Why Apple Products Are So Expensive | So Expensive

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Apple's reputation and brand allow it to charge a premium for its high-end products, like the iPhone 11 Pro Max, MacBook Pro, or the iMac Pro. Adding memory or storage to these products increases the cost even more. Because of this "Apple Tax," Apple products are often more expensive than competitors, bringing in huge profits for Apple.
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Why Apple Products Are So Expensive
Vitenskap og teknologi
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cote catalán
cote catalán - 58 minutter siden
Apple is a luxury brand that does not make luxury products.
John Galt
John Galt - 2 timer siden
Because its what the market will bear.
ANONYMOUS - 4 timer siden
Customer being dumb & stupid is what apple need and that's how these people are 😂 sheep's
Yeah lot of them 🤣
gamer land
gamer land - 5 timer siden
"i" is an expensive letter
Mxnesh - 12 timer siden
5:20 lemme kill her
Prateek Patel
Prateek Patel - 15 timer siden
I still don't understand why they are so expensive? Is it because people will buy their products no matter the cost?
Peter Zhang
Peter Zhang - 15 timer siden
well they really removed the usb and sd whatever ports, is really because they really want it to be thinner. I mean, sure. They are Apple, powerful, reliable(maybe), but you just CAN'T expect them to add all those ports onto such a thin laptop.
anna2happy23 - 20 timer siden
Me watching this on an iPad pro using AirPods for headphones 🦻👁👄👁🦻
ИЄØZɣɣ - Dag siden
Because people are dumb enough to think the quality is worth the money.
Y tho?
Y tho? - Dag siden
I just want a iPad Pro
Srivatsa Kumar
Srivatsa Kumar - 2 dager siden
Horribly researched video.
Itiz Gaming
Itiz Gaming - 2 dager siden
In a word the answer of why apples product is expensive:is they want money
Itiz Gaming
Itiz Gaming - 2 dager siden
In a word the answer of why apples product is expensive:is they want money
Hassnain Akhtar
Hassnain Akhtar - 2 dager siden
Stupid people buy iPhone...
Wyntile - 2 dager siden
After many years of using Windows and Android, after using iOS and Apple products for only over 2 years I'd say I'm more with Apple than others when it comes to my Laptops and Phone. Sure, it may be expensive as this video indicates, but I find that from its OS to battery life, everything about Apple I find is much more stable than other competitor brand technology I've come across.
After the standard 2 years contact on a Samsung phone, by the end of the day my Android phone is dead within a few mere hours. Or even in an hour in the worst case. This was on a Galaxy S7 edge at the time. Meanwhile while my current contract on an iPhone XR is almost up, I can still maintain a 50% battery even when the entire day is up. Both cases were when the phones would be on minimal usage. It's come to the point where both my mom and I, who were both first time Apple users when it came to mobile phones, decided to actually continue using our current XR phones when the contract is up, since she was so impressed with the quality of its battery. Goodbye, our long history of having to throw away and get new Android phone models each time.
My laptop history on the other hand, oh boy was I ever so frustrated with Window products. By the time 2 years have passed on a Windows laptop, its battery without it being plugged in to a charger would not even last 3 hours. Meanwhile having used my current Macbook Pro for a little over 5 years now its battery may have waned by now, but those first 2 years I remember being able to work this Laptop like mad for hours, no problem! As for viruses... don't even get me started on my history with Windows and constant viruses. I used to play games, which meant downloading "suspicious" programs from time to time. MacOS may be fundamentally different since it accepts less amount of programs than Windows does, but having to use my Macbook for years without ever downloading a single virus checking software and its still running fine says something. Oh and you wouldn't want to forget how MacOS caters to those who still like Windows - Bootcamp for ya! You're able to get both OS in one Apple laptop product!
Well, that was a long rant.
My point is, I may not be like those avid consumers who wait in line in an Apple store just to get the latest Apple products and are willing to spend Apple's inflated prices. But this is me just stating that compared to my long history with Windows and Android products, it only took 1 Macbook and 1 iPhone for my loyalty for technology has switched to Apple just like that. Compared to a product that easily fails within a few short years, having a working stable product which I can use for years to come is a winner in my book. Sure, technology will get better over the years, but if it has taken me only 1 product for Apple to win me over, while many others with Windows and Android and yet still failed to win me over with its lack of functionality and stability, you know something's wrong there.
Right, have I also mentioned how I'm still using an old iPad Mini 4 model and it's still running very smoothly? Oh how many Samsung tablets we threw away because as the years passed on Android's OS took ages to even navigate through... yikes.
