporations (the cousins) devour everything until they kill the goose that laid the golden egg, then they will bite and devour each other in the end...the end of this cycle is happening now, all by design
radrcer - 2 dager siden
Subway is great alternative to greasy burgers if you are trying to lose 150lbs, but people realized the added sugars/salts in the bread and meat dont help if you are only trying to lose 15lbs.
Also, ever since they started toasting their bread now you smell like subway if you are in store for only 3 minutes.
rich k
rich k - 2 dager siden
If you have a good product, people will come
rich k
rich k - 2 dager siden
remember Republicans, the customer is always KING!
rich k
rich k - 2 dager siden
when companies get too big they get STUPID
LJ Cox
LJ Cox - 2 dager siden
Should have never upped the price of the 5$ footlong.
j bar
j bar - 2 dager siden
never ate in subway , rather go to the store for a soda and Lance crackers
Gentoo - 2 dager siden
When I went into a Subway a few times and asked for spinach and the employee literally lined up about 10 leave end to end, that turned me off. They are very stingy with their ingredients in general. At Jersey Mike's I never had to ask for anything extra because they do a decent amount the first time and their bacon is cooked right there and actually looks like bacon. Sorry Subway but you slipped one too many times.
Carmen Ortiz
Carmen Ortiz - 3 dager siden
This is ridiculous, Business Insider is passing off this as a new change on Yahoo. And it turns their current "news" is more than year old. Never going back. They went from great to a smaller bun, less and subpar ingredients. Lets not forget covering up for at least two years what Jared was doing in his travels.
Carmen Ortiz
Carmen Ortiz - 3 dager siden
Number one: they tried to cover up what Jared was doing. They could have quietly gotten rid of him and no one would have found out. (Absolutely not with the guy who acted and looked like a mafioso, that they had for a short while as spokesperson.) Number one stupidity! Second, they began making the buns two inches shorter, while still calling them foot long. (As if some of us didn't have rulers in our purses.) Then they started to put A LOT less meats and vegetable in them. Then, they changed the recipes for the condiments. All this while charging the same. Did I forget something?
Daan De Jong
Daan De Jong - 3 dager siden
they also pay their employees far too little
Ironicpolis - 3 dager siden
sucks because i always loved subway
the abandoned subway restaurant thats near me is really sad
FasterVert710 - 3 dager siden
Did anyone else get a McDonald’s ad in the middle of the video?
Juan Ruiz Art
Juan Ruiz Art - 3 dager siden
The reason I don't buy at Subway anymore is b/c they are stingy with their meats. I'd rather go to my local Lucca Deli, Mr Pickles(free cookie) or Erik's Deli Cafe.
Mudi Mabiriani
Mudi Mabiriani - 3 dager siden
Mudi Mabiriani Alikuwa Hapa
Mayank Jain
Mayank Jain - 3 dager siden
I can’t watch this video anymore cause of the irritating voice of the expert
Hasan x
Hasan x - 4 dager siden
cheap meats.
GamingGod1st - 4 dager siden
God I'm old! Does anyone remember the version of the commercial where it went "$5 footlong! (Any any any any)"
Parture - 4 dager siden
You mean no more yoga mats in our food?
MaFd0n - 4 dager siden
Just like with McDo, once you ate a REAL burger or a REAL sandwich you won't eat this shiat
Sam Workman
Sam Workman - 4 dager siden
I've eaten Subway so much that's probably how they rised back up XD
Karel - 4 dager siden
Sounds like this whole video is about the US only. New built Subway in the Netherlands does not look like the new subway in the US.
Kyle Bailey
Kyle Bailey - 5 dager siden
Screw subway. Cutting shit from bags, removed roast beef, seafood items. You need to go back to 1998.
Zara Rehan
Zara Rehan - 5 dager siden
Something is messed up with your subways. Subways in Texas literally smell like bread and cheese heaven. Lol literally ate a subway sandwich 3 minutes ago
Christin Joy
Christin Joy - 5 dager siden
We have 2 subways owned by the same couple, neither of them even offer 5$ foot longs bc there EXTREMELY stingy.
