What New Secret Service Recruits Go Through At Boot Camp

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We got an inside look at the United States Secret Service's intense, six-month basic training program. Senior video correspondent Graham Flanagan spent three days inside the James J. Rowley Training Center in Laurel, Maryland, where he observed recruits at various stages of training.
According to the Secret Service, about one in every 100 applicants makes it through the agency's intense vetting process to become a recruit. The base salary for new agents and officers is $47,000 per year.
After spending three months at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in either Artesia, New Mexico or Glynco, Georgia, recruits return to Laurel for three more months of Secret Service-specific training.
Although we were allowed to film inside the academy, much of the training remained secret. According to the training center's deputy chief, Michael Buck, this was intended to avoid "giving people specifics into our protective methodologies ... we don't advertise our playbook."
UPDATE: In the video, we identify a car as a Dodge Challenger, when what is seen on screen is a Dodge Charger. We regret the error.
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What New Secret Service Recruits Go Through At Boot Camp
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Ted Fieri
Ted Fieri - 3 timer siden
Too bad those are chargers, not challengers...
Adam Mitchell
Adam Mitchell - 3 timer siden
Admit it, you thought that was going wide... ️⚽️
🎥: IG/@nic_taugher
Ali Qazilbash
Ali Qazilbash - 5 timer siden
Ali Qazilbash
Ali Qazilbash - 5 timer siden
army was only initially blamed for this anthropomorphic nonsense... i have got the whole synopsis with a bunch of voids to fill.. i am not hundred percent whether or not i saw all the places in the dark...
bloody bed time, cant sleep though...
Ali Qazilbash
Ali Qazilbash - 5 timer siden
army was only initially blamed for this anthropomorphic nonsense... i have got the whole synopsis with a bunch of voids to fill.. i am not hundred percent whether or not i saw all the places in the dark...
bloody bed time, cant sleep though...
Ali Qazilbash
Ali Qazilbash - 5 timer siden
oye patrick... who is more involved? you or the eps? interms of personal proximity?
Kushagra Verma
Kushagra Verma - 8 timer siden
"If *you* have a bad day and didnt do your job, you will change the *world* "
Wow...so the US is a whole new planet
Kushagra Verma
Kushagra Verma - 8 timer siden
People: this is so quiet after watching navy and marine boot camp video
Me: yea coz its a secret
J. R. 6
J. R. 6 - 18 timer siden
You make it in to Secret Service training, but you don't remember to push your chairs in and you joke around during training in the training center? Seems like a dumb move.
Rafael Alvarado
Rafael Alvarado - 23 timer siden
At least they don’t get yelled at when they breath
fabio ginevra
fabio ginevra - Dag siden
Probably the best bullshits in the world.......with a sniper or hearth attack pistol you can kill long/short distance anyone in the world
Shrish 123
Shrish 123 - Dag siden
Aziz Mams
Aziz Mams - Dag siden
Effective training, without screaming your head off... military could learn a thing or 2
Salutations Corndogs
Salutations Corndogs - Dag siden
Wait, if the Secret Service has a 0 fail mission, wtf happened to Kennedy
Must be an inside job!
Jake Films Garbage
Jake Films Garbage - Dag siden
Dodge Challengers lol
end_ Rclapsツ
end_ Rclapsツ - Dag siden
yo im so close to where they train near laurel md
lucieclayton10 - Dag siden
Rubbish, they dont come near the UK SAS
Matt - Dag siden
how HS football coaches think they look:
noah winans
noah winans - 22 timer siden
so true
Adam Rawlins
Adam Rawlins - 2 dager siden
When saying it’s the best in the world I’d suggest you make sure it’s correct. The secret service has nothing on China secret service. Don’t even get me started on the KGB and MI6. Secret service is the noisiest “secret” service there is.
Pii Tefekzz
Pii Tefekzz - 2 dager siden
How can i join or apply 4 this
batowski - 2 dager siden
Plotwist: recruits are actors (if not they are fucked up)
Mr Me
Mr Me - 2 dager siden
Bunch of commie Blue Coats
Sycorax - 3 dager siden
I believe that the reason why Secret Service's training is so quiet is because they're looking for people who has had experience through war. So they might've already had been yelled at.
The Truth of Life
The Truth of Life - 3 dager siden
Spetsnaz Alpha Group Training is harder than secret service...
That one missing plane in bermuda
i thought their training is easy when I realized that making a mistake their is equal to bye bye
MarcPlays 808
MarcPlays 808 - 3 dager siden
That’s a nice “challenger”
Sandra nana Oboh
Sandra nana Oboh - 3 dager siden
How do I join this secret security service..?