Raman Jandian
Raman Jandian - 2 dager siden
Any Indian here ♥️
Guillermo Tijerino V
Guillermo Tijerino V - 2 dager siden
Making a group of people reacher! apple lover will be continue spending their money for nothing! stupid
Arya Banay
Arya Banay - 2 dager siden
Why do Indians like Samsung so much?
YOSHIT TAPAR - 2 dager siden
Even he stuttered at 1:55
CHIRANDIP DAS - 3 dager siden
The logo- 999$
The phone- 100$
And there you have it. The iPhone 11 that costs 1099$
Aman Dalal
Aman Dalal - 3 dager siden
Mere rip off of pocket practiced by rich strata to showcase the logo and selfies.
temeriando22 - 3 dager siden
Hat 🧢 like $20
Apple Hat Pro $10,000 hahahaha
Saltio - 3 dager siden
Funny how things so expensive are so shit
Laxmi Biswas
Laxmi Biswas - 4 dager siden
"Apple's market in India is pathetic"
Cuz we aren't stupid.
Drav Itsuki
Drav Itsuki - 4 dager siden
I don't why but i want make my own phone company that beat apple
Peter Saurik
Peter Saurik - 4 dager siden
Me watching this on a Samsung
FTW Clan
FTW Clan - 4 dager siden
I still want one. Also the MacBook Air costs 999$
Akira Putra
Akira Putra - 4 dager siden
So, Business Insider is on the side of Android? lol
Sergio Jimenez
Sergio Jimenez - 4 dager siden
Siri told me the only Apple product I can afford is...Apple juice 🍎🤣
nonamenecessary - 4 dager siden
I just spent $30 on a pair of WIRED Apple headphones because mine quit working shortly after my warranty expired. That’s ridiculous. Especially when you consider that a) the headphones already come free with the phone and b) you used to be able to take a pair of broken headphones to an Apple store, regardless of how old they were or where you got them, and exchange them for a new pair. The false monopoly that Apple is trying to create is disgusting. And unfortunately once you’ve bought into the Apple empire, you’re trapped because it costs so much time and money to get out. Oh, you spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on music via iTunes? Sorry, you can’t transfer it elsewhere. You have a family computer with more than one person who uses iTunes? That sucks cuz you can’t have multiple iTunes accounts on a single computer. You liked the industry standard headphone jack? Lololol get fucked, now you gotta buy an adapter unless you want to buy our expensive ass earbuds.
I can’t wait until my iPhone is paid off and I can finally get away from the Apple cult. 🙄
Zoel Reitz
Zoel Reitz - 4 dager siden
My favorite part about apple products is the ease of upgradeability of both RAM and storage. It's so easy, all I have to do is go to the nearest store and waste thousands of dollars on a whole new device I don't need.
cjpreach - 4 dager siden
"It just works." I think that's the point, right?
Gareth Holness
Gareth Holness - 4 dager siden
Samsung is on all of their minds 😅
John Louise
John Louise - 4 dager siden
"So how many cameras will the iPhone 60 have?"
Apple: Yes
vikram singh
vikram singh - 4 dager siden
sasrikal paji
Viper TheLegend
Viper TheLegend - 5 dager siden
This is the same company that charges luxury car money (50k, that’s mad) for a COMPUTER!
“Oh it’s a very good computer, sir.”
I don’t care how good it is, I’m not paying 50 grand for a computer!
A Clever Name
A Clever Name - 5 dager siden
Because they said so,
yeetube 2749
yeetube 2749 - 5 dager siden
Imagine if apple made a console and ea made most of the games on it...
Khan Khalid
Khan Khalid - 5 dager siden
My father went market to buy Galaxy Note 20 and come back home with iPhone XS 🥴🥴 and he don't even let me to play PUBG 🥺
Nigel Khoo
Nigel Khoo - 5 dager siden
Apple has the best customer service
Amal Alex
Amal Alex - 6 dager siden
"How Can people be so stupid and delusional buying these overpriced products just to show off" - Sent from My-Iphone
Achintya Bansal
Achintya Bansal - 6 dager siden
You are correct but just think about India the I phone 12 pro max in US costs 999 where as iPhone 12 mini base variant is 995.6 dollars converting in today’s secenerio
Anthony789 Garcia
Anthony789 Garcia - 6 dager siden
In the future everybody’s going to hate Apple
Johaan Vinay Singh
Johaan Vinay Singh - 6 dager siden
Advantages of apple 🍎
Updates all the time
Best hardware and software combined
alexej bernd
alexej bernd - 7 dager siden
2134 Apple Users
Opentech - 7 dager siden
This won't stop until idiots stop buying their crap
Shad Rahim
Shad Rahim - 7 dager siden
basically they rip off people and people are too dumb and blind to notice it
William T. Riker
William T. Riker - 7 dager siden
They're a terrible company. Fair play to them, they're good at what they do. But they're terrible - and the problem is, being terrible will inevitably doom you.