*Tom Universe*
*Tom Universe* - 5 dager siden
I got a Subway ad before this.
Mesrop Madzharyan
Mesrop Madzharyan - 5 dager siden
I don’t think they failed yet this story should be said in 2021 2022 .
jane marie
jane marie - 5 dager siden
I like how it was describe "redefined fast food" and at the same sentence the said "and it felt healthy."
BrickBrother Studios
BrickBrother Studios - 5 dager siden
Subway has just been banned from selling bread in my country. A study showed that the bread had so much sugar it is not legally allowed to be called bread/sub.
BrickBrother Studios
BrickBrother Studios - Dag siden
Taylor Peterson Yes I am. Congrats. But yes I didn't follow the entire story but Newstalk must have exaggerated. Interesting! I am still a bit shocked how you knew what country I was talking about! Well I guess that's the NOburn comment section for ya! Edit: I have noticed that they are advertising "Not just about subs" very heavily now though.
Taylor Peterson
Taylor Peterson - Dag siden
Are you talking about Ireland? I didn't hear that it was banned - just that Subway could not benefit from the VAT tax since the sugar content of their bread was too high to be considered a food "staple" (but more of a pastry due to the high sugar).
Michael K
Michael K - 6 dager siden
Subway still slaps,and the cookies are the best!
The Vegan Doggo
The Vegan Doggo - 6 dager siden
XGMoney93 - 6 dager siden
Subway's chicken taste like cardboard
Will Haupt
Will Haupt - 6 dager siden
Jeremy. Jeremy happened.
Shaunak Kulkarni
Shaunak Kulkarni - 6 dager siden
I like Subway,I hate no one thinks like me
eric luscombe
eric luscombe - 6 dager siden
oops sorry i missed the end i guess u did tell about him sorry
eric luscombe
eric luscombe - 6 dager siden
funny how they say jarrod made them so much money yet they leave out the piece of shit likes little kids. dont show the guy and tell half the story instead of pretty much thanking him in this ad leave him out disgusting
GamerFan19 - 6 dager siden
GamerFan19 - 6 dager siden
Afnan 287YT
Afnan 287YT - 6 dager siden
I'm my country our subway can make better bread and better deals like $5 For a Chicken Tikka stuffed! Pakistani Subway's are better.
Deltauro Deltauro
Deltauro Deltauro - 7 dager siden
Simple, the plain sandwich costs too much now, the low paid workers lack motivation. It's a premium expensive sandwich now.
Courtney Blackburn
Courtney Blackburn - 7 dager siden
I love subway but it expensive 😥
Mason Parisi
Mason Parisi - 7 dager siden
Subway should sell the stuff they Walmart has in there stores like pretzels or iceys
Kimtong Inn
Kimtong Inn - 7 dager siden
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm something something what is it oh the Irish Supreme Court said there is too much sugar in the bread
All Night Cats
All Night Cats - 7 dager siden
You know what else happened? The news broke that they put plastic in the bread. A pot of people stopped eating there
AlrightyNick - 7 dager siden
I thought there will be more Jared Fogle comments
Of All My Intention
Of All My Intention - 7 dager siden
Why pay $6 for a garbage-quality sub when you can get a good sub for a dollar or two more? The only it's preferable to go to Subway is if you work right next to one, and there are no other food places around.
Dave H
Dave H - 7 dager siden
i swear I get food poison every other time I get subway
jason m
jason m - 7 dager siden
200k to open subway, make 422k a year (2 times the money in a year) 2.2 million McD make 2.6M about 1.2 times
so if you open a subway you can open 2 more the next year making you over 1M the 3rd year
and open 5 more --> 2m
and after all of that, now you can open McDonald XD
Brekin Swick
Brekin Swick - 7 dager siden
I still enjoy subway in my town. It definitely has changes but i still
like subway 👍
FreeSeeks - 7 dager siden
It costs $8 for a foot long that's mostly just bread...?
Thái Nguyễn Đức
Thái Nguyễn Đức - 8 dager siden
Việt Nam is Number one
Junko Enoshima
Junko Enoshima - 8 dager siden
Now I want subway
Kimberly Player
Kimberly Player - 8 dager siden
I didn't realize it fell. I just went there yesterday.
hi people
hi people - 8 dager siden
One of the most ironic things I’ve seen is a subway near me closed and it became a Jersey mikes a few months later lol.
