The Rise And Fall of USPS

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The United States Postal Service has been around for more than 200 years and is actually older than the United States. However, the organization that always makes it through rain, sleet, and hail may not make it through 2020. A law passed at the end of 2006, combined with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, has led to most of the post office's current woes. Here's why the post office is $160 billion in debt.
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The Rise And Fall of USPS
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Francis Ziegler
Francis Ziegler - Dag siden
The Cliffs Notes...
2:33 (1982) Elimination of direct government subsidies to the USPS.
3:30 (2006) Republic-Controlled Congress sabotages USPS retirement plan.
5:15 (2006) USPS cannot legally increase its prices in order to meet the demands imposed by Congress, ironically.
5:53 (2010-12018) USPS petitions for Pension Obligation to be restructured, and is repeatedly rejected.
6:23 (2020) Covid-19 cripples demand for delivery.
6:53 (2020) Congress/The President undercuts USPS request for emergency aid.
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - Dag siden
The lady that literally throws my mail to door should watch this video.
Ray Horner
Ray Horner - 2 dager siden
How much do the employee make on USPS, UPS, and FedXe. Bet the USPS employees make the most pay much as three time higher than other.
Commander in Quif
Commander in Quif - 2 dager siden
Get the lead out! Ive been waiting on stuff for 2 weeks!!!! This is unacceptable!
Ferdy PL
Ferdy PL - 2 dager siden
Ha lance
Loading - 2 dager siden
It’s September now
Raul Martínez
Raul Martínez - 2 dager siden
Low key company man deserves credit for this video idea
N.C.R - 3 dager siden
How in fucks name does a goverment service go so badly in debt
Mmm Interesting
Mmm Interesting - 3 dager siden
"All things sperated unite, All things united separate". -Sun Tzu
Jose Miguel Peralta
Jose Miguel Peralta - 3 dager siden
Of course! Bush administration 🤦‍♂️
tom whalen
tom whalen - 4 dager siden
Why are you taking anything AOC says as intelligent or credible
Richie - 4 dager siden
Remarkable info on USPS delivery 📦 and postage 📨📮
video mavin
video mavin - 4 dager siden
This is what we need in the usps.
Franklin Jr.
Franklin Jr. - 5 dager siden
Wiki and John Oliver said 50🤔 years you said 75 years!??🤔
Francis Lee
Francis Lee - 7 dager siden
USPS needs to fire 50% of their employees
Chuck Hackett
Chuck Hackett - 9 dager siden
Louis Dejoy will then remove mail sorting machines as well as many drop boxes. Also he will eliminate overtime work and say to deliver even if the mail hasn't all been sorted. That way the sweet old woman across the street is going to get her heart medication late.
BEN GHANA - 9 dager siden
In various parts of Philadelphia, namely North Philly USPS has stopped scheduled pick ups in black neighborhoods that are targeted for gentrification.
I scheduled 9 days in a row for 2 packages to be picked up, and even had a pick up notice on the mail slot where it can't be missed, unless purposely.
The mailman lifts the notice to put the regular mail put in while completely ignoring the scheduled pick-up notice. 5% REPARATIONS-TAX-MATTER - ADOS101. COM
Jackson Railroad
Jackson Railroad - 10 dager siden
It’s September now how much longer will we have mail survace
Gipper 75
Gipper 75 - 13 dager siden
Yellow RoseOfTexas
Yellow RoseOfTexas - 13 dager siden
UPDATE: Update: A quick fact check & I found: The Post Office Is Deactivating Mail Sorting Machines Ahead of the Election. So that you are clear Vice is a liberal affiliate and their own Motherboard Tech By Vice is also liberal. So how valuable is this source. It is not to be trusted. Go back and listen to the actual testimony of the US postmaster general to get the truth. TAKEAWAY: IT IS CLEAR THE LIBERALS CONTINUE IN THEIR RAPID SPIRAL DOWN THE DRAIN.
USPS is a stand alone operation that is funded by their own revenue. They have been running negative all the way back in Obama-era. The previous administration did not feel it necessary to bail the USPS out. But, the radical left demands such this close to the election. BTW, when did the Congress pass any type of UNIVERSAL MAIL-IN BALLOT or not?
Roger B
Roger B - 13 dager siden
Well, it's not too evident why that filthy Trump supporter was put into the post office to finish it off is it?
Umaxen 00
Umaxen 00 - 14 dager siden
The WEAKEST part of our new Online E-conomy? SHIPPING !!! It's slow, get's lost, poor controls and VERY costly. The controls of delivery need to be VASTLY improved guaranteed and insured delivery...
Umaxen 00
Umaxen 00 - 14 dager siden
I ordered a shirt from EBay on August 31 st and it was labelled and taken to the post office in Inwood, NY on August 31st. It is currently in Jersey City, NJ distribution center which is a WHOPPING 29 MILES AWAY! 5 days later! I live in Florida. I hope to get it by November. A FAILURE!
Joe Woodfin
Joe Woodfin - 14 dager siden
If people are all for USPS, then why are my packages sending me alerts that they have been delivered to the post office and they're not here?
