What It's Like Being A Funeral Director During The Coronavirus Pandemic

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NYC's 'deathcare' workers face a growing number of COVID-19 bodies. Amid a rising death toll, they transport bodies, hold funerals, and try and stay safe.
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What It's Like Being A Funeral Director During The Coronavirus Pandemic
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Onyx - 29 dager siden
Burn the bodies at least it will save espace.
Tom McDonough
Tom McDonough - Måned siden
What a total crock of shit. They're listing almost ALL causes of death as covid deaths simply to jack up the numbers. C/V is the biggest global, psyop-hoax ever perpetrated on humankind. Period!
November - Måned siden
Epic bullshit.
Collin Jones
Collin Jones - Måned siden
Total BS... seen videos of investigated reporters they are all empty....
Raul Gomez
Raul Gomez - Måned siden
And yet noooo autopsy 🤔
THEREALGAMER Mii - Måned siden
I was thinking about working at a funeral home. I was.....
roland cuellar
roland cuellar - Måned siden
can they wash and fill body with clorox?
Your Amigo
Your Amigo - Måned siden
lol real professional taking a selfie with a corpse in the back. Also he said funerals are not allowed to have more than 10 people and everyone must stay 6 ft apart but George Floyd had hundreds of people attend his funeral and they weren’t 6 ft apart. Big joke.
Echo1Delta - Måned siden
S.O.P. You cannot embalm a covid positive individuals. There's a law that prohibits infectious disease carrier to embalm. They should go straight to the crematorium.
King of Nothing
King of Nothing - 2 måneder siden
In March and April of 2020 I went to the grocery store twice a week to limit my exposure time to the possibility of catching coronavirus to 1 hour per trip. I'm 68 years old, so I'm in the high-risk group. I don't drive anymore so I take a bus everywhere I go. Starting in May, the local libraries opened. I live in Florida. The library currently only allows 1 hour per day of computer time in which I can continue doing my ancestry research. That's not a lot of time but it does fit my 1-hour don't get sick restriction. Therefore I go to the library three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the grocery store on Tuesday and Thursday.
Today is July 9th, and I would have thought I would have seen a whole lot of funeral processions to cemeteries for people who died from the coronavirus, but no not a single one. If massive amounts of people are dying, where are the vehicles that are supposed to be taking people to be buried? I don't even know anyone who knows anyone who died from covid-19. This is why I am beginning to think that the pandemic is a scam, just like the gasoline shortage of the 1970's was! Before the shortage gas prices were fifty to seventy-five cents a gallon. After the fake "SHORTAGE" the prices were around $3 a gallon. I also remember the Y2K B.S.
Computers were supposed to crash on January 1st 2000. They handled going from 1998 to 1999, but for some ambiguous reason they weren't supposed to be able to handle going from 1999 to 2000. So the government had to step in and save the day. The computers didn't crash, but they probably would not have anyway. We will never know though.
Karabo ManneZA
Karabo ManneZA - 2 måneder siden
Open your temperature checkers some of them are just screens
Ederson simples
Ederson simples - 2 måneder siden
🗣️:. :...:'. . '. . . ." . .' . .. .👥💀
Dec. gyrrl
Dec. gyrrl - 3 måneder siden
Oh God😔
Natalie Veltmeyer
Natalie Veltmeyer - 3 måneder siden
really/right Persona Fycta
really/right Persona Fycta - 3 måneder siden
Wah wah wah. All fear porn (THE virus is deadly) NARRATIVE crap.
Did they die in a car crash, bike accident, skiing? ANOTHER COVID 19 DEATH.
ANYONE dies in my family, it's all regular no distancing crap. STFU IDIOTS.
Nothing in my life has changed during this PLAN DEMIC, mask wearing sycophantic fools.
really/right Persona Fycta
really/right Persona Fycta - 3 måneder siden
Ha ha ha ha. When people falling off bicycles and auto crash victims are being labeled as Covid deaths, how the f are any of you not seeing that its all the same deaths as before, just labeled covid. DUH .... *Corbettreport.com
Your ALL welcome*
Damn people, do some research.
These people, even the ones claiming its their relative or even the ones moving the bodies, all are taking the word of 'officials' that these people have/had it at all. WTLF? WAKE UP.
Ocean Loventi
Ocean Loventi - 3 måneder siden
Please stay at home. That is our only job.❤️
Aisha Euston
Aisha Euston - 3 måneder siden
So sad be very careful God bless you and the dead
Michelle Ross
Michelle Ross - 3 måneder siden
The clean countries are really looking good now!! And by the way! The beautiful country of missouri doesn't have the virus here!- like it is in Nasty New York!! Something to think about!! The rest is up to u!- peace!
