What Army Recruits Go Through At Boot Camp

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Here's an inside look at the United States Army's intense 22-week basic training known as OSUT, which stands for One Station Unit Training. Senior Video Correspondent Graham Flanagan spent four days at the Army's Maneuver Center of Excellence located inside the Fort Benning military installation near Columbus, Georgia, where he observed different companies at various stages of training.
After a processing period that takes one to two weeks, recruits experience what's known as a "shark attack," when drill sergeants create a high-stress environment through a series of rapid-fire instructions and commands. Once the intensity subsides and training begins, the dynamic between the drill sergeants and the recruits evolves into one found between a teacher and students in a classroom.
Despite rainy conditions that rarely let up during filming, we saw various dynamic aspects of training, such as marksmanship, tear gas exposure, and MOUT, which stands for military operations in urban terrain.
In the video, we incorrectly refer to duffle bags as rucksacks. Insider regrets the error.
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What Army Recruits Go Through At Boot Camp
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D Me
D Me - 2 timer siden
If you're military, and The Idiot Trump salutes you...in a line of vision situation, throw him the finger, or you're just another cult freak.
Harrison Mauldin
Harrison Mauldin - 4 timer siden
6:41 was that angry cops? Sounded like him
Hs K
Hs K - 6 timer siden
3:34 the snack still hasn't been changed, Jeez..
markus - 7 timer siden
Angelsachsen schreien, Franzosen kriechen ,der deutsche Soldat schreitet voran.Sagte mir ein Veteran der Leibstandarte1.8.
Sons Of Liberty
Sons Of Liberty - 9 timer siden
They arent Infantry and they arent soldiers until they graduate.
Robert Sparkley
Robert Sparkley - 15 timer siden
Soon sexual harrassment will be a death penalty offense. God doesn't want any sexual demon within 5 billion miles of His Daughters
Robert Sparkley
Robert Sparkley - 15 timer siden
The age limit needs to be raised to at least 60
Mr4everBaller - 18 timer siden
Lemme tell you this, they done softened up your army. U guys are lucky your marines are still going through hell in bootcamp. That's how fighting forces are made not this "we want to be coaches and mentors" bs
Susan redmond
Susan redmond - 20 timer siden
Before they got in the gas I saw tears...
Mark - PH
Mark - PH - 21 time siden
I remember "Full Metal Jacket"
Ndrw 09
Ndrw 09 - 22 timer siden
Why we dont saw tank training?
history Animator
history Animator - Dag siden
Can u make medic one cause ima be french medic also im not french im mexican i need to learn how it feels
Hash Li
Hash Li - Dag siden
The only reason the USA is strong is cause of their nuclear weapons.Because this guys look weak and pathetic.
SAYHAN KADER - Dag siden
7:49 you guys gave them some happiness
SAYHAN KADER - Dag siden
6:40 that dudes hot headd is there even any doctors that are caring about it these dudes look like they are going to die
theloneretr0 - Dag siden
I think the only doing it for collage
Baron Von Grijffenbourg
7:13 Lol, that's drill sergeant Hy. Aka AngryCops he has a channel on YouTube. Check it out, it's hilarious.
FLEX밍고 - Dag siden
There's no shark attack anymore bc of covid 19...
I was expecting it but never happened 🥺
Garbo - Dag siden
Funny how the second they get rifles the drill Sargents want to be friendly. I guess they’ve seen full metal jacket too.
Jet Hodgkin
Jet Hodgkin - Dag siden
I'm so excited to start my military career. They can yell at me, and can kick me while I'm in the mud. I'll still be trying to hide my smile.
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez - Dag siden
6:52 when you tell your girl you forgot to get her food 💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂
Andrew Burkett
Andrew Burkett - Dag siden
Marines: Hold my m249
Army: Hold my juice box
J T - Dag siden
Hurry up and wait I know this all to well
Mair Ahmed
Mair Ahmed - Dag siden
This is nothing compared to What PMA does to cadets 😂😂😂
Merci - Dag siden
That’s my Basic Training company, Echo 1-81 Armor 🤘🏽
Ankjok Ming
Ankjok Ming - Dag siden
6:35 he look like angry cops is he...?
Nicole pie
Nicole pie - Dag siden
I’m sure Gordon can become a drill sergeant any day. All he would say is “U COME HERE” “F OFF F OFF F OFF GOT IT?!” Seriously tho.
Spunk - Dag siden
Ahaha! Just seen one of my old NCOs
Take 14
Take 14 - Dag siden
Lol that's crazy
Sketchy Getchey
Sketchy Getchey - Dag siden
Ahhh 30th AG! The place where I seriously questioned my life’s decisions. 😅
Darius D
Darius D - Dag siden
drill sergeant Hy was in that video
서근후 - Dag siden
I loved my drill sergeant bro. Many of my friends are drill. They are the rejuvenation I need in my life dawg
JohnnyRebKy - Dag siden
The shark attack ends in 20 minutes?? Wtf 😅
Evil Twin
Evil Twin - Dag siden
oh Shit!! Those bus doors open..
Charles Broderick
Charles Broderick - Dag siden
The yelling and screaming was a normal daily occurrence for me growing up...
It looks extremely weak compared to the marines
Richard Clark
Richard Clark - 2 dager siden
0:07, omg that kid looks scared shitless.
Elmer Moraga Claros
Elmer Moraga Claros - 2 dager siden
God love u
Wyatt Geer
Wyatt Geer - 2 dager siden
Hey orange shirt guy at 2:20, face forward at the position of attention guy
US ARMY VET 11B 96-14
US ARMY VET 11B 96-14 - 2 dager siden
HOT SUMMER OF 1996.....1/50th Wolf Pack,4th Platoon!!!!🇺🇸
US ARMY VET 11B 96-14
US ARMY VET 11B 96-14 - 2 dager siden
Ailsa Holder
Ailsa Holder - 2 dager siden
Least they take sexual assault seriously
Sadly it still happens.