Warehouse Ships 200,000 Pounds Of Sustainable Seafood A Month

King's Seafood Company in Southern California distributes over 2,000 pounds of lobster every week and over 200,000 pounds of seafood a month. We visited their warehouse to see how they organize and ship everything that they sell, then went to one of their restaurants to try their products to see if sustainable seafood is just as good as anything else.
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Warehouse Ships 200,000 Pounds Of Sustainable Seafood A Month
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Jelmer Dam
Jelmer Dam - 2 måneder siden
Wow, I just looked at a 3min commercial. How can they sustainably aquafarm tuna, the fish is almost extinct?
KOR. Mighty Mouse TV
KOR. Mighty Mouse TV - 2 måneder siden
"A public detached from the lives of sea creatures is under the impression that aquaculture will release us from the harms of overfishing. Consumers with enough disposable income unwittingly think there’s always another fish for sale in a world of infinite goods."
"Aquafarms are not the revolutionary corrective. In the welcome center of a fish farm I visited last year in Norway, a film showed professionals in white lab coats thrusting syringes into the bellies of salmon to inoculate them against disease. With thousands of salmon cramped in cages, contagion was a constant fear. Feed is expensive, and so these carnivorous fish ate a plant-based diet composed of 70 percent genetically modified soy, supplemented by discarded shrimp shells to give the meat of farmed salmon a wild salmon’s characteristic pink color. Marketing could not erase the fact that the bodies of some farmed salmon are twisted, or that half of them worldwide are partially deaf, due to growth engineered at accelerated rates."
Quotation from the Yale360
Zhoushan Xinzhou Fishmeal Machinery Co., Ltd
This is awesome
Abbadi Abbadi
Abbadi Abbadi - 5 måneder siden
Thanks god for everything 😊🙏
James Johnson
James Johnson - 6 måneder siden
To all those complaining this doesn't explain aqua farming/sustainable farming...this video is about the warehouse, not the farming. To be fair, there is a lot that goes into sustainable aqua farming and would probably take way more than three minutes. The point of this video is to introduce new ideas to a large number of people. So something quick, and relatable works best. The idea is to get people to seek out other videos about aqua farming on their own with more in depth videos.
ToudaHell - 6 måneder siden
Industrial Fish farming have been around for thousands of years. The Chinese have farmed carp once they discovered carp can live in ponds and they can dig ponds to grow them in the hundreds. The natives in BC have been cultivating salmon in streams for thousands of years.
Also, that is tuna on those counters. All tuna fisheries are unsustainable. You really want sustainable fish, go for carp and catfish. They're vegetarians that have very small carbon footprint to produce. And shellfish.
Lucas Mendoza
Lucas Mendoza - 6 måneder siden
Matt Hart
Matt Hart - 6 måneder siden
You just keep saying sustainable. Farmed fish are full of unnatural chemicals and are fed using unnatural ingredients. See farmed salmon label; "color enhanced". PASS!
Phlegethon - 6 måneder siden
What’s makes it sustainable
M.H.A.G arya gaming
M.H.A.G arya gaming - 5 måneder siden
[ lavender ]
[ lavender ] - 6 måneder siden
This is probably going to get demonetized
Sourav Rumon
Sourav Rumon - 6 måneder siden
This is a perfect example of pure disappointment.
David Vwede2020
David Vwede2020 - 6 måneder siden
Craig A Davies
Craig A Davies - 6 måneder siden
Well well well ,,,
Sustainable..... I for one do NOT believe for one second that robbing or raping our oceans in any way is SUSTAINABLE.
It's time for Change
Cleaning up the world's rivers & oceans ,, outlawing pollution
Would be a great start .
Do your best to put pressure on your government....... NOW !
Chris B
Chris B - 6 måneder siden
Very poor quality video didn't show any examples of real sustainability
Sara Zain
Sara Zain - 6 måneder siden
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Shorty Bo
Shorty Bo - 6 måneder siden
You guys should make a video on what US Marshals go through in basic training.
sj1773 - 6 måneder siden
Big pile of B.S, industrial fishing is not sustainable at all.
Dibash Adhikari
Dibash Adhikari - 6 måneder siden
unsubscribed after this explanation
Sivuyile Selana
Sivuyile Selana - 6 måneder siden
This is your most vague video yet.
Supercalifragilistic expialidocious
Its Business Insider not Vsauce for all the concerned about the production of the food.
Jazz-axy - 6 måneder siden
I'm surpised by the comments. I expected you guys to see the word sustainable and scream praises at this just-as-toxic-as-any-other company~
Ik nothing about the fish industry but 200k lbs a MONTH doesn't sound sustainable ~ to me
billy fix
billy fix - 6 måneder siden
I read the comments to speed up the Advertisement 3min. Still I like King's. Better than mysto-seafood.
Sam Harris
Sam Harris - 6 måneder siden
Something satisfying about watching the head of a fish be sliced off
Cameron B
Cameron B - 6 måneder siden
Humans are so morbid, farming animals for food & keeping them all packed in together like that.
gerry avalos7
gerry avalos7 - 6 måneder siden
Lol BIG FISH has you all confused...they are winning and i dont blame them...
Dr. Q
Dr. Q - 6 måneder siden
Do you realize that these fish are filled with GMO’s and PCB’s (polychlorinated biphenyls) to make the fish fatty and juicy for consumer taste.
Rachel D
Rachel D - 6 måneder siden
Such an important topic, love to see attention brought to it
Serious Stuff
Serious Stuff - 6 måneder siden
The ant army on Ice Cream.
Better Call Saul 5x3 The Guy for this.
RAJohnson713 - 6 måneder siden
How is it sustainable
Imam Malaysia
Imam Malaysia - 6 måneder siden
*Recommend this to China*
Bajoobie Cuzican
Bajoobie Cuzican - 6 måneder siden
Ask Norway about their sick & failed salmon farming. It's a toxic environment unless managed properly!
Dust storm C0Ming
Dust storm C0Ming - 6 måneder siden
Rich people eat seafood in my country and they all have thier heads stuck in the sand.
Craig A Davies
Craig A Davies - 6 måneder siden
Well said
TheAstronomyDude - 6 måneder siden
Too bad americans don't know how to cook or how to eat seafood.
DARRELL D - 6 måneder siden
🤭🤭🤭🤭 didn't explain anything lol
And the host... no thank you lol
Tonka Bear
Tonka Bear - 6 måneder siden
Sustainable = aqua farming
They said it right but did not show it in the video.
Chadwick Jones
Chadwick Jones - 6 måneder siden
#GoVegan Save the oceans, save the planet.
WildDisease - 6 måneder siden
This looks like steelhead and I only eat salmon. But I aint buying salmon fish until that shit is $4.99/lb again
Zeionn - 6 måneder siden
You've put 'sustainable' as a buzzword on this without at all going into detail on how this company does it or how it impacts the environment. Also, all-though seafood farming might be a tiny bit better for our environment, it's still not sustainable can actually hurt the wild population of animals and creatures. If anyone is interested in watching something that ACTUALLY goes into detail on this and how it impacts wild animals and our planet, I would highly suggest watching Artifishal Full Film | The Fight to Save Wild Salmon by Patagonia on YouTube. It's free and goes for about an hour.
maybolh - 6 måneder siden
This channel is going down the drain. What happened?
Behzey - 6 måneder siden
so say, " Sustainable Seafood" is farmed seafood.
CMDR - 6 måneder siden
The thing is that farmed fish comes with a whole host of devastating effects on the environment and is not even that big an improvement over over fishing. It can even be more damaging in the long run