Heidi H.
Heidi H. - 8 dager siden
apple products look really good - they put a lot of thought into their design.
Mc - 8 dager siden
I just dont understand, how come one can be so stupid to buy iPhone 😐 what do you get? Prison phone! 😒
shuai li
shuai li - 8 dager siden
Now that market value it’s more than Canada s gdp
Rey Jeronimo
Rey Jeronimo - 8 dager siden
Everyone loves apple for iMessage and social media configuration .
Vinny - 8 dager siden
Apple creates new problems, sells solutions
Erwin I
Erwin I - 9 dager siden
Should add “Made by Android fans.” It’s not all about specs, it’s about execution and support. Apple supports their product through software updates way longer than any Android phone. Possibly one of the most biased videos BI created.
Oni Chan
Oni Chan - 9 dager siden
Basically its expensive because of the logo
Rajesh Katta
Rajesh Katta - 9 dager siden
Who yall watching this in a iphon 11
LonelyClick - 9 dager siden
There Are also other reason for the high prices
XxMsrSzprzxX - 9 dager siden
Raw compute power is just part of the equation of a personal laptop.
Tales toTell
Tales toTell - 9 dager siden
It's because they pay their workers fair wages.

Jk. 😂😂😂 They're just greedy.
AGX - 9 dager siden
Because idiots keep buying them..
Interro Bang
Interro Bang - 9 dager siden
The logo makes Apple products expensive
Tejaan Music
Tejaan Music - 9 dager siden
Never give up https://youtu.be/u2CUK-Rgdoc
Frielle EGelle
Frielle EGelle - 10 dager siden
in conclusion, Apple is a Luxurious brand. If you want to stay Luxurious, you need to stay expensive. they market to the people who can afford it, I mean, imagine if Rolls-Royce started selling cars for 40 grand.
NefrosT3K De_Swag!
NefrosT3K De_Swag! - 10 dager siden
"*It just WORKS*"
Does that sounds familiar to you guys?
Stohe Claims
Stohe Claims - 10 dager siden
I have an iPhone but I don’t love Apple I just have one of their phones cause T mobile had a buy one get one free deal
Boss Caiga
Boss Caiga - 10 dager siden
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AstralDemise 558
AstralDemise 558 - 10 dager siden
I like that fact that with 1,600$ I could buy a PC with 4TB HDD, 1TB SSD, GTX 1650, and a bunch of RGB on APEX GAMING PC’S WOOOOO PLUG-IN!!!
but for real actually buy a PC there they’re custom with great quality and shipping and work great
tinashe zimunya
tinashe zimunya - 10 dager siden
Now first 2 trillion dollar company🙈
muhamad purnama
muhamad purnama - 10 dager siden
Only problem with apple,, yes they make good and cool product,, but its just to pricey,, but if you want it,thats what you should pay,,,
Elvis Cassemiro
Elvis Cassemiro - 10 dager siden
No specials reasons, they only want more money!
Karan Nagwekar
Karan Nagwekar - 10 dager siden
The answer isn't "Greed"?
Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman - 10 dager siden
It’s a shame that you completely miss the point behind their model...
Elmer Herrera
Elmer Herrera - 10 dager siden
Apple sucks but that girl is luke Samsung bad android bad and apple sucks what are ya'll talking about apple sucks Samsung is cheaper and ten time better #samung gang
Helium - 11 dager siden
0:56 who is this post Malone wannabe
Rusty Shackelfors
Rusty Shackelfors - 11 dager siden
All you bitter window/pc plebes complaining about apple make me laugh. Let me stoop down to your level of petty insults.
I’ve used android and windows pc and they are garbage. First off with windows they constantly need updates and constantly bombard me with useless “tips” that annoy me, they also steal your data. I’ve had Samsung’s phones and they it’s the same exact issue,
In b4 just build a pc. I don’t have the time or the patience for that. And besides it will still have a garbage o.s.
