The Truth Behind Italy's $1 Homes

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Starting in early 2019, 20 towns across Italy began selling homes for €1, or about $1.10. Local governments hope the plan will attract fresh faces and new businesses to towns that have been suffering from rapid depopulation and a growing number of abandoned homes for decades. But the true cost of these homes turn out to be much higher than $1.
The Truth Behind Those $1 Detroit Homes
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The Truth Behind Italy's $1 Homes
Runtime: 10:11


starving student
starving student - 3 timer siden
as an architect, it's a nightmare to remodel those old houses because they are stone and it's a pain to bring down stone walls, replace roof, also they are badly designed with tiny doors or weird kitchen, one bathroom or needs whole replumbing and electric wiring. So unless you have around $150,000 just for the remodeling then better not.
Explorer Trg
Explorer Trg - 4 timer siden
1:17 the guy sounds like Liam Neeson 😅
Liz - 4 timer siden
I recently saw an article on Travel Insider about a couple that is raffling off their vacation home in Italy. The house looked way nicer than these!
Pro Huawei
Pro Huawei - Dag siden
6:55 let me show you how $1>$100,000
Mizai - Dag siden
this is cool
Mizai - Dag siden
this is actually cool
Michael W.
Michael W. - 3 dager siden
people have no idea how ugly these apartments are. they think everything in italy is beautiful. lol
Danielle Andrade
Danielle Andrade - 4 dager siden
Man if I had millions I would turn renovate this !!
Don Lee
Don Lee - 7 dager siden
People keep going on about how expensive it is to live in the city. Fact is, there's plenty of affordable real estate if you don't live in the big metropolitan areas.
chrisg307 - 7 dager siden
Why don't the migrants flooding Europe settle in any of them, or do they?
rollin thirtys
rollin thirtys - 7 dager siden
Im from the Bronx NY im about to pull up over there with $2000US and buy the whole city...At a dollar a house you can buy the blocc for $20
alien angel
alien angel - 7 dager siden
and most important no "mangali"
Marco Guerra
Marco Guerra - 7 dager siden
Quite dishonest math in there, 60k for renovation? plus they assumed you lost the deposit and didn't get it back on their calculus
oppa obama
oppa obama - 7 dager siden
with 60.000€ you don't buy shit in my city, so it's worth it
thehoneyeffect - 7 dager siden
The Americentrism is so deep in this vid that they couldnt even stand to say 1 Euro Homes or €1 Homes.
Alison Brown
Alison Brown - 7 dager siden
Rent it out for holidays.€€€€€€
Woodynic - 8 dager siden
Agenda 21/30: move people out of rural areas and into metropolitan cities
Ivan Cuevas
Ivan Cuevas - 8 dager siden
People just see it as a fancy Detroit.
YAMI O - 8 dager siden
Seriously?! One dollar!? This really caught my attention! Wow! If I had my way, I'd love to have a property in any of those Italian towns, provided it's safe, earthquake-free and covid-free. Italy is such a beautiful country, too. I'd love to have my future vlogs and stories in such beautiful and promising towns (although there's a catch for this affordable deal, just as I thought, at the end of the video with all the computation - LOL!) God bless Italy! Love from the Philippines!
Hannah Wisdom
Hannah Wisdom - 9 dager siden
honestly would still love to have that
Satanic Matrix Awareness
Satanic Matrix Awareness - 9 dager siden
jim lotus
jim lotus - 9 dager siden
Mythos - 9 dager siden
Dats why I’m moving to Italy, I want to create, recreate and have designs I can use. It don’t matter how much money, I’ll work hard and build my dream.
Linda Clark
Linda Clark - 9 dager siden
A documentary on this please would be great to see a before and after of allll if them-
spinning debbie
spinning debbie - 9 dager siden
Surely the liqueur put Sambuca 'on the map'?
J Mac
J Mac - 9 dager siden
76,000$ for a home in Italy fully renovated is a dream come true if I could I would in a straight heartbeat
TREX LEX - 9 dager siden
In other words...............SUCKERS.
Christopher Adam
Christopher Adam - 9 dager siden
Lmfao a security deposit..... on something you purchased to own??? Nice, lol.
Morgansbutt - 9 dager siden
this sounds amazing, long term investment or retirement plan, population explosion tells us that this land will eventually be used, sooner or later especially as people start working from home more and more.
2k22 - 9 dager siden
For the sake of this video, just call them 1€ homes...
Tedy Krisnapati
Tedy Krisnapati - 9 dager siden
Double U and O double U. wow !
Giuseppe Del Vecchio
Giuseppe Del Vecchio - 10 dager siden
Hahaha poor little creatures... I have a Colosseo to sell, anyone interested?
Sim Mack
Sim Mack - 10 dager siden
Homes like that would sell for 200000 in California
QingYun - 10 dager siden
Renovate? Nah, I would just mow the thing down and rebuild
cieloesole - 10 dager siden
What a idiot title....nobody forces people to buy houses in Italy for 1 dollar, clearly it is symbolic, they know what to aspect, the place where to leave and built a new house in the most beautiful country in the world, starting practically from 1 dollar instead of 1 million!
Keaos0 - 10 dager siden
I wouldn't buy any home for $1 without a full estimate on the cost to renovate it. I'm quite impressed with some of the renovated homes people have already done to such houses. But I have no idea why anyone would try to make an Airbnb off in the sticks and expect it to sell.
Dumb Comment
Dumb Comment - 10 dager siden
Buy a new home costs ten of thousands anyway, without the base price.
I mean, you still get all the walls and a roof, so that's a good deal
steve myers
steve myers - 10 dager siden
sounds like my Daughter whose mother is rich now - i am now poor - anyway the kids came to stay with me for a weekend and I had 1 large room with 2 queen beds in a hotel - kids were 5 6 and 9. Daughter says "wheres the other rooms?" hmmmmm
steve myers
steve myers - 10 dager siden
$1 and you were expecting something in Monte Carlo? Time for some sweat equity hunny bun.
Evil stubb
Evil stubb - 10 dager siden
I buy all of them and then sell for 5e/home