What Happens After You Call 911 For The Coronavirus

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We spoke with Hanan Cohen, the director of corporate development and community paramedicine for Empress EMS, a partner of PatientCare EMS Solutions, in New York's Westchester County, one of the most affected counties in the country so far with confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths. Hanan was COVID-19 positive himself and has since returned to work. He explained exactly what would happen should you call 911 for an ambulance within Empress EMS's region with the suspicion that you may have contracted the COVID-19 coronavirus.
Disclaimer: "When in doubt, call 911 for any coronavirus or other medical concerns."
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What Happens After You Call 911 For The Coronavirus
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P.E. P
P.E. P - 2 måneder siden
In America, of ALL places, it's a crime citizens are charged. All civilized countries provide their citizens health care....let alone ride to the hospital???
Brandon Jordan
Brandon Jordan - 2 måneder siden
You get a hospital ride if they feel you can be killed
boosie 4l
boosie 4l - 2 måneder siden
I feel like they need better protection
FalconX79 - 3 måneder siden
Want the truth from a 9-1-1 operator? Every breathing problems are tagged as Covid-19. Even if it's because you hurt your neck falling down stairs. So if you really believe this pandemic, think again.
Evon Hanip
Evon Hanip - 3 måneder siden
When business insider says coronavirus i say which coronavirus
manny flores
manny flores - 4 måneder siden
Paramedics:Have you ever been sick?
Patient: yes
Paramedic: you have covid 19.
What a joke
FalconX79 - 3 måneder siden
It's really like that. 3/4 of our cases at our center are considered covid even if it's not really the case. Absurd.
Prénom Nom
Prénom Nom - 4 måneder siden
Basically nothing.. you really need to be dying in order to be attended for Covid19
Samsng Device
Samsng Device - 4 måneder siden
Yup. That's what to expect.
Dream on. This one incidence is a spokesperson who partners up with ambulance companies.
They charge $5,000 to haul you to the hospital.
SteveMadeTv - 4 måneder siden
I hope everyone staying safe fr🙏
Olivia Grey
Olivia Grey - 4 måneder siden
I received a transfer of $50,000 directly to my bank account. Expeditetools,com made the transfer to me.
aji yra
aji yra - 4 måneder siden
it's America. step One is pay $2500
Shilonious Monk
Shilonious Monk - 4 måneder siden
fillup316 - 4 måneder siden
wheres the part of the video where the patient can't pay the ambulance cost or medical bill.
CrunchyCorn - 3 måneder siden
*Laughs in european*
The Non Smoker
The Non Smoker - 4 måneder siden
What if the Crew gets attacked by a psychopath patient, anything available for their defenses?

a shotgun, hunter rifle, or any pistol??? 🤔
cayla rose
cayla rose - 4 måneder siden
The fire department blocked off my whole entrance to my apartment complex yesterday. Told me I couldn't get in. And when I finally did get in I saw an ambulance with paramedics fully suite in hazmat suits and gas masks. It was so scary they couldn't even tell me if it was my place they were going to.. I think someon who lives closed died of it or is infected.. either way that's so sad...
gvi341984 - 4 måneder siden
Why would Americans go to a hospital? Not only that but why are the ambulances so big? I know Americans are fat but are they paying more in taxes and healthcare for poor diets.
AaronP11 - 4 måneder siden
Are you a troll or are you seriously asking these questions?????????
fucian j
fucian j - 4 måneder siden
After you call 911 for covid 19 nancy pelosi refuses to send them unless you assist her with racism and fascism.