Michelle Ross
Michelle Ross - 3 måneder siden
So sad!!! New York is the worst City in the world!! How can anyone living there stay there!! Why won't u move out!! If not that's messed up for u! If any of u are smart u would leave!! I'm too happy even more Now that I moved out of that corrupt city years ago!! It's a blessing for me I thank God for that!!😆😅😉😂
American First
American First - 3 måneder siden
Well now all funerals should be fully open to families now. Over 10k people attending funersl today so every family should be able to celebtate their familys life.
The Weldor
The Weldor - 3 måneder siden
This is all leftwing propaganda ! Ive called several morgues . Ther so slow they have laid off half ther employees . And the employees that remained had ther wages cut because ther soooo slow ! My little brother died a natural causes beginning a may . Both morgues i called practically begged me ta use ther services because ther soooo slow ! I havnt seen 1 hurst ! I drive by a monster cemetery every day . Place is dead. Crickets! Left wing propaganda ! Total BULLSHIT ! ! ! !
j j 2021
j j 2021 - 3 måneder siden
Funerals for people are over rated ,myself I prefer not to have 1
dpjb2930 Jp
dpjb2930 Jp - 3 måneder siden
@5:01 "These crematoria cannot handle the volume either" Where they not able to cremate 1000s a day at Auschwitz with 1940s version furnaces? Hmmmm?
Cay nation 123
Cay nation 123 - 3 måneder siden
Mmmmm this is so sad🥺
Meily - 3 måneder siden
Why is everyone getting mad and accusing death workers of being profit hungry for embalming when it's something requested by family 👀 is it not? That's like saying your plastic surgeon is profit hungry for making money off the boob job you wanted
Peselo - 3 måneder siden
1:28 Wait... Roblox?
snoop alert
snoop alert - 3 måneder siden
Embalming is stupid during this time you're not having at three or four or five day funeral there is no reason those bodies need to be embalmed
C J - 3 måneder siden
Lies lies lies !
Devon Nichole. TTC
Devon Nichole. TTC - 3 måneder siden
We laid to rest our grandma then dad one week after we are all in quarantine until July 7th. Work that being said when we go out a mask is a must regardless of the situation you have to wear a mask not only that but you have to sit there and look at your loved ones that is being buried inside your car because you cannot get out until the body is in the ground. It's not a proper burial for anyone we didn't get to say goodbye because the hospital would not let us because he was sedated when he passed the machine was the only thing keeping him alive so we decided that we didn't want him to suffer anymore so we told him to go ahead and take him off the machine hoping that he would come out of it but within five minutes he passed away he had been in there for almost a month Grandma passed natural in her bed she was not sick from the virus she was never around anyone with the virus you never left the house but even with her we still had to wait until she was buried well she was put in the mausoleum in the wall so we had to wait until she was put all the way in there and then we could go in and see her it sucks because you can't see your loved ones before they go you can't open the body bags because of the virus it just sucks for the whole world because right now we're losing loved ones and we can't even say bye to them. Be safe love from SC💖
oooHalcyoNooo - 3 måneder siden
Government should really try and step up ramping up PPE production, especially now that people are defiantly going out without masks. I'm a nurse and, even though the shortages have been lessening nowadays, it can go south again really fast with an already expected second wave. I'm personally fine taking care of Covid patients IF my colleagues and I are provided with PPE, especially N95s and face shields.
Suzanne Elahie Edwards
Suzanne Elahie Edwards - 3 måneder siden
Embalming is not necessary.
Deborah Rogers
Deborah Rogers - 3 måneder siden
Can't get it from a dead person
Ryan Myers
Ryan Myers - 3 måneder siden
Civic 19 is the number one wanted criminal in the world😪😔😓😷
Non Wilson
Non Wilson - 3 måneder siden
I did wanted to know their point of view. I think they are getting tired.
GZ 973
GZ 973 - 3 måneder siden
that happen to my great grandma
it so sad
Jamie McMahon
Jamie McMahon - 3 måneder siden
So since the 1 deathcare worker puts a piece of cotten in the dead persons mouth so whatever may be inside the dead persons lung wont come out??? Wouldn't that mean these deathcare workers are transporting contaminated dead persons? I am not so sure this story is factual. I don't think these guys would be qualified to transport such a dead person. Justa thought.
E DF - 3 måneder siden
My god! You shouldn't be holding funerals for them, in the Philippines they cremate the bodies immediately after death. No wonder America's covid death cases are rising so fast! You've got to change it up. Holding a funeral puts more people at risk of getting the virus. C'mon America!
M Y - 3 måneder siden
Every country has their own way of dealing with passing of an individual. Respect their beliefs just as you would want them to respect yours. There's no easy way to deal with this issue..
S Jones
S Jones - 3 måneder siden
Because this is essential travel isnt It. Following a funeral team around.
J Chan
J Chan - 3 måneder siden
Why not cremate the COVID case to lessen na infection.?