Why Army Recruits Train Inside A Tear Gas Chamber In Boot Camp

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We got an inside look at how United States Army recruits are exposed to tear gas during basic combat training.
Senior video correspondent Graham Flanagan spent four days at the Army's Maneuver Center of Excellence inside the Fort Benning military base near Columbus, GA.
Recruits are exposed to CS gas, more commonly known as tear gas. Side effects include burning on the skin and in the eyes, and profuse discharge of mucus. While wearing a gas mask, the recruits spend approximately five minutes inside a gas chamber where CS tablets are burned to create the gas.
What Army Recruits Go Through At Boot Camp noburn.info/id/video/ro3Fk9GSpJ5urmU.html
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Why Army Recruits Train Inside A Tear Gas Chamber In Boot Camp
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It’syoboi steve
It’syoboi steve - Time siden
I thought the guy in the thumbnail was laughing
Travis G
Travis G - 3 timer siden
I met a Private in basic, who was immune to tear gas! The drills kept pushing him in there without a mask for laughs, but the gas did nothing to him, while everyone else in the chamber was crying and choking their balls out!
Eduardo - 4 timer siden
2:33 going into the bathroom after dad uses it
regalreeg 270
regalreeg 270 - 4 timer siden
these guys got it easy. they made us sprint 100 yards with a mask on then made us take it off in the gas room we had to catch our breath inside the chamber... never again
lizetong qiu
lizetong qiu - 5 timer siden
omg!!! csgo was so popular they made it into a gas I can’t believe this I’m shaking I’m crying 😭😭
Gaming Bro Chinmay
Gaming Bro Chinmay - 15 timer siden
Is this necessary for US army than I'm joining Marines and get tazed
Jim B
Jim B - 22 timer siden
Remember that shit. Every vet will.
Jacob Browy
Jacob Browy - 23 timer siden
So does the Navy shit sucks
Chau Kiem
Chau Kiem - Dag siden
A thats what they use in call of duty modern warfare
Yt FaZe luck
Yt FaZe luck - Dag siden
My dad went there 11 years ago
Cod4 Wii
Cod4 Wii - Dag siden
No one said gas gas gas
Sketchy Getchey
Sketchy Getchey - Dag siden
I could smell the video the moment it started. 😖🥵😪🤮
Donald Boi
Donald Boi - Dag siden
-so this is being used on civilians?-
davikiyoshi - Dag siden
The guy behind is like : dont forget me
billy belk
billy belk - Dag siden
CS in NOT a gas. Its a micropulversized power. They are NOT gas masks they are protective masks Get your detail right.
Isabella Cosby
Isabella Cosby - Dag siden
So the stuff we use to train our military is the same stuff we use on our own citizens. I’m sorry but doesn’t that seem wrong?
cjhyde78 - Dag siden
Every time they had to have a tree outside the tent ⛺ for the soldiers to run into when they they are panicking with their eyes closed.
Bailey Wesley
Bailey Wesley - Dag siden
Watashi Runningfree
Watashi Runningfree - Dag siden
You have to wonder what really is happening here.
Question everything!
Phil Swift
Phil Swift - Dag siden
i have no hate for the m50 but i like the m40 more
The85F0X - 2 dager siden
Went through Benning in 04. The room was full of gas to the point you couldn't see across the room before your mask was removed. They fed us a ton of food and we had chocolate cake. Then we got to see the food again.
Sxnub - 2 dager siden
what absolute chads bro...
Moonie Angieもおにえ あんぎえ
Breathing technique form 1. That’s all I can do ;-;
M4s3r AnIme
M4s3r AnIme - 2 dager siden
ah i see they are training hamon
Gabriel Sarazin
Gabriel Sarazin - 2 dager siden
Anybody thats about to go, its really not that bad, i promise
AleinWhisper 45
AleinWhisper 45 - 2 dager siden
Its like school but the gas is homework
Sidney Baldwin
Sidney Baldwin - 2 dager siden
Well this is what your going up against when your going to war. And I think it’s appropriate
LightningFire - 2 dager siden
Atleast the us army isnt as stupid as Britain to go with the Scott GSR instead of the Avon M50.
Carlos tnt 70000
Carlos tnt 70000 - 2 dager siden
Puro from tf2: ez pz u noob haha gas mask go brr
Richard Cook
Richard Cook - 3 dager siden
I had basic at Benning too. 1971, the cs was in canisters on the floor, plus purple & green smoke that made eeie
King George V
King George V - 3 dager siden
I never knew they were trying to kill you at boot camp
Alan Figueroa
Alan Figueroa - 3 dager siden
EpicThe112 - 3 dager siden
Speaking of those nuclear biohazard and chemical masks those are actually excellent to use in the time of Coronavirus because there might be scenario that the soldiers are going up against COVID-19 weaponized
WindBlade ツ
WindBlade ツ - 3 dager siden
Why flap when you can DANCE! *starts breakdancing*
WindBlade ツ
WindBlade ツ - 3 dager siden
1:01 csgo counter terrorist masks are useless
Sebastian Navarosa
Sebastian Navarosa - 4 dager siden
Oh God
I Kinda Love Nukes
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Rutkai Benedek
Rutkai Benedek - 4 dager siden
J Cook
J Cook - 4 dager siden
Something else to add to my morning workout...
troy jovh Saquian
troy jovh Saquian - 4 dager siden
If karens were there seeing them wearing masks: "You're a disgrace to thi country! "