In b4 apple takes your data too. Yeah no shit but not as much as Samsung or windows.
In b4 apple cost more. Yep I know and while it cost more it actually works. And the resale value is still good
In b4 stop being lazy and build a pc. Ima busy man and don’t have time for that.
Inb4 Linux, I don’t have the time or patience to learn what that even is
Prove me wrong windows users
Pro tip: you literally can’t
P.s. I didn’t even bring up that apple tablets “iPads” are much better
P.p.s apple products are of better quality I’ve had both so I know what I am talking about
abul basher Sheikh
abul basher Sheikh - 11 dager siden
cause they sucks
Angel Lopez
Angel Lopez - 11 dager siden
This is actually wrong. You are using the pro instead of the actual version of the iPhone 11
RealmTraveller - 11 dager siden
over rared brand, everyone else makes better products and sell them at a significantly lower price
Sana Oll
Sana Oll - 11 dager siden
They're good phones, but the reason why so many people like them is because they're expensive, but not really the phones overall are what they care about.
Unique Basnet
Unique Basnet - 12 dager siden
Customer be like
Shut up and take my money
S H A R D S - 12 dager siden
I mean the only thing i like about the iphones is their build quality but other phones like mate 20x is rlly much better
Gi gi
Gi gi - 12 dager siden
People complain but they still bought it🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
ritesh singh
ritesh singh - 12 dager siden
hence I bought a pixel
Darshan S
Darshan S - 12 dager siden
You guys just talked about only the piece of the hardware but what about the Software they use, Apple has to build the software from scratch,but android will get it for free
saad yousufzai
saad yousufzai - 12 dager siden
This is how they bite your money as apple logo.
Lady thumbs down for samsung but she didn't know samsung make home screen design for Apple.
Tomer Sagie
Tomer Sagie - 12 dager siden
Diana Zavala
Diana Zavala - 12 dager siden
Honestly the best iPhone was the iPhone 4 after that it went to shit, battery, memory, Just everything. They force you to upgrade because apps and certain things won’t work on old models. If I wasn’t so used to iPhones and hated androids as much I’d make the switch in a heartbeat. Only reason I upgrade is for the camera or when my apps stop working!
Daily Internet Stuff
Daily Internet Stuff - 13 dager siden
Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z*
I'm making over $1075 a week with them!
ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ
Lydia Faithful
Lydia Faithful - 13 dager siden
just watched this in my 2012 MacBook air.. still works! 2021 here we come!
Cy Cooper
Cy Cooper - 13 dager siden
“You can get a windows laptop for over $100 less...” My man, you could discount that windows laptop by $900 and I still wouldn’t buy it.
Isis Antonio
Isis Antonio - 13 dager siden
Saying just saying...apple doesn't devaluate as fast as others so the price in the reselling market is stable...
Delain124 - 12 dager siden
UH? Let me explain this to you. Take any Apple Laptop it does devaluate because the tech inside ages out. If you think a Macbook Pro from 2018 with a Intel Core i7 and a AMD 560 still has high value you are fool.
Ike Lopez
Ike Lopez - 13 dager siden
Honestly, I loved Apple but recently they have really let me down.
Grodule - 13 dager siden
Its kinda sad cause Steve's jobs wish was making the iphone products the cheapest it can be and that is one of the reasons why they removed him from CEO. When he came back tho he dropped prices and told his former colleagues to drop prices cause he wanted the poor and the rich to have the apple
White Mini Crewmate
White Mini Crewmate - 13 dager siden
Everyone knows the apple tax bruh
J K - 14 dager siden
what about proper research lol. the monitor is a steal of a deal for the price, and no professional would ever use the stand, because they all use vesa mounts. the base model Mac pro and the stand are just there to milk rich idiots who think they need a professional grade display for browsing facebook. Mac pro is a niche product and R&D costs for this thing are huge.
Ash pine
Ash pine - 14 dager siden
Guess what apple
Cameron swan
Cameron swan - 14 dager siden
Cause your paying for the logo not the product.
Queen Daisy
Queen Daisy - 15 dager siden
Apple knows there's alot of stupid people out there
John Ka'weef
John Ka'weef - 15 dager siden
Because Apple is a status symbol.... That's it. And fun fact Apple died with Steve Jobs. So now it's overpriced Garbage.
Kamlesh - 15 dager siden
iPhone 12 prices in India 😝
Ctrl W
Ctrl W - 15 dager siden
Right now I'm feeling happy that Apple isn't developing the Covid-19 vaccine 😅