Chris Yui
Chris Yui - 15 dager siden
As a postal employee. I can say we have not used taxpayer money since 82. We get our money paychecks from parcels and stamp sales thats why the post office is broke. But I'm glad to work as a package handler my wife a mall carrier for usps.We are one of the most trusted government entities. I hope it stays that way. Whatever politics you believe this is true.We work hard to get your mall to you on time.We work 7 days a week holidays weekends ect. Please remember this at the polls. When you vote November alot of peoples livelihoods depend on it. Alot of service men too.We do our best to service you rain or shine natural disasters. Whatever to get you your mail to you.We are not the bad guys the government media makes us out to be. Just people trying to provide for there families.
Jason Vue
Jason Vue - 19 dager siden
It happened because of Republiklans are always seeking to privatize anything and everything.
Alexander - 19 dager siden
Sorry but times are they are a changing and unfortunately for the worse.Those are the facts and I don't sugar coat 💩.
Red Wine
Red Wine - 19 dager siden
So zip codes weren’t a thing until 1963?
Le lelman
Le lelman - 21 dag siden
I mean, if it it didn't have to compete with companies with all of it's appendages amputated while suffering a stroke it could turn a profit
Edwizard62 - 21 dag siden
So President Obama had 8 years to change this law, just like Immigration, but he didn't. For his first 2 years 2009-11 Democrats had both Houses of Congress but did nothing about this. It's been 14 years since this Bill was passed and USPS is still failing. It needs to start taking responsibility for its own failures.
10x's Ten times
10x's Ten times - 21 dag siden
SHUT the damn thing down already ...
RatedZeus - 21 dag siden
from 2020. Right now is not doing so good.
Funeral enthusiast
Funeral enthusiast - 22 dager siden
This comment section passes the vibe check
Funeral enthusiast
Funeral enthusiast - 22 dager siden
The usps is a service not a business. It shouldn’t matter if it makes a profit. It is the only government agency specifically authorized by the constitution. Attacking it is an attack of the American people. It’s an attack on people who need it to survive. It’s the only one that delivers meds, paychecks, animals, and bills. #savetheusps
L - 22 dager siden
I hope that America would save their roots, the post office and grow it for all Americans.
The post office was drove, or forced into falling. That is because someone wants it in the hands of a few for a few private gains, and will continue austerity assaults on it until it can't do its purpose. Then, a few of the private sector will remove it from the government ....but probably the new owners still ask for tax payers to support it in future as it will have much higher price and limited accessiblity to many of the customers had reach to it, that it had in full service as a purpose.
Also, when it is eventually completely dismantled for ....then it will probably not pay taxes and have more expensive, and with private transferable it will become shrouded in lack as well as come to fail being loyal and trustworthy for the people ...for all people.
(That will be due to it being taken over by a limited private entity)
Johnny Nakamoto
Johnny Nakamoto - 22 dager siden
Lately I been seeing a lot of news about the upcoming 2020 presidential elections. One of the topics that have stood out the most to me is the mail in bailouts. The fact that I experienced & seen mail in voting fraud with my own eyes in Paterson,NJ with delayed received ballots makes me wonder how the presidential election mail in bailouts will turn out nationwide. I don't want to discredit USPS or its workers and I applaud them for there hard work but from what I am observing locally in a highly populated city USPS cant handle that many ballots to be mailed by Nov. on another hand, The fact that the only feasible way to vote in the U.S is through a mail in ballot is absurd and quiet frankly embarrassing. We are living behind our time and with all the technological resources we have available, Voters should be able to vote online without the risk of elections being hacked. I mean there are spaceships that go up to mars and land back on earth, how hard can it be? with that being said, I will not blame the USPS or the postmaster if the ballots were not mailed in time. I blame our complete government.
John Monroe
John Monroe - 23 dager siden
Everything that’s run by the government is destined to fail.
Josedavid Rodas
Josedavid Rodas - 23 dager siden
This sounds like propaganda for Trump Apologists
D Smith
D Smith - 24 dager siden
The USPS is a losing organization. The USPS said the pandemic will increase its net operating loss by more than $22 billion over the next 18 months and by over $56 billion over the next 10 years (losing $5.6B per year). Funny FedEx, UPS, DHL, and Amazon deliver a metric crap ton of mail everyday and all are in the black making money hand over fist. USPS is a loser and should be eliminated. We should privatize our mail and package delivery. THE USPS is a drain on the American tax payer, and would frankly rather go to a FedEx Kinkos or UPS Store to do business. I can count on my mail being delivered and, if they screw up, use a competitor. That's called a Free Market. The USPS is a poorly run and poorly managed SOCIALIST organization and a sign of things to come if you like Bernie Sanders, AOC, Illhan Omar, Talib, or Pressley, or any one of the other dozen idiot congressmen in office that are members of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) party under the Democrats. Leftists will bring more of this garbage SOCIALISM to America. Yay. No thanks.
Whitehouse John
Whitehouse John - 24 dager siden
thank you for this informative video..United States Postal Service is so underrated!