Why Do School Buses Still Look The Same?

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On the outside, school buses haven't changed much in almost 100 years, and there's a reason for that. A 1939 conference determined the yellow color, black text, and boxy shape that have come to symbolize the iconic childhood transport. Buses have changed a lot on the inside since the conference and they continue to be the safest way to get to school - about 70 times safer than a car, according to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
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Why Do School Buses Still Look The Same?
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Victor Carrasco
Victor Carrasco - 4 dager siden
They need to fix the a/c😭😂
ResidentEvil302 Ricancuban215usa
I never heard of a school bus wit seatbelts growing up mine didn't have them idk about the tard buses tho maybe they had them lol idk..watched the whole video and now i kno niiiiiccccceeeeeeee
Fabian Pinero
Fabian Pinero - 7 dager siden
Hold up since when does texas requires seat belts in their buses
Nicolas - 9 dager siden
Evan after watching this I don't think my parents rode the same busses as I did, since we are german :)
TTV P313 D
TTV P313 D - 13 dager siden
Why bus drivers haven’t changed
ChinoMakalao - 15 dager siden
I can see why the Joker decided to use a school bus to steal a bank lol
Rudy Pinal
Rudy Pinal - 15 dager siden
“26 million kids every day” no not these days 🤣
PeelAHotBox - 20 dager siden
They put Texas that requires seat beats but all the time I was in school not a single bus had seat belts
c0rdial_v2l - 20 dager siden
Lol I live in Texas and my school buss has no seat belts
Owen Kelsey
Owen Kelsey - 22 dager siden
Short story is that most busses are made by International.
samsung 21126
samsung 21126 - 23 dager siden
1:46 Oversized hotrod I like it
Cranberry Juice
Cranberry Juice - 23 dager siden
The long buses with 3 waist seatbelts suck. They sometimes shove 3 ppl and u can’t even put them on (this was on field trips tho)
Jo BRW - 25 dager siden
Love the older design
Steven Babiarz
Steven Babiarz - 25 dager siden
"Busses are safer because of how they are built"
The professional driver who had to get a special licence: :/
Nando Sherif
Nando Sherif - 25 dager siden
Looks so ugly🤢🤢
AJ Dexter
AJ Dexter - 25 dager siden
Meanwhile in the uk we just hop on a normal bus, while the public are on it at the same time lmoa
Jennifer Risa
Jennifer Risa - 28 dager siden
3:41 Me: Then why did I have to wear seatbelts as a kid?!?!?
3:57 Me again: Oh its cuz I live in NYC
Brayden 70
Brayden 70 - Måned siden
Cause if it ain’t broke don’t fix it
muntasir mahmood
muntasir mahmood - Måned siden
Only in the USA do buses look so disgusting!!! Come to Europe or the UK and see the modern and lovely buses produced by Mercedes, Volvo (Wright Bus) and Alexander Dennis!
Pinkie_95 I play roblox!
Pinkie_95 I play roblox! - Måned siden
School buses looked weird back then now they look normal.
Tsiren918 sirens of oklahoma severe weather alert
It Seems Like Bluebird Thomas International Starcraft And More
medalayden - Måned siden
Other buses: City District Schools
Bus shown: *Starfish*
Wait, that's illegal.
George Murphy
George Murphy - 26 dager siden
Private owners can name their companies any way they choose. There are some strange ones out there, too!
D. S
D. S - Måned siden
I don't think school buses are more regulated than a commercial motor vehicle. A truck carrying hazardous materials, with a e-log is more regulated. It's a lot of work, in the details for the driver.
theofficial infinity laughs
Nevada school buses dont go no seat belts
Venkatesh B
Venkatesh B - Måned siden
This is just in the US. But if you see school buses across countries they have changed. In fact, some top private schools it’s luxury with AC.
Fairlane Greenfield
Fairlane Greenfield - Måned siden
cattle haulers for the masses
Southmead Lad
Southmead Lad - 2 måneder siden
Have US school buses ever had rollsigns fitted? Some pics show SCHOOL BUS behind a glass panel. I'm sure I've seen them with text other than SCHOOL BUS on the front.
Francis Harvey
Francis Harvey - 2 måneder siden
The real question on hand is why don't they add ac and heaters lol
Mattias - 2 måneder siden
Business insider: texas buses require seatbelts
Me: *calls police*
Avi Goods
Avi Goods - 2 måneder siden
I let my kids ride a private school bus. Safer than my HD truck and plus I don’t have to deal with the terrible traffic in school areas
aus1560 - 2 måneder siden
Just a short rough list of the additions to school bus specifications that have changed since the 1940’s
Crossover Mirrors
Convex mirrors
Camera blind zone monitoring systems
Midship clearance lights
Blind zone turn signal lights
8 way loading light system
Dual stop arms
Dual outward opening door leafs
Emergency exit window, door, roof hatches, and kick out windows
Increased regulation of reflective tape and reflectors
Aisle width
Power steering
Power hydraulic/air brakes
Anti lock braking system
Engine high idle systems
Electronic stability control
Automatic emergency braking
Cruise control systems
Diese/ fuel emission systems
Mandatory heater/driver defroster
Mandatory safety equipment (triangles, fire extinguisher, body fluid cleanup kit, first aid kit)
Driver seat belt
Student seatbelts
Bumper and side skirt strength requirements
Can - 2 måneder siden
Only USA has this type of school buses.
Denis Rondeau
Denis Rondeau - 2 måneder siden
The problem with today's school buses is the large amount of black color in the front and back taking away from the yellow and the failure of switching to brighter warning lights now used by all other emergency vehicles as in police ambulance and fire trucks. All those have adjusted their lighting system to increase their visibility to the traffic, especially emergency lighting to the regular drivers level by adding emergency lights low to the ground, remember the old saying "Keep your eyes on the road". Today's buses need to duplicate their emergency lights system at the bumper level and take in consideration that incoming traffic is usually beside the bus, not directly in front or when coming towards the bus, so having flashing lights way above the traffic and not directed at the traffic goes a long way as why so many vehicles misses those signals. Another things that seems to be miss is the time of the day those buses are on the roads, early morning and late afternoon when the sun as at it's lowest and more blinding.
Ariel Camacho
Ariel Camacho - 2 måneder siden
Looking out of date for these new little snotty kids. I guess 🙄
kayo kayo
kayo kayo - 2 måneder siden
Sometimes going on a school bus was a different beautiful experience you would have to wake up early and by that you were ready for the day and alot of sociallize skills were made there you would make more friends than the ones you had class with it was like a school trip all the time
Bunny Valkyrie
Bunny Valkyrie - 2 måneder siden
All of them need A/C ,T.V ,seat belts and recliner seats
J D - 2 måneder siden
Just saying it was always weird walking to the trash can at the front of the bus.
jason Hernandez
jason Hernandez - 2 måneder siden
Nevada school bus do not have seat beats
Francisco Rodriguez
Francisco Rodriguez - 2 måneder siden
You don't see armed guards in a school bus, but you do see them in an armored truck. NOW YOU TELL ME WHAT'S TRULY IMPORTANT IN LIFE?
Richie - 2 måneder siden
😲 impressive & detailed info