Why Bluefin Tuna Is So Expensive | So Expensive

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A tuna once sold for $1.8 million, but you can get cans of tuna fish for less than $2 at the grocery store. So, what's the difference? Bluefin tuna can be very expensive depending on where you buy it and which part of the fish you are eating. We spoke with the chef at Shoji in New York, Derek Wilcox, to find out why the fish is so expensive.
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Why Bluefin Tuna Is So Expensive | So Expensive
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Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel - Time siden
At 0:50 the lines are aligned in such a way.i thought they were two different shots
gul - 3 timer siden
As Andy Bernard once said: BIG TUNAAA
Smug Banana
Smug Banana - 4 timer siden
So what you’re saying is... Learn how to catch one of these huge fish and I can retire? O . o
Austin Parsons
Austin Parsons - 6 timer siden
Let Mr. Beast eat this
Michael Fraley
Michael Fraley - 6 timer siden
"Let me break it down for ya" - Bruce Willis
Dongorra Don
Dongorra Don - 10 timer siden
ardan tank
ardan tank - 17 timer siden
Too much... I can ask my friend for free...
Sam L
Sam L - 17 timer siden
Max_wwt - Dag siden
People that eat endangered species are selfish idiots putting whole ecosystems and thereby many lives at risk.
Arham Saeed
Arham Saeed - Dag siden
Somebody get that fish an Oscar; freakin worth a Million dollars
Repax - Dag siden
Bluefin tuna: - I am more expensive then you
Also tune: - (chuckles) I am in danger
yep - Dag siden
Big fish equals higher mercury. Jigh price for high mercury. Period.
岩下拓幹 - Dag siden
This is my favorite(raw)
John Rovic Bernardo
John Rovic Bernardo - Dag siden
I tought that the person in the thumbnail is Harry Roque.
Mr unknown
Mr unknown - Dag siden
Next time I need money I will rob the ocean
MWarciak10 - Dag siden
"If you don't buy bluefin tuna from Japan then you are irresponsible" but he got his from Boston @4:11
dream-_ weaver
dream-_ weaver - Dag siden
Pure foolishness! Lobsters were served to poor people then someone had one hellava' marketing idea.
YouKnowMySTEELO - Dag siden
That mans knife is NOT sharp lol
Apple Juice Pro Gaming
i don't like tuna
Harsshil Lala
Harsshil Lala - Dag siden
Because they are endangered and rare to find
r e v e l a r e_ XVII
r e v e l a r e_ XVII - 2 dager siden
*Bruh imagine trading in a fish for a Rolls Royce.*
Miracle Magical
Miracle Magical - 2 dager siden
In my country this fish you can call tongkol and low price
Purple Haze
Purple Haze - 2 dager siden
i know tuna is very expensive. but why would anybody pay million dollars for a tuna? thousands of dollars is more believable. unless the buyer would put in on the wall like expensive paintings. still!
P. Michael
P. Michael - 2 dager siden
Raw fish is disgusting, it's not worth anything. Just an illusion of value.
ashton cunningham
ashton cunningham - 2 dager siden
Dosent all American tuna spaw in Japan .... they come with warmer water to feed
Malthe Lauth Jakobsen
Malthe Lauth Jakobsen - 2 dager siden
Did no one realise that They Said it wrong the evolere intire video its actualy yellowfin tuna
thunder storm
thunder storm - 3 dager siden
They priced these animals , so the poor's can never afford to eat it.
raul robledo
raul robledo - Dag siden
The sad truth
Johann - 3 dager siden
this is some hedonistic shit
Tulmar - 3 dager siden
Japan is one of the main culprits in overfishing the Pacific, to the point of fishing in protected areas and in the national waters of other countries. Australia has to have their navy keep an eye on them and force them out of areas they are not meant to be in.
umar arshad
umar arshad - 3 dager siden
Irony is all these weebs glorify the people who are behind near extinction of a number of sea creatures... Imagine it is done by a 3rd world country, the same people will roast you like a rotisserie chicken....
bribrimarie18 - 4 dager siden
So when I go to sushi restaurants should I ask if the blue fin is from japan? What if they lie? Lol
Susmita Das
Susmita Das - 4 dager siden
That fish is a thic beast
A F - 5 dager siden
i would not eat any pacific blue fin tuna. the water still has radioactivity in it.
Tanya Hipe
Tanya Hipe - 5 dager siden
*thinking how Philippines also has pacific blue fin tuna & also being one of the top suppliers of yellow fin tuna in japan*
jimmy job
jimmy job - 5 dager siden
its like Kobi beef
Alen P
Alen P - 6 dager siden
So this fish is like gold you tell me ?
ŻÆČH MÆŠ - 6 dager siden
w h a t
Neal Madison
Neal Madison - 6 dager siden
Because it’s almost extinct ya dummy
M Crump
M Crump - 6 dager siden
More handoffs don't mean handled better. Mean more hands in the pot. Secondly, all wild caught Tuna eat very well, including "Boston Tuna" He is just hyping Japanese Tuna for his profit. Dude is full of shit
Brandon Soto
Brandon Soto - 6 dager siden
I know its immature but.. 4:07 ... 69
Tyler Cai
Tyler Cai - 7 dager siden
Jimmy - 7 dager siden
mercury loves to bind to fats
THE BUTTER FLUFF MAN - 8 dager siden
Why is the " best " usually super rare and expensive. Imagine like sardines were considered the best tasting fish in the world
Ali Gohar
Ali Gohar - 9 dager siden
How much I cost
jamesrandom bond yc
jamesrandom bond yc - 9 dager siden
he room spli
jamesrandom bond yc
jamesrandom bond yc - 9 dager siden
bruh 0:47
Tejaan Show
Tejaan Show - 9 dager siden
Never give up https://youtu.be/u2CUK-Rgdoc
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez - 10 dager siden
Arden David
Arden David - 10 dager siden
Why does it only have to do with Japan thou? other countries can hunt the fish too and remember its mostly the japanese fisherman that responsible for nearly killing an entire species of whales and also there's overfishing too!! to say that from a chef's standpoint to only buy products on one particular country is just asking for it, then again its his life
Alban Marku
Alban Marku - 10 dager siden
What a beautiful gimmick
Caputies - 10 dager siden
they look like red strawberry welchs gummy
Steven Grayson
Steven Grayson - 10 dager siden
Its that expensive it says it twice
Jared Chi
Jared Chi - 11 dager siden
Kama torro
thangquocnguyenmdp - 11 dager siden
A fish weighted 480 lbs and sold for $1,800,000
If you’re using a calculator and enter $1,800,000 divide to 480 lbs it comes out $3,750 per pound. That’s the buying price, what will it be when it comes to selling price?
Will someone out there really know what is going on? Please explain for me, thanks millions.
Last night, I watch a video, a group of people riding a boat in North Atlantic Ocean, they caught a tuna, weighing 308 kg=679 lbs, they cut the head and the tail of the tuna off, then they packing the tuna with ice inside of the fish and outside the fish to ships it to Japan, the man said the fish worth million of dollars... So:
$1,000,000 divide to 679 lbs=$1,472 WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON? A lbs of tuna fish is worth $1,472???
The Real Bengal Tiger
The Real Bengal Tiger - 12 dager siden
It is so expensive because of high level of mercury..
Abdulelah Aldakheel
Abdulelah Aldakheel - 12 dager siden
Wait, he’s saying if you eat tuna not from Japan your being irresponsible, but he got a piece of tuna from Boston?
Daniel Iacob
Daniel Iacob - 12 dager siden
Why is bluefin tuna only good if its from Japan?
Me Too
Me Too - 12 dager siden
Metallic blue underwater painting is very expensive.😁
cheesethegamer cheesevlogs
cheesethegamer cheesevlogs - 13 dager siden
can we just realize that japan gets everything right? the most marbled steak and fish, has the best seafood chefs, albino caviar, premium sea cucumber, blue lobster. like cmon america.
RV Life with Dj Darren
RV Life with Dj Darren - 13 dager siden
i told my boss to stick it, i am now a blue-fin tuna fisherman!
Twentee2 - 14 dager siden
Can I eat dolphin from Japan too or is that irresponsible?
Younes Haffadi
Younes Haffadi - 15 dager siden
6:23 well excuse me I'm not Elon musk so i can go and eat something worth thousands if not millions of dollars just for the exquisite taste.
Big James
Big James - 16 dager siden
When there are more broke people than rich people in world, high class food and low class food on a plate that taste thesame don't really matter when there are more hungry people in the city, you can always add food Spice or natural food Maggie to make it taste better.
Big James
Big James - 16 dager siden
And they do it in forms of classes or grades or level or categories, sincerely it is most times irrelevant
Big James
Big James - 16 dager siden
The Japanese have the habit of making things very expensive, it is like they are always constantly trying to pay debt.
Brandon Wayne
Brandon Wayne - 16 dager siden
How's it irresponsibl
Uncle Outlaw 79
Uncle Outlaw 79 - 18 dager siden
So the Fukushima radiation poisoning of the ocean makes it better?! 😂😂😂
Rico Cahyadi
Rico Cahyadi - 19 dager siden
If I'm Aquaman, I'll be a billionaire.
Arny T
Arny T - 19 dager siden
0:48 the meat and wall line match
Aang - 19 dager siden
Why those the name oma remind me of the legend of the cave of 2 lovers in avatar?
Shermta Sherman
Shermta Sherman - 20 dager siden
At 1:39 I was like is that a fish or a shark cuz soo big
Itzzmeagain28 - 20 dager siden
0:47 did anyone else think this image was actually 2 images side by side?? Lol
Random Doggo
Random Doggo - 20 dager siden
Bluefin tuna are like really stiff looking fish, but they taste good
Allen Albright
Allen Albright - 21 dag siden
One of the coolest looking fish.
Ray Mak
Ray Mak - 21 dag siden
Coz the meat is really good
I dont get the joke
I dont get the joke - 14 dager siden
@Mohammadreza Mehri shut up nerd
Mohammadreza Mehri
Mohammadreza Mehri - 14 dager siden
@I dont get the joke What do you want at this point I don’t really care at this point spell however you want and I told you I’m not a nerd I don’t even have glasses.
I dont get the joke
I dont get the joke - 14 dager siden
@Mohammadreza Mehri shut up nerd
Mohammadreza Mehri
Mohammadreza Mehri - 14 dager siden
@I dont get the joke Sorry I’m not a nerd I don’t even have glasses sorry if I annoyed you.
I dont get the joke
I dont get the joke - 15 dager siden
@Mohammadreza Mehri shut up nerd
R Glenn
R Glenn - 22 dager siden
Omas food is just the best
PeritumProductions - 25 dager siden
Derek is an OG. Faced discrimination during his training, had to work twice as hard through grueling Shokunin training, and made it out a chef. And then he brought it to the U.S. Respect
Samosa - 26 dager siden
everytime he said tuna I imagined john Krasinski from the office coz Andrew Bernard called him tuna in the show 😂
bionicsjw - 26 dager siden
Actually, canned "light or pink" tuna is usually Skipjack Tuna and if the can says white or light it's Albacore.
Shano Sam
Shano Sam - 27 dager siden
Big tuna!
Aaron Camat
Aaron Camat - 27 dager siden
That fish is more expensive than i will ever be
Niki - 27 dager siden
The fact that you dont know when you wkll die but will die making money which is from a tree but has a stamp from a collective aka cooperation. Go figure.
aguda ibrahim
aguda ibrahim - 27 dager siden
OMG !! i can't believe this i'm sure you have seen post about @Charles_forex09 at instagram and i decided to give it a try and luckily it wel, I highly recommend Charles_forex09 at IG.
Andrew Polkowski
Andrew Polkowski - 29 dager siden
Omega-3 oils are much more beneficial for the brain and body then the size of fish.
Tejas Rajan
Tejas Rajan - 29 dager siden
Damn fish costs as much as my house
Tre Shoni
Tre Shoni - Måned siden
Idk why I freaking love watching bluefin tuna be cut it's so relaxing and fascinating at the same time
s3s4m3s33d •
s3s4m3s33d • - Måned siden
0:50 can we talk about how lined up the wall and the fish was??
Summer Forever
Summer Forever - Måned siden
The fact that you’ll eventually poo the $1.9 million tuna leaves me sticking to yellow fin.
Niki - 27 dager siden
The fact that you dont know when you will die but will die making money which is from a tree but has a stamp from a collective aka cooperation. Go figure.
Marine Biodiversity and Aquaculture
It is beautiful one!!!! Content really Awesome!!
Bent Lie
Bent Lie - Måned siden
Ha ha ha ha seriously expensive
Mauricio Merida
Mauricio Merida - Måned siden
Now the record is 3.1 millions
Neko Tea
Neko Tea - Måned siden
Bluefin tuna is the best super good we have buyed it it's super delicious i ate just one piece
Gus VanWagoner
Gus VanWagoner - Måned siden
That meat is like, neon frigging red and it’s awesome
Aidan Bartlett
Aidan Bartlett - Måned siden
When a dead fish is worth more than a live fish
mdzwan - Måned siden
imagine becoming a millionaire just by catching a fish
WTF Kyle
WTF Kyle - Dag siden
@jkacvbhijfn yes and the guy in the video is wrong. The most you can get is probably 25 dollars a pound. Mind you I used to go fishing for bluefin and they don't pay you a whole lot. Why don't you do some research before you just believe the first thing to come out of someone's mouth
jkacvbhijfn - 2 dager siden
@Jack Berkman the guy says in the video fisherman gets more of the money....watch the video next time
jkacvbhijfn - 2 dager siden
@Westerbox Gaming the guy literally said in the video fisherman gets more of the money. How about you don't comment on things you know nothing about?
Frank Xu
Frank Xu - 2 dager siden
Guess you haven’t read the old man and the sea
Jack Berkman
Jack Berkman - 4 dager siden
The money would go to the government because that is how it works
Resident Rich Girl Eli
Resident Rich Girl Eli - Måned siden
Im obsessed with this kind of videos from insider🤣
C G - Måned siden
put a brand and it'll cost double.
C G - Måned siden
because it's hand made.
Lil Tapatio
Lil Tapatio - Måned siden
went to japan as a kid and some homie at the fish market cut me a little raw cube to eat. 10/10 glad that homie hooked it up even though we didnt even speak the same language.
Clarke Day
Clarke Day - Måned siden
My dad is a fisher man and he has caught a 998 pound bluefin tuna