The Rise And Fall Of Toms

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Toms went from being valued at $625 million to having massive debt. Blake Mycoskie started the company to help people with its "One for One" donation model. However, Toms had trouble growing beyond its original product and branding.
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The Rise And Fall Of Toms
Runtime: 10:06


gambino gambino
gambino gambino - 10 timer siden
this was the one time in history when you and your grandma had the same shoes
Ian Padron
Ian Padron - 3 dager siden
Nah how is someone finna make fun of my friend for wearing these
Edit: Nevermind she had them off-brand Bobs
Ian Padron
Ian Padron - 3 dager siden
Here for my business class😌
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown - 5 dager siden
The end of all good intentions without sound reason is failure!
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown - 5 dager siden
They destroyed Sub Sahara African shoe makers... your feet hurt and you hurt poor people!
Breona Leonard
Breona Leonard - 7 dager siden
I’m currently getting my PhD...the shows were last poppin when I was in middle school😅
GreenGretel - 8 dager siden
I'm lmao that Skechers named their Toms copycat...Bobs.
Nicholas Forth
Nicholas Forth - 10 dager siden
I just wish they'd make their old shoes again.. that new ones are cheap and don't fit the same. I think that's more of the reason why their failing.. but what do I know, I'm just the guy that bought them religiously until they changed, I don't know anything..
Emily Case
Emily Case - 12 dager siden
Honestly I still purchase toms. I recently bought bubble tea ones lol. The shoes remind me of ballet shoes which I love becuase im a dancer and they are so comfortable.
BiggYetiAllDay - 12 dager siden
Lol Tom's are cheaply priced people thought they weren't worth it I just bought 2 pair for like 70 bucks lol
CD H - 14 dager siden
Toms are very comfortable. I don't care about "trends". I will always have a pair of Toms in my shoe rotation.
katelyn luna
katelyn luna - 16 dager siden
i was the person that owned most of the products
Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli - 17 dager siden
I just don’t like wearing slip-ons without socks
Joshhua Ray
Joshhua Ray - 18 dager siden
You purchased the left or right Tom then got the other foot for free?
snowyalice - 18 dager siden
I have worn my Toms so much because they are so comfortable that they are falling apart. I'm waiting until they are unwearable before they are thrown out.
Maria Cruz
Maria Cruz - 22 dager siden
i didn’t like them, they made my feet stink 😂😂
Bianca Guimaraens
Bianca Guimaraens - 25 dager siden
i think i am keeping them afloat cause everytime my toms get too worn out I buy another lol
allyourcode - 26 dager siden
One-upping on the amount of donated product. Now, THAT's the kind of competition that we should have more of!
blubblub - 28 dager siden
Love Tom's but all their other shoes are ugly
Jose Roman
Jose Roman - 28 dager siden
quinacridone duck
quinacridone duck - 29 dager siden
I actually really like the Toms shoes, they're timeless and cool. But they're way too expensive for me. I wonder if it would regain a big chunk of the market if it lowered its prices.
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk - 29 dager siden
I remember wearing this shoes all the time during my emo phase during 2010-2012
andrew apperley
andrew apperley - Måned siden
Toms should have got Myspace Tom to be their spokesperson
August - Måned siden
I remember almost every girl in my middle school had these..
The Lyrics Guy
The Lyrics Guy - Måned siden
I bought 1, wore it once, never wore it again ‘cause it looks gay, uncomfortable on my feet. A few years later, that store I bought from closed...
Megan Elizabeth
Megan Elizabeth - Måned siden
I still swear this is the only shoe I’ll wear traveling. Multiple European trips now with just these on my feet! So comfy and light weight.
Sweet N Sour
Sweet N Sour - Måned siden
I’d wear them.
LOADING... - Måned siden
I’m already bored with his style. I want new style every years.
Deauq E
Deauq E - Måned siden
I have bobs, they donate to dog charities. Much better than actually putting local shoe makers out of business
Deauq E
Deauq E - Måned siden
Perfect product? No! I ordered 3 pairs and got none of them on my feet. They didn’t fit. My feet are not big, wide, or weirdly shaped. They’re normal. I couldn’t get them on.
kritika ghai
kritika ghai - Måned siden
Those are ugly shoes on such high price. I would rather donate money instead of buying them so that Toms can donate them to someone. Those ugly shoes are not going to put food and buy medicines.
Mills JB
Mills JB - Måned siden
No, never, I am not mainstream.
Sam LSD - Måned siden
So white man stole native's design and ran with it without giving them a penny. I hope he rots in hell with guilt.
Sam LSD - Måned siden
More than half a billion in the name of charity.
This is the biggest scam.
Tijana M.
Tijana M. - Måned siden
The first time I heard from the brand over here in Germany was in 2020 when I bought a pair of sandals 😄 never knew they were a thing before that and that they sold this „garden-work shoe“.
Jocelyn Doucette
Jocelyn Doucette - Måned siden
I stopped buying them as they are so poorly made and not worth the price. Also, I spent a great deal of time in Africa and never came across one pair of Toms ANYWHERE! As much as I would spent money to help those in need, I will not do it through the Toms organization.
Luba - Måned siden
Funny how no one ever mentions cultural appropriation here he just flew to Argentina saw what natives were wearing and made it cool
20killershot - Måned siden
never owned a pair of Toms cause I had the ORIGINAL Argentinian Shoes that I bought for like $5
Goplergop Gop
Goplergop Gop - Måned siden
Well I called it success cause it’s good start for corporate give back to society, and other brands follow it, it’s good. But I never receive the “ give one “ in my place :(
Alex Gibson
Alex Gibson - Måned siden
Make shoes that fit wide feet maybe