Why Agarwood Is So Expensive | So Expensive

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For thousands of years, agarwood has been known as "The Wood of the Gods." First-grade agarwood can cost as much as $100,000 per kilogram, making it one of the most expensive raw materials in the world. Aquilaria malaccensis is a tree native to the rainforests of southeast Asia. The healthy heartwood inside Aquilaria trees is pale, odorless, and worthless. In order for this tree to produce any agarwood, it must first become infected with mold. So how does this infection process work? What is agarwood used for? And what makes it so valuable?
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Why Agarwood Is So Expensive | So Expensive
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Poy - Time siden
Theres a lot of them in Philippines now its highly secured
marek newman
marek newman - 3 timer siden
Never even hear of Agarwood...
Ea&Ae - 3 timer siden
This is f* evil. Kill the tree fine, you don't need to make it suffer
Nolicensedhuman - 4 timer siden
Casual League
Casual League - 6 timer siden
Why every "product" in this series always sounds like something only dumb people will buy?... Im not really asking, I know why, but still...
pler gel
pler gel - 9 timer siden
This tree is so cute mainly because when you think of it has that resin can turn in too amber
So I would just call it the amber tree
Kimberly D Lapp
Kimberly D Lapp - 9 timer siden
Oud is amazing. I first smelled it in a Tom Ford fragrance.
Microwaved Cheetos
Microwaved Cheetos - 9 timer siden
4:07 damn I thought that was asian milk tea ,I thought they were gonna have a picnic
hendy wijaya
hendy wijaya - 9 timer siden
Iam glade to show and xplain about xpensive wood
Denille Arenga
Denille Arenga - 9 timer siden
many that in southern Philippines, but its prohibited.
Heartless Romeo
Heartless Romeo - 11 timer siden
Another thing man decided to make expensive for literally no reason. Are people this bored?
a b
a b - 11 timer siden
Sounds like a dialect of Khmer he's speaking, but it's Vietnamese
Report for Clickbait
Report for Clickbait - 12 timer siden
Middle man took ours so cheap and sell too expensive .im from malaysia and i got a lot of this long time ago .if anyone offer me good price sure i will start my plantation back 😭
Guna sekar.M
Guna sekar.M - 13 timer siden
First infected trees...now infecting the world...wah modiji wahh
Michael Saxon
Michael Saxon - 13 timer siden
Pretty silly. Its just a tree and gold is just a rock. Funny how we cherish things that really are absolutely worthless 🙃
Michael Saxon
Michael Saxon - 13 timer siden
Pretty silly. Its just a tree and gold is just a rock. Funny how we cherish things that really are absolutely worthless 🙃
Creality July28
Creality July28 - 17 timer siden
we have lots of this in our province here in the Philippines
Creality July28
Creality July28 - 17 timer siden
And we just make them into plywood
Anthony Sprando
Anthony Sprando - 17 timer siden
I have a very unhealthy habit of binge watching this series
Mizai - 19 timer siden
agar,io lol
Hellskitchen_AJ - 21 time siden
Highlights it as if we can read it 👀😂😂
Rowell Ilagan
Rowell Ilagan - 22 timer siden
I have agarwood..i will sell this who knows buyer of agarwood in the philippines lapnisan
Gordon Cronk Jr.
Gordon Cronk Jr. - 22 timer siden
And to think we could all be using far superior hemp products for pennies on the dollar
Suka Suka
Suka Suka - Dag siden
I have 1kg in borneo
Cp : abanganip123@gmail.com
Merceditas Cardenas
Merceditas Cardenas - Dag siden
Let's plant more trees to save our planet earth, not just for us but for next generation.
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez - Dag siden
Birch, cedar, tulip poplars and sassafras, even black walnut. Go outside and find your own favorite, it is foolish to want something just because everyone else does.
The Darkness, It Consumes Me
I have better wood
Meliodad - Dag siden
Expensive ass weed
adam tree is the most expensive tree.
Timothy Ocate
Timothy Ocate - Dag siden
Agar.io finally had a wood adaption
Ricardo Montes
Ricardo Montes - Dag siden
I am groot
Anas Ibn dawood
Anas Ibn dawood - Dag siden
Only Arabs know about this, the dessert fragrance
Rahul Harne
Rahul Harne - Dag siden
Hindustani mai bhi ugta hai be dhuup ka ped
Jeffemano - Dag siden
Something rare in nature being destroyed for profit by humans...nah...get outa here.
Quang Tùng Nguyễn
Quang Tùng Nguyễn - Dag siden
This tree is from Vietnam guys
Farhan Hasan Barno
Farhan Hasan Barno - Dag siden
I want to sell agoor wood
From Bangladesh
Bangladeshi Agarwood is way more better 🔥
Heromahdi rblx
Heromahdi rblx - Dag siden
we call this bukhur in arabic and i gotta admit THANKS SO KUCH TO THOSE DUDES cuz it smells sooop good
Eric Davids
Eric Davids - Dag siden
Islam is a false religion that is based on hate and Muhammad was a child molester
Gembel Parung
Gembel Parung - Dag siden
From Indonesian
Logan - Dag siden
Wow i didnt know thats expensive we have much agarwood on our province