Kim Jong
Kim Jong - 4 måneder siden
o great! pink eye now! guess i had it for the last year.. i always thought it was allergies
FarruFR - 4 måneder siden
When you call for the ambulance, they start sending the bill then the help. America Ya’ll
Samuel Vega
Samuel Vega - 4 måneder siden
@Matthew Nguyễn Lang Mate I'm not talking about politics hahaha. I'm saying is not fair for the poor people not giving them a system of health, a life is more valuable than the money. To counterargument your data I got some studies about the public health care system in South Korea and in Taiwan and mate I know I won't change your opinion but I just want you to get a better point of view without getting into socialist, capitalist, etc. If I'm ill and I lose my job so I want to die? Obviously no so that's my point mate and don't be rude cause I didn't answer I have to study and I can't answer everyone on the internet. www.healthaffairs.org/doi/full/10.1377/hlthaff.22.3.77 academic.oup.com/heapol/article/24/1/63/598886
PrumSet - 4 måneder siden
@Matthew Nguyễn Lang dude no need to answer you. The magnitude of your bs is just too big to argue
Matthew Nguyễn Lang
Matthew Nguyễn Lang - 4 måneder siden
Samuel Vega yep typical no response. knew it.
Matthew Nguyễn Lang
Matthew Nguyễn Lang - 4 måneder siden
Samuel Vega socialist idea. Does not work in ANY modern day economy. Not willing to pay for others poor health choices. 1:People have less financial incentive to stay healthy. 2:Long wait times. 3:Doctors may cut care to lower costs. 4:Health care costs overwhelm government budgets. Not worth paying for this so called socialist universal healthcare. The sickest 5% of the population create 50% of total health care costs, while the healthiest 50% only create 3% of costs. meps.ahrq.gov/data_files/publications/st455/stat455.pdf
Matthew Nguyễn Lang
Matthew Nguyễn Lang - 4 måneder siden
Outlege you’re not from the US so you have nothing to say based on our form of government. Nice try.
codeDart - 4 måneder siden
Mannn this is nothing. Imagine 5-6 guys smashing into your home with hazmat grade suits and masks. Put you in chains then in a bubble wrap. Toss you in an unamed van and be transported to a deserted and abandoned warehouse to self quarantine.
Robert the Bruce
Robert the Bruce - 4 måneder siden
First mistake: Never call 911
Marie G
Marie G - 4 måneder siden
elliswilkinson - 4 måneder siden
Likely to get shot if u call them
Joe Jordan
Joe Jordan - 4 måneder siden
Why are you promoting yourself why are you pushing fear p*** on the sheeple of this country not everybody believes this is happening your propaganda arm of the US government the ambulance companies I guess if you get a runny nose call you up paramedics police padding their pensions and retirement switch they won't have the country continues to go like this you should be grateful you have a job many people don't have jobs why are you promoting this propaganda you chose to do this work and you only and as far as your 6ft in your mask you should do that anyway not all of us are sheeple we see exactly what you're doing every statistic every patient which by the way here in Los Angeles the hospitals are not filled up but they're turning away seriously ill people for other things for this phony fear p*** that you're promoting voice text
LACKOFMEMES - 4 måneder siden
Ok. First chill. This is real. People are dying. Your opinion does not matter in these times of need.
Daksh Badal
Daksh Badal - 4 måneder siden
Hey you're almost at 3M congrats!
MissDaringStar - 4 måneder siden
Listen this is not a joke. People are dying. If you will not stay home for yourself stay home for the people who are at higher risk. STAY HOME
elliswilkinson - 4 måneder siden
@MissDaringStarReptillians run the world, open your eyes.
MissDaringStar - 4 måneder siden
Stephen Anthony It is real. This virus is unlike something doctors have ever seen before. And if they are laying back doctors it may be because people are not coming in to the clinics for medical treatment in fear of catching COVID-19
Stephen Anthony
Stephen Anthony - 4 måneder siden
Nobody is dying, it's a hoax you stupid sheep! People are just dying of things they had already. The hospitals are empty, they are laying off doctors and nurses.
LACKOFMEMES - 4 måneder siden
let those protesters die
Dmitry Salnikov
Dmitry Salnikov - 4 måneder siden
True heroes
elliswilkinson - 4 måneder siden
Bankers,white atheletes and prostitutes are the real heroes.