Omar Salas
Omar Salas - 8 dager siden
The problem with subway is that the 5 dollar footlong is no more and the product is not fresh. I rarely go and when I do the tomatoes are not red but green and colorless the lettuce looks old and brown rather than having a bright green color and makes it unappealing. I rather go to other sub locations where the product looks fresher and where the price difference is not much.
ariadarabi - 8 dager siden
I didn't even notice they were declining. I've been going to a Subway once a year since around 2010. This kinda sucks because they were a big part of my coming-of-age but oh well.
wsterrett - 8 dager siden
3:03 "For many Americans...."
*insert footage of man walking in front of store not found in America*
Harrison Bergeron
Harrison Bergeron - 8 dager siden
One word why Subway is done: Firehouse
Panji Hitam Dari Timur Asia Tenggara
Ppl stop eating veges
mando - 9 dager siden
i didn't like subway because every worker there when i say a little ranch they had a whole gallon and dumped it
Rosie Brierley
Rosie Brierley - 9 dager siden
I had a Subway once....never again!! The bread is horrible!
Fastguytehnext Ta
Fastguytehnext Ta - 9 dager siden
I love suvway
dj smith
dj smith - 9 dager siden
I love subway in spite of Jared. Jared is a burn take him out of subways history ie take him out of this video.
Patrick Sobb
Patrick Sobb - 9 dager siden
I still choose Subway over McDonald's every time. Here in Australia in the 90s we had hardly any Subways around and it was like a special treat.
YoBoy TAURUS - 9 dager siden
R.I.P. Roast Beef and Rotisserie Chicken. You will forever be missed.
Jakob Christensen
Jakob Christensen - 9 dager siden
Remember Jared from subway?
Tiger Plays!
Tiger Plays! - 9 dager siden
I still enjoy Subway, it’s favourite fast food; McDonald’s is “what the heck is that..?”
Isabel - 9 dager siden
I grew up with subway, it was a very special moment when my mom had enough money to take me there, I used to eat the crab sandwich every single time I came into the store, it's very nostalgic to me, but something changed, they were so much better and fuller and tastier before.
Tejaan Show
Tejaan Show - 9 dager siden
Never give up
sophiamyah - 10 dager siden
I think you mean SOOUBWAY
Mohammad Adwan
Mohammad Adwan - 10 dager siden
Tbh subway isn’t that healthy but but but it’s much better than most fast food

I’m on keto and eat subway as my cheat meal but I don’t go ham on the sandwich I order a half a sub wheat bread and ask to remove the dough with 2 diet coke’s, and I’m tall but I was 116 kg I’m not gonna say I was depressed but I was pretty unhappy with myself ,and I’m today at 84kg yeah still fat but I’m not done with my weigh loss until I become 75kg
Keith Lam
Keith Lam - 10 dager siden
subway should make cookie stalls where they just sell cookies on sidewalks, its just too good
Cdxst - 10 dager siden
kev kev
kev kev - 10 dager siden
I don’t like subway but I do like them cookies tho
Rju7h Pjfj7fj
Rju7h Pjfj7fj - 10 dager siden
The fact they employ complete low-life deters me from going in them anymore.
Chaz Taylor
Chaz Taylor - 11 dager siden
Jarred Fogle is the reason it fell apart. Noone wants a molester with cheese.
Chimichanga TakeOutPlease!
Chimichanga TakeOutPlease! - 11 dager siden
Damn Fogle is gonna be out in 2030
yousef al q
yousef al q - 11 dager siden
I once visited a subway branch in a mall where I worked, the staff were RUDE AS HELL. It was like they were saying please never shop here again. And i really never did. The branch closed less than a year later.
salma fatima
salma fatima - 11 dager siden
I wish they add shawarma to their menu
CampioneDi17 - 12 dager siden
Just keep the tomatoes out and save the tomatoes for sauces
michal ciesliczko
michal ciesliczko - 12 dager siden
terrible food