Sigma - 3 dager siden
0 failed missions and JFK is still dead
Carmare - 4 dager siden
Those are dodge charger's , not challenger's
Helena The Great
Helena The Great - 4 dager siden
Mama’s making food with a hecka ton of oil In The kitchen seeing the people’s eyes burning from the gas: *Pathetic*
Miguel ito
Miguel ito - 4 dager siden
Instead saying Dodge charger he said Dodge Challenger
Cookies and Potatoes
Cookies and Potatoes - 5 dager siden
Me trying to shoot with a no face tarp: *misses* gimme one with trump’s face
Instructor: Ah yes. Loyal to the country eh?
Me: *puts it up where the tarp with no face was*
ZØØP - 5 dager siden
after this documentry ...those trainees are not remain secret..!! oops.. this is a 0.000000001% failure...but not zero..!! :D
ParkerTC - 5 dager siden
7:05 that’s a charger not a challenger
Oh yeah yeah Yeah yeah oh
Oh yeah yeah Yeah yeah oh - 6 dager siden
0 fail rate what about presents jfk they didn’t protect him very well
Muaj Xiong
Muaj Xiong - 6 dager siden
Its not secret now that everyone knows about it
vu dat
vu dat - 6 dager siden
Zero Fail mission hmmm
Kenedy: I guess
L Dog
L Dog - 6 dager siden
My new career after watching Jason Bourne
cisa93 - 6 dager siden
I was career AFOSI and worked with the USSS on three details. Great training on vehicle ambushes, ramming techniques, evasive driving maneuvers. Great adventures, but many times very monotonous details
Khalil Turner
Khalil Turner - 6 dager siden
Drill sergeant sounds like my teacher
Brad Williams
Brad Williams - 6 dager siden
Much respect to those folks.🇺🇸
C P - 7 dager siden
After this video, the not-so-Secret Service?
Xotix Yes sir
Xotix Yes sir - 7 dager siden
Jesus died for you he loves you more than anyone God sent his one and only son intro to those that believe in him shall not Parrish but have eternal life Jesus loves you he has a purpose for you invite him into your heart today so when you get to the gate ifEvan on judgment day he will say well done my good and faithful servant he loves you
Tyler John
Tyler John - 7 dager siden
Well ain’t much of a secret now huh
Pankaikz - 7 dager siden
rip that guy's in-betweens
Jaykay GxD
Jaykay GxD - 7 dager siden
0% fail erm cough cough jfk
Philip Nesbitt
Philip Nesbitt - 7 dager siden
lol tear gas - man I went through that shit 3 times.
Bohdi Heron
Bohdi Heron - 7 dager siden
The secret service is the lacrosse of law enforcement
Giannis Highlights34
Giannis Highlights34 - 7 dager siden
Those were Chargers
IDidNawtHitHer Oh Hi Mark
IDidNawtHitHer Oh Hi Mark - 7 dager siden
me being Puerto Rican: 🤯🤯😅
Amosa Malu oloi
Amosa Malu oloi - 7 dager siden
If it's called a secret service then why do we all know about it?????...
Kristina Sauchuk
Kristina Sauchuk - 7 dager siden
Instructor: we have a zero fail mission

Abraham Lincoln: Excuse me
Ronnie Hayes
Ronnie Hayes - 7 dager siden
I can't believe as I watch this video that the trainees or teach this recurrent that there over weight . see old movies of men smokelng cigarettes. Also the low salaries this people get for protecting some of the people in government.i don't think that we the people of the United States should pay for the protection after a president and this family leaves offices. Most of these family have enough money to pay for it themselves. There are more important things are government can do with the millions of dollars They spend then protecting people that leave office.
Vast Gaming
Vast Gaming - 8 dager siden
Tear gas in every vid
Your Dignity
Your Dignity - 8 dager siden
7:05 Do you mean chargers?
sean paul luarca
sean paul luarca - 8 dager siden
0 fail mission and why jfk was assasinated hmmmmmmmmm🤔
Guntur mantap
Guntur mantap - 8 dager siden
0 fail mission, i think they forgot about jfk
Lexo Getti
Lexo Getti - 8 dager siden
0 fail....JFK ring a bell.
William Jessing
William Jessing - 8 dager siden
I like how they get trained to pull there gun and shoot first before trying anything else
boy boy
boy boy - 4 dager siden
Well if someone is trying to kill the president the best thing 5o do would be eliminate the threat
Kev Burke
Kev Burke - 8 dager siden
Imagine going through all that to catch covid off the President because he wanted to do a photo op
Spongebob - 8 dager siden
87Kth Like to the vid🙄
Michael Harris
Michael Harris - 8 dager siden
God is so good. No matter what happens in life, He has a plan better than anything we can imagine. He is working all things out for our good, even when we don’t understand why some things happen the way they do. Don’t lose faith, keep trusting and believing in Him. God isn’t done with you, keep fighting the good fight. Be a blessing to someone today. God bless. Do you know Jesus as your Lord and savior? It’s the best decision you can ever make, and at the end of the day, it’s the ultimate decision we have to make. This life is only temporary. Eternity is forever. Do you know where you will spend eternity? God bless. God is so good.