Red Leader
Red Leader - 4 måneder siden
LACKOFMEMES - 4 måneder siden
nobody cares plus ur late by like 5 years buddy
Jim - 4 måneder siden
I can’t believe there are selfish idiots protesting the lockdown.
Никарагуанский прочность
I currently live out of America but I have dozens of friends who live in USA
Никарагуанский прочность
@FalconX79 I would have to disagree and be argumentative with these allegations you pledge. I have a friend who got in a car accident in Boston, Massachusetts 3 days ago. He had to go to the ER. He has breathing problems i think Azma? But they never labeled him as Covid-19. In order for them to label sometime Covid-19 you need to be tested 1st. Testing is the proof and fact you have the virus.
Никарагуанский прочность
Haha i lived in America my teenage life. Americans take their freedom for granted. You have no idea.
FalconX79 - 3 måneder siden
I work in a 9-1-1 center and yes, this lockdown is a fraud. 3/4 of our calls are tagged as Covid-19 even if it's not really the case. Exemple: you have a car accident, you hurt your chest and have a hard time to breathe? Covid-19. You have pulmonary cancer and you have a hard time breathing? Covid-19.
jayy760 - 4 måneder siden
Flower Mask shit at this moment grocery stores and other food related jobs are hiring how come they aren’t applying for those jobs meanwhile we get a vaccine for the virus ? It’s cause they are lazy pieces of shits .
Gacha Musicqwq
Gacha Musicqwq - 4 måneder siden
Wait- I have loss of Appetite and pinkeye
Red Brix Animations
Red Brix Animations - 4 måneder siden
*911 what’s your emergency?*
Omar boss 13
Omar boss 13 - 4 måneder siden
Stop with all this this is making me crazy
Jacob Greer
Jacob Greer - Måned siden
It’s interesting but it’s also terrifying like what exactly is killing us, it’s invisible.
LACKOFMEMES - 4 måneder siden
well then dont watch
The first casualty of war is Truth
5:12 you got it wrong. A respiration rate higher than 22 is concerning. If the lung is damaged, you breath more often to get enough oxygen.
LACKOFMEMES - 4 måneder siden
@Joshua Pikner lol
Joshua Pikner
Joshua Pikner - 4 måneder siden
The first casualty of war is Truth That’s what they said...
Weicong Zhang
Weicong Zhang - 4 måneder siden
911 what your emergency. I’m playing rainbow and I got TK.
KASHISH MARF - 4 måneder siden
Twenty three nineteen!! CDA from Monsters inc. comes out of no where.
Casey Hughes
Casey Hughes - 4 måneder siden
They better answer those questions right if they dont want to be shot. I saw a video of a cop shooting a 95 year old man and killing him in a chair because he supposedly had a knife. Despicable. How many of these people are calling on their neighbors?
LlamaDuck - 4 måneder siden
NIaxxx - 4 måneder siden
my toilet papers are about to finish💔
Lovely Doll Time
Lovely Doll Time - 4 måneder siden
Use sandpaper.
LACKOFMEMES - 4 måneder siden
the toilet papers are about to get flushed
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna - 4 måneder siden
S O A P & W A T E R
NIaxxx - 4 måneder siden
almost 3 million subs👍
softball87 - 4 måneder siden
Thank god for these great people in this world 🌎🙂🙂🙂🙂
Eleanor Pass
Eleanor Pass - 4 måneder siden
Is this the same for the rest of the world, as this was only from the US perspective?
StarfireSea - 4 måneder siden
It's US perspective but when it comes to medicine it does tend to be universal and other countries are most likely doing the exact same thing. Granted New York is the hardest hit in the world. I do know Chicago area EMT'S are taking similar precautions with patients. Chicago hospitals are not at full capacity yet so they are bringing patients in if they absolutely need to be in the emergency department.
wolf blitzer
wolf blitzer - 4 måneder siden
You go to hospital 😂
Luke awesome
Luke awesome - 4 måneder siden
Hi I subscribed