What It Takes To Be A Dancer For The Golden State Warriors

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Every summer, hundreds of jazz and hip-hop dancers audition for one of 21 coveted spots on the ultra-talented all-female dance division of the Golden State Warriors. Known for their energetic in-game performances, the Warriors Dancers are the most recognizable women on the court. Showing us what it’s really like to be a Warriors Dancer is 5-year veteran and team captain Hannie, who knows all about what goes in to the role. Like her fellow dancers, she juggles her day job with late-night rehearsals, community appearances, costume fittings, physical therapy, hair and makeup sessions, and memorizing almost 40 dance routines per season. Though it appears glamorous, the job is an enormous commitment and a labor of love, set against the backdrop of sweeping, sport-wide changes to increase inclusivity and diversity. Today’s Warriors Dance Team, previously known as the “Warriors Girls”, have done away with swimsuit calendars and pom-poms in favor of greater representation from all genders and ages. Find out what it’s like to be Hannie, how she got here, and what it's been like for her during the unexpected end of the 2019-2020 basketball season.
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What It Takes To Be A Dancer For The Golden State Warriors
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It's Okay
It's Okay - Måned siden
It's weird that the Oakland Warriors, whose team is entirely black, with the exception of one brand new Serbian player, and the town of Oakland which, until recent gentrification in the last couple years, has had more black people historically than any other race, has cheerleaders that dance hip hop, an African American art form, and there are a measly two black women on the Warriors cheerleading team. It's great that they are transitioning away from the bimbo history and including men in the team as well. But maaaaan, they have a long way to go to catch up to 2020.
Edwin U.
Edwin U. - Måned siden
Dong Dong Dong.
ThatNativeGamer - Måned siden
I never realised how complicated being a professional dancer could be. That stuff looks really tough.
Sede Vacante
Sede Vacante - Måned siden
I hate this girl so much
Iliria Leasing
Iliria Leasing - 3 måneder siden
whats the deal with the cgubby male asian bald dancer
f Forecast
f Forecast - 4 måneder siden
People asking for more poc women - just remember that dance school girls are some of the most cliquey, toxic people out there. Surviving the bullying as a poc (because it's almost guaranteed that you'll be bullied) is a major hurdle
4040tee - 4 måneder siden
honestly all these women in the comment section saying "great stuff!!!" just pretend away the ugliness lol. oh women.
f Forecast
f Forecast - 4 måneder siden
Must be easy to keep your weight down with that schedule
Nicole Easley
Nicole Easley - 4 måneder siden
I Love the Warrior Girls! Great piece
mechelle williams
mechelle williams - 4 måneder siden
More black and brown females please! The team and cheerleaders should reflect some commonalities! I don't see that here. Disappointing 🤔🤔
Willow Talbott
Willow Talbott - 4 måneder siden
I got to go to a warriors game in February and they are such amazing dancers!
Melody Unchained
Melody Unchained - 4 måneder siden
Reminds me of the show Hit The Floor
Manasa Tilakraj
Manasa Tilakraj - 4 måneder siden
I wish there were more brown and black women
Kaalo Lovett
Kaalo Lovett - 4 måneder siden
It is just me? Or does there seem to be a different standard for the guy dancers? All the girls are trim and lean and gorgeous. But the guys look very... average?
ushiii `
ushiii ` - 3 måneder siden
They all look like they have the same body it's weird :/
f Forecast
f Forecast - 4 måneder siden
Generally speaking there's more competition among female dancers than male dancers ie they might not have been able to be as choosey with male dancers because there just aren't that many of them auditioning
Lucia Simone
Lucia Simone - 4 måneder siden
What I find crazy about the dance world is that you almost have to be overqualified. Not in this group per day, but I find that at least on the youth level, it’s nearly impossible to make a team/performance unless you can do elements that are way harder than the performance entails. I guess it’s just to make sure that everyone is super clean tho!
WONHO IS FKN BACK But still go to jail Han seo hee
you play like you practice so I guess that's why
Linda Minor
Linda Minor - 4 måneder siden
What a lovely young lady. Smart, Talented, athletic.
Its nice to see how well they are treated by the Warriors organization; gym memberships, hair and nail stipends, meals. NFL should take notes.
Kar Reyes
Kar Reyes - 4 måneder siden
She seems like an incredible person! They really do select for character.
Emilia Morgan
Emilia Morgan - 4 måneder siden
they deserve to get paid a full wage. wonder how many hours this "part time" job is
infallibleblue - 4 måneder siden
I wish they get health care and better pay. It’s not easy and I don’t give them enough credit. Learned a lot.
Sarah Louise Pickett
Sarah Louise Pickett - 4 måneder siden
Such an interesting video!
OOF - 4 måneder siden
The ending :(
Tvandme - 4 måneder siden
I love that they perform with guys and they look great together. Also free food!
InHisImage&Likeness - 4 måneder siden
#1 don’t be a dark skinned bw Yet using drill team moves from black culture
InHisImage&Likeness - 4 måneder siden
infallibleblue nope. They don’t
infallibleblue - 4 måneder siden
InHisImage&Likeness They have a diverse group there. Asian, Hispanic, and African Americans.
AJ Green
AJ Green - 4 måneder siden
Omg she's a software developer as well! Im so impressed with Hannie!
Ay L
Ay L - 4 måneder siden
Peeped the #FentyBeauty 👌🏾💕
claudiamador - 4 måneder siden
Love how passionate she is! Do what you love and love what you do ♥️♥️♥️
Anak Kostan
Anak Kostan - 4 måneder siden
I always amaze how they perform.
learn 1122
learn 1122 - 4 måneder siden
Wooowww they get RINGS TOO
hipnhappenin - 4 måneder siden
“Software developer” of course
4040tee - 4 måneder siden
@Vicki Xiao she means that the girl is full of sh@t
Vicki Xiao
Vicki Xiao - 4 måneder siden
whats wrong w being a software developer
Mikaela - 4 måneder siden
The amount of comments that are reducing these women to basically hookers or strippers is really disgusting... dance is a sport, these women are part-time athletes balancing that with another full-time job. They deserve real respect for what they do. Even though you might not notice them, and they’re not the focal point of the game, doesn’t mean they don’t have value
jigil jigil
jigil jigil - 28 dager siden
Strippers, hookers, dancers, people are free and should be free to choose whatever they wanna be, its their own body and their own choice, when you are not respecting their choice, you are not respecting freedom.
It's Okay
It's Okay - Måned siden
Then don't dress like a stripper with 10 lbs of makeup on. That is the reality and history of cheerleading. If they wanted to be dancers, they would be dancers, not cheerleaders. And they wouldn't objectify themselves in such a demeaning and outdated role.
ushiii `
ushiii ` - 3 måneder siden
@4040tee Shut up
Mikaela - 3 måneder siden
@4040tee a) so what if they were strippers?? as rayyan pointed out strippers deserve respect too. b) by that logic, pretty much all women in entertainment are strippers so that just shows you don't care about these women you just have a shitty attitude towards all women that arent meek and subservient so yknow your input on this is really irrelevant 😃😃😃😃
Mikaela - 3 måneder siden
@Rayyan Cunningham oh yeah thats absolutely true I'm sorry if my comment came across like I didn't think strippers deserve credit for what they do, I think any person regardless of/because of their work deserves credit especially things like dancing or exotic dancing which are both physically and creatively demanding so yeah haha I agree
Adrianne - 4 måneder siden
The cheerleaders have always been invisible, but I never realized how much they have to go through to get to the position they are in. This video has given me a new perspective. Thank you!
Pasta Chocolate
Pasta Chocolate - 2 måneder siden
they are not cheerleaders as she says. That is why they got rid of the palm palms. They are "dancers". I have seen the dancers at the warriors games. They are good. I never knew how much they practiced and what it takes to become one. Typically the dancers come out mostly during half time and time outs. That is when I tend to go get more food or drinks.
outsidegirl100 - 4 måneder siden
How do they have time to have other careers?
Jungshook love
Jungshook love - 4 måneder siden
Can u join at 16
potato Girl
potato Girl - 4 måneder siden
Agh she’s so pretty and her personality is gr8 too
xtalll Lala
xtalll Lala - 4 måneder siden
Dong has accent !!!! No matter how hard she tries to be seen as a white American lol
strange_aeons - 4 måneder siden
Amazing woman, not only educated and intelligent from uni, but also talented and dedicated to dance. Respect!
Marian - 4 måneder siden
wasn’t there a video about a Golden State warrior dancer who also talked about what’s it like to work here? Allure was it?
Nicole J.
Nicole J. - 4 måneder siden
why can’t i understand some of what she’s saying? it sounds like she’s trying to talk through her teeth
Kiko Haneul
Kiko Haneul - 4 måneder siden
These are like trainees in a korean entertainment
T Hana Winn
T Hana Winn - 4 måneder siden
Kiko Haneul as a dancer yes, they do have similarities
Zara Chen
Zara Chen - 4 måneder siden
I like how there's so much more diversity, unlike dcc
Tanmay Jain
Tanmay Jain - 4 måneder siden
It takes sexism.