Deadly Chewy
Deadly Chewy - 8 dager siden
So they protect the president and when the elite want the president out they turn heads and become the assassins of the president 😂
187 14
187 14 - 8 dager siden
I'm Ck Who's Joe
I'm Ck Who's Joe - 8 dager siden
Me: **Joins Secret Service Boot camp**
Also Me: Is this where you show me a briefcase and an umbrella
this guy nuts
this guy nuts - 6 dager siden
Kingsman reference?
maNNy - 8 dager siden
0 failed mision what hapend to kenedy
Erik Magana
Erik Magana - 9 dager siden
“The toughest” maybe he should consider being a Navy Seal or anything along those lines then he should talk facts
Takashi - 9 dager siden
Dosen’t look so secret
Dutchboy266 - 9 dager siden
Why does this programm make it sound like 6 months is a lot...?
robison87 - 9 dager siden
I would only want men protecting me. Sorry but not sorry.
ac ca
ac ca - 8 dager siden
True. The instructor said that you are not allowed to have a "bad day" and women have those all the time lmao
Carter Bryan
Carter Bryan - 9 dager siden
7:04 My mans called a charger a challenger
LARRY HOWARD ROBEN - 9 dager siden
Ling Ling
Ling Ling - 9 dager siden
I thought they would be able to fight like people in Green Arrow or like Asian people in movies...
M A - 9 dager siden
What about the 2012 & 2017 scandals? (secret service patronizing hookers).
Alex Lucian
Alex Lucian - 9 dager siden
0 failed mission? JFK? What would that be?
Tejaan Show
Tejaan Show - 10 dager siden
Leon Armeni Guerrero
Leon Armeni Guerrero - 10 dager siden
ONLY ONE ROLLOVER IN THE CAR?!?! In the marines bootcamp its like 30
Sujay Pravakar
Sujay Pravakar - 10 dager siden
They are the Secret Service and now you have made their face public. Nice.
Victor Mendez
Victor Mendez - 10 dager siden
If you are a Marine do u have to go through their bootcamp?
Adrian Dominguez
Adrian Dominguez - 10 dager siden
My boy Lt Fagan looks like Charlie weiss
Devon Rodriguez
Devon Rodriguez - 10 dager siden
0:30 "zero fail mission" then what happened to JFK?

mission success???
Justin - 10 dager siden
Smoke wasn't thick enough. Snot should have been coming from everyone's nose, bent over at the waist coming out of the room, while choking.
30secondstomarsMBH - 10 dager siden
"The Secret Service is the premier law enforcement agency in the world". Hi, the British Metropolitan Police would like to have a word with you.
Best protective agency? Undoubtedly.
Best LAW enforcement? Either the Met Police/Scotland Yard or probably FBI.
Pirate King
Pirate King - 11 dager siden
So this is where Agent 47 was trained
Garbage Productions
Garbage Productions - 11 dager siden
I didn’t know that John Goodman was a secret service trainer.
Jo Daddy
Jo Daddy - 11 dager siden
kinda makes me ask myself if having a president does any good?
Rhys Dafoe
Rhys Dafoe - 11 dager siden
What about JFK, is that not 100%? Or was that shit planned?
Filmon Tewolde
Filmon Tewolde - 11 dager siden
0 failed mission....JFK?
TOMMY GUN MANG - 11 dager siden
This man said "high speed dodge challengers" 😂 1. Those are chargers. And 2. There's nothing high speed about them 😂
isacar pena
isacar pena - 12 dager siden
They make a lot more money than I’m making lucky them
J K - 12 dager siden
6 months of training is a joke for that position. in Germany even the normal police goes through 3 years minimum.
J K - 12 dager siden
glorified bodyguards with no say on public ground. that's all.
Nick Ferris
Nick Ferris - 12 dager siden
The training here seems mild compared to most branches in the US military alone. I don’t think they’re all that special. Especially when you think of all the special forces world wide. Though I don’t hear about secret service shooting and killing random people.
Mr. Katz
Mr. Katz - 12 dager siden
And wheres the challenger?
awe the asian
awe the asian - 12 dager siden
i've always thought it was going to be like the kingsman-
Sleymour - 12 dager siden
7:05 those are Chargers, not Challengers.
Georgia Baldwin
Georgia Baldwin - 12 dager siden
My ukraine official is laughing
Georgia Baldwin
Georgia Baldwin - 12 dager siden
You want to body slam me like a wrestler and mutilated my sons bodies your crooks
Georgia Baldwin
Georgia Baldwin - 12 dager siden
Putin wants my chip with my sons what's happening
Georgia Baldwin
Georgia Baldwin - 12 dager siden
I dont trust none of you just one man