Why Army Recruits Master The 'Rolling T' Combat Formation At Boot Camp | Boot Camp

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We got an inside look at how United States Army infantry soldiers train for combat in urban environments during their 22-week One Station Unit Training.
Senior video correspondent Graham Flanagan spent four days at the Army's Maneuver Center of Excellence inside the Fort Benning military base near Columbus, GA, where future infantry soldiers engage in training known as Military Operations in Urban Terrain, or MOUT.
A 200-square-meter compound built to resemble a European village serves as the MOUT training site, where soldiers spend up to 60 hours in training during their time at Fort Benning.
One of the key components of MOUT is learning a mobile combat formation known as the “Rolling T.” The formation is designed for a four-soldier squad to navigate a hallway or corridor, and adapt when faced with corners or intersections where an unseen threat may exist. According to Staff Sgt. Dewayne Waugh, the formation is applicable wherever the Army is tasked with conducting search and clearance operations in urban environments.
According to one former Army soldier who spoke to Business Insider, avoiding civilian casualties is one of the biggest takeaways during MOUT training. Role players pretending to be civilians are used to ensure the mission objectives are accomplished without harming bystanders.
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Why Army Recruits Master The 'Rolling T' Combat Formation At Boot Camp | Boot Camp
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Tenac 300
Tenac 300 - 9 dager siden
talking about looking after civilians. The whole of gitmo is fall of civilians and they get food fed through there back sides. The US doesn't give a shit about anyone civilian or not. It only cares about itself
Elizabeth Jeffrey
Elizabeth Jeffrey - 11 dager siden
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Marty Shannon
Marty Shannon - 17 dager siden
More to MOUNT training than this. Fort Ord in the 80's for me. Good training there. We used oranges and apples with the practice grenade blasting caps. The Army got a little pissed. We cleaned it up before we left.
Dennis Diamond B. Belvis
Dennis Diamond B. Belvis - 22 dager siden
Thank you very much, sir. I needed the information. 1x
Yu Ong
Yu Ong - 24 dager siden
Those are not "plugs" those are blank-firing adaptors
Evan Tykocki
Evan Tykocki - Måned siden
“Staff Sgt. Waugh” looks at rank.... is an E-7. Lol.
Eleven Bangbang
Eleven Bangbang - Måned siden
I remember training and sleeping at this site in the middle of winter. Shit got cold. Pulling fire guard on that second floor wrapped in my woobie
Ns Tser
Ns Tser - Måned siden
Muzzle brake
Admiral X
Admiral X - Måned siden
Sgt. Waugh is obviously a sergeant 1st class....why did you demote him lol...
Kasj ope
Kasj ope - Måned siden
I have still in mind a video where American soldiers cut off arms and legs of a man and then kill him by cutting his head...
Christian Hardwick
Christian Hardwick - Måned siden
How about train how you fight. No IBA no Kevlar. Come on man !
al0len - Måned siden
These recruits won't stand John Wick with that formation
ROSS private
ROSS private - Måned siden
Omg were those soldiers in black face? How racist
Renkei - Måned siden
The explanation of this formation is garbage. First of all 3 in the front 1 to 2 in the back is so the first 3 can check two corners and down a corridor. Stacking corners is a great tactic though. The narration is shit in this video though. There is tons of different formations though urban combat demands multi man pushes through rooms due to corners.
Ted Style
Ted Style - Måned siden
Flag flag flag flag flag flag flag
Society2 - Måned siden
"for safety the soldiers rifles are plugged"
Those are gas traps so that a blank round can still cycle the bolt. They aren't plugged...
JohnDoeTheTroll - Måned siden
Why is bootcamp so expensive?
Bardan Malla
Bardan Malla - Måned siden
US government planning to Invade world
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J Bo
J Bo - Måned siden
Is it racist if a black guy does black face lol
Dylan - Måned siden
How is this business insider?
Rafael Hill
Rafael Hill - Måned siden
although this formation has its advantages, it leaves soldiers open to direct fire in open long hallways. I would rather pie a corner than poke out my knee or upper body trying to do the low / high man technique. The old school basics work for a reason. Now they will have to get retrained at their first duty station.
Tim Travasos
Tim Travasos - Måned siden
Maybe these tactics shouldn't be on YouTube.
Sooner Fan
Sooner Fan - Måned siden
Ahhh. Red dirt and mud. I hope to never see that place again.
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson - Måned siden
Also not broadcast to the world any training...
Daniel Robinson
Daniel Robinson - Måned siden
Cool...now try that at night with nods peg 15s and all hand signals. Live fire exercise, no blanks, no BFA, with a real civilians near by and a hostage situation or IED lane... should have a week on that in boot. Instead of soft ass 9 weeks.
Sora - Måned siden
Man: "Oh hi there"
JIMBO SLICE - Måned siden
A bunch of mindless zombies mk ultra at their finest ppl sellouts
Roy Staggers
Roy Staggers - Måned siden
Everyone is a BILLY BAD ASS until there is no Air Cover
iron grip 455
iron grip 455 - Måned siden
Why are they showing this we don't need to know this.
Comrade Oblivious
Comrade Oblivious - Måned siden
Yeah, never saw this at basic. Get more factual titles.
Jed-Henry Witkowski
Jed-Henry Witkowski - Måned siden
The DoD and their acronyms!
Joseph Valle
Joseph Valle - Måned siden
I’d imagine the wide guy would be most vulnerable. Assuming he gets hit, wouldn’t he essentially be stuck out in the open if something happens? Since everyone would get back around the corner.
A.A.-ron - Måned siden
Damn I hope they give em electronic earbud ear-protection standard nowadays....for combat roles at least.
david ward
david ward - Måned siden
I remember urban ops training. It was fun getting shot at by sim rounds and such.
Pentu Plove
Pentu Plove - Måned siden
Getting ready to invade Europe.
Jack Snyder
Jack Snyder - Måned siden
Pussyfication training, you don't send in the military untill it's time to fight and destroy the enemy. Next they'll be training aircrews to launch water balloons.
It's this very attitude that causes trouble for America, like the politicians that believe they can bomb a village and than talk peace. You don't start a fight you can't finish. You don't kill people and think their family and friends are going to forgive and forget. Our politician's are the worst spoiled, stupid, menace to world peace in history.
Meloveu Longtime
Meloveu Longtime - Måned siden
Sign me up
A T - Måned siden
It shouldn’t be about protecting anyone besides their fellow soldier. This is war, check if the enemy is an enemy after you blow them away. If you’re in a war zone you’re a possible enemy
Gothicc senpai
Gothicc senpai